She Is Always Bullied by People but Becomes the Most Beautiful Singer in the World After a Surgery.


The movie opens with a fat girl, Ha My facing a seer who stares at the picture of the boy she had brought and asks her to forget about him. The seer gets angry when the girl says no one can really predict the future and asks why she comes. He explains that she will be able to have the man she wants when she conquers herself. He sends her away when she knocks everything over.

In the next scene, Ha My goes about her life, listening to erotic phone service, doing laundry and hanging out alone, in her room, with her dog. Then we go to a huge musical stage complete with choreography and a band. We see Ha My in the background, she is shown as she sings in anonymity while a much prettier lady whose name is Jolie, with a better looking body lip-syncs outside to the joy of the audience, everyone thinks the pretty girl is the singer. While she’s jumping and singing, the platform she is on breaks and she falls in. For a moment, the flow of music on stage is disrupted. She appears to have feelings for Khang, their manager.

The pretty singer warns Ha My not to dance ever again, she treats her like she doesn’t matter. Khang speaks to the fat girl, gives her a hug and gives her hope. She talks to her friend, Ngoc Minh about it but her friend tried not to get her hopes up, she says a man like that only goes for extraordinary women like the singer. But she is adamant that Khang has feelings for her, she could feel via her intuition. She says she has been in love before. He was a well-known sales man in Saigon who wanted her to lose some weight.

He broke up with her through the phone, saying he doesn’t deserve a good girl like her. She took lots of weight loss pills almost killing herself. Now she thinks love and weight loss pills have nothing on her.

They record new songs. She keeps her eyes on Khang and was happy when he drank from her water bottle. Khnag runs into her while driving through the street and picks her up in his car. When he drops her off at a hospice home, he asks who she is visiting and she says she visiting someone who really loves her. He invites her to his birthday party coming up the next day and asks that she come.

The man he had come to see is his father who dances with her, thinking he’s dancing with her mother. He asks about his daughter, Ha My and is happy to hear the lies the girl tell him. she says Ha My is now a famous singer and is in love. While driving home, Khang picks up the book Ha My had left in his car and it is filled with doodles of heart shapes and love, he smiles.

In the next scene, she knits a charm into a shirt, saying it will make him love her forever. Her friend walks in with a box announcing that Ha My has a presents. There is a letter in the package thanking her for all her hard work in the past days and hopes she will wear the dress included in the present to his birthday party on that same day. It is a beautiful green dress.

She goes to the party with her friend and the celebrant Khang invites her to sit with him. She makes her way awkwardly to the seat beside him and offers him her gift. She wore a coat over her green dress and someone suggests she take it off. When she takes it off, her ample stomach shows and they make fun of her.

Jolie arrives at the birthday party and is announced like a queen. She comes in smiling and makes her way to the celebrant’s side. She is wearing the same dress as Ha My and everyone could see how much better it looks on her. Ha My excuses herself to get some air.  She hides in the restroom.

Khang quarrels with Jolie in private. Khang speaks to Jolie bout her treatment of Ha My, he says he’s not nice to her because he likes her, instead it is to maintain the life she has brought them with her singing. He says Jolie shouldn’t make it worse, instead, she should appreciate everything Ha My has brought them. She says she wants to teach Ha My a lesson and Khang epalins that they’re using Ha My and should treat her right so she will keep bringing them money. All the while, Ha My is in a restroom close by listening to everything they are saying.

She heads home sad and dejected. She writes a suicide note and opens the gas valve after she blocked all the airways. But the sound from the conversations she records gives her an idea. She goes to see a doctor for a plastic surgery. It turns out the doctor in question enjoys erotic phone call service and she had recorded one of his. When he refuses to carry out the surgery unless she paid in full, she blackmails him with the recording.

The doctor says she must forget her old self to become the new person she desires to be. She says goodbye to her father and undergoes the surgery. Jolie suffers since Ha My is not there to sing for her anymore. Khang and Jolie try to find her, but they couldn’t.

She is so beautiful after the surgery and when she walked the street, everyone stares at her.  She runs into Khang and Jolie signing autographs for fans and hides. Khang tries to get Jolie into acting but her rating is only 0.2 and people make fun of her.

Ha My runs into Khang at the parking lot and runs away thinking he will recognize her. She gets favors from men because she is beautiful. At the car dealership, she buys a rickety car for 7 million and on the same day, she has an accident with the car but immediately the man she hit saw her, he wasn’t angry anymore. The police officers are also very lenient with her even when her driver’s license has pictures of her old, fat self and didn’t match her current looks.

Her friend, Ngoc Minh comes to the police station but didn’t recognize her. Ha My proves she’s the one by showing her the tattoo they had gotten together. They go home and Ngoc Minh tells her how Khang and Jolie have been looking for her. She doesn’t want her to audition for a singing role as it will expose her and they will get in trouble.

While Khang and his group seek a new singer, Ngoc Minh brings the new Ha My to audition. She sings and everyone is wowed. Khang recognizes her from the car park where he had seen her. Instead having her sing in the background for Jolie, they are thinking of giving her a platform of her own.

Khang and his father try to convince their father to allow them give Ha My her own platform but the older man prefers the looks on Jolie. Khang persists and begins to make preparation with Ha My. Jolie is disappointed, she stays close to Ha My’s father at the hospital, hoping that the old Ha My will come to see her father. Khang advises Jolie to stick to acting and forget singing.

Managing her new body is not the easiest thing for Ha My, she blunders, she is naïve but she continues to take major steps forward in both music and life in general. Khang shows her a clip of Ha My and asks her to sing like her and think less of her appearance. He confesses that the woman in the video is a very special person to him.

Ha My is thinking of confessing everything to Khang but Ngoc Minh thinks it’s a bad idea. She doesn’t think Khang would accept a woman who performed plastic surgery as a wife.

Ha My goes to visit Khang at home and finds her dog now stays with Khang. She holds the dog happily when Khang is not looking. When Kang drops her off at home, he catches a stalker following her and making videos of her because he is infatuated. When she realizes she still houses lots of her old feelings inside of her, she burns pictures and things from her past, trying to sever all links to her past.

On the first day of Ha My’s performance, Ngoc Minh attempted suicide. She might have done that because of some of the mean things Ha My’s had said to her. She rushes off to the hospital to be with Ngoc Minh. She fights Ngoc Minh’s boyfriend who dumped her the moment it was inconvenient. Khang finds her fighting the boy and punches him, taking her back to her first performance. He asks her to sing with her heart, saying that the people will love her voice. She sings and wows everyone.

She begins to get popular and spends a lot of time with Khang. Ngoc Minh is not feeling good yet, she cries a lot. Khang makes a move while they are together and kisses her but she won’t let him touch her breasts or butt because she fears he will find out they’re fake. She doodles on the glass pane of the studio before she falls asleep, the same drawing she made on the paper she had forgotten in his car a long time ago. He begins to suspect it may be Ha My.

Jolie brings Ha My’s father to one of her events and Ha My’s denies knowing him even when Khang pushes the old man down just to see her reaction. She calls the old man a regular fan and wouldn’t take the doll he offers happily.

She tries to confess to Khang but he confesses he already knows and asks her to keep it to herself. He says they should focus on the performance tomorrow. She is distraught because she feels she has been merely a product to him. She gets angry and begins to tear her pictures off the wall. When she cuts herself, Khang tries to help but she pushes him away and leaves with tears in her eyes.

She goes to home to her father but stays outside, watching Ngoc Minh care for her father. Someone reveals the truth about Ha My to Khang’s father who want’s the show cancelled. Khang doesn’t want to cancel but his father demands that they make a scandal of Ha My’s life, then reveal the truth themselves so they won’t lose customers buying their cosmetics because of the lie about Ha My’s body.

Khang stands up to his father and states that he will handle the situation and no one will be taking nude pictures of Ha My and moreover, she’s not a mere product. He crumbles the contract his father had drawn up and takes Ha My away from the office.

Ngoc Minh brings Ha My’s father to the venue of her next performance. Just before she sings, he comes running to the stage, wishing to dance with her. When the security tries to take him away she stops them and confesses that she is not Lily but Ha My. Everyone is shocked and tears flow as she shows the world her real self. She asks that they play a clip of her as she always was.

She sings again, while a video of her as she has always been plays in the background. Ngoc Min sings with her. She hugs her father and returns to everything she left behind, even the dog. When she sings now, she is no longer the fake Lily, but Ha My. She is happier and it appears she is getting closer to a relationship with Khang.

200 Pounds Beauty 2017.

200 Pounds Beauty | August 4, 2017 (Vietnam) Summary:
Countries: VietnamLanguages: Vietnamese
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