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Best Horror Movies You Need to Watch right now!

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Play Dead

Girl Pretends To Be Dead To Enter the Morgue but Is Surprised by What the Doctor Does There. Play Dead
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Great White

With a Leak in their Boat, Group of Friends Fights With Sharks 100 Miles From Shore. Great White
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Group of Friends Conducts a Ritual to Call Their Dead Friend’s Spirit and Uncover How She Died. Seance
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American Carnage

Restaurant Makes Its Burgers From Children’s Meat After Kidnapping Under a Volunteering Program. American Carnage
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Kind Witch Is Forced to Kidnap Children From Their Homes & Gets Rid of Whoever She Finds Useless. Nightbooks
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Parents Bury Their Daughter Inside Walls Alive Because She Was Born Deformed and Are Ashamed of Her. Cobweb