Orphan Girl Runs Away From Her Aunt Who Wants to Poison Her and Finds Herself in a Magical World.



A child named Alina, who is walking with her mother, Polina, and her mother has many filming studios that she inherited from her family. There are studios where war films are filmed, and studios where historical and other films are filmed. Alina goes with her mother to work during the shoot, and she is impressed by the looks of the actors and their styles. And the make-up that changes, and because of this, Alina tells her mother that she wants to be an actress. One day, Alina watches the filming of a historical movie with her mother.  

During the filming break Polina tells her daughter that one day she will inherit all the studios. Then, Polina thinks that everything that changed in her life started from these studios. So, Alina asks her mother about what she says, and Polina tells her the story of her life before she was 12 years old. Polina spent her entire childhood in the house of her evil aunt Varvara, and Polina is forbidden to go out for anywhere or even play or see other children. Although she was raised with her aunt, no one tells her anything about her father and mother. Even if she asked her aunt about them, her aunt Varvara avoided answering it. 

 One time, Dylan her aunt’s son entered, and asked her to be friends. Also, he gave her a wooden box, and told her that it had very important things for her. So, Polina thought of all the times that Dylan hurt her or the times that he had fun of her. Then, she refuses to be her friend. But she takes the box from him, Polina locks the door, and she opened the box excitedly and started looking inside it. So, she found papers and photos of the studios with their address. Also, she found a picture of a man, but it was cut off, so she suspected that this might be her father.  At this time, her aunt entered her and saw the box. 

And she shouted and called out to Dylan because she warned him from two years ago and told him to set a fire in that box. But he didn’t do what she said. So, Polina tried to solve the problem and said that she took this from Dylan’s room. Then, her aunt shut up and threw the box in the fire and locked the door. But Polina caught the box and opened it and took the cropped photo. The next day, Polina heared from her room, Varvara, talking to her son and telling him to find a solution before Polina completed 18 years old. At that time, there were studios owned by Polina.  

But her aunt wanted to sell the studios and took the money before she became 18 years old. So, she and Dylan thought of a plan, and they decided to poison Polina and kill her. and they actually put this poison on her 12th birthday cake and put the cake on the table for her. but Fortunately, Polina heard everything and ran away, and she didn’t remember anything other than the addresses of the studios that were in the box. So, she went to there, and at that time Varvara opened the room and didn’t find Polina, so she was fighting with Dylan because the door wasn’t closed properly. Then, Varvara found a paper on the floor with the addresses of the studios. And she knew that Polina went to this address. She quickly called the owner of the studio Saul, asking him about Polina, and told him to arrest her.  

On the other hand, Polina’s father, whose name is Anton, getting out of prison, and the government asked him to stay away from the studios and his daughter. At this time, Polina arrived at the studio. And she entered with the group of children who went inside. Lately, Polina found herself with the children of her age, playing with and talking with them. But her happiness didn’t take long, Saul goes to return her to her aunt. 


Polina saw him and ran away from him until she found herself outside the studio. At this point, Dylan arrived with his driver to take her home. So, Polina ran until she reached the theater and locked herself in the door. in the theater, a hologram of an old man showed to her and told her that he knew that she was looking for the rest of the picture. And she wanted to know the truth about her family, and he also told her that everything would appear, when the picture was complete. Then, Polina left the theatre, and she walked until she found herself in a filming location in Al-Maharbi, and the place was full of tanks, weapons, and flaming barrels. 

 In the midst of all this, Polina entered a tank on the site. And she noticed that the rest of the photo hanged to the tank, and the rest of the photo was a little girl. So, Polina realized that this was her, so she goes to Sasha, he was the soldier in the tank. And asked him where he got this photo? He told her that he took it from Cleopatra and that he is was boy in the music class. Then, Polina left him and went back to the studios again, and she kept walking until an old man stopped her and asked what she was doing here? She told him that she was late for the music class. After that, he entered her in the classroom. 

And the music teacher didn’t care about Polina’s, because her goal was making fun of their students. And Polina was annoyed from her, she can’t control herself, and upsets the music teacher. The music teacher was annoyed Polina too. But Cleo who was sitting at the piano began to play beautifully, so a teacher stopped fighting, couldn’t believe what she was listening. Polina knew that the boy who was playing was Cleopatra, so she asked him about the rest of the picture of her family. 

Then, Cleo tells her that he replaced the photo with the fancy dress he was wearing. But the person who replaced with him is dangerous. Polina shouldn’t go to him alone. Lately, they both agreed to go and got the picture together. At this time, Anton arrived at Varvara’s house to know where his daughter was. So, Varvara told him without caring that she had run away, so Anton left Varvara and went to the driver and he beat him until he admitted that Polina was in the studio. After that, Anton took the car and went to the studio and there he told to Saul while he was nervous, but Saul told him that they were looking for Polina and couldn’t find her. Also, he told him that if he saw her, he’d talk to him quickly. 

  And then, Polina and Cleo enter a boxing hall and got to know Ivanka there. Ivanka took from Cleo the rest of the picture, so Ivanka tells them that she gave the picture to a man who worked out with her. It wouldn’t be easy for them to return it, so the three of them would go to take the picture. But Joe refuses to give them the picture, unless someone beat him in boxing. So, Polina were forced to confront him, and Ivanka agreed to wrestle him. At first, she could beat him, but then Joe beat her, and he was about to win the match, but Sasha, the soldier who was in the tank, appears.  

And he decided to help Polina and her friends. So, Joe is a loser and he showed the rest of the picture. It was Polina’s mother, but there was still an incomplete part in the picture. After that, Polina and her friends took Joe to the hospital because he had injured. At the hospital Joe writes to Polina that the picture reminded him of the princess he loved. By the way, Joe was one of the Vikings, and that he was looking for their princess, the king’s daughter, so Polina told him that she would help him. After that, Joe entered one of the hospital rooms, and one of the Vikings who was hiding in a hole, and she asked him where he was? 

 Then, she told him that the king needed the medicine because the poison was in his body and would kill him. So, Polina, Joe, Sasha, Cleo and Ivanka walked from the hospital and went to the studio where the scientific experiments were. Meantime, Sasha and Polina talked to the scientist to give them the medicine that it would treat the king. Also, it treated Ivanka who turned into a tea pot while she was playing in the chemical compounds. The scientist prepared the medicine and gave it to Sasha, but it somehow turned into a frog. By the way, the scientist couldn’t make the medicine, But Cleo intervened and started putting chemical compounds to each other and succeeded in getting Sasha and Ivanka to their normal again. 

Also, this medicine hided the traces of boxing from Joe, so Joe knew at the time that this medicine was good for his king. Before he left the laboratory, Polina took out the picture that she had and asked the scientist about the rest of her. Meanwhile, he took it from her and put it in a magic chemical compound. Then, the rest of the picture appeared and there was a younger brother for her. On the other hand, Polina kept away from her friends after that, she got busy and thought about the picture all the time and about her brother who suddenly appeared. But in that time, Dylan were looking for her.  

So, Polina quickly ran until she found a door before her and entered the Viking world. And there, she reached the king with Joe and gave him the medicine. the king returned to the throne and went away from his wife and the prince of the Vikings, who would be the one who betrayed and poisoned him with his wife to be the king. Meanwhile, the king’s daughter rewarded Polina for getting her father to the kingdom. And for getting her husband Joe and giving her a chance to see her dead mother one last time. By the way, Polina’s mother told that she and her little brother died because of fire eight years ago, and this fire destroyed the studios and changed the future of the whole family.  

But her brother returned to her to help her, and her brother is Cleo. Also, her mother told her that her father was innocent, and she asked Polina to leave the Vikings and saved her father. Plus, her mother told to Cleo that he didn’t have much time left in the world. After that, the scenes in the world of the Vikings were shown on the theater screen. And the audience thought that Polina was an actor, so Polina came off the stage. Her father and Dylan entered the theater, and after that the police and her aunt entered. Then, her aunt started shouting to the police to arrest Anton.  

At this moment, the hologram turned on again, and the old man appeared and said that he’d show the truth to all. Eight years ago, Varvara tried to convince her sister that they were selling the studio, but her sister refused, so Varvara asked Dylan to set a fire on the studio. Because of this fire, Polina’s mother and her brother died. Meanwhile, Anton was the first accused in this incident, and actually he was imprisoned. Then, the evidence appeared, the police released Anton and arrested Varvara and her son. After all, Polina lived with her father and inherited the studios when she grew up.  After Lina is listening her mother’s story, she decides to live this adventure again, and goes to her mother’s first studio, which she entered at the beginning of her adventure. 

A Magical Journey.

A Magical Journey | October 19, 2021 (United States) Summary: Polina, 11-year-old girl, embarks on a magical journey to find the truth about her past and her family.
Countries: Ukraine, Belgium, FranceLanguages: French
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