A Mafia Kidnaps Beautiful Girls to Be Sold as Slaves.


The story begins with three brothers, we see them when they were very young. They are being chased by the local bullies and they have to be saved by their father. Fifteen years later two of the brothers, Deklan and Brandon, join the military. Deklan has experienced many horrible things during this military career. Now he is an army veteran and has to visit a counselor for his nightmaters. Deklan writes a beautiful story about the war and his counselor reads it. deklan is offended when the counselor is surprised that he could write something meaningful. Aslo Deklan has had a lot of trouble with his sleep and the therapy is not helping him at all.

Deklan is very angry at his veteran counselor and at one point almost attacks him. It’s obvious that Deklan needs help but he is not getting any. Deklan leaves before telling his counselor that he should not be working with other veterans.

We are then introduced to Detective James Avery and his partner Brooke Baker. They meet in front of a building and talk about their upcoming operations. Brooke reveals that they have no strike team as there is another bomb threat in the city. Avery is disappointed that they have to wait so he finds special officers to help them. Avery, Brooke and the officers all put on their vests and get guns, it’s time for a police raid. They enter a giant warehouse and there they fight many criminals. There is a lot of shooting but they manage to defeat all the criminals but the leader runs away. Avery chases after the leader while Brooke sees that the criminals have kidnapped many women. Brooke finds some of the women are still alive but there is one victim who is dead. Avery chases the main gang leader on the roof and they get into a fight. After Avery gets really beaten up he manages to get the upper hand and the lead criminal falls down the building. When Brooke arrives she wants to know if Avery pushed the criminal but he does not answer clearly. Later it’s obvious that the case has taken a toll on Avery and he comments that he is tired of all the police work.

We are then introduced to the rest of the McGregor Brothers. Roman is working as an ambulance driver and he is engaged to Mia. Mia is his childhood friend who is now his fiancee. Mia meets Roman after a shift and they go meet up with Brandon, his other brother. Brandon also has a family and while he has trauma from the war he wants to protect them. Brandon and Roman have a good relationship and their two families spend a lot of time having fun.

We then see that Detective Avery has been hard at work and the past few months he has been working on cases regarding trafficking women and kidnapping. In his office he calls the victim’s family to inform them about their daughter’s death. This seems to be the hardest part of the job for him.

Vince and Frank work for a local drug kingpin called Max Livingston. Max is also working to create his own seks trafficiking empire and is very angry that the police keep attacking his bases of operations. Vince and Frank meet with Max over dinner and they inform him about their failed operations. Max is very angry and demands that they get the operation under control and kill anyone who has information on their deals.

In the meantime we see Mia, Roman and Brandon and his wife having fun over dinner. They are all very close and Roman and Mia want to celebrate their last few months before they get married. While having fun at the dinner table Brandon reveals that his dad almost adopted Mia when they were younger as she had no family. Brandon then gives them a massive check as he wants them to have fun. Roman and Mia are stunned and at first they do not want to accept the money but Brandon convinces them to do so. Brandon also notes that Mia has always been family and he wants them to have a very great future.

After dinner Deklan arrives and joins the celebration but he is not in a very good mood. He starts to argue with Mia after she tells him he is not spending enough time with the family. Deklan tells her that she is too young and naive. Mia insults Deklan that he has no idea what marriage really is. Deklan is very rude to her as well and it gets heated. Mia gets emotional and Roman has to talk with her. They both remember their childhood and how they loved spending time together. Roman is not very interested in going to his bachelor party but Mia wants him to have some fun before their marriage begins. She is also going out to the club.  Roman and his brothers then go out to celebrate his engagement.

Deklan is very much traumatized by his war experience and because of that his two marriages have failed. Brandon also has to worry about his own family which makes his relationship with Deklan a bit strained.

While that is happening we see that Detective James Avery is very much struggling with the law and his goal to capture and arrest Max Livingston. Everytime he gets close Max finds a way to escape. Avery cannot get a hold of solid evidence and he also feels that the police are too corrupt to work with him.

Brandon and Roman go to the strip club while Mia goes to celebrate with her friends in another giant club. Roman and Brandon have a lot of fun but as the night goes on Roman starts to get worried about Mia. In the meantime we see that Mia is having a great time at the party but soon their celebration gets interrupted when Vince and Frank join the party. Both of them want to flirt with Mia but she refuses their advances. After Frank tries to seduce her Mia punches him and demands that he leave her alone. Vince and Frank are now pissed off at Mia and her friends. During the night Vince and Frank kidnap Mia and her friends. They all put them in a white van and drive off. They both think that this will be a great score for their boss and organization. Roman is now very worried about Mia and he tries to track her phone. Brandon helps him but soon they realize that something is wrong. Brandon then calls Deklan for help. He has vast military experience and is an expert in combat. Brandon also has a lot of combat experience so they can work together. It also seems that Mia has left a message to Roman right before she was kidnapped. Deklan arrives and he is a man on the mission. He is very focused and manages to help Roman and Brandon track down the van that has kidnapped Mia.

Deklan then first calls the police and demands that they arrive. After that he then attacks the van that is transporting several girls. They all keep the driver as a hostage. Deklan orders Roman to kill the driver if he moves. Deklan then enters a home that has many women inside. He is a very skilled fighter and he manages to kill several of the kidnappers in the house. While Deklan kills the kidnappers and saves the woman in the house, Mia is nowhere to be found. Because of their actions the three brothers get in trouble with the law. All three of them are arrested and now they have to explain what is happening. While they saved the women, Mia is still missing. The three brothers then meet with Avery at his office. Deklan goes to talk with Avery and Avery promises to find Mia but he also warns Deklan that he cannot get involved anymore. Avery thinks that the brothers will get arrested or worse they could get killed if they keep chasing after Mia. Deklan does not want to listen to Avery and he thinks they need to act. The three brothers return home and now Roman is totally desperate. He is in tears as he fears that Mia might get killed soon as the police are moving too slow.

Deklan decides that the three brothers must go to war and get back Mia. Brandon is at first hesitant as he has a family and the police almost arrested them once before. Deklan thinks that the police are not effective and that they must join together and find army gear and find the kidnappers. Roman does not care what happens to him, he just needs help getting Mia back and he will do anything he needs. The three brothers decide to band together and they first find the gear they need. They find army vests and special guns. Deklan wants to approach this as a military operation.

While that is happening we see that Frank and Victor are now in trouble with Max. Max is furious at them for kidnapping local girls as this will for sure attract attention from the police. Max almost kills them both but they beg to be forgiven.

Max wants them to bring all the girls to his specific warehouse and then he will transport all the girls to Las Vegas, that way they can escape the police and sell the girls. It’s finally time for the operation and the three McGregor brothers invade the warehouse where Max is keeping the girls. Deklan and his brothers are brutal fighters and they kill many kidnappers while doing their military style operation in the warehouse. Soon they manage to find and rescue not only Mia but many of the kidnapped girls who were trapped there. Finally they manage to escape with all the girls and Roman is reunited with his love Mia. They all return home and they are happy. Mia is still a bit shaken up from the experience but she feels safe. All the brothers are tired and Brandon was injured in the fight but he seems to be okay. Suddenly their home gets attacked when Max sends his men after the brothers. Heavy gun fire pierces the windows and walls of the home and the brothers must defend themselves. In the shooting Brandon gets shot and he dies. Deklan uses his special army tactics and skills to survive and kill all the attackers. Max also was at the scene firing his gun and he gets shot in the shoulder by Deklan. Max then runs away to safety. Deklan finds his brother Brendan who is now dead. Deklan is heartbroken and Roman is as well.

After a while Deklan and Roman both get arrested by the police. Max is totally free. Avery is now furious that there is not enough evidence against Max as he wants to help the McGregor brothers. Avery realizes that the police are not efficient and that the law is slowing him down. Avery then decides that he can no longer be a police detective. He gives back his badge and leaves the station. After a while Max is now panicking as he realizes that his entire operation is now in trouble. He starts to pack up and his plan is to escape the state as fast as he can. Avery then finds Max’s secret base of operations. Max realizes that he is not alone and as he turns around Avery shots him in the head. Avery then walks away, finally he has gotten his revenge and justice has been served. Finally we see that the surviving McGregor brothers have managed to live a normal life. Both Roman and Deklan got out of prison. Roman and Mia got married and they now have a child. The story ends with the newly formed McGregor family taking a selfie with their newest and youngest member.

Acts of Violence.

Acts of Violence | January 12, 2018 (United States) Summary:
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