A 10-Year-Old Girl Discovers That She Is a Genius at Math and Becomes a Professor at the University.


On the first day of Mary’s school. Then, her uncle Frank wakes her up. In general, Frank is as her father and he raised her after her mother died when she was young. In this time, Mary is upset and doesn’t want to go to school. Because she feels that she doesn’t need to go to school. Mary doesn’t like to treat with people. But her uncle tells her that she must go to school. And they talked about this a lot and won’t talk again in this. After that, Mary takes the bus to school. In the first class, a math teacher Bonnie is teaching the kids to add and subtract. Meantime, Mary gets bored and makes fun of the school. Because they teach children 3 + 3 is equal to? So, Bonnie is annoyed by Mary’s impolite behavior. Meanwhile, Bonnie tells her to raise her hand before she talks. After that, Bonnie asks her to stand up and ask her adding numbers questions. Surprisingly, Mary answers the questions although her young age. Then, Bonnie asks her another question to multiple a large number in math. Actually, students shall use a calculator to answer this question even if Preparatory students. At this moment, Mary was late in answering. Bonnie thinks that she doesn’t answer.

In this time, Bonnie completes teaching the lesson. Suddenly, Mary answers her with the result. Also, she thinks a lot about the square root of the result. After, Bonnie surprises by her and she can’t speak. by that time, Bonnie calculates the numbers and surprises when she knows that Mary answers right. Then, the headmistress of the school welcomes to the new students. Meantime, Mary speaks to her in an impolite way and she talks with her like a teenager. At a time, she tells the headmistress that she is calling Frank to take her from this school. After a while, her uncle comes and takes her home. When Bonnie sees Frank, she knows from her classmate’s school that Frank goes to a bar every Friday. Also, she knows that he is emotionally devastated. And he drinks alcohol to move on. But she doesn’t know what it is. In Friday, Bonnie goes to Frank to talk to him and they get to know each other. Then, he says sorry to her for Mary’s behavior and tells her that she is nervous on her first day of school.

Although, Bonnie tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him about the girl’s behavior. But, she tells him that she feels that Mary is talented and she answers difficult questions for her age. simultaneously, Frank tells her that Mary learned how to solve mathematical solutions. In a way that was used in the camps in the past without a calculator. Then, Frank asks her not to be surprised. Because Frank learned this trick while he was eight years ago. So, Frank goes with Mary to home. By the way, Frank is a machinist repairing boats in the port. And he talks to Mary that she breaks her promise. Then, he tells her that they make a deal not to show off her intelligence before the rest of the kids and teachers. Because he wants to make them treat her like a normal child. In this time, Mary says sorry to him. After that, they go to the boat at sea together. Then, she plays on the beach with her cat. Day by day, Mary goes to school every day and tries to deal with them.

One day, Mary has an exam. Then, Bonnie gives the students the papers of the exam. Once, she gives the students the papers, Mary tells her that she finishes the exam. But Bonnie isn’t surprised. After that, Bonnie gives her an exam at the level of a university student. She wants to know her level and can she do this or not? Surprisingly, that Mary also finishes the exam without any problems. When, Mary finishes the exam and looks the teacher with a confident look. After class, Bonnie goes to look for Mary’s family name. also, she knows that her mother, Diane, is a mathematician and has a great name in her field. She does a difficult equation, the whole world didn’t know how to solve it. After that, she knows that Mary’s mom committed suicide for an unknown reason and died. After that, her uncle Frank treats her as her father and he is upbringing her. At night, she goes to the bar where Frank is staying and meets him there. So, she tells him that she wants to know the truth about Mary. She shows him the exam that Mary answers it.

By the way, Frank tells her that from a long time ago, when he had a date, his sister, Mary’s mother, wanted to tell him something. Then, he can’t come and told her when he came back, they would talk. Then, he came back from the date and found Mary alone on the couch. And his sister had committed suicide in the bathroom. After that, she is depressed. He says that Mary’s father who abandoned his family from the days when Mary was young. Then, Bonnie tells him that Mary is really a genius. At that moment, Frank tells her that she is really a genius. But she doesn’t want anyone to know to treat like any student. On school day, Mary is in the bus and they have a project about animals. While, all of the students have a design of their work, there is a child walking with his project in class. Then, a bullying child falls him, so, his project is broken. In this time, Mary is angry. Then, she hits a bullying child with a big book in his face and makes him bleed. Later, Frank gets called out because of what Mary did.

Due to this, he goes to the headmistress. As a result, she tells him that she knows that Mary is a genius. And she could give her a free scholarship to the Oaks Academy for Gifted Children. Then, Frank tells her that his family had a lot of problems with their history with the Oaks Math Schools. Anyway, he doesn’t want Mary to suffer the same as his family. And tells her that he does not agree on this scholarship. The next day, Mary says sorry for the class from what she did. And tells them that doesn’t hit anyone again. After that, she makes the whole class claps for the child who owns the project she broke. And she says that he was the best one of them all. Then, Frank takes her to home and meets Evelyn, Mary’s Grandma, who is waiting for them. This the first time Mary sees her. Meantime, her Grandma gives Mary an expensive laptop. After this, her Grandma says that there is a mathematics book on this laptop. Then, Mary tells her that she read this book a long time ago, and she is on a higher level now. So, Grandma goes and Frank rides her. And he tells her that he knows that the headmistress was called her and made her come.


So, he asks her why she comes to see her granddaughter for the first time from seven years. Meantime, Evelyn tells him that this is not the time or the right place for her to tell him. After some time, she tells him that the place where he lives isn’t suitable for them. Then, Evelyn walks, and he doesn’t reply on her. By the way, Frank enters the house and finds Mary is reading a math book on her laptop. On top of that, he thinks in something and he goes to Evelyn. He tells her that his sister Diane wrote on the suicide note that no one should let Mary live with her Grandma. She wants her to live in a good life. So, Evelyn tells him that he is depriving Mary of her potential. And she could provide Mary with a luxurious life. Meanwhile, Frank says that she makes Mary live her life among mathematicians for the rest of her life. But, he doesn’t agree. At this moment, Evelyn is so nervous and asks him to think good in the Mary’s life.

On top of this, she’ll file a case to get custody of Mary. One day, Frank works in the house. Then, he finds Mary studies a math book all the time. After sometime, he asks her to go out, but she prefers staying at home for studying. So, Frank makes her go out by force. Because he doesn’t want her to be introverted. Overtime, it’s the first in the case that Evelyn files against Frank for custody of Mary. Then, the session ends with an appeal on another day, after examining the place where Mary lives. But Evelyn’s lawyer claims that Mary lives with her uncle in an unsuitable home. Then, Frank asks Roberta, their neighbor, to take Mary over tonight. On the other hand, Roberta is like Mary’s mom and loves her very much. At night, they’re still singing and playing together. Frank is at the bar and meets Bonnie there. So, she tells him that she is sad when she knows about Mary’s custody case. All the night, they sit together talking and drinking. In this time, Bonnie asks him, what are you most afraid of? He is depressed because he is afraid of losing Mary. And then, they like each other. In this time, they go to Frank’s house and have a relationship.

In this time, Bonnie feels guilty to do this with the guardian of her student. On the second day, Mary leaves Roberta’s house. Meanwhile, she goes home. And she finds her teacher, wearing a towel, and coming out of Frank’s room. By then, Mary knows what happened and looks to Bonnie with a smile. So, Bonnie is so embarrassed and walks quickly. Then, Frank rides with her to her home. When, he comes home, talks nervously with Mary. And he is shouting her. Because she leaves Roberta’s house without asking him. And he blames her because she embarrassed him. By the way, he tells her that he can’t take 5 minutes to himself because of her. So, Mary is crying and enters her room. But after a while, Frank says sorry to her. And then, Frank gets a letter from the court. On top of this, the court asks him that Mary must go to her Grandma, Boston, for two days. Indeed, Mary travels to her Grandma, and the Grandma shows photos of her mom, Diane. Meanwhile, Bonnie is talking to Frank. She tells him that she is afraid of kicking out from the school because of what she did. In this time, she blames alcohol for making her do this.

On the second day, Evelyn takes Mary to the university. And she shows her a wall of honor with seven blank photos, except for one. And these pictures for the people who solve the seven most difficult mathematical equations in history. Then, she shows her a photo of an equation called Navier Stokes, with the name Diane under it. Because she was about to solving it but she died. Also, she tells her if Diane solved it, she would have received the Nobel Prize in Physics and Mathematics. After all of this, Mary tells her that her photo will one day be instead of her mom on a wall of honor. Then, Evelyn takes her to a mathematician. So, she makes her try to solve a difficult equation. But Mary does not know how to solve it because she is so stressed. In this time, Evelyn gets mad at the mathematician because he confuses Mary to solve the equation quickly. Then, she walks but Mary tells her on their way that there is a mistake in the equation. So, Evelyn comes back to the mathematician. After some time, Mary corrects an equation and solves it. Actually, the mathematician and her grandmother gets surprised by her genius.

After the residency period passes, Mary goes to her home, and her uncle welcomes her. Then, Mary tells Frank that she loves her Grandma Evelyn, but doesn’t want to live with her because she is bossy. Meantime, Frank promises her he won’t leave her. On the second day in court, the judgment in Mary’s custody case continues. Meantime, Evelyn calls Mary’s father and he never sees his daughter one day. But he is present as a guardian of his daughter. In this time, Frank’s lawyer proves that he is never her guardian. And he had never seen her before, not even asked about her. In this time, the judgment in Frank’s favor. When Frank goes, he tells Mary that he sees her father in court. Meantime, Mary is crying because her father doesn’t come to see her. After a few minutes, Frank takes Mary and Roberta and takes him to the hospital. He wants to show Mary something that makes her happy. There, they keep waiting for hours, and they don’t know what Frank wants to show them. Frank waits to see a family of a pregnant daughter born a baby. When their daughter is born, they become so happy and celebrate in the hospital. Afterwards, Frank tells Mary that this is exactly what happened the day she was born.

Shortly after, they spend the night watching families celebrate their births in the hospital. Mary celebrates with them because of she is an innocent kid. One day, after several sessions in court, Frank’s lawyer speaks to frank. He asks him an offer. He suggests to enter Mary a care home to be adopted by a suitable family. Within a short time, Frank becomes so nervous and asks him no to be against him. So, the lawyer says this is a suitable solution to satisfy both parties. Also, the lawyer says that the judge can make Evelyn win the trial. Because she is rich and lives Mary in a high standard. Anyway, he asks Frank to think carefully about what he said and walk away. Then, Frank agrees with the lawyer’s opinion and goes to meet a good family who want to adopt Mary. Later, Frank agrees to make Mary under their care. After this, the trial ends without losing or wining for both parties. So, Frank reaches Mary to her new home while she is crying. She asks him not to leave her alone and he tells her that he takes her once a month to stay with him and Roberta.

Then, when she grows up, she may choose to live with him. By the way, she is crying and tells him that he promises her that he would stay with her all the time. In this case, he breaks his promise and comes to hug her. So, she hits him while crying so that she is angry with him. Because he breaks his promise. When Frank leaves, Mary screams that Frank will leave her alone. At night, Bonnie goes to Frank and calms him down while he’s working. Meantime, he keeps talking about Mary while he’s working. Also, he tells him about his upbringing of Mary and he is so sad because they took her. In this time, he is so nervous and leaves Bonnie and goes.  One day, Bonnie finds Mary’s cat up for adoption. And she takes a photo to the advertisement and sends it to Frank. By the way, Frank leaves his job and goes to the animal shelter. There, he knows that someone who is allergic to cats sent the cat. After all, Evelyn is the one who did this because she is allergic to cats. Also, she takes Mary again.


He knows that the people who adapts Mary belongs to Evelyn. When Frank and Roberta go to them, they find that Mary is staying with her Grandma in a house next to them. So, Frank asks Mary to come with him to go home. But Mary refuses and runs outside the house. Meantime, Frank leaves a notebook for Evelyn and goes out to Mary. And this notebook is Mary’s mom who wrote it and she knows that Mary’s mom solved Navier -Stokes equation. Evelyn wants custody of Mary to solve it in the future. Outside, Frank hugs Mary, and she beats him because he leaves her alone. And he says sorry for leaving her. After that, Mary cries and says they took her cat from her. Then, Frank calms her down and tells her that the cat with him. Otherwise, they go back to Evelyn and Frank talks to her privately. Meantime, Evelyn tells him that he fabricates this notebook and that he is lying to her. Also, she says if Diane solved equation seriously, she would say it to the whole world. Meanwhile, Frank says that Diane told him before she died that he would not publish this notebook until after the death of Evelyn.

Actually, Evelyn is shocked and Frank leaves her alone. Then, he takes Mary and go home Meantime, Evelyn leaves him because Frank leaves the notebook. Although he was not supposed to do this because Evelyn be alive and the notebook would be published. But he does this for keeping Mary under his care. After a few minutes, Evelyn calls a mathematician. But when she opens the notebook, she sees her daughter’s tears on the notebook paper. Then, she breaks down and starting to cry because she made her daughter depressed before her suicide. On top of it all, she talks while crying to the mathematician to let the world know that her daughter, Diane, has solved the Navier -Stokes equation. After several months, Mary becomes a professor however her young age. Then, Frank takes her after her lecture and they go to the kid’s playground. There, Mary plays with her friend, like the rest of the kids.


Gifted | April 12, 2017 (United States) Summary: Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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