A Field Of Tall Grass Whoever Enter Will Live In For Whole Life.

In The Tall Grass.

In the Tall Grass | October 4, 2019 (United States) Summary:
Countries: Canada, United StatesLanguages: English


Our movie begins with Becky and her brother Cal

she is in the last months of pregnancy


the both are in the car on a trip, and they eat food from a restaurant on their way, and she feels dizzy

he stops the car next to a church, and Becky opens the door and starts vomiting

her condition become better but before they leave


they hear a voice of a child shouting begs for anyone to help him and the source of the voice is from a field with very tall grass

they get close to the source of the voice in the grass field, and she calls out the child to make sure that he hears them


The child says that he hears them

but he didn’t find the way to return back and he is confined to the field 3 days ago

and there is a woman who behaves with him in a strange way


Becky feels confused about that

and she warning him from entering the field

but he intended entering the field to save the child


He continues to walk among the tall grass, and going deep into the field


Becky moves and behind him, and she tries to call the Police by phone, but there is no signal in the field

And she doesn’t know that the field separates her and her brother, and they can’t see each other cause of the tall grass


Cal still calls out the kid, but the kid doesn’t respond to him

he begins to feel remorse for entering the field, but continue walking


it looks that he forgot his eyeglasses in the car, so he can’t see well

Cal says to his sister that there is a secret in the field, because there isn’t any explanation for what is happening

and he tells her to return to the car again to be in safe


But to do it, they must find each other’s place, so they can move together and no one gets lost

Becky tells him that she has an idea so that they know the distance between them, she says that they must jump at the same moment in order to see each other

and he is afraid of his sister, because of her pregnancy

but unfortunately, there is no other solution

and yes, they manage to see each other and the distance between them

When they jump again, unbelievable something happened

although they didn’t make any move the distance between them becomes larger than the first jump

and Becky sees her brother very far from where he was for the first time

they were both very surprised and couldn’t find an explanation for what happening

they realize that the field moves them from one place to another, if they make movement or not


the night comes and they are still in the field

and they can’t reach each other

Their energy starts to decrease due to fatigue from walking, and because of Becky’s pregnancy


Suddenly, a strange man appears to Becky from the grass

he says that his name is Ross, and the missing child and woman, are his wife and their son


He tells her that they should be together, in order to survive the crisis they are in

Becky move with Ross

and they find on the ground personal belongings for other people and Cal becomes depressed because he can’t find Becky


Until the kid appeared and approached him, his name is Tobin

and tells him that he can find the person he is looking for, if he is dead

because the field doesn’t transport dead people from one place to another

the kid tells him that he should go with him to find Becky

because they can find where people are, if they reach a certain rock

he doesn’t have any other choices, so he moved with him

at the same time,  Ross and Becky move in the middle of the grass


Tobin and Cal reach the rock, which is a huge dark colored rock, and Tobin touched the rock and feels shivered and gets goosebumps

he asks him if he wants to touch the rock to make him feel better, before he touches the rock

he heard Becky screaming

Tobin apologized to him and told him it is too late he couldn’t understand the meaning of it’s too late


Tobin tries to stop him

because he can’t find Becky in this way, but he moves around the field, searching for Becky

But Cal was already deep in the field


one day

a young man called Travis is looking for Becky

because she and her brother have been missing for days


He had a picture of Becky in his car, seems to that he loves Becky and maybe the father of her baby


he drives his car

and keeps asking people if anyone saw Becky by showing them her picture

but he didn’t find anything


On his way

he notices a red car next to a church

and he finds it is the same number as Becky’s car

but the car so dirty


and the food was spoiled and the worms feed on it

It is very strange because they had only one day in the field, but outside the field were days


Travis enters the church to look for them, but he didn’t find anything, so he goes out again, and finds her book next to the field of tall grass

he thought they were inside the field, so he also go inside to look for them

But he becomes a prisoner, and can’t come out


the night comes, and he still hasn’t found Becky, so he is worried about that

Tobin finds Travis and tells him that everyone is connected in the field

he knows Travis’ name, and that he is looking for Becky

although Travis hasn’t said anything to him


He told him that he could make him find Becky

and he asks Travis if he really wants to see her

he moves behind the child, but he finds Becky on the ground, and she is dead


in the daytime, Tobin and his family are outside the field with his dog, and he is wearing the same clothes, but cleaner and his hair is combed

He tells his mother that there is someone who says his name behind the field, and the dog runs and enters the field

Tobin runs behind his dog

so they had to enter the field for their son

And we know that it was Travis who called Tobin, because they had met before


It seems that the field not only has the ability to move the place of the people


but also plays with time

Tobin screams and begs for anyone to help him, so Becky and her brother hear him


This is the same as what happened at the beginning of the movie,  the entering of Becky and her brother the field to save Tobin, who they don’t know his name


But the difference this time is that Travis hears her voice, and calls her out

when they hear him, they wonder how Travis is in the field and arrived here Tobin continues calling him out, and says that something killed his dog


Travis tells them to walk behind the child’s voice to meet him

This is because the field doesn’t move dead bodies, like Tobin’s dog who died, finally they meet in the field and Travis is there


Becky asks Travis how he got to the field before their arriving, they didn’t find any explanation for what is happening


the time in the field is in a state of turmoil, due to the interference of the past in the present, and the future goes back to the past

so the time enters a complex time loop


they go together to know how to exit the field


And while they’re moving, Becky’s phone rang, the caller is an unknown, saying don’t make Cal hurt Travis and keep always together and never make the same mistake again


but they don’t understand anything

Ross meets them alone and promises that he will help them to find the way out


It Seems that Ross knew how to get out of the field

he takes them to the big rock in the middle of the field and says that who touches the rock will know the way out


And when Cal wants to touch the rock

Natalie stops him and says they shouldn’t trust him


Travis pounces on Ross and throws him to the ground and tells them to run away quickly

Ross could free himself, and he grabs his wife’s head until she explodes from the pressure and died And when they saw what happened to Natalie, they knew that there was something not normal happening with Ross

and They escape as fast as they can, until they reach an abandoned building in which they hid


after they enter the building

they try to think about everything that is happening

but Cal blames Travis for everything and they fight with each other

they stop fighting after seeing Ross approaching them and they go up the stairs to the roof


they discovered that the Church is close to where they are and when he moves on the surface, he loses his balance, but Cal catches him before falling


But the hate gets to Cal’s mind, so he leaves Travis and makes him fall off the roof and get injured and Ross goes up the ladder to Cal, so he runs away with Becky, who notices that Travis isn’t with him, and she suspects her brother that he injured him


she goes to the field alone, telling her brother to stay away from her

when he was walking behind her, Ross caught him and fight with him, and tells him that happened many times and he always comes back to him to be beside his dead body,  and then he kills him

afterward, Travis wakes up after he lost consciousness because of the fall, and he reaches Becky, telling her that he regrets allowing her to go here alone


while they are talking, she screaming because Ross caught her, and Travis is trying to save her before Ross kills her luckily she finds scissors close to her, so she picked up, and put the scissors in his left eye


and she manages to escape and the sky begins raining heavily Becky is surrounded by strange people without faces, and their heads are covered by grass


the strange people throw her next to the huge rock, but she feels unconscious because of what happened


When Becky wakes up she sees the rock then she picks up her phone to call her number


saying don’t make Cal hurts Travis and keep always together, to not make the same mistake again


she realizes that she is the source of the unknown number that used to call her in the past Becky discovered that this place is a time loop


Travis reaches Becky and he noticed that The baby dead


meanwhile Tobin appears, and he says that his father was the one who killed the child


Travis is furious and continues to shout so Ross can hear him


then he can kill Ross by himself


Suddenly, Ross appears from behind Travis, and the two are fighting each other hard he finds a broken bone in the mud, so he uses it to kill Travis, and he stabbed Travis in his stomach


But Ross tells him that he was the only one, who wanted to get rid of the trouble they were in Then Travis falls on the ground because of stabbing

and Ross forces Tobin to touch the rock but before that


Becky stands, and stab the other eye of Ross and he becomes completely blind

and Travis begins to hit Ross, and he continues to smash his head it into the solid rock, and strangle him using the grass like a rope, until Ross finally died


After that, Travis finds that Becky doesn’t breathe, and he wails over the death of his girlfriend

and that he lost everything


although Tobin tried to stop him, Travis decides to touch the rock, and his body begins to unite with the grass and the whole field

he becomes knowing everything that happens in the field and how they come out


he gives Tobin a necklace from Becky to prevent them from entering the field again


meanwhile, Tobin travels through time and finds himself inside the church


when he gets out of it, he sees Becky and Cal coming out of the car and going to the field he moves quickly and warns them from entering


because they would never come out from it he shows them the necklace that Travis gave him before


and it is the same necklace that she is wearing


they realize that there is a mysterious something happening inside the field, so they take Tobin and move away from the field

they manage to stop the temporal cycle that occurred in the field , At the expense of staying Travis in the field forever, sacrificing his life, so his girlfriend could live.

In The Tall Grass.

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