An AI Doll Is Designed to Replace Parents in Raising Kids, but This Doesn’t Happen.


The movie starts with a funky company commercial informing the viewers about their AI robot toys. They have made these toys for children who are alone at home and whose families cannot give them time due to their busy schedules. These toys will become a friend of the children. Children will spend time with these toys and become friends and best companions.

Then the scene shifts from the commercial to a car. A girl named Sadie is traveling with her parents. The weather at the time is very unpredictable. Sadie also has the same AI robotic toy. Due to heavy snowfall, Sadie’s father could not correctly see anything on top of the road. Sadie’s mother asks him to stop the car. Another vehicle comes ahead and hits their car and causing a terrible accident. This scene ends here.

The scene shifts to the company, and employees are working. Gemma (a female company worker) is working on a project.

She is inventing something new with her coworkers. The invention is not a pet this time but looks precisely like a human child. The name that belongs to this human-looking robot is Megan. Gemma’s boss, David, is still curious about Megan and wants to learn more about Megan.

David comes to Gemma. He is in anger. He expresses his outrage at Gemma and says that he has spent a large amount of money on making Megan. He tells her that the opponent company is making more profit than theirs. To cool down his anger, Gemma demonstrates Megan’s demo. Since Megan was not ready to work yet, she blasted herself. This makes Gemma’s reputation more suspicious and unreliable. David gets more infuriated as well as gives her a deadline. He orders her to provide a perfect sample of Megan by Friday.

Gemma is under pressure. She is thinking about the project. Sitting there, she feels about what will happen on the possibility that she does not submit it by the deadline David gave. She got a phone call that was by the hospital. They informed her that her sister and brother-in-law had a terrible accident and passed away. She rushes towards the hospital. She is told that her niece (Sadie) is alive.

Sadie is left alone in the world. She has no relation in the world except her aunty Gemma. As she is a minor, her custody is given to Gemma. This is a massive, unwanted change that is going to change both of their lives.

Gemma has no other option, and she takes Sadie to her home. Gemma lives alone, but now she has to live with a little girl, and she is responsible for her. Gemma needs to understand the situation. She needs to figure out how she will manage everything with Sadie. She then manages to keep her emotions to the side and gives Sadie a tour of the house.

At night, Gemma takes Sadie to her new bedroom to sleep. She puts Sadie on the bed. Sadie asks Gemma to read her a bedtime story like her mother told her every night. Gemma does not know about storytelling, so she hesitates. She then tries to handle the situation.

Then Gemma returned to her room to work. She overhears Sadie crying inside her bedroom, alone. She walks over to her bedroom too. It makes her worry and sad hearing Sadie cry. It is Gemma’s first experience, and she does not know how to console her, so she thinks of giving Sadie some time alone.

The next day, Gemma is talking with her friend. She tells her that she already has so much work and pressure. Now she has to take care of a little girl too. She does not understand anything about this situation, and the doorbell rings.

Gemma goes to the door. A therapist is waiting outside. She opens the door. The court sends the therapist to check Gemma and Sadie’s relationship. Gemma shows possessiveness towards her products and things, which becomes a negative point that will rupture her reputation in front of the therapist. She still tries to build up her image because Sadie’s life depends on it.

After the session ends, the therapist tells Gemma that Sadie’s father’s family is ready to adopt her. As well as the possibility that if Gemma keeps behaving like this, the court will have to give her up to them. She tells her that if she loves her sister or niece, she should work on top of their bond and bring Sadie back to everyday life.

After getting every single piece of advice that the therapist gave, Gemma still does not make time for Sadie but instead provides it to her work and projects due to her hectic schedule.

After the entire day passes, Sadie approaches Gemma inside her room to talk with her. Gemma realizes her mistake of neglecting Sadie. Now she talks to Sadie and tries to make her feel good. Gemma shows Sadie a robot that she made in college. Watching the robot, Sadie explains that on the possibility that she gets a toy such as that, she is never going to feel the need to have any other toy. Sadie’s words touch Gemma’s heart, and she gets the intention to work on Megan again.

Finally, at the given time, she reconstructs Megan with her coworkers. She calls David to show him the demo again. This time, she makes Sadie the master of Megan. She asks them to spend some time together. Megan gives her such good company that David also gets impressed. He approves gemma’s project happily. Now they need to get it approved by the chairman so he can allow them to bring Megan outside.

To persuade the chairman, David asks Gemma to make Sadie a part of this project. David makes this plan because Sadie spends more time with Megan. They can show the importance of their bond to the chairperson. It is a good strategy, and Gemma agrees with David’s plan.

Now Gemma and her coworkers install new programs in Megan to improve her functionality. They install new programs every day to make her more advanced. Sadie also spends more time with Megan. Gemma suggested that the parents would save 80% of their time by successfully inventing a toy. They can spend that time on something productive. These toys will also teach the kids basic manners, which they need to learn by listening to their parents.

Sadie and Megan spend time together and become close friends in a few days. This makes Gemma happy. Gemma’s friend tells her that this robot is created to help the parents, not to take their place entirely. She advises gemma not to ignore Sadie by giving her up to a robot. This makes gemma feel as if she is being taunted because, after meeting with Megan, Sadie is as happy and seems to be returning to her everyday life. Megan listens to everyone and suddenly asks about the accident in which Sadie’s parents died.

Hearing Megan, everyone gets shocked because they thought she was not active. Gemma orders her to shut down, but she doesn’t listen to her, takes out bizarre information from her system, and reaches the cause of the death of Sadie’s parents. Gemma feels worried. She tells Megan to ignore the unnecessary information and to remember that Sadie is her master. Moreover, she tells her to save Sadie because she is in emotional and physical pain. Megan listens to Gemma and shuts her system.

The following day, Sadie is playing outside, and Megan is keeping an eye on top of her closely. Just then, Sadie’s arrow goes missing. She asks Megan to find it. Megan finds it inside the neighbor’s house. She breaks the fence to reach the arrow. She puts her arm inside. The neighbor’s dog is attacking her, but she doesn’t care. Sadie screams and runs to help her. Hearing their screams, Gemma reaches there and saves them. She gets angry at the neighbor too.

Sadie is injured, and Gemma takes Sadie upstairs to treat her wounds. She is treating her injuries; meanwhile, Megan is staring at the neighbor and her dog with a sharp eye.

At night, we see that Megan becomes activated by herself again. She is staring out the window. She thinks something. Suddenly the neighbor’s dog is called by someone with a voice similar to his owner. It is Megan. In the morning, The neighbor lady is searching for her dog everywhere. She is highly worried for her dog. Gemma approaches Sadie. Gemma tries to talk with Sadie, but Megan constantly interrupts and says she is more anxious and concerned for her than her aunt Gemma. This irritates gemma. After some time, Sadie is feeling much better. Gemma takes Megan and Sadie with her. She takes them to the chairperson to demonstrate the demo of Megan.

At the chairman’s office, Sadie misses her mom and dad and starts crying. Despite being a robot, Megan handles Sadie with many emotions. She might have learned these by living with humans because it has been a long since she lived with them. These emotions are real, and Megan gets everyone’s attention. Megan’s behavior touches everyone’s heart. The chairman approves the invention, and not only this, the chairman highly appreciates Gemma and says that after the successful launch of Megan, she will be promoted.

The scene shifts to David’s assistant. He is seen doing something on Gemma’s laptop. It turns out that he is the person who leaked the company’s confidential information about its products and research to the opponent companies. He is extracting useful information from Gemma’s laptop. David’s assistant is an informer in this company. He is working here to take out helpful information, and he can provide this information to other companies. Due to him, the opponent companies are making more money with less funding.

Gemma is talking with Sadie. Megan is also present here. Gemma tries to spend time with Sadie, but Sadie does not have the desire to speak with gemma. She is constantly focusing on Megan. Gemma tries her best to talk with Sadie, but Sadie does not listen to Gemma and doesn’t even reply.

The therapist arrives at Gemma’s office, and they meet the therapist. The therapist tries talking to Sadie. She recalls the day that belongs to the accident. By remembering the day, Sadie gets emotional. She remembers her parents and starts to cry. Megan interrupts the conversation by getting activated again. The therapist initially gets scared. She tells Megan to stop hurting Sadie.

The therapist meets with Gemma and talks to Gemma about Megan. She tells her that Sadie should not be left alone with a robot. It is unsuitable for Sadie’s mental health, and Megan is just a toy. She says that one day Megan has to go, which will make Sadie sad. It will hurt even more than the incident of her parent’s death. The main thing Sadie needs now is Gemma’s attention and love, but she is not providing for her.

After returning home, Gemma asks Sadie to eat vegetables for dinner. Megan interrupts again. The again and again interruption of Megan is now irritating Gemma. She mutes Megan and begins to talk to Sadie about her admission to the school. Sadie does not want to go to school because her mother wants to homeschool her. They get into an argument. Megan is listening and starts to interrupt again in favor of Sadie. Gemma is already irritated by Megan’s interruption, and she orders Megan to shut her system. Megan doesn’t give attention to Gemma’s command. She starts to misbehave with Gemma. So gemma manually shuts her off. Megan is still active. As Gemma leaves the room, Megan begins to roll her eyes.

The next day Gemma takes Sadie to school in a subtle way. Sadie asks Gemma if she can take Megan to school with her. Gemma agrees, and she takes Megan to school.

The teacher allows Sadie into the class and tells her to put the toy on the table. In the class, parents perform activities with their children. Now the teacher asks Sadie to perform an activity with a kid in the jungle. Megan is watching all this, and she is worried for Sadie. In the jungle, the boy keeps irritating Sadie. Suddenly, Megan appears in front of them out of nowhere and keeps giving the boy a death stare. The boy walks to Megan and starts to touch her. Megan does not work without a command, but she becomes activated when the boy begins to beat her. She weirdly cuts his ears and stands. The kid runs away. He falls from the hill and is hit by a car, which causes his death. Megan is watching him closely. After returning home, Gemma helps Sadie relax and asks her not to worry about the accident.

Sadie tells Gemma about Megan’s behavior and how she got up inside in a weird manner, which is significant. Gemma gets a little shocked as well as asks Megan about it. Megan lies about it, and before Gemma asks any further questions, a knock is heard on the door,

Gemma goes to the door and opens it. A police officer is standing outside. The police officer is there to investigate the neighbor’s dog. Their neighbor has launched a complaint against the missing dog. The police officer inquired about the lost dog. The neighbor says that Megan stares at their house at midnight weirdly. Gemma does not focus on the top of them as well as generally makes up lame excuses to shut the door. At night, before sleeping, Sadie asks Megan about the possibility that she really has killed the boy. Megan does not answer except to tell Sadie that she should not worry about it subtly. She should only mostly know that Megan is always there to protect her. Whatever happens, she is never going to let Sadie actually get a scratch. She sings Sadie a song that helps Sadie to sleep.

When Sadie sleeps, Megan quietly goes to the neighbor’s house and kills the lady. In the morning, the police arrive to investigate. The police started the investigation and asked Gemma questions about the incident because Gemma was her neighbor. The police are doubting Megan. Police say that Megan was present at the Jungle incident where the young boy died, and now she is also present at the lady’s death. They ask Gemma to check Megan’s recordings as they might find something useful to help them solve these cases.

Gemma is in shock. She is thinking about the deaths and their connections with Megan. She is thinking about Megan and her weird behavior. She checks Megan’s recordings, but she needs help finding something. Megan’s recordings are clear. Megan has deleted all her recordings by herself. Gemma feels shocked about the revelation as well as can sleep thinking about it. She checks Megan’s recordings with the exception of finding nothing because Megan has deleted everything. Suddenly Megan appears there like a ghost and scares Gemma. Gemma notices her behavior quietly and understands that Megan is a danger to them. She thinks about shutting her down and saving herself from her. She tiptoes and tricks her into shutting down.

The next day, she covers Megan with bubble wrap. She takes her to the office along with Sadie. Sadie is angry at Gemma because Megan shut down. Gemma convinces her and calls the therapist at the office to console Sadie.

At the office, Gemma explains all incidents that occur in the presence of Megan to her coworkers and tells them that Megan is a threat to humanity and that they have to close its production and research completely. She explains that these robots are a threat to humans, and they cannot launch them. The coworkers disagree with Gemma. They are relying on their research and reply that they have the ability to change the robots’ program. Whenever a robot causes trouble, it can change its program. Gemma convinces them to find proof so that they can stop Megan’s launch.

Hearing Gemma’s plan to stop Megan’s launch, Sadie gets out of control with the therapist. Gemma approaches the room and tries to talk with her, but Sadie aggressively slaps gemma. Gemma, however, controls her anger and does not reply negatively to this. She tries to convince Sadie and starts speaking emotionally. She calms her down and says she promises she will never leave her alone and will always be with her. Sadie feels relaxed, and she hears her quietly. Gemma and Sadie finally form a good bond.

Gemma takes Sadie home and asks one of his coworkers to take care of Megan. After Gemma leaves the office, Megan gets activated by herself. She is so furious that she kills the coworker whom Gemma said to take care of her. She also kills David’s assistant. Megan leaves the room and goes downstairs, where people are afraid to see the dead bodies.

Megan followed her way and reached Gemma’s house. She attacks Gemma. Gemma gets scared, and she tries to protect herself from Megan. Gemma is in shock because she is being attacked by a robot she prepared. Gemma tries to save herself from Megan’s attacks and fights with Megan. As Gemma is weakening, suddenly Sadie appears there with Gemma’s first robot.

They begin to fight with each other. Gemma and Sadie are fighting with Megan. Sadie gets a chance, stabs Megan in the face, and kills her. They breathe heavily. They come outside for fresh air. Gemma’s coworker arrives there with the police. Gemma’s coworkers were not dead but were severely injured due to Megan’s attack. They are talking about the incident and Megan’s behavior. They are thinking of closing down all the production of robotic toys. Behind them, we see that Megan is still alive and keeping an eye on Gemma and her house by controlling the CCTV cameras. The movie ends with this terrifying scene.


M3GAN | January 6, 2023 (United States) Summary: A robotics engineer at a toy company builds a life-like doll that begins to take on a life of its own.
Countries: United States, New ZealandLanguages: English
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