The True Story of McDonald’s!


A businessman named Ray Kroc talking to an owner of the restaurant, trying to convince him to buy a milkshake machine that can make 8 cups per minute. The owner of the restaurant refuses this because he doesn’t serve drinks in his restaurant. Ray goes out, upset and feels angry, because selling this machine is his only source of income he has. Then, he has a small company that relies on selling restaurant machines. Unfortunately, a period has passed without selling any machines, and the company is about to go bankrupt. One day, he calls his secretary to ask her if someone asks to buy a milkshake machine, and she tells him that there is a restaurant in California called McDonald’s and orders 6 machines at once as quickly as possible. He is shocked by this and tells her that there is definitely something wrong because it is impossible for a one restaurant that uses 6 machines. After that, he takes the restaurant’s number from her and calls them to make sure. Then Dick, the owner of the restaurant, replies to him, telling him that he wants eight milkshake machines, not six.

Ray is surprised by his words and can’t understand that McDonald’s sells 64 milkshakes per minute. So, he is curious to know what this restaurant looks like and travels to California as soon as possible. When he arrives at McDonald’s, he finds it full of customers and people stand in line to buy a burger, so he stands with them in line to try the burger and finds out what is the reason for people’s love for this particular restaurant. And when he goes to the cashier and orders his food, he is surprised that the food is prepared in less than three minutes, and also well wrapped, and there is no fork or knife. The cashier tells him that McDonald’s is the first fast food restaurant, and the advantage of this meal is that you can eat it anywhere and it can be prepared in just three minutes. Ray is impressed because no restaurant makes such an idea before. Ray notices that all the customers are enjoying while eating the burger, and while he is eating, Mac, the owner of the restaurant, comes and introduces himself, and asks him if he likes it or not. So, Ray tells him that this is the best burger he has ever eaten, and tells him that he is responsible for supplying the milkshake machines to his restaurant. When Mac notices that Ray likes his restaurant, he takes him on showing the restaurant, and makes him sees how good the employees are at making burgers and how much they care about the ingredients, to the extent that the potatoes are fried daily at one constant temperature. Mac says that one of the success factors at McDonald’s is that the meal is prepared in less than three minutes. Then, he introduces him to his brother Dick, a partner in the restaurant, who called him on the phone and asks for 8 machines. And because Ray is a businessman and curious person, he wants to know the reason for McDonald’s success.

Ray decides to invite the two brothers to dinner so they tell him their story. And how they discover the idea of the restaurant. Mac tells him that they opened the restaurant in 1940 and decided to make their menu consist of a burger, fries and a drink only, and this is because they noticed that the burger is an easy meal and can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. In order to solve the problem of overcrowding in the restaurant, they wrapped the meal in a plastic bag. So, customers can take it and eat it anywhere. But the problem they faced at this time was that the meal was prepared in a quarter of an hour. Of course, this is too much time and customers would get upset and leave. Dick tried to find a way to make the meal ready in three minutes. And he discovered that the secret of the slowness in preparing the meal was that the restaurant was too small for the workers. And they can’t do their job quickly. So, he decided to draw up a kitchen on a tennis playground, and determined the location of the machines that the workers would use. He trained them for 6 hours so that they could prepare the meal in just three minutes. After that, they carried out the idea and applied the kitchen plan they drew and called the restaurant McDonald’s for fast food. On the opening day, customers didn’t like that the burger was wrapped and refused to buy food from the restaurant because they used to eat with a knife and fork. So, Mac and his brother Dick decided that they would have a second opening, and in order to attract customers to them, they brought a circus troupe and performed a fireworks show. Indeed, the idea succeeded, and the customers like the burger and start buying it from them every day. But suddenly, there were too many mosquitoes because of the lights and the customers got scared and leave. Two days later, they decided to close the restaurant because they had two openings and lost lot of money. But suddenly a small child came to them and asked them for 3 sandwiches, and after they gave him his meal, more customers came and started buying meals, until the restaurant was running again. After a while, orders increased and McDonald’s gained fame in all of California.

After Ray knows the story of McDonald’s, he goes home and keeps thinking because he likes the idea of fast food, as it was a new idea. So, he decides that he’ll become a partner with Mac and Dick and opens a chain of McDonald’s restaurants in all of America. The next day, he goes to the restaurant to meet the two brothers to tell them that he wants to share this success with them and make many McDonald’s branches in all states of America. Dick tells him that they actually made a branch in New York, but the restaurant failed because the workers didn’t have high qualifications like the workers who trained them. And the supervisor who was running the restaurant had no experience in this matter in the first place. Then Ray gets excited and offers them to run the project himself. And he tells them that he has an idea to make them open many branches without paying a single dollar. The idea is that they contract with businessmen and open the restaurant under the name of McDonald’s and take a percentage of the profits from them in exchange for the name. They refuse his offer because they are afraid that this idea will make them lose their reputation. Especially since they suffered a lot in order to achieve the success they reached. After that, Ray returns to the house and he is upset, and he begins to tell his wife Catherine what happened and tells her that he wants to be a partner in McDonald’s and make the whole world know about this restaurant. Catherine tells him that he is 52 years old and that he should forget his ambition and enjoy the rest of his life. Ray begins to feel frustrated and goes back to sell the milkshake machine to restaurants again. But he feels upset because he has a great desire to open many branches of McDonald’s. And he wants to be a successful businessman at the time, and he remembers his mother’s words to him, which is that he must follow his dream no matter what it cost, and ignore anyone who tries to frustrate him and be an obstacle in his way.

So, he goes to McDonald’s again and meets Dick and Mac and tries to convince them to make him a partner with them. Mac asks him to leave the room so that he and his brother can think about it in private. They both discuss the matter until they agree to make him a partner with them. Provided that they sign a partnership contract and give him specific powers to ensure that he won’t use McDonald’s name for his personal purposes. Indeed, Ray signs the partnership contract with them so that the main clause in the contract states that he doesn’t have the authority to do anything without obtaining their approval. Also, he doesn’t have the right to use McDonald’s name for any purpose of his own. The day after, Ray goes to a businessman called Jack and offers him to open a McDonald’s branch in exchange for taking part of the profits from him in exchange for the name, but Jack rejects his offer and tells him that he opened a restaurant before and lost half a million dollars because of it. So, Ray is forced to take a loan from the bank with the guarantee of his car and house. So that he can open a McDonald’s branch in his own name, to prove to all the businessmen who will agree with them that the project is very profitable. Then, when they see the success of his restaurant, they’ll contract with him. While he sees the land that he’ll open the restaurant on it, his secretary comes saying that the Coca-Cola Company wants to contract with him. Ray feels happy about this because it is a great opportunity for the restaurant to become famous.

He calls his partner Dick and informs him that Coca-Cola wants to contract with him, and this is a great opportunity because the profits will increase, but Coca-Cola will be responsible for the advertising costs. But unlike expected, Dick refuses, arguing that if people don’t like their product, this will damage McDonald’s reputation, and they will lose a lot of money. Ray gets annoyed by his words and begins to feel that his partners are Dick and Mac, they not thinking out of the box and they will be the reason for his failure. After a month has passed, he opens his restaurant and supervises the workers himself, and tries to train them to speed their work. Although he becomes a businessman and owns a restaurant, he is so modest to the extent that he cleans the restaurant himself. At night, Ray goes to a restaurant with his wife, Catherine, and invites a group of businessmen and offers them to open branches of McDonald’s and takes a percentage of the profits from them. Indeed, they accept his offer and sign the contract. Especially after seeing the success of his restaurant, and when Dick and Mac find out about this news, they become afraid that the new branches will prepare food that tastes bad, which will damage the McDonald’s name. One day, Ray goes to one of the new branches that opened. And he finds them selling Fried Chicken on the menu and the food is bad. He gets angry and goes to meet the businessmen who opened this new branch to tell them that their food is bad and it isn’t allowed to have any kind of food other than burgers on the menu. And when he finds that they don’t care about his words, he threatens them that he will cancel the contract with them. Ray returns to his office to think of a way to solve this problem. He decides that he will appoint supervisors for the new branches so that they will take more care of those branches. And by chance, he meets a guy called jack who sells books to his secretary. Ray offers him work as a supervisor at the McDonald’s branch in Los Angeles. Jake accepts his offer and starts working in the branch, supervising his workers and taking care of the quality of food in the restaurant. Ray watches him and sees everything he does and feels satisfying that he has found someone who can abide by McDonald’s rules. At night, he tells his wife Catherine about everything and tells her about his ambition and that he wants to make McDonald’s name reaches the whole world, but he notices that she isn’t interested in anything he says and doesn’t support him or stand by him. But this doesn’t inhibit his ability, but rather makes him hold onto his dream more.

When he goes to have lunch in a restaurant, he gets to know a plumber who can’t find a job, so he also appoints him as a supervisor in a new McDonald’s branch. Within a short period, he appoints a group of young people whose financial condition is bad and make them supervisors of all branches. the reason he chooses young people whose financial condition is bad is that they will implement his instructions and apply the laws exactly, in order to preserve their job. After 6 months had passed, Ray can open 25 branches and all the supervisors gather in the branches and thank him for his help and congratulate him on his great success he achieved in a short period. One day, Ray meets with businessmen to talk to them about work. Someone called Fred comes and tells him that he wants to open a McDonald’s branch in Chicago, because there is no McDonald’s branch in Chicago. Then, he introduces him to his wife, Joan, a famous singer, and when they sit together, they keep talking, so Joan asks him about his ambitions, and he says that he wants the whole world to know the name of McDonald’s, and to open branches in all of America, and it is clear from his looks that he likes her. The next day, Ray goes to his office and his secretary tells him that she receives a warning from the bank, because he owes four hundred thousand dollars, and if he doesn’t pay, they will seize his house and car. So, he calls Dick, his partner, the original founder of the McDonald’s restaurant, and asks him to increase his percentage of the profits because he takes only 5%, and this doesn’t cover the price of the loans he took.

Dick refuses to increase his percentage and says that he takes a good percentage already and he isn’t allowed to take more than that. When Ray returns home, his wife, Catherine, shouts at him and says that the bank sent her a warning, and if the money isn’t paid within a month, they will seize the house. Ray goes to the bank to negotiate with them and asks the employee to seize the restaurant instead of the house. The employee refuses his request because the land on which the restaurant is located isn’t his property and he only rents it for twenty years. In the meantime, someone called Hari hears their talk and sees Ray coming out of the bank angry, so he tries to talk to him and tells him that he works as an accountant and he has a solution to the problems he faces.

So, he goes with Ray to his office and tells him that he won’t become rich all his life as long as he’ll continue to take only 5% of the branches. Because loans and taxes will accumulate on him, and he’ll eventually find himself in debt and not earning anything. Therefore, the only solution to his problem is that he opens a real estate company and buys the land on which a McDonald’s branch will be established. And if there is someone who wants to open a new branch, he’ll rent the land from Ray. Then, if the owner of the restaurant doesn’t implement any of the laws of McDonald’s, he will be able to kick him off the land because he is the owner of the land in the first place. In this way, the owner of the restaurant will take a percentage of the profits as well as rent on the land. So, he will be able to make a great fortune and will also control Dick and Mac, the founders of McDonald’s and the original owners of the name. Ray convinces of the idea, opens a real estate company called Frances. And he buys a group of land in order to implement Harry’s idea. And when Dick knows the news, he calls him to find out the reason that made him open a real estate company. He is terrified of the idea that Ray could take over McDonald’s completely. One day, he sits with Joan, the famous singer, and she gives him powder, which can easily prepare a milkshake, and says that this powder will make him save milk and he won’t need the machine. As usual, he tells Dick about this idea but he refuses because he’s afraid the customers won’t like the new milkshake. Ray gets annoyed and feels that Dick’s fear and limited thinking will be an obstacle in his way. So, he decides that he will be the owner of McDonald’s name so no one can control him and stop him from achieving his succeed.  He changes the name of his real estate company and calls it McDonald’s, and distributes the new milkshake powder to all McDonald’s branches. He gives Joan and her husband Fred a sample to prepare it in their restaurant. Ray likes Joan because she supports him and admires the way he thinks, unlike his wife Catherine, who doesn’t care about anything he does.

When he returns home, Joan calls him and confesses to him that she loves him and she decides to divorce her husband, Fred, because she doesn’t have any feelings for him. After that, he has lunch with his wife, Catherine, and decides to divorce her and gives her the house and half a million dollars as her alimony. The next day, Dick knows that Ray has named his real estate company McDonald’s, so he calls him on the phone and says that he doesn’t have the right to use the name and accuses him and says that he is a loser and that he succeeded in the first place because of the name McDonald’s. Ray says that he is the reason behind the fame of McDonald’s, until he opens 150 branches. Meanwhile, he and his brother have limited thinking all the time, and are afraid to try anything new to the restaurant. And most of the time they refuse to develop anything. Then, he threatens him that if any case is filed against him, he’ll bribe the judge, and the case will remain in court for many years. Because he won’t allow anyone to stand in the way of achieving his ambition and dreams. Mac breaks down and faints, then he goes to the hospital. After that, Ray goes to visit him to check on him. And he gives him a blank cheque for him and his brother to write the amount they want in exchange for giving up McDonald’s name, so that he is the main controller of everything. After thinking about the two brothers, they decide that they will sell the name, so Dick calls Ray and tells him that they want two million and seventy thousand dollars. Ray agrees and meets with them in his office to sign the contracts and reminds them that the name McDonald’s now belongs to him. And they have no right to use it in any project, they have to change the name of their restaurant, but if they still want to call it McDonald’s, they will pay him a percentage of the profits every month, and becomes a branch like the rest of the branches.

The next day, Ray removes the sign from their restaurant because they don’t agree to be a McDonald’s branch. Finally, he marries his lover Joan and starts talking about his success and says that everyone thought him crazy because he is 52 years old and all he thinks about is to achieving his dreams but his determination made him able to achieve this dream and open 1,500 McDonald’s branches in fifty-two states in America. Also, there are McDonald’s branches in three European countries as well. He says that the best way for a person to achieve his dream is to remain determined to succeed, have faith in himself and his abilities.

The Founder.

The Founder | January 20, 2017 (United States) Summary: The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into the biggest restaurant business in the world, with a combination of ambition, persist... Read all
Countries: United States, GreeceLanguages: English, Yiddish
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