A Beautiful Woman Lures Rich Men to Get Rid of Them Without Leaving Any Evidence Behind Her.


in Saudi Arabia, a woman named Aliaa. Briefly, she is married to someone who loved her, but after a while he started beating and insulting her. And no one believes her when she is complaining, even to her family. After this, Aliaa decided to do something, and it’s clearly that there is a soul in the desert hears her thoughts and she also finds a solution for her. Then, Aliaa sets a fire for her husband who was beating her. Then, she shows the same one of her husband but an obedient, his name is Saad. Meantime, the spirit gives her a ring called Saba. So, Saad is collecting the dust of the burnt corpses and putting them in a box and wearing a ring. On the other hand, Tarek works as a computer engineer, and he is going back to his house calling for his daughter, but she doesn’t answer him. Later, he is looking for her until he finds her sitting with her mother playing with her.


When his wife meets him, she tells him that they had a dinner without him because he is very late for work. After that, her daughter asks her about the reason that makes her father come home late. So, Tarek says that he works a lot. So, she asks him if he works more than her mother? So, Tarek tells her that he doesn’t work more than her mother, but he has to stay until the last time in the company because he works as a computer engineer. Meantime, His daughter asks his wife about his job, but Tarek gets nervous because his daughter ignores him. Then, his daughter tells him that her mother knows everything. Then, her mother asks if she did her homework, and Tarek gets annoyed because they don’t care and enters the room.


At the night, he goes out to the roof, and keeps looking at his neighbors while they are dancing with each other, and he is happy. The next day, when Tarek goes to work, he meets a woman in the elevator, she has a new job with them, and her name is Salma. In that time, Tarek is still looking at her, because she is beautiful. Then, Tarek goes to his office, and his wife calls him, asking him to come back for dinner? He says he’s late for work, and walks out of the office. At this time, he sees his manager touching Salma on the pretext that he teaches her how she works. But Salma leaves the office and walks. So, Tarek goes to her and sees that she is smoking, so he takes a cigarette and smokes with her. On that time, He says that he doesn’t smoke at all and that he goes to her because he heard a voice, but Salma doesn’t care.

So, he asks her about work, and she says it’s not good. Then, Tarek warns her of the manager and tells her that he is a harasser. After that, Salma tells him that she knows and asks him not to worry about her and walks away. Then, he sees her leaving the office and walking away, and he knows from his workmate that she resigned. After a while, he enters his office and finds a bag, so he takes it and goes to his office. When he opens the bag, he finds an iPad, so he finds an advertisement for a resort that offers him a different life, an ideal partner, and a marriage for a 24-hour in complete secrecy. So, Tarek thinks, and then, he is on the plane. When he arrives at the airport, he meets someone and takes his bag from him to a resort.

And Tarek gets worried because the resort is far away in the middle of the desert. When he arrives, the receptionist welcomes him and gives him the key to his room at once. After that, Tarek knows the orders that they send the uniform to him for the place and warns him to leave his room after the activities are over. Also, they tell him If he needs any service, contacts them. Meantime, Tarek is surprised when he finds everyone wearing the same clothes and having the same mark on their face. When he enters his room, he can’t find a network on his phone, so he goes outside, but he also can’t find a network. At this time, a worker enters on him, gives him the clothes he’ll wear, knowing that he keeps his privacy. When Tarek is getting ready, he finds someone before him, he is Saad. Then, Saad asks him to go with him. When he arrives, he knows everything.

When Tarek goes with him, he meets the matchmaker, Aliaa. On top of all, she is wearing different clothes, she asks Tarek about his trip, and he tells her that it’s hard. So, she asks him about the place and his opinion of it, and Tarek tells her that the place is beautiful. Aliaa likes him promises him that he’ll find what he wanted. At this time, a woman enters them, and Saad gives her a bag and leaves. On the other hand, Aliaa notices that Tarek is tense, so she jokes with him to break up the ice. Then, she shows him the place and tells him that the marriage is sharing for them. Also, he shall attend the weddings of his colleagues who are in the resort, and they also attend his wedding. So, Tarek agrees, and then he takes a bag from Saad, which contains Saba’s ring, and Aliaa asks him to wear it. After that, Tarek thanks her for the gift and asks her if he can see the girl he is going to marry. So, she tells him to take a moment and everything will happen in due time.

When Tarek goes to his room, he gets an invitation to a wedding party in the resort. So, he goes and sees the musicians while they are drumming, and he stays alone. Until he sees a man and goes to sit with him. Then, the man asks him if it’s the first time to come? Then, Tarek tells him yes.  After that, Tarek asks if he knows anything about the place’s system, so, the man tells him that no one knows the system, that this is the secret of the beauty of the experience. And he tells that he’ll spend the best days in the resort. Also, he’ll forget his life as it was before. Tarek asks him what makes him sure? the man says that because all his friends visited the place and that none of them came back.

After this, Tarek is worried. Then, the bride enters them riding a camel. When the marriage ends, Aliaa is standing on the mountain among a group of girls, of which Salma is. Later, Tarek wakes up after he hears the sound of screaming, and when he goes out, he sees the bride who is walking with the guards. He keeps watching them until a guard sees him asking him to get into his room quickly. So, Tarek says that he heard a sound, and that is why he went out. The guard tells him that everything is under control. Then, Tarek goes back to his room. On the way, he hears a voice crying and someone calling for Salma, so Tarek enters and meets an old man, and the man asks him if he knows where Salma is. Later, Tarek tells him that he is going to ask him about her, but the man refuses and tells him that he asked before, but they didn’t meet her and know that she has been absent for two days.

So, Tarek asks about his relationship with Salma, and the man tells him that she is his daughter. And she tells him that there was one of her co-workers will propose to her, and she wanted him to meet him. After that, he asks Tarek to find his daughter, and the man notices Saba’s ring with Tarek, and he asks him about it. So, Tarek tells him that they gave him it when he arrived at the resort. Then, Salma’s father asks him to go out and look for his daughter without anyone noticing. And when he goes out of the main door and shows the ring to the guards. At that time, they makes him going out. Meantime, he is walking until he reaches the place. When Tarek leaves, he walks in the desert to find the exit.  And he walks until he reaches the agricultural road, he finds a long path surrounded by mud houses. Then, he is still walking and he finds someone walking behind him with a scout in his hand. Then, Tarek gets scared and runs until he reaches the well that Salma’s father told him.

There, he notices a little girl who asks him what he is looking for and asks him if he is looking for Salma? Tarek asks her if she knows her, and the child tells him that she knows her. But she is thirsty and wants him to give her water. So, Tarek asks about the reason that makes her not filling the cup of water by herself. Then, a child tells him that he knows everything. At the same time, Tarek gives her the cup, and when she takes it, she puts her finger in it, and it suddenly turns into blood and walks. Meanwhile, Tarek goes after her and finds her sitting with an old man and women talking about Aliaa, and they keep talking about her repeatedly. At the moment, Tarek is terrified, runs and is shocked when he finds the same one of him holding a scout and runs after him.

After that, he wakes up from his sleep, and finds himself in his house. So, he feels okay when he sees his daughter and wife, leaves them, and goes out to the roof to look at the neighbors. And Tarek gets shocked when he sees his wife in the neighbors’ apartment and she looks at him and he wakes up from sleep exhausted. After all, this is a dream and when he wakes up, he finds a ring stuck on his finger, he can’t take it off because his finger is swelled. The next day, Tarek goes to the guest who was with him to his room. And says that the place is very weird. Then, Tarek tells his colleague that he went out last night because he heard his voice. At that time, he saw the matchmaker, and she looked at him in a frightening way. And he went back to his room and slept, he had many strange nightmares, and he couldn’t sleep after that. Meanwhile, the guest tells Tarek that his marriage is today, after that he’ll leave the place and run away.

They tell Tarek that he can’t wait until tomorrow, that he has to walk now. His colleague asks him what they are supposed to do, and Tarek tells him that they shall go their home. So, his colleague refuses because he wants to attend his wedding and he wants to see the girl he is going to marry. Then, Tarek asks him if he is sure that she is already there. After that, his friend doesn’t know how to respond, but Tarek continues and says that the place where they are in danger, so he agrees with his friend. After a little, he says that he’ll meet him at the reception in an hour. When Tarek notices that his finger is swelled because of the ring, and he asks about what happened. And he says this place is so weird, and he leaves.

After an hour, Tarek waits him at the reception. But he is late, so he decides to go to the room and is shocked when he changes his opinion. Because he wants to stay with the girl he wants to marry. Then, he tells Tarek that he understands him wrong and he means to threat the officials in the place to get the girl he is going to marry. Meantime, Tarek is confused. When he goes, he wants to hold the knife and cut off his ring finger. But he doesn’t do that. On the other hand, he decides to walk and he tells the receptionist that he wants to leave the place quickly, and tells him he isn’t in prison. After that, the receptionist tells him that the car will be at his service in a few minutes. When Tarek rides it, Saad enters, but suddenly he electrifies him and he faints.

When he wakes up, he finds himself at the marriage of his friend. After the marriage ends, Tarek decides to go into hiding, kidnaps one of the musicians, puts on his clothes, and then goes with the rest of the musicians to the mountain and hides among them. There, he sees his bride standing far away. And suddenly, the guards set a fire on his friend. At the moment, Tarek feels terrified. On the other hand, Aliaa is watching what is happening and she looks at Salma. At this moment, Salma is upset and walks. Suddenly, another one of his friend appears. It’s seem that he has the same mark that all the men in the place have on his face. While Tarek is shocked by what is happening, Salma’s father that he dreamed of electrifies him and faints.

And when Tarek wakes up, he finds himself in an upper room and straps to a chair. Tarek tells her that he wants to go home, that he doesn’t want anything else. So Aliaa asks him to be patient, and that he will take what will make him happy and he tells him to wait a few minutes and walks away. So, Tarek is oppressed and cries at this time. Salma interferes with him, so he insults her and tells her that she is cursed. She slaps him and accuses him of being stupid, and asks him about why he goes to the resort. So, Tarek tells her that he comes for her and he hates her, so she asks him to respect himself. Salma left the bag to her manager, who was harassing her, but Tarek took it, telling her that she had ruined his life, so Salma laughed and said that he had no life at all.

And then, Tarek goes back to his room and remains unconscious, and Salma goes to Aliaa’s office. Aliaa asks her why she has changed recently. Salma tells her that she feels that she is so angry, and that it is the first time she feels it, and that she feels that she isn’t happy. Aliaa tells her that from a long time ago she was her age, and that at that time she had to pretend that she was someone other than herself, and that there was no way out for her, and she asked her not to tell her about the pain. Salma asks her why they do that, and Aliaa tells her that none of them would have chosen to be in this situation. Salma tells her that she knows that she is in pain, but they could have chosen happiness. Aliaa laughs loudly at her and tells her that happiness is a lie and asks her not to believe it.

After that, Salma tells her that she believes in her idea, but she can no longer bear the lack of mercy in the place, so Aliaa asks her to look at her hand, which shows that she is burnt, and asks if this is the meaning of mercy? And she asks her where is the mercy when they did this to us. And Salma asks her if they will keep making men their slaves, and asks about their wives who are waiting for them to return. So, Aliaa tells her that when they come back, they’ll do the same again, so Salma tells her that she feels cruel and that there is a spirit in the desert. After a little, Salma is wearing a clothes of matchmaker, and she enters on Tarek and puts off a ring from his hand. Then, there is a fire at Aliaa’s office, and then she sits in the same place that Tarek used to dream about, and Saad stays with her and serves her.

Salma sends Aliaa a record and asks her not to be upset with her and informs her that her teachings are still there and she is being taught, but in a different way. She tells her that she is the same girl he met, who was lost and helpless, and that she became strong thanks to her. And with time, she will understand what she did and thank her for it, and Salma decides that she will free all the men in the place and let them go back to their homes and see them standing on the mountain. After a while, Tarek returns home and finds his wife and daughter playing together, so he sits next to them and asks to play with them.

The Matchmaker.

The Matchmaker | April 27, 2023 (United States) Summary: When an office worker becomes powerfully infatuated with his beautiful intern, he follows her to a desert resort overrun with bizarre forces.
Countries: Saudi ArabiaLanguages: Arabic
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