The Passengers of This Ship Encounter the Biggest Mystery of Their Lives.


Episode 1 — The Ship 



A ship called “The Prometheus,” is alone at sea. While the narrator narrates a poem about the brain and sea, we follow a water tunnel to a passage where a woman stops running and starts panting. She says she’s not crazy and is sure about what she’s seen and asks the man standing in the hall, whom she calls father, what he did to her brother as she’s being dragged away by two men. Her father whispers wake-up and the scene becomes distorted, leading us to an old room where a lady jerks up from her dreams.  She finds a letter from her brother, Henry, who wants to meet her in New York to reveal what their father does on the ship at sea. The lady is Maura Franklin, born in Morefield. The date is October 19, 1899. Looking into the mirror, she says “I’m not crazy. I’m Maura Franklin.”


Maura walks out of her cabin numbered 1011 and to the varenda. She is on a ship at sea. In the ship, a group of workers heap coals into the ship’s boiler. They talk about The Prometheus and the rumours around it since it went missing four months ago. There’s a malfunction and a man called Olek is ordered to fix it. He is staring at a picture of a tower when a worker yells for him to move the lever. In another part of the ship, a woman’s dining with a man while she talks about the ship that disappeared. The man, Lucien, who’s sitting with her is not paying attention to anything she’s saying.


Instead, he is staring at a lady in Asian clothes who’s contemplating on what knife to use. A maid sitting close to her tells her to hurry and eat. Maura Franklin steps into the dining hall and sits at an empty table. On another table, a priest tells his companion to keep his voice down. The companion, his brother, Angel, raises his voice saying no one around gives a shit about him. He would not keep it down for them. A woman, Mrs Wilson, joins Maura Franklin on her table and they start talking. Maura is a doctor of the brain. She was only allowed to study and not practice. The woman wants to know what’s so interesting about the brain and Maura tells her that it holds the key to the universe. The woman points out who’s on what table. She says some things are better left unknown and tells Maura that all the people she pointed at are running from something, even Maura herself.


A man barges into the hall and pleads for a doctor to help his sister unless she’d die. He is dragged away by two men in black suits. Maura leaves the woman and goes after the man. The man is dragged to the deck and thrown into a stairway. Maura watches the men in suit and bows curtly as they leave. Maura enters the ship section where the man was thrown. She tells him she is a doctor and he takes her to his sister. We see the woman from Maura’s dream in the beginning and she’s in a lot of pain from pregnancy complications. A woman questions the man, Krester, for bringing Maura in, and tries to convince another man, Anker, to send her away. Maura ignores the woman and solves the problem. In the boiler, a dark skinned man crawls out of the heap of coals. He sneaks into the hallway and steals a coat from a room left open.


Next, we’re shown Lucien and Clemence. Lucien is angry at Clemence for not helping out during sex and calls their marriage a lie. He tells her not to pretend to love him anymore. Meanwhile, in the commoners deck, Maura is washing her hands when the little sister of her patient walks up to her to thank her. The kid wants to become a doctor like Maura. She becomes frantic when the little girl asks if she’s a mother too. She ignores Krester who’s offering her a cross as payment for her services. She hurries to the deck and holds the railings trying to catch her breath. While she’s staring at a pendant necklace she’s wearing, a man walks up behind her. The man is the captain of the ship and he reminds Maura that passengers from First Class aren’t allowed in the lower class deck. While they’re talking two crew members appear, calling for the captain.


They give him a paper with signals written on it. They tell him that it’s possible it was coming from the lost ship, The Prometheus. The captain hurries back to the control cabin and examines a strip of coordinates sent by the same ship. After determining the ship’s location, the captain says it’s odd. He announces a new course for their ship. Olek tries to find out why the ship’s changing course but is shushed. In his cabin, the captain pulls out a letter with a similar envelope and stamp like Maura’s letter from her brother. In the hallway, Mrs Wilson cautions the maid about talking to the Asain woman in public. At the dining hall, The Captain, Eyk, explains the reason for the detour and walks away when Angel demands for more explanation since the presumed ship did not ask for any help. Olek’s eating bread when the dark skinned man, Jerome, walks up to him.


After a while, The Prometheus comes into view. Eyk goes in a boat to the ship despite the crew members’ warnings to return to normal course. Maura and Ramiro, the Priest, accompany the captain. The party sees Olek and Jerome sitting together. The captain makes them go with him too. Angel’s smoking a cigarette on the deck when Krester asks for a stick. Angel says he loves his scar, but the latter runs away. As soon as Eyk and the party climb up the ship, the strip with the coordinates stops rolling. The ship is a complete mess. Eyk and the party find the telegraph in the control cabin damaged. The maid of the Asain woman makes her learn Japanese and says that they only have to endure their situation for a little longer. Meanwhile, someone climbs up the other ship where the Captain left from. Maura finds a bug and cautiously follows it to a barred door.


A loud banging sound is heard. Maura opens the door and it reveals a young boy. The man who climbed up the ship stops at Maura’s room and releases a similar bug into the next room. The bug unlocks the door. The little boy, who hasn’t said a word, hands a black piramid to Maura.

Episode 2 — The Boy


Captain Eyk wakes up on the ground in a lone dark forest. He runs away from the area as a child’s voice sings an eerie song until he comes upon a lonely house. A girl appears in the window and he calls her Nina. A boy appears next to Nina, and flames suddenly rise behind them and engulf the house. Eyk starts screaming and the view becomes distorted and we hear Maura’s voice telling him to wake up. A crew member hands him a note from the ship company ordering them to sink the ship. He takes Eyk to the control cabin and shows him the compass that’s working on its own accord. The crew ask why the boy was the only thing aboard The Prometheus.


In her room, Maura examines the pyramid while the boy sleeps. She finds a gold band in his pocket and leaves the room. In the boiler room, workers are questing Olek on their discovery on The Prometheus but he doesn’t say a word. Eyk walks in on them talking and asks Olek to secretly check the bunker for the remaining amount of coal on the ship. On his way to find Maura, Eyk hears a voice singing in the passage. Maura says she doesn’t hear anything. He asks her about her experience on the ship and what the boy has said so far but Maura has no useful response for him.


In the Third Class deck, Anker prays for the gathering. Maura finds a man trying to open her door. He tells her he was concerned about whimpering sounds he heard from the room. He tells her his name is Daniel Solace and Maura thinks she’s seen him before. He corrects her and hurries into his room. Inside her room, the boy refuses to say a thing as Maura entreats him to say what happened on The Prometheus. He takes the pyramid and puts it in her hands again. While washing his hair in the washroom, Ada asks Krester about his calling from God. She says her own calling is to be a doctor. Krester sends her away and continues washing his hair by himself. Angel walks in on him and hands him a packet of cigarettes.


Tove walks in on them and Angel leaves. In the control cabin, Eyk asks the sailors about the ship company. The sailor asks Eyk for his next step as the crew and passengers have started asking questions. The Asain Woman is watching The Prometheus when Lucien joins her. He tries to make small talk about his love for Japan and desire to visit there but the maid shows up and calls the woman, whose name is Ling Yi, away. Mrs Wilson walks up to Lucien and mentions his desire for Ling Yi. Jerome is in the hallway looking at a paper with Lucien’s name and room number on it. He sneaks into the room and hides under the bed. Clemence comes in and takes off her shoes. When she leaves, Jerome runs away.


The sailors talk about the captain in the control cabin. One of them says he should have been replaced after he lost his family. Apparently, Eyk’s wife torched herself and their three kids. Eyk is in his room staring at the letter when the singing starts again. He follows it and sees his daughter, Nina. He walks into a room where his wife and three girls are. He watches as his wife attends to the kids. When she notices him, she sends the kids to bed. She leaves Nina behind. Nina tells Eyk to return home early for her Mama. She talks about his love for the sea and her mother.


Eyk throws away his doubts and hugs her. When he hugs her, she goes up in flames. The room explodes and looks destroyed. On the ground, he sees a bug. He follows the bug and it leads him back to his room through a tunnel. The covering tile on the secret passage has a pyramid symbol on it. Maura is telling the boy a story about her childhood. She finds a pyramid mark on his neck and when she asks about it, he jerks her hand away. Eyk barges into the room and asks the boy what happened on The Prometheus. Maura saves the boy from Eyk’s grip and sends him out.


Outside, Eyk tells Maura that something is wrong with The Prometheus. He tells her all about his experience with his daughter. Maura tells him to calm down. Eyk apologizes and leaves when he sees Daniel Solace in the corridor watching them. Jerome approaches Clemence with Lucien’s lines as she watches The Prometheus. On his way back, Jerome is pursued and beaten up by the crew members. They’ve discovered that he stole a suit. Krester is staring at the pack of cigarettes when Tove walks in on him. She’s looking for Ada. She seizes the packet from him. Angel and Ramiro are watching The Prometheus when Tove approaches and returns the pack of cigarettes and warns Angel to stay away from Krester. Ramiro glares at Angel who retorts that he would not pretend like Ramiro does.


Olek shows up to inform Eyk that the coal store rooms are half-filled. While Maura is asking the boy about The Prometheus again, bell sounds distract them. Eyk’s calling everyone to the dining hall. Angel walks in on Ramiro fixing his clothes hastily. They get into a heated argument about their true identity. Apparently, they’re not brothers but lovers. Angel reveals that Ramiro is a slave from Portugal and is not a man of God. He says Ramiro is jealous of Krester. At this, Ramiro kisses him. In the hallway, Daniel Solace releases a bug to the ground. Ada sees the bug and follows it to the deck where Daniel shows up behind her and kills her. In the dining hall, Eyk informs the passengers that the ship would return to Europe, towing The Prometheus with it. He explains that they don’t have enough coal to continue. They protest but he insists.


Maura follows Eyk to the deck and tries to convince him but he refuses. Daniel Solace is standing next to her door when she returns. He tells her that the passengers will not sit still. The sailors decide to sink the ship behind Eyk’s back. One of them discovers Ada’s body. Meanwhile, the telegraph in the control cabin has started rolling again. The sailor calls Eyk from his room and takes him to Ada’s body. In his room, Daniel Solace stares at a picture of Maura while she stars at her pendant necklace. In all this chaos, the boy sleeps peacefully on the bed.

Episode 3 — The Fog


Ling Yi is locked in a box that’s sinking in the sea. She’s struggling to come out and screams. The scene becomes distorted and Maura’s voice summons her from her dream. She walks to the dining hall and sits with Mrs Wilson and the maid. Mrs Wilson talks about Ling Yi and the maid, who is revealed to be Ling Yi’s mother. Mrs Wilson asks Ying to see her immediately after breakfast. Ying’s mother blames her for their situation. In the Third Class section, Krester is trying to open a gate that leads to the deck. He yells out for Ada but there’s no answer.


In a room, a doctor examines Ada’s corpse as others, including Maura, stand and watch. He says Ada dies a natural death, probably a heart attack, but Maura says Ada was perfectly fine the last time she saw her. The doctor rebukes Maura for being emotional and leaves. Maura talks to Eyk about Ada until they’re distracted by ship sounds. Eyk hurries out. At the deck, he meets other sailors who mention the fog that has covered the ship. Eyk says the ship will maintain its position until the fog clears. He walks away with Maura while the sailors gossip about him.


In his cabin, he shows Maura a ribbon he found on The Prometheus that belonged to his daughter. He tells her that his daughters died around two years ago, and the experience with Nina. Maura says the brain can conjure up things. Next he shows her the secret exit under the bed with the sign of the pyramid. He insists that the ship’s company is trying to hide something. He says he’s going back to look for the logbook and Maura volunteers to go with him. Ling Yi is in Mrs Wilson’s room. Mrs Wilson appears to be in charge of a prostitution line. She checks Ying’s private area and discovers that she’s an imposter. However, she tells Ying to prepare for her job by 8:00.


Eyk and Maura leave Kerberos for The Prometheus despite sailors’ warnings. Franz tells the sailor to do something and leaves angrily. The sailor inputs the new coordinates from The Prometheus into a device. In Maura’s room, the boy takes the pyramid and slides under Maura’s bed. Ling Yi runs away from her mother and hides in a box. She starts seeing illusions of what she did with her mum in the past. Olek saves her and takes her to a better hiding place. Franz goes to get Tove to see dead Ada. Tove carries the corpse back to the Third Class section.


Krester is sitting by the gate at the deck, staring at a cross. Angel startles him and he explains that he’s looking for his sister. Instead of helping, Angel starts flirting again and gropes Krester. Krester gives in and returns the favour. In the control cabin of The Prometheus, Eyk does not find the logbook. They check the captain’s room and find the same secret passage as the one on Kerberos. Like Kerberos, the secret passed led to a tiled shaft, and nothing more. In Maura’s room, the boy slides out from under the bed with the pyramid. Daniel Solace comes into the room and asks the boy if he found something. He shakes his head.


Olek leaves Ling to go get some food. As soon as he leaves, a cloud forms around Ling and sucks her into the past. Olek returns in time to shake her out of it. Krester returns to the common room to see dead Ada. He starts smashing at the window saying her soul needs to escape but Tove manages to calm him. Franz leaves the common room angrily and is shocked to see more dead bodies lying about on the ship. He rings the emergency bell immediately. On The Prometheus, Eyk and Maura are still searching The Prometheus. Maura suggests they check the coal pots to see if bodies were burned there. Eyk finds the passengers list for The Prometheus but hides it and pretends like he found nothing.


Ling Yi returns to her room where her mother waits for her. She tells her to tell Mrs Wilson that she’s ready. She seems to have given in to her fate. Lucien’s hands are shaking. He picks up a letter from a drawer, similar to the one Eyk and Maura have. He picks a tiny bottle and tries to drink it but Clemence interrupts him. He leaves, telling her he’s going to get some air. However, Lucien stops at Ling’s door and she opens it for him. Mrs Wilson is smoking while gazing at a stack of pound notes. She keeps them in a case where a letter, that’s similar to the one Eyk and Maura have, is resting.


Ling is done dancing and proceeds to undress but Lucien stops her. He says he just wants to sit somewhere else for a while and has no intention of sleeping with her. He talks about his dreams of first class, and all the riches he dreamed of having. He suddenly drops to the ground and starts convulsing. Maura and Eyk have returned to Kerberos and Eyk tells Maura not to inform anyone of their whereabouts. Franz shows the first mate the new dead bodies and asks him to take command of the ship and sink The Prometheus. The first mate insists that they follow the captain’s commands.


Franz is unsatisfied with this and heads to the common room with some armed crew members. He stirs up the people against the captain and orders them to fight. Olek tries to walk out but Franz spots him and has him locked up in the same room as Jerome. Olek warns them about their actions but Franz ignores him. Angel sees the mutineers and excitedly tells Ramiro about it. Ramiro is mad after seeing Angel’s drawing of Krester. He repeatedly asks Angel where he was but Angel avoids the question. Ramiro confesses that he killed the priest whose clothes he was wearing and it was all Angel’s fault. He walks out of the room going to warn the captain of the mutineers.


In his room, Eyk is staring at the list of passengers from The Prometheus. On the list of names, we’re shown Maura Franklin’s name. Maura is watching the dark sky when Daniel Solace approaches. While they talk, the mutineers pass by, led by Tove. Daniel tells Maura to lock herself up in her cabin and she obeys. Ramiro arrives at the captain’s door but he’s too late. The mutineers surround Eyk, the first mate, and Ramiro. Daniel Solace plays with a puzzle and it lights up the engine of The Prometheus.

Episode 4 — The Fight


We’re shown a desert. In a deserted place, Lucien and Jerome, dressed in stained white jumpsuits, drag a dead English officer to a wall. Lucien undresses the man, and tells Jerome not to be so frightened. Jerome tries to talk Lucien out of it but the latter pulls out a gun and knocks Jerome out. The scene becomes distorted and Maura’s voice tells Jerome to wake up. Jerome wakes up to see Eyk, Olek, and Ramiro locked up in the same room as him. Franz barges in and takes Jerome and Olek away. They’re ordered to throw dead bodies out to the sea while Franz and his men watch with ready guns.


In the ship, the mutineers lock everyone in their cabins. Maura assures the boy that no one would harm him. She leaves the room quietly, telling the boy to wait. Franz enters the control cabin and is told that The Prometheus has disappeared. The compasses are working again and they seem to be lost. He orders them to light up the engines and keep at the location on the compass. Another body has been discovered and the mutineers ask the First Mate for answers. He tells them about the ship company’s message for The Prometheus. The mutineers conclude that the boy is the one causing the deaths. Tove’s mother collects her gun and goes with the mutineers to find the boy.


In the locked room, Ramiro helps Eyk free himself from the locks. They hear gunshots outside and look terrified. Jerome and Olek are contemplating what happened to the dead bodies piled up before them. They throw Ada’s body over. When Jerome reaches for the next body, he sees the English officer and shrieks out of fear. Clemence asks Lucien where he was throughout the night and what the bottle he dropped contained. Lucien tells her the truth about his health and finds the badge of the English officer from the desert. He gets paranoid and asks Clemence where she got it from, but she says she thought it was his.


Maura is dragged to the control room by two officers. Franz tells her he’s the one in charge and she rebukes him, saying he has no idea what is going on. Eyk has found a secret passage in the locked room. Anker, Ada’s father, says he is unable to hear what God says concerning Ada. Anker tells Tove he thinks their mother is right about what God told her concerning their future. He believes what she thinks about the boy. The mutineers are at Maura’s door when she shows up. Krester gets her key and opens the door. They don’t find the boy inside and they lock Maura up in the room. Maura hears knocking inside her room and discovers a similar passageway as the one in Eyk’s room. She opens it and finds the boy in it.


In the boiler, a worker wears a ring of garlic bulbs to keep him safe from the wolves. While they talk, Daniel Solace slips past them and heads to the engine. He opens a door that houses an electricity box. He plugs it to the puzzle he was holding and pushes a few pieces around and the machine starts working. Jerome escapes from the mutineers and runs into Lucien’s room. He tells Clemence that he must help the captain and she volunteers to help him. Franz is questioning Olek when the first man walks in. He tells Franz to give the people what they want — The Boy. The mutineers are searching every room for the boy. They barge into Angel’s room. Angel asks Krester to tell a mutineer to drop his watch and that’s when Krester’s mother figures them out. On his way out, Angel tries to stop Krester but he spits in Angel’s face.


The boy is out of the shaft under Maura’s bed. Maura asks him again what was going on but he stays silent, as always. Maura tries to open the door with a hair clip but the boy stops her. He takes the pyramid and releases a bug underneath the door. The bug opens the door and the boy leads Maura away. Meanwhile, Franz discovers that the captain and Ramiro have escaped from the locked room. Eyk and Ramiro find themselves in the Third Class section. Eyk hands Ramiro a hammer from a box to set him free. That’s when Jerome and Clemence show up. They assure the captain that they’re on his side. Jerome gives Ramiro a nail to help release the captain.


Once he is set free, Eyk tells the party that he needs to go back to The Prometheus to send for help. Clemence explains to Jerome that they have a better chance of surviving on another ship. Eyk leads the way and they all follow him. Lucien is staring at the badge. He flips it into the sea and returns to his room to find that Clemence is gone. He goes through the drawers and finds a gun. The boy leads Maura on until they end up where Eyk and the others are releasing a row boat. Eyk demands to know what’s going on from Maura but she looks confused.


As they discuss, Krester shows up behind them with Franz and the mutineers. The boy gives himself up and Jerome gets shot as he tries to pull a fast one on them. He goes back to the past where he is locked up in a cell. Outside of the cell, stands Lucien. They get into a fight and Lucien blows Jerome and that’s when he wakes up in real time. He was only shot in the arm. Tove sees Krester walking with the mutineers and tries to talk him out of it but he refuses her. Jerome knocks out the guard guarding the room Eky and the others are in. He stirs them up against the mutineers. On the deck, Iben, Ada’s mother, convinces the mutineers to throw the boy overboard.


Maura and Eyk come in at that moment and try to stop them. A fight ensues. While the fight goes on, Iben lifts the boy and throws him overboard. Maura is unable to stop her. Daniel Solace shows up and drags Maura out of the scene. Eyk calls for a retreat. Lucien sees Clemence with Jerome and scares the latter off with his gun. Maura is mourning the loss of the boy and Daniel Solace comforts her. Eyk drags Maura to one side and shows her the logbook with her name on it. He asks her for the truth and that’s when a sound in the lockers distracts them. Out of the doors, the boy comes out and hugs Maura.


1899 | November 17, 2022 (United States) Summary:
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