They Wake Up With Amnesia on a Deserted Island and Try to Guess Who They Are.


First, the series begins on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean and no one knows where it is. There is a woman sleeping on the sand on the island, when she wakes up, she finds that there is a seashell next to her, she did not remember anything, she did not remember how she came to this island. She keeps running in the island until she finds woman standing far away and coming towards her, when they meet, the girl who comes is afraid of her then they talk to each other and try to remember anything, but both lost their memory. So, the girl shows her seashell, then the second girl tells her that she woke up and found a knife with her, she said that the seashell remains with me because she does not trust her and don’t know her. Also, as she can be her friend, she can be her enemy.


However, the second girl asks her to put the knife down in front of her instead of taking it from her by force, she can actually snatch the knife from her hand and take it. Then they meet someone coming running to them and telling them that they are not alone on the island, there are many others, Moreover, there may be many people sleeping on the sand, when they wake up, they don’t remember anything about their past and they lost their memory. Further, all the people on the island gather, there will be 10 individuals, they try to understand the reason for their presence on this island, they guess that they are one team because they all wear the same, and they wonder why they are all lost their memory. One of them guesses that they were in the plane and it fell, but it is a weak possibility because none of them is injured and there are no bags or anything related to the plane accident, and one of them show that there was a stitched name on the back of the girl’s shirt next to her, It has the name (Blair) written on it. Each one sees his name on the back of the shirt he is wearing so the girl who woke up and she has a seashell was named (Chase) and the girl who had the knife was named (K.C.) and they had (Taylor), (Cooper), (Brody), and other people, they became know their names, they keep moving on the island. Then, (Chase) decides that she will go into the island more until she find anything, then, (Brody) goes with her, and the other people are relaxing on the beach, they don’t think of anything, they don’t care about what they are in, they decide that they go down to the sea for a while.


Meanwhile, (Brody) and (Chase) walk into the island, and they find a waterfall in front of them, they drink from it, (Brody) tells her that they are keeping it a secret between them, because they are the ones who found it, and they do not have to share it with others. After that, he tries to get close to Chase, but she refuses, He assaults her forcibly so she run away from him. Meanwhile, other people remains on the beach, there are many of them who went to the sea, they are enjoying their time until they find that there are sharks around them, they all try to get out of the sea quickly, they peacefully getting out except for one of them, his name is (Don), he found that the fishes attacking him and killing him.


After all, they all come out and sit on the beach and they are shocked at what happened. Then, (Brody) comes to them and tells them that (Don) died in the sea because of sharks, and she asks (K.C.) about (Chase), so (Brody) tells her that they separated to search for food or drink on the island. After a few times, (Chase) came with a coconut from the island, she hits (Brody) on the head by it and fights him, saying that he should not try to touch her again, nor touch anyone else, or she will kill him. So, (Brody) tries to hide what happened and says that she tried to get close to him, now, it is not the right time because (John) died due to a shark attack on him in the sea, then he disappeared, it is unbelievable that a woman who says that she was assaulted goes to get food afterwards and did not return to them quickly to tell them what happened. After what happens, they all sleep for a while on the island, and (Chase) dreams that she has a gun, and she kills someone, and he was begging her to leave him and not be killed, she gets scared from sleep, then she walk on the island, and finds that (Don) is dead and he bleeds, so she calls all her colleagues, they move him immediately to the place where they are sitting, they get him closer to the fire to make his body warmer, meanwhile, (Brody) goes to (Chase) and apologizes to her for what he did, and that the other  group will hold a meeting and he wishes to be agree with the ideas he says, but (Chase) refuses to hear him, they all gather, and (Brody) suggests that they move towards the island to the waterfall in order to stay out of the sun for a while, because there is no hope for them to enter into the sea again, but (Cooper) refuses, because if they enter towards the island, they will disappear from sight of any plane, therefore no one will see them. One of them named (Mason) tells them that he measured the distance between the them on the island, and the distance between them was fixed, it is 39 kilometers exactly, so this means that there was someone who put them all on the island at an equal distance, when he completed his walk on the island, he found a sign that says that they should look for their place of return and showed them this sign, but no one cares and someone may have put it and that someone may have put the sign and then died, or something happened. Because of that, (Chase) is considered the only one who feels that the sign has meaning and gets intolerant because no one believes it.


She throws the seashell in her hand so it breaks, and she found that it is written inside that it belongs to (Land Number One), Moreover, she found a small device. Then, (Chase) stays beside the sign until she sleeps next to the seashell for the second day, when she opens her eyes, she finds that there is a rubber boat in front of her in the sea, so she decides to go down and get it, before she was lying in the sea, her leg was injured and bleeding, As soon as (Chase) goes into the sea, she finds that sharks are coming at her because of the smell of blood, She floats quickly to the boat, then enters the boat, finds that there are bags containing first aid, bullets, and a locked bag.


She pulls the boat towards the shore, she decided to hide it in the trees, then she goes to the rest of the group, she finds that (K.C.) and (Brody) are going together to get food from the waterfall, so (Chase) warns her about (Brody), and she goes back to the boat and takes her bags to hide them in another place under a big rock. (Chase) take care that her behavior is strange and she finds her face turned, but she remains silent and does not want to talk to anyone. But it becomes clear that something happened while she was with (Brody), and they all take care that a storm is near them, and (Brody) tells them that they must hide in the island in any way, so (Cooper) wonders why (Brody) always wants them to move and hear his words, and that’s it, so they fight together, so (Brody) steals the knife from (Chase) and threatens all of them. So (Chase) tells (Cooper) that he doesn’t need to fight with him more than that, and everyone sees (Brody) with the knife and threatens them with it, so he tries to improve his image and says that he lost anymore his nerve, and throws the knife out of his hand and walk away from them, so (K.C.) takes the knife from the ground and returns it again to (Chase), even though the knife is belongs her.


Meanwhile, the storm gets closer to them and the rain gets more intense, so (Chase) takes them to the boat to hide inside and they all hide in the boat until the next day. At this time, the storm will pass, and (Chase) will wake up from sleeping in the boat, walk on the beach, return to the place of her broken seashell, and find the device inside her. Based on that, she guesses that it might be the key that opens the locked bag, and she actually opens it, and finds that there is a gun, and puts it back in the bag, hides it, and returns to her colleagues again.


At this moment, a woman named (Hayden) sits with (K.C.) and tells her that she is sure that something happened to her, because her face has turned since the time she returned with (Brody), after forcing her, she confesses to her that (Brody) attacked and assaulted her as he tried to assault (K.C.), but she could not escape from him like (K.C.) and it is her fault because she gave him the opportunity to assaults her. By then, (Chase) thinks to go back into the woods to find anything, she moves with (Cooper), they enter the island, until they find a large building like an abandoned hotel, so they return again to the group to tell them what they found. At that time, (Chase) says that she entered with (Cooper) in the woods and he did not try to assault her like (Brody), they got very angry and the two of them fought, everyone against (Chase), they ask her to walk and go to the deserted place that she found because they do not want her among them, she goes to sleep in the boat, she wakes up the next day, all those around her are holding her tight and asking her why she killed (Brody) with the knife she had, they see (Brody) dead on the beach, stabbed, and all of them are sure that she is the reason, and she tries to escape from them until (K.C.) hits her on the head with a stick, and she loses consciousness, so she wakes up and finds herself in a completely different place.


The place is developed in a prison reformatory, and she tries to talk to the nurse who is beside her, she are waiting for someone to understand why she is imprisoned and on what charge until the guards take her to the office, (Doctor Wyss) “prison officer” asks her about her health because the experience she was in was the only one she survived, this is something happened for the first time, She tells him that she wants to know the reason for her presence in prison, he understand her that this is a question that the specialists will answer in a session tomorrow, when she meets them in order to evaluate her condition, in particular, she must ask about the island she went to, she don’t know how she went there, he tells her that she was not there with her body, but rather in simulation of nature, so that they make her feel they are really on an island, but actually she was only in a simulator device, Furthermore, she and nine other prisoners were in the simulation, which gives them a second chance to know what to do if they get out of prison, after meeting the specialists, she will return again to the simulation and the island, the specialists will return her to the clinic again, and then, She is supposed to take a hypnotic to sleep for the next day, but she refuses and hits the guards behind her, and takes the nurse as a hostage so that she can escape from the place. But the prison is well secured and they arrest her, and she was put in solitary confinement of the prison, and she keeps thinking of an old woman sitting on a red chair, who will kill her.


Thereafter, (chase) wakes up the next day and summoned to the experts, they explain to her that it was a simulation of her mind, but her body was in an artificial coma, they are who made it, They ask her about her feelings during the simulation, she tells them that she does not understand the question, telling them was she supposed to do something specific on the island, she was able to coexist on the island, the specialists explain to her the simulation is so that they know when the prisoners get out of prison, what will they do? Will they return to their crimes as (Brody) did? The nature of simulation degrades the nature of the growing up and upbringing of criminals, furthermore, they wonder if changing a person’s circumstances affect his nature? As a result, they all lost their memory, as if they started from the beginning, she was able to up from the simulation, this is the first time that this happened, and we do not know the reason for it. After the session ends, (Chase) will be waiting for their decision. Will she go back to the simulation or will she go to prison? She sits with (Doctor Wyss), he tells her that he is not convinced of the whole idea of simulation, and is trying to cancel it.


At the end, criminals deserve imprisonment only, the most important thing is that whoever dies in the simulation will die in reality, because the simulation controls the brain itself, and therefore (Brody) died, he deserves it because of his actions, but the problem is that someone on the island is the one who killed Brody. After that, (Chase) returns to the session again and (Doctor Wyss) tells her that she is going back to the simulation and that the decision is not up to her, she must carry out the decision by force, (Chase) fights with them and beats them, but the guards stop her, she goes back to the simulation, after she takes the hypnotic by force, she go back to the place of the simulation by car, but she escape from the car after she hits the gatekeeper, she finds a building named “Land Number One” written on it, she enters and beats the camera guard, steals a doctor’s coat so she can move in the building, after that, she reaches the place where the simulation is at, she sees her colleague in front of her, (Doctor Wyss) is behind her and tell her that she knows this place and she was there before, the guards attack her and give her a drug to enter the simulation. Once again, (Chase) returns to the island and wakes up from the coma she was in, then she hears those with they are saying that (Chase) has been unconscious for ten minutes, but she tells them that she has been unconscious for more than that, she tries to explain to them everything that she saw and happened. In the fact, they are in a prison, inside a simulation, the island is not real, and that they are already criminals. Definitely, she became the crazy one between them, so, no one believes her.


Hayden listening to her, suddenly she remembers memories of her, she killed attacker in his car and crossed out his name from her notebook, after she wakes up, (K.C.) says that (Chase) is the only one who finds strange things in unknown places, she hides them from them, so they must search her well, but (Chase) tries to run away from them and everyone is running to catch her and see what she’s hiding. At that time, two new men appear on the island with a big knife, they ask them about what is happening, so (Cooper) tells them that it is a misunderstanding, nothing more


he introduces himself to them, he knows that their names are (Clyde) and (Bonnie), they say that they were on the other side of the island, when they saw the fire, they decided to move towards the place of fire until they met them, they all gather again and trust in (Clyde) and (Bonnie), (Chase) ask them how they never talked about the body of (Brody’s), which was thrown on the island when they were coming, it’s weird that, the two of them had not seen bodies on the island before, they are supposed to have lost their memory. At this time, (Clyde) tells (Bonnie) that they really forgot to talk about the body, so their plan failed, they fight with them all, they say that all they want are the boxes that were in the boat that Chase hid in a place that no one knows and did not tell anyone about it either. in this case, (Clyde) catches (Hayden) and tells them that (Chase) is innocent of actually killing (Brody) because the one who killed him is (Hayden), stabs her with a knife, because after all that, she returned again to her criminal nature and killed someone for the second time. In fact, he is coming to apply justice on the island, but (Hayden), as soon as she knew what happened to (K.C.), decided to apply justice by killing, as she did before in her life, this was the reason for her imprisonment, their goal is that this whole experiment fails, he tells them that although the island is monitored by specialists, it contains many secrets and more gaps, because the system is new, before they enter the island, they will return all their memories, by the time, they will remember what they did and were imprisoned for it, and it is better that they start exploring the island Because there is actually a village on the other side of the island.


Meanwhile, (Clyde) goes to unwrap (Chase), then he tells her that it’s better for her to run away to a new place, because no one will believe her anymore, after all the things she’s done. Afterward, (Chase) runs away and goes to get the bag that contains medical aid and returns to them to give it to them. She kept the gun and run away again, (Clyde) told the rest that he will keep watching them, and if someone made a mistake or got back to being a criminal again he will kill him, he and (Bonnie) decided to divide into two groups, a group goes to see if really there is a village. the other group stays in their place. Each one of those on the island begins to remember the crimes he committed before. Like (Mason) who killed a large number of citizens in a shopping mall with his gun without having any feelings and killing and did not mind killing. (K.C), who clearly was ready to commit suicide, along with her children who were with her in the car, and this is what really happened,


the children are the ones who drowned. (Blair), who was a nurse and saw old patients wish to die in front of her instead of the pain they felt, In the hospital, any patient who asks for euthanasia, they waste his paper and keep exploiting him and his family to take all their money from them. Most likely, she is the one who killed them to have mercy on them from pain, and this is the reason that she knows a lot of medical information. Even (Chase), who arrives at the abandoned hotel, imagines her mother sitting in front of her and that asking why she killed her, and her mother gets up from the chair and holds her neck, (Chase) keeps saying that what she sees is not real until her mother disappears in front of her, then (Chase) finds a key to room number 39 in front of her, and she goes to this room and opens it.


Meanwhile, (Taylor) was on the beach and decides to run away from the island by boat, and (Blair) tried to stop her from what she is thinking about, because (Clyde) has forbidden them that no one tries to leave the island for any reason. But (Taylor) did not listen to her and she get into the boat, she went away from the island, but as soon as she was close to another island, the boat tipped over and she get hurt due to the island’s rocks, and finally, she found a rock to get on it and was injured everywhere, when she arrives to the island, she found there is a skull written on it that it is owned by Land Number Two (Taylor) remembers when she stole the bank with her lover and they have guns, and killed the bank’s guard, then she tries to discover the island, meanwhile, (K.C) remembers what happen to her and that she was not happy with her life, because of her husband who was broke and always hit her in front of her two children, and she liked a customer who comes to the bar where she works, and they get close and she loved him. When her husband knew about that, he beat her and try to drown her, and told her that he would divorce her and will never make her see the children again. At that time, she decided to make the children sleep and took them in her car, and went down into the water to commit suicide with her children. After she woke up she keeps crying and saw the imaginations of her children and the car in front of her.


Meanwhile, (Blair) is still with (Don) on the island, and because she helped and treated him, he loved her and wanted to marry her, at the same time (Don) remembers when loved his colleague at work who was married, and she has always rejected him and tried to keep away from him. Even threw his roses in the rubbish and informed the company’s management, then he met her after everyone leaves the company and told her that she hurts his feelings when she rejected him that why she has to die and strangled her to death and woke up from his memory. Then, (Blair) leaves without giving him an answer. During this time, (K.C) still crying and remembers what happened to her then (Moses) comes to reassure her that she already paid for what she did and that they have to think about what happening now and try to get out of the island. (K.C) suggests that they have to look for (Chase) because she is the one who will help them, and (Chase) was in the hotel and she feels like someone is coming for her so she attacked him and found out that he was (Cooper) who told her that he was looking for her, then she told him that she found pictures of her that made her remember her life and also found a picture they took together and they knew each other before, but they did not remember the details. (Taylor) was sleeping on the second island and found a plate of soup. After she drinks it (Clyde) and (Bonnie) appeared before her, (Clyde) told her that she is on the island of cannibal and that he told her not to leave the island, and she has two choices either stay on the island or get back with them. More importantly, there is nothing on the island to make the soap. (Taylor) was shocked, and she takes off the gauze on her hand, and find that her fingers were cut off and kept screaming. The night came, (K.C) was sleeping in the village that she found with (Moses), she woke up in the night hearing her children’s voices and that they set fire to the houses, when (Moses) feel the fire he wakes up to see what happening, he shocked when saw (K.C) holding a flame and setting fire to the houses and talking with her children he tries to wake her up and run away from the fire.


(Chase) remembers how her mother was cruel and they always fighting, when she grows up she decided to go to the military which make her mother angry, and she leaves her mother for years. In the military, she meets (Cooper) and gets to know him as he was with her in the division and he suffered from a bombing distorting his face. After that, they get into a relationship and live together on their farm trying to remember more about the past. Meanwhile, (Blair) was with (Mason) on the beach treating the wound in his leg and (Don) saw them from a distance and get annoyed and jealous on (Blair) because he is obsessed with her and he waiting for (Mason) to leave, then told her that he loves her and won’t let (Mason) spoils their love and he wants to marry her on the island and live the rest of their life on it, she got upset from his words and left him and went to (Mason) who was remembering the crime he committed and that he want to suicide after killing the people with his gun but he failed and get arrested, then (Blair) came and told him that (Don) is obsessed with her and she afraid from him and terrified to be with him in the same place, and askes (Mason) if he found them standing alone to come and stand right next to her to feel safe, then (Don) doubted them and intend to get rid of (Mason), so he waited for (Blair) to go away, then attacked (Mason) trying to kill him before (Blair) realized what happening, (Mason) tried to get any rock to hit (Don) with it but he failed and died. After that, (Don) tried to hide mason’s body before (Blair) comes back but she found out that (Mason) is dead and (Don) who killed him, and saw a flare gun with (Mason), gets near to him and takes the gun, and she acts like she loves (Don) and wants to marry him right now then take the gun and killed (Don) to get rid of him. In the main time, (K.C) and (Moses) looking for (Chase) and if she knew any new information and had nothing to hide, so she let (K.C) look in her bag and finds a picture of (Chase) and (Cooper) together, and she keeps teasing her until (Cooper) put his gun and threaten them and asked them to leave the place.


at the same time he remembers when he goes to his mother in law (Chase’s mother) seeking her to extend the farm rental contract but she refused and talked to him in a humiliating way and put the gun to threaten him; when he tried to take the gun from her a bullet fired by mistake and she died, (Cooper) tried to make it look like a robbery to not lose (Chase) and the get arrested because of that, When he wakes up from his memory he found that he fried a bullet by mistake from the gun in his hand and killed (Moses), at the same time came (Clyde) to achieve justice by killing (Cooper), but (Chase) tried to defend him, and they fight each other. (Chase) was able to kill me (Bonnie), and suddenly disappears as soon as she died. (Clyde) stabbed (Chase) with the stick, and after that, he disappears without a reason,


(Chase) gets out of the hotel bleeding and falls on the island beach before she dies, she wakes up again in the prison reform clinic, and she sees a doctor in front of her from the specialists who were in the session with her, and she told her they saved her at the last moment from death, as her husband (Cooper) admitted that he killed her mother and she becomes an innocent, as she was in prison on charges of killing her mother, Therefore, she becomes an innocent and not sentenced to death. Although, the technicians find out that two persons go off the normal track, naming themselves (Clyde) and (Bonnie), and remove them from the simulation immediately, and she is sure that (Doctor Wyss) is behind everything that is happening and looking for evidence to prove that (Doctor Wyss) interfered in the simulation and tried to ruin it. After the doctor finished her talk, she left the clinic to find (Doctor Wyss) trying to enter for (Chase), but she prevented him and told him that the prisoner must rest; and that she knows that he is behind the entry of the two guards who appeared in the simulation, and she won’t let it go until she proves his deception, and her words really pissed him off, but he returns to his office calling the nurse in charge of Chase’s condition and tells her to keep watching (Chase) and try to kill her because there is no hope that she will return to the simulation. The nurse is Doctor Wyss’s assistant in all the crimes he has done and forced to follow his word. (Chase) is still in the clinic and a military comes to get her because she needs a psychiatric examination and then a physical as measures for her release.


A psychiatrist examines her and tells her that all the prisoners who attended the simulation signed an agreement that if something happened to them, the reformatory would not bear responsibility for that, however, all of them were sentenced to death and they agreed to enter the simulation, and asks how she felt while she was in the simulation, So (Chase) tells her that it was a sadistic, painful experience, and it does not aim at salvation or anything, but that they were tortured inside it and there is who died and was killed and attacked by sharks, and all the feelings inside it were true and that the island is not considered mercy for them, but rather torment and punishment.


After leaves the psychiatrist, she goes to the clinic to be examined, then (Doctor Wyss) asks to see her privately, and when they meet, he tells her that she becomes innocent and will go out to the world again, but with no money, because all her mother’s properties were donated and she has nothing left, but with his powers, he could help her or send her back to prison again if she listen to his words and didn’t say any bad things about him in front of the specialists or tell them that he tried to ruin the experiment and that he sent (Clyde) and (Bonnie) to ruin the simulation, and this is because criminals deserve execution and will not get another chance, like (Mason), who shoots fire at people in a shopping mall and killed them, and failed to commit suicide, and Nurse (Blair), who decided to kill all her patients, considering that she had euthanized them and killed 25 cases, or (Brody) who was a rapist. (Chase) agrees, but only on one condition she wants to see her husband and tells him that she knew he was the one who killed her mother and he was the reason why she was sentenced to death. Meanwhile, (Clyde) and (Bonnie) go to trial because of what they did and that they tried to spoil the program, the specialists ask them if there was someone who helped them do this, so the two look at (Doctor Wyss) and deny that there was someone who helped them and that it was their idea, then were suspended from work until the investigation is completed.


(Chase’s) turn comes and they talk to her about what she lived on the island and tell her that the weapon which was on the island was there by mistake and that someone hacked the program and put it on the island to spoil the simulation. They also told her that the number 39 was submitted as a sign of their lives and that it indicated the number of steps from the cell complex to the electric chair on which they were supposed to be executed if they did not enter the simulation. So (Chase) tells them that this simulation is a sadistic experiment and what is its real purpose of it, it’s impossible to spend all these millions and its aim is to save the poor people who are sentenced to death and for sure it has a hidden reason, and who orders the two to enter the simulation and spoil it and why they did that unless there is someone who paid them to do that. after that, they take a break, and (Chase) went to the clinic, (Doctor Wyss) and the nurse enter and manage to tie her up to the chair she is sitting on so she cannot move.


(Doctor Wyss) say goodbye to her as he intends to kill her, and before he kills (Chase), the doctor enters and caught (Doctor Wyss) red-handed. They put him on trial, and (Chase) told them what they agreed upon, and they were able to prove all the charges against (Doctor Wyss) because the nurse also confesses to what he did. (Chase’s) turn comes and they tell her that she becomes innocent and can leave, but after she knows one thing and that everything was real except for her how she looks. The doctor asks (Chase) to turn and inject her with a certain substance, then (Chase) looks in the mirror to find that she looks like an old woman, not a young one, the doctor told her that she has been in prison for 25 years and they injected her with this substance so that she would stay young and live and move like one. After an hour, she will be able to see her true look, and that she returned to the island at the same age that she committed the crime, and this is one of the simulation conditions, she is the only one who was able to get out of the island, and the rest are still on it, and their end is known, which is death, because all of them are criminals, except for (Chase) she was the only one who is innocent.


(Chase) goes out to the new world that she hasn’t known in 25 years. (Doctor Wyss) was punished for his actions and put on the island to live on and pay for his actions.


The I-Land.

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