Pregnant Mother Discovers That Her Dead Son Lives in the Same House Where She Lives Now!


 A woman called Julie driving her car to go to her new home. She talks to someone on the phone and asks him to come and visit her in her new home. She tells him that she chooses it because there is something magical about it that she is attracted to. Julie is pregnant and feels very happy. When she enters the house, she finds workers in it, and then her husband, called Daniel, enters and tells her that he couldn’t speak to her. And the engineer who fixes the house tells them that they need some time to fix it. Then a worker enters and gives Julie a bracelet he found in the bathroom, so she takes it.  

She enters the room with her husband, who is exhausted from the endless house modifications. So Julie calms him and says that they know very well that the house is old and that it will be something great when it finishes. So her husband comes close to her and kisses her. Meanwhile, they hear a wall fall, and Julie laughs. At night, Julie is getting ready to go out with her husband, and then she sees the bracelet she found, so she wears it and likes it. 

Then she carries a box that she carries in the bag and keeps rubbing it, and suddenly she hears the voice of a child laughing, so she goes to listen and know the source of this sound, but she is terrified when she finds her husband standing behind her. He takes her to the children’s room, surprises her with the modifications he made to it and puts in it a camera connected to an iPad that will stay with them to watch the child. 

That makes Julie happy, and then Daniel gets ready, and they go out to attend a party, but Julie seems to not like her husband’s friends and finds them bored. When they enter, someone asks them about the first time that Julie and Daniel met, so Julie laughs and tells him that they met in a bar. Then Daniel saw her; he kept talking to her, and when he found out that her work was related to the museum, he suggested meeting her again in order to see his watch. but he lied and made it an excuse to see her again.   

All those present are happy with their talk and laughing, and then one of those at the party stops with Julie and keeps talking about her pregnancy. and then asks her about the place where they lived, so Julie tells her that it is next to the lake, so this woman tells her that she knew someone who lived in it before them. Then his wife got tired and died. But she changes the subject and tells Julie that she is definitely happy with her new life and her first child, so Daniel enters and agrees with her. When they return home, Julie fights with him because he tells his friends that this is their first child. By the way, Julie was pregnant with a child before this, but he died, so Daniel tells her that he did this in order to start a new life and that they should stop attaching to the past. 

So Julie says that he was their son and that sometimes she feels that he considers him as if he did not exist. Daniel says that she is the one who forgets that he died. So Julie gets upset, leaves him, and goes to her room. But suddenly she sees a picture of a child in front of her, so she is shocked and falls down the stairs. Daniel gets scared and quickly takes her to the hospital. Julie is in a coma and remembers when she was giving birth to their first child and that when he was born, he had no voice. When she found out that he had died, she collapsed and kept shouting. When Julie wakes up, she finds Daniel sitting next to her, reassuring her that she is okay. 

Then the doctor sits with them and informs them that there has been a partial rupture of the placenta. And it would have been very dangerous if there had been a complete rupture. As a result, her pregnancy is still good, and the bleeding has stopped. But despite this, the doctor asks her to remain in bed without moving until she gives birth and not to do anything other than go to the bathroom. Before Julie is discharged from the hospital, the doctor warrens her to move or be exposed to any tension, as any pressure she will be exposed to will not only be dangerous to the baby, but will expose her to a nervous attack, like what happened to her after her son died. 

When Julie comes home, Daniel sitting her on the bed, and he brings everything next to her, like the iPad, magazines, a refrigerator, a mobile device, and a wireless device next to her so that she can talk to him at any time. In order not to have to get out of bed. On the first day, Julie stays in bed, doing all her work on it. But she gets bored after she finishes doing everything. When she enters the bathroom, she hears a baby crying. But when she goes out, she doesn’t find anything, and she suddenly hears a knocking sound, but she also doesn’t find anything when she opens the closet. When her husband arrives, Julie suggests to see a movie together since the roads will be closed due to the weather. And he stayed with her, but Daniel was sitting on his phone, talking to his friends. He notices that there is a carton in their room, so he knows that Julie moved and took it from the deliveryman, so he gets angry and tells her to obey the doctor’s words and not move. 

So Julie shouts at him and tells him that she didn’t move and that this stupid cartoon was the most important thing in her day. And she remains upset from the situation she is going through, so Daniel apologizes to her and tells her that he is only worried about her, thanks her for bearing all this, and tells her that he loves her. Then he falls asleep. But Julie can’t sleep and stays awake, and suddenly she hears a knocking sound, and when she gets up, she gets terrified when she sees a child in the closet and wakes up Daniel and tells him that there is someone in their house. He wakes up shocked but finds the closet empty, and there is no one in it, so he asks her if she is sure that she is okay. So Julie tells him she’s fine and goes back to trying to sleep again. On the thirteenth day, and there are forty-three days left until birth. Julie remains sitting by the window, cleaning the bracelet she found. Then she hears the voice of a child coming from the garden, and when she sees him, she tries to talk to him and ask him about his mother. So the child points to her and says that she is his mother. Julie is shocked and terrified when she hears a knock on the door, and suddenly the child disappears. 

When she opens the iPad to see the bedroom, she is shocked when their cat suddenly enters, but then Julie is surprised when she sees a picture of a child in the mirror. So she calls the emergency and asks them to help her, as there is someone in their house. So the emergency asks her to lock her room door until they arrive. And Julie sees the child’s picture again in the mirror, so she gets scared and quickly closes the door. But then she sees someone’s footsteps on the roof, and when the police arrive, they find nothing, and Daniel comes, and the officer informs him that Julie saw the child in the house. Then the officer asks them to call him if they suspect anything. After that, Julie sees her husband talking to the officer, and she gets nervous and eats her fingernails. When Daniel comes, he asks her if he should be worried, as Daniel doesn’t believe Julie’s words and tells her that she imagines people who don’t exist. He tells her that he will call the doctor to bring a nurse to take care of her. Julie refuses, but Daniel insists and tells her that he will bring her for their child. At night, Julie opens her box and brings the things of their son who died, and she keeps smelling his clothes and crying. She then takes his car and hugs it until she falls asleep. 

When she wakes up, she sees that the car is walking on the roof and suddenly falls on the bed. Then Julie hears a knocking sound, so she opens the iPad and keeps calling for her son, still convinced that he is the one in the room. So she asks him to appear in front of her, and then Daniel enters the room because he heard her voice, so Julia lies to him and tells him that she was talking to one of her friends on the phone. 

On the twenty-third day and there are thirty-three days left until the birth. The nurse arrives at the house, and Julie knows her name is Delmy, so Julie tells her that her name is weird. Delmy tells her that it’s named after her German grandmother, then she measures her pressure checks on the baby, and she finds that everything is fine, 

 So, Julie asks her if she has children. Delmy tells her that she and her husband had tried a lot, but her body was not capable of getting pregnant. So Julie apologizes to her, but Delmy interrupts her and tells her that it is important to her that she shares her journey with motherhood and that she sees herself as the mother of all the children she has helped to be born. And Delmy tells her that she knew from Daniel about their son who died, and that Julie had psychosis after giving birth, and entered a sanatorium for six weeks. She kept seeing her son after he died, and she could not forget him. Delmy comforts her and tells her to trust her, no matter what she faces. At the twenty-ninth day, Julie starts to get along with Delmy, and when Julie enters the bathroom, the child suddenly appears in front of her and points to her stomach, saying, “My little sister,” so she panics and calls for Delmy. Then they call the doctor, who, when he examines her, finds that she is fine and the condition of the baby is stable. 

The doctor tells Julie that he is worried about her, so she knows that her husband told him about the sanatorium. The doctor asks her about her son’s age if he is still alive, so Julie tells him that he is five years old, and the doctor tells her that her mind may be incapable of forgetting after what happened. After that, he asks Daniel and the nurse to leave the room. To tell Julie that she has no choice but to stay in the hospital until she gives birth or to return and take psychiatric medications. 

Julie refuses to stay in the hospital and says that she doesn’t want to be admitted to hospitals again, so the doctor reassures her and tells her that the medications will not cause her harm, and this is because the baby has grown and the medications won’t affect him. Then he asks her to take care of herself until the time of born this baby, and then he leaves. But Julie can hear him on the iPad talking to Daniel and warns him that she could have a nervous breakdown, and if the medicine doesn’t make her better, they will have to admit her to the clinic again. Julie gets upset, but she goes back to taking the medicine, gets better, and returns to her normal life again. She is happy with her husband, Daniel, and Delmy.  

On the thirty-eighth day and there eighteen days left until the birth. Julie stops taking the medicine and imagines that her son is playing ball with her, and she is shocked when she notices that their cat is seeing her son. After a while, with ten days left until the birth, Julie enters the bathroom to take a shower and keeps calling for her son until the little boy suddenly appears, warns her, and tells her that she should leave because she will take his little sister. So Julie tries to inquire and asks him who she is, but Delmy calls her and asks her if she finished bathing, so the child disappears, and she is scared when she finds Delmy next to her and tells her that she doesn’t want her to worry while she is beside her. 


Julie suspects her and asks Daniel to dismiss her and ask him if he investigated her. Daniel refuses to dismiss her and tells her that the doctor recommended her and that they are lucky to have her. But Julie insists and says that she doesn’t trust her, so Daniel asks about the reason, and she tells him that the child she sees is real and that he is trying to protect them. Daniel shouts, demands her to shut up, and tells her that their son is dead.  

So Julie gets upset and tells him that she knows very well that their son died and that her heart burns for him every day. So Daniel leaves her and goes out, then returns again to ask her if she is taking medicine, so Julie cries and tells him that she knows that it is difficult for him to believe her. She tries to convince him that she is really seeing their son and tells him that what is happening is real and that their son wants to communicate with them. She asks Daniel to support her; he apologizes to her and tells her that she needs more than support. Then he leaves again to disable the camera in the children’s room. 

On day fifty-three, and with three days left until the birth, Julie throws medicine in the bathroom and gets so nervous that she eats her own fingernails until she hurts herself. From the window, she sees her husband talking to Delmy, so she comes to check on her and tells her that the baby is fine, and it appears that Julie does not want to talk to her. So Delmy tells her that she lost her first child after 18 weeks, and the pregnancy was fine until suddenly she lost the baby, and that she became pregnant three times after that, but none of them was born. By this time, that break her heart and kept asking herself what she had done wrong. Until She remembered the story someone told her when she was young about a woman who lived in the same house as Julie and that she had three children and was pregnant with the fourth. Then she and her husband had an accident while she was going to give birth, and the result was that she lost her child. After that she kept crying for her every day in front of the lake until she committed suicide out of grief. 

Delmy tells her that the story makes her feel that she is not alone, that a mother’s grief is a strong thing, and that she either learns to live in peace with it or it will destroy her while she is alive. So Julie asks about the name of the mother who committed suicide, Delmy says that her name was Kinsey. So Julie searches for the bracelet in her hands and cleans it more, and she is shocked when she finds the first two letters of Kinsey’s name written on the bracelet. 

When she reads the house contract, she finds her name there, so she calls the place for the archives and asks them about Kinsey. the employee tells that she died by suicide, so he promises to search for his name and then send it to her via e-mail. At the last day before giving birth. Julie is sitting on the bed, and suddenly she hears a voice. So she puts her phone on the mobile device, enters the children’s room, and the little boy appears. Julie asks him if Kinsey is the one who wants to get rid of her child. The child leaves her and runs away, and she is shocked when she sees three children.  

 suddenly the wireless cuts off, and she hears the voice of someone entering, and suddenly she sees someone’s hand holding her stomach tightly, so Julie screams in pain and calls for Delmy, who comes and asks her if she is going to give birth as it may be an early birth.  Delmy goes to get her tools, but Julie is afraid to stay alone and begs her to stay with her, so Delmy reassures her and tells her that she will return quickly.  

When she goes, Julie receives a message, and when she opens it, she finds the news of Kinsey’s suicide and pictures of her with her husband and children. Julie is shocked when she sees the little boy who she thought was her son and realizes that he is Kinsey’s son. When Daniel arrives, she tells him that they have to leave the house because it is not safe, so her husband and Delmy stop her, and she tries to convince them that Kinsey will kill their child. 

Then she is shocked when she knows that Daniel knows about Kinsey story but hide it from her and tells her that he did not want to tell her and make her afraid, especially since she liked the house very much. So she tells him that he knew and was hiding from her, and that she tried a lot to tell him that what is happening is real and that she wasn’t imagine it. She insists on leaving and shouting that Kinsey will kill their child. While they are talking, suddenly they hear the sound of the door opening, and then Julie screams from the pain in her stomach, and everything breaks in the room, and the light is cut off. Suddenly a child appears and asks her to hide because his mother is coming, and he runs away.  

Delmy shouts at her and orders Kinsey to leave Julie alone, but Kinsey suddenly throws Delmy from the window, and she dies. Daniel panics and takes Julie to escape, but she keeps screaming in pain. Meanwhile, chandeliers fall on Daniel, and Julie gets terrified when she sees his blood in her hands. When she tries to leave the house, water falls on her, and she collapses and keeps crying until she hears the sound of the wireless. So she tries to call for help so that they can find her place. But suddenly she falls into the bathtub and keeps screaming until she gives birth and hears her daughter crying, so Julie hugs her.   

But she is surprised by the spirit of Kinsey entering her and trying to take the child away, so Julie holds her daughter tightly and keeps shaking the bathtub in which she is sitting. She tells Kinsey that she will not take her daughter from her, and then she falls on the ground floor and her daughter screams. Then Daniel arrives, as he is still alive, to take Julie and his daughter and run away, but she can’t get up and asks him to take the baby and leave. 

So Daniel carries her and tries to open the door, but he can’t, and Kinsey arrives and wants to take the child from him, but Julie suddenly wakes up and orders her to get away from her daughter, grabs her by the neck, strangles her, and tells her that she is her daughter, and she keeps holding her by the neck until she finishes her and goes out of the house. Then Julie goes to Daniel and tries to talk to him, but he does not answer her, and she collapses when she finds that she has died and that this is her soul and sees the paramedics trying to save her. and Daniel keeps screaming for her to wake up. Julie cries as she sees herself dying. Meanwhile, the little child comes and tells her that her son is calling her, so Julie enters the room to find her son sleeping in the bed. So she grabs and hugs him, tells him that he is finally with her, and takes him to leave. 

 But suddenly her soul pulls out, and she sees her husband, who is collapsed and begs her to come back. Meanwhile, Delmy comes and takes her son from her, promising that she will take care of him. Suddenly, the paramedics rescue her, and Julie is back alive again. After a long time has passed, we see Daniel playing with his daughter, and then Julie enters to play together with her while they feel happy. 


Bed Rest.

Bed Rest | December 7, 2022 (United States) Summary: A pregnant woman on bed rest begins to wonder if her house is haunted or it's all in her head.
Countries: United States, CanadaLanguages: English
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