An Orphan Girl Takes Advantage of Her Innocent Face to Commit Many Crimes by Herself.


A girl named Emma, who is watching a dog before a house and take it to the woods. And she looks at him and thinks in something. As we know, Emma’s aunt takes care of her when she was young after her father died. And she wakes her up to go to school. Then, Emma looks in the mirror and trains herself how to laugh and speak innocently. So, she goes to breakfast with Angela, her husband Rob, and their young son, Kate. Certainly, Rob treats her well, but he can’t feel comfort from her at home. When they finish breakfast, Angela drives her to her school. By chance, Emma sees an advertisement for a boarding school. And she asks her aunt about it, and she tells her that Rob finds a boarding school where the education is better. They are thinking of introducing her to be more superior. But in fact, they want her to leave them of to take their rest. On that time, Emma knows that Rob doesn’t want to be with them. And she goes to her school and greets her classmate, Stephanie. After that, they go to their class and see that Emma is superior and the teachers love her. A new student named Katie enters, and the teacher introduces them to her. Katie is looking at Emma with strange looks.

In dance training, the trainer tells Emma to train herself more. And she thanks Stephanie for her good doing. At that moment, Emma gets annoyed because she wants to be the leader of the dance team. When the training ends, Emma trains herself to be better than Stephanie. On her way home, her classmate Tom meets her and tells to drive her. But she thanks him because her house is near. When she goes home, Rob is busy and she sees Kate coming out of his play area. Then, she smiles and looks at him from the window as he goes to the pool. At the last moment, Angela sees him and runs to save him before he falls, and shouts at Rob. But he assures her that he locked the door of the house well, but she doesn’t care. Meantime, Emma is happy while they’re fighting. After a while, they sit down and have lunch, and Angela tastes the food very salty. And Rob is surprised because he puts the right salt in the food.

After all of this, he feels that there is something strange, but he doesn’t say any comment. The next day, Emma goes to school and stays with her friends. Then, Stephanie sees Katie is sitting alone. she says them to go to her and invite her to stay with them. So, Emma introduces herself to Katie, and she is surprised by Katie telling her that she knows her well and talking to her in a badly way. Emma is surprised by her way of talking and walks away. Curiously, she returns to her friends, she doesn’t tell them what happened and says that Katie told her she would come and sit with them another time. At the same time, Rob is tidying up Emma’s room. And he sees his knife in his need and is surprised. When Emma returns from school, Angela tells her that she is accepted in the boarding school. At that time, Emma understands that they have made the decision.

It seems that she is excited to go to her new school, but she goes to her room while she is so nervous. And she is still screaming, and after a few seconds she looks in her mirror, as if nothing happened. At night, she watches Rob from the window, it seems that she thinks in something. Because he makes her aunt abandons her. When she falls asleep, she dreams of herself when she was young and sees her classmate Milo and her nanny, Chloe that she killed them. In the morning, she sits with her friends at school, and Katie joins them and gets to know them. Then, she tells them that she come from the city that Emma lived in it before. Also, she was her classmate in the same school before, but Emma can’t remember her anymore. Meantime, Stephanie invites them to the party for the dance team at her house, and she specially invites Katie. At night, Emma helps Angela and Rob prepare dinner. And they hear Kate’s voice crying, so Angela goes to see him.

After that, Rob tells Emma to take care of the food until he replies to his phone. In this time, Emma takes the chance and makes the food burning. So, Angela gets mad at Rob, and tells her that he asks Emma to take care of the food until he comes back. Then, Emma tell them that it isn’t her problem, she had to go to the bathroom. In that time, Angela calm down them. After that, Emma goes to her bed and speaks to the therapist that she follows her condition since the time her father died. Then, Emma tells her what happened and the therapist tells her that she must say sorry to Rob. So, she does what the therapist said and go to the garage for him. And she gives him a juice and says sorry to him. He believes her innocence and tells her that he isn’t sad from her because she is like his daughter. At night, she is preparing to go to Stephanie’s party. Meantime, Rob is still fixing his car and is surprised by the light turning off and she sees Emma.

Before he gets out from under his car, it falls on his leg and he screams until he loses consciousness. After that, Emma goes to the party as if nothing happened. Then, Katie arrives and sits with them and they talk. When they’re talking, she says that Emma had no friends. And she tells Emma when she fell her and stole the watch from her. Emma gets embarrassed, but she acts that she isn’t angry. And she tells her that she is definitely wrong and someone else did. At this point, Stephanie’s mother enters and tells Emma that Rob is in the hospital and to be ready to go to him. When she arrives, she runs to comfort her aunt and knows that rob is about to die. But if 24 hours passes, he’ll be alive. Then, she comes home and take Rob’s knife. And she cares about Kate so much that she can’t stand him anymore. And he innocently laughs, thinking that she plays with him. Meantime, her aunt thanks her for standing beside her and hugging her.

In the hospital, Rob begins to recover after passing the dangerous stage. When he tries to communicate with Angela, she understands that he wants to write something to her. So, she brings him paper and a pen, and with difficulty he can write to her, Emma. She thinks he wants to check on her, she goes home and tells Emma that her condition has improved. After that, Emma gets confused and asks her if he said something about the incident. But she tells her that he doesn’t remember anything. Emma reassures and feels good by this. Then, Emma tells Angela that she is going to prepare herself.  So that tomorrow they’ll choose the leader of the dance group. And then she watches Stephanie’s dog, takes it to the woods and kills him. The next day, she goes to school and her friends tell her that Stephanie is absent and she is very tired after she finds her dog dead in the woods. Meanwhile, Emma acts that she is so sad. In the head training class, the girls elect Stephanie as their leader because she is the best one among them, even though she isn’t there. By then, Emma returns home very upset because she doesn’t like anyone to take something she wants. As usual, she sits before her mirror and thinks of something bad again.

And then, Rob arrives to the house, Emma goes to check on him. When she knows that he doesn’t remember anything about the incident, she feels good and helps him. At school, Katie meets her and tells her that she knows everything she has done. And what she does to the first nanny when she dropped her off the stairs when she was young until her aunt’s husband. After that, Katie threatens her that she tells people the truth. So, Emma coldly tells her to stay away from her to not put her in her brain. Meantime, Katie slaps her in the face. After a little, Tom who likes Emma sees her and calls the teacher to punish Katie. At night, she tells her aunt about Katie and tells her that there are rumors about her and then she beats her. So, her aunt hugs her and tells her that she’ll do something. In the morning, Angela calls the principal of the school to punish Katie severely for what she did. By the way, Stephanie’s mother enters them, and she is a doctor in the same hospital where Angela works.

Certainly, Stephanie’s mother tells Angela that Stephanie has improved, but the doctor warns them to upset her not to not hurt by cramps. Also, Stephanie’s mother went to school and left her a medicine there in case she got tired at any time. As you know, when they reviewed the cameras of the house, they saw a girl stealing the dog and taking the dog to the woods, but her face isn’t clear. After that, Angela asks her to send her the video. At the same time, there is an exam at school, Emma sends Stephanie a video on her phone and she laughs at her. When Stephanie opens it, she gets shocked by her dead dog. Suddenly, she has a cramp and falls, and quickly, Emma takes her phone and deletes the video without anyone seeing it. Stephanie’s medicine isn’t there, and unfortunately she dies.

At the same time, Angela is watching the video of the dog and is surprised by Emma as she kills him. Then, Angela tells her about the video, so Emma cries and tells her that she took the dog and left him in the woods because Stephanie is looking for him. And she didn’t attend the dance elections, and there is someone who heartless kills him. Meantime, Angela calms her down but she doubts of her. In the morning, Rob is with the nurse and hears Emma as she whistles. He thinks that he heard the same whistle on the day of the accident. When Emma goes to give him food to go her work. She is surprised that he looks at her angrily and holds her hand, and tells her that he remembered everything on the day of the accident. Also, he knows that she is the worst thing that happened to them and she deceives her aunt. Then, he offers her to stay away from his family and go to the boarding school. On the other hand, he won’t tell Angela the truth. It is curious that Emma doesn’t deny any of this. And she agrees to an offer and walks. The next day, Angela checks on him before she takes Kate out and tells him that she’ll go to somewhere. Then, Emma sees her while she’s walking.

On the other hand, Angela goes to Brian, the keeper of their old house. Brian hits her brother with fire when he saw him killing Emma from a long time. But Brian tells her that her brother was clearly sad when he arrived home. At that time, he wasn’t mentally ill or crazy. And he tells her that he was surprised by him while he was holding his gun. Brain tells her that her brother says in that time that he wants to protect Emma from herself. After that, Brain couldn’t wait and killed him. So, Angela becomes so sad because she didn’t believe her brother when he told her his daughter what she was doing. Meanwhile, the nurse walks away from Rob. Then, Emma steals his phone and Angela calls him to warn him but his phone is with Emma. On the other hand, Emma calls Katie and tells her to go to her because she feels guilty, and wants to talk to her and confess to her everything she did. Katie agrees, and before she goes to her, she prepares her phone to record her what she’ll say. In that time, Emma gives her a drink and tells her that she wanted to get rid of her aunt’s son and her aunt’s husband because he thought of sending her to a boarding school. Also, she stole Stephanie’s medicine from school. Suddenly, Katie feels dizzy and knows that she puts something in her drink.

Meantime, Emma calls the police, screams, and tells them that her friend attacks her at home, and she sets a fire in the house. Then, Rob hears the voice of his son crying over. With difficulty, he sits on the chair and tries to climb the stairs. And he arrives at his son and is surprised by a recorder with Kate’s voice. Meanwhile, Emma tells him that he shouldn’t have threatened her. At that time, Angela arrives, and Emma goes out to her, and pretends her and tells that her friend set a fire on their house. But Angela tells her that she is psycho and she should have believed her brother. Then, she goes to save Rob. Unfortunately, they both die. And the firefighters and the police arrive and take Emma and Kate. On the same time, the therapist calls her and tells her that there is a good family will adopt her. Emma asks her to take Kate with her, because he is the only one left for her from her family. Finally, she smiles as usual in a horribly way.

The Bad Seed Returns.

The Bad Seed Returns | September 5, 2022 (United States) Summary: Follows Emma, a typical teenaged girl who is anything but that. Meanwhile, a new girl at school seems to know Emma's secrets, leaving Emma to take care of her enemies by any means necessary.
Countries: Canada, United StatesLanguages: English
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