200+ IQ Hacker Steals Millions of Dollars per Day From Innocent by Hacking Their Data.


The story begins in the past, we see a family immigrate from Ukraine to Canada. They are in a search for a better life. The family’s last name is Danyliuk and they have a lot of struggles in their new home. They cannot move to a bigger city so they buy a small house in a poor neighborhood. Their money troubles start almost immediately. We are then introduced to Alex, he is the young child of the family. He has to get used to his new life in Canada. Alex is sad as he sees his parents start to argue and struggle with money. They have to live on welfare but soon his mother manages to find a job at the bank. While her work is at least fairly paid she has to deal with massive debt and bills. Alex does not find any friends and is lonely a lot of the time. He does find his mothers computer very comforting and he starts to spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen. He plays online games, he joins various online chat rooms and even decides to make some money. He starts doing some small work for websites where he generates revenue. Alex finally starts to earn some money. He is very happy when he receives his first check.
After some years, his family life has only gotten worse. Alex spends a lot of time on the computer and his mother and father fight often. After a while his mother is even fired from the bank and now they are in danger of losing their home. In the past few years Alex has been earning money online. While it started off very innocent he started to do very shady stuff to earn money. His big dream has always been going to college and now he finally has enough to pay.
One day his mother is in tears sitting on the couch. Alex talks to her and she admits that they are very close to losing their house. Alex then brings her all the money he has earned in the last few years and gives it to her. She is really surprised and at first thinks that Alex has turned to crime but he explains that its just Internet work.
Alex manages to save his family home but now he has to earn even more money for his college tuition. On the tv he sees news showing that an organization working on the Dark Web has been causing trouble for the government. Alex finds this very interesting and finds the members of this secret organization online. He decides that he will become their worker if they pay him fairly. Alex then slowly starts his descent into the criminal underworld of online scams. He starts to sell scams online all the time, he steals the credit card info of his classmates and sells a lot of bad product. After he finishes a job, Alex meets with a mysterious stranger who gives him money.
He does this for a few months and finally he is able to save enough to go to college. His life at home is worse than ever so Alex cannot wait to get away from home. He finally achieves his dream and moves out to the big city to attend college.
Alex realizes that if he wants to pay rent and his tuition he still needs to earn a lot of money. He decides that he will work even harder with online scams. Now he starts to steal other people’s identity to earn money. He does all of this from his computer. Soon he meets Sye. This is a person who has been doing illegal things for a while. Sye is very smart and is good at working the black market trade. Sye and Alex join forces and go into business together to earn more money. They first start stealing credit cards and then using fake transactions to take money.
They do this for a while and earn quite a bit of money. Soon the legal troubles begin for Alex. One day he gets caught while trying to steal money and defraud the International Bank of Canada. Alex hates this bank and the people that work there as this is the same bank that fired his mom and caused a lot of financial problems for his family. Alex tries to get out of trouble and he actually succeeds. Alex meets up with Curtis, he is the head of Security at the bank. Alex can be very charming if he wants and he offers Curtis a deal. He will fix his computer and sites for free if Curtis lets Alex and Sye go. Curtis accepts this deal and the two scammers walk free.
While Alex tries to move on from what he did at the Bank of Canada, this starts to spread all over the Dark Web. He is now very popular and people who also scam on the Internet see him as a celebrity. Many other members of the dark web start to message him and praise him for his actions. Many of them are totally shocked that Alex actually tried to hack the bank by going there and not just over the computer. Soon the leader of the Dark Web notices Alex and his methods. This mysterious leader has been on television a few times and he is called by many as just Zed. Nobody knows his face but he is the leader of the entire organization.
After a while Alex starts to delve into the world of hacking much more than before. He meets Kira, she is a female hacker who has been working with Sye. Sye thinks that Kira and Alex would be a great team and Kira actually accepts. The three of them then continue scamming people. Kira actually brings her interesting and unique skills to their business. She has a lot of ways to earn money really fast. One of her methods is to actually print your own credit cards and then use Bitcoin. The three of them start businesses and the money is crazy.
As the work goes on Sye starts to notice that they are earning a ridiculous amount of money. He starts to doubt Kira and her motives. Sye notices that he doesn’t know where she gets her clients or what she does for them so he does not trust her anymore. Soon after that Kira comes up with an idea that Alex and her should move the business to Hong Kong as they could earn even more money there. Sye can remain in Canada if he does not want to come. Alex does not want to leave his friend behind but Kira implores him to think about the offer as it would be great for his future and his new business.
One day we see Kira working her new deal with a client. This client is a very dangerous individual and Kira is ready to sell them a lot of product. Sye is once again suspicious as it does not make sense that anyone would be willing to spend so much money. He starts to get involved in the meeting and trouble starts. Sye offers the customer a totally new deal as he wants to upset Kira and test her skills. Sye and Kira start getting into a heated argument about the cost and the deal. Suddenly the customer that they have been dealing with shots their gun in the sky. This customer is now pissed off as they have wasted his time. He promises that the next time they meet he will finish them off and that they never contact him in the future. Now the group realizes that they are getting into serious business and they could get hurt.
They finally all agree to move away to Hong Kong as they can develop their business there. Soon new problems develop with their credit cards. If the credit card that they create is not working anymore and it’s used in a shop, it will flag the system and the store will know that it’s a stolen and fake card. This will result in the police showing up. Alex and his group realize the dangers of their stolen and fake credit cards.
One day they go to the store and try to use one of their cards. This ends badly as the card is expired and the shop notices this. They return home after the incident with the card and all of them are frustrated. Then Sye comes up with an idea that they should forget about their problems and just celebrate. His birthday is today so he just wants to go out. The three friends agree to celebrate and they go to a nightclub to have some fun.
Everything seems fine at the nightclub until Sye gets into a massive fight. Alex joins in and they both end up in jail over night. They get out and Kira is waiting for them outside. It’s revealed that Kiras uncle paid for their bail so they could be free. Sye is very sorry that he got his friends into trouble so he uses one of the old cards that he got from a Columbian banker and decides to buy them something nice. Alex told him to not use this card ever again so he gets angry at Sye. The two friends get into an argument and Sye leaves.
Kira and Alex travel all over Honk Kong and just take money from a lot of ATM machines. At the end of the night they get at least 2 million dollars. After every transaction they leave the calling card of the Dark Web so that people know who did it. After a while Kira decides that she wants to retire and just live a normal life. Alex still likes the job and wants to keep on doing it. Zed once again notices Alex and how he is a great thief and hacker. Zed finally arranges a meeting with Alex in person. Alex and Kira go to meet Zed in an old factory. There it’s revealed that Zed is in a wheelchair and his face is burned. Kira and Alex agree to do a mission for Zed personally. Zed tells them both that if they fail, their families will suffer.
Sye once again meets up with Alex in Hong Kong. Sye promises to wait for Alex at a hotel. The Colombian banker has sent his men after Sye. Soon after that Sye is killed by these people before Alex and Kira can save him.
Kira and Alex decide that they must do the job for Zed. It’s soon revealed that their mission is to crash the entire stock market. Soon after that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve gets killed so everyone starts to panic. The market starts to crash. Kira and Alex have to publish articles that talk about the murder so that the market crashes even more. Zed will get a lot of money from this job. It gets revealed that the entire killing of the Chairman has been faked. Alex and Kira get to their car and are attacked by gunmen. Alex gets kidnapped and they take him to an abandoned office. The men holding Alex get instructed to sedate him.
Alex wakes up shortly after that and realizes that he is on a flight to Bangkok. Kira and Alex agreed to meet there if anything bad happened during the job. When Alex arrives Kira is not there. Alex goes online and there he finds the truth about what happened after he was kidnapped. Presumably Zed was arrested and Kira was killed. Alex tries to find some information about Kira online but the card that he used triggers the alarm and the police arrive and arrest him. Alex is taken to jail and has to serve a 2 year sentence.
After 2 years Alex gets out of prison and Kira is there waiting for him. Alex is totally confused and Kira apologizes to him before revealing the truth. She made a deal with the FBI to work as their agent so they could arrest and capture Zed. Alex and Kira decide to travel together and live a normal life.


Hacker | December 2, 2016 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United States, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, CanadaLanguages: English
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