A Girl Is Kidnapped by a Serial Killer but She Uses Her Intelligence to Escape from Him.


A beautiful girl named Kara stays with her friend Jess in her house  


but Jess wakes up to find that Kara is awake and waiting for her to wake up 


we know that Jess’ family is traveling and she asked Kara to come because Jess is afraid to be alone 


The two girls intend to spend the day at a famous lake in the city and they eat breakfast quickly to spend all day in the lake 


Kara then calls her mother Debra to tell her that they are going to the lake 


and that she’ll come home around ten o’clock at night 


Debra asks her daughter if her boyfriend Rayan will be with them but Kara says that he can’t because he has a special training plan  


it seems that Kara’s parents are divorced and she is currently living with her mother 


but Kara goes every once in a while to visit her father and stay with him 


then Debra tells her daughter not to worry if she comes home at night and doesn’t find her because she will go out to meet her new boyfriend 


after this Kara ends the call with her mother 


but Jess asks her to water the plants in the garden until she has a shower 


By the way the area where Jess lives is so quiet and there are only a few people on the streets 


While Kara is standing to water the plants a black car appears 


and the driver keeps around the house as if watching her  


Suddenly the man gets out of the car then goes to talk to Kara 


and asks if her family is at home 


But Kara tells him that this isn’t her house and it’s her friend’s house but her family isn’t here 


So the man asks her to hold his books for one minute 


but she is surprised that he has a gun and forces her to get in the car or he would kill her immediately without any hesitation 


Although Kara is terrified she agrees to get in the car with him because there is no other choice 


The man has a box inside the car and forces her to enter it 


and he locks the box so no one can see her while driving 


Shortly after they reach a Deserted area 


and the man tells Kara that he’ll tie her up so she can’t move or make any sound until they arrive 


then he leaves her and goes to get the tools from the car’s trunk 


At this moment Kara is thinking of escaping 


but she imagines that if she runs away he will kill her without hesitation 


so Kara decides to stay at her place 


The man ties her and closes her mouth then drives the car   


Meanwhile Jess comes out of the bathroom 


and keeps looking for Kara in the whole house 


but she is surprised that she isn’t there and gets really worried 


She decides to call Kara’s mother and asks her if Kara talked to her  


but Jess is surprised that Debra doesn’t know anything about Kara after that morning call 


Debra is worried when she knows that her daughter has disappeared 


So she quickly talks to Rayan Kara’s boyfriend 


but finds that the last thing he knows is that Kara was at her friend Jess’s house 


Then Debra goes to Jess’s house 


and from there she calls Kara’s father whose name is Ron  


but he says he also doesn’t know anything about Kara 


Ron lives about five hours away from them but he reassures Debra that he will come to them as soon as possible 


after the call Debra calls the police 


and tells them everything that happened 


However the investigator sees that the matter is simple 


he says that teenagers’ behavior is always irresponsible 


and that they do many things without thinking or taking permission from their parents 


He guesses that Kara went to a friend of hers or it is possible that she was upset and ran away from home 


but says they will interrogate the neighbors maybe one of them saw something 


Debra objects to this because her daughter is a responsible person 


and even if Kara goes out without telling her he should pay more attention to the matter and start searching for her 


The investigator advises her to go and wait at home as it is possible that Kara is trying to call her 


Then he leaves her and walks away 


At this time Kara arrives with the man at his home 


he takes her to the bedroom and begins to tell her his rules 


The most important rule is that she has to call him father 


and she must ask his permission before doing anything no matter how simple 


he threatens her that he will remain holding his gun all the time if she tries to run away or do anything 


Kara is so terrified of him that she doesn’t even respond to him 


but he forces her to answer his questions 


and asks about all the details of her life such as her name the name of her parents and so on 


It turns out that he doesn’t know anything about her and randomly kidnapped her 


he then orders her to sleep on the bed and starts raping her 


Shortly after he comes out to sit on the sofa and forces her to sit next to him 


He starts talking to her then asks her about her school and more details about her life 


At this time Kara decides to get to know him more 


and gather as much information as possible as this may help her escape 


So she tries to pretend that she feels comfortable with him 


Kara begins to ask him about his life where he comes from 


and the name of the school he attended 


He tells her that he didn’t attend college because it was too expensive for him 


But he joined the army and spent nine years of his life in it 


Then Kara notices that he has many animals such as fish and parrots 


He lets her go to watch them and says he loves the gray parrot the most 


the man notices that she is afraid but reassures her that he won’t kill her 


but as soon as he gets bored of her he will allow her to leave 


then he threatens her that if she thinks of reporting him he will hurt her 


And people will keep seeing her as the girl who was raped all her life 


After a while Kara asks him to enter the bathroom 


and hopes that she will find a window there to escape from it 


But the man forces her to leave the door open so that he can watch her 


he then takes her to eat but Kara tells him she isn’t hungry 


so the man says if she refuses to eat she will be breaking his rules 


and has to do something in return to forgive her 


then he decides to make her sweep the floor while he is eating 


meanwhile Kara is trying to check everything around her to collect as much information as possible about him 


it seems that this man suffers from something because Kara sees some of the doctors’ addresses  


She also knows that there is a woman who lives with him but she traveled 


Then the man takes Kara to watch the news 


but laughs when he finds that no one is talking about her disappearance 


and says that it seems her family doesn’t care about her in the first place 


But Kara realizes that he is trying to make her sad with his words and doesn’t respond to him 


Meanwhile the man wants to talk on the phone so he puts Kara in the box 


so that she can’t make any sound or ask for help from anyone 


As soon as he ends the call he comes back to her  


but finds her terrified and crying so he tries to reassure her  


He says that he has been suffering from anxiety for a long time in his life 


so he gives her some of his medicine for her to take and calm down 


Then it’s time for bed 


and the man decides to tie her to the bed so that she won’t be able to move or do anything while he is asleep 


He also sleeps next to her on the same bed 


and because of her tiredness Kara falls asleep immediately 


Meanwhile Debra begins to call all the people she knows to ask them if anyone has contacted Kara or knows her place 


and when she can’t find anything she decides to meet the head of the police station whose name is Dale 


There she complains to the investigator that he doesn’t care about her daughter’s case 


Debra says that she spoke with all the neighbors and one of them saw a black car approaching the house 


but she says none of her daughter’s friends owns a black car 


Dale laughs and says that she certainly doesn’t know all of her daughter’s friends 


and tells her every teenager has secrets that he hides from his family 


but Debra is sure that her daughter is in danger 


and this is because she has never been away for these hours without reassuring them 


but Dale reassures her that he’ll talk to the investigator to take more care of the matter 


The next morning Kara wakes up early to discover that the man is still asleep 


and knows that this is her only chance to escape 


Kara tries to untie herself and she succeeds in doing so in a short time 


Then she pulls towards the door of the apartment and goes out running 


And by chance she sees a car passing in front of her with two men 


so she tells them that she was kidnapped 


and begs them to take her to the nearest police station 


They agree and allow her to ride with them 


Then Kara notices that all the houses in this area are similar to each other 


she points them to the man’s house and asks them to remember it if the police need it 


Kara arrives at the police station and there she meets an investigator named Rowland 


She tells him what happened so Rowland tries to calm her down 


and takes her to his office to get all the details from her 


Rowland orders his assistant to search for Kara’s name and find out if there was a report of her disappearance or not 


Also he orders him to see the people who brought her and take their statements 


Another investigator called Bonnie enters 


and she talks to the men who brought Kara here to find out from them the address where they found Kara 


But they don’t remember the house number of this man 


Meanwhile Kara tells Rowland all that happened 


but Bonnie intervenes and says that she contacted the nearby police stations 


and knows that Kara’s mother reported her disappearance about 18 hours ago 


Rowland calls her mother to reassure her and gives Kara the phone to reassure herself 


but Debra collapses when she hears her daughter’s voice and promises that she’ll come to take her immediately 


then Bonnie says that the two men don’t remember the house number 


so she suggests to take Kara and go to check this area to recognize the house 


Kara agrees and goes with them 


and there she tries to remember any distinctive sign in the shape of the house from outside 


but she can’t 


Then they find a worker who works in the area 


and they get out of the car to talk to him 


Klara tells him the man’s details and they ask him if he knows someone who lives here with these details 


but he says that these are normal details and many people have them 


At this time Kara says that this man covers all his windows 


and that he hangs a painting over the bed in the shape of a bear 


He also has different kinds of animals in large numbers 


Because of what she said the worker can guess who is the man  


and tells them the house number 


So the officer asks for backup cars from the police to break into the house 


As for Rowland he takes Kara to the police station because it will be more safe for her 


Shortly after Debra arrives at the police and hugs her daughter 


Meanwhile the police station’s head named Jim arrives at the house with substantial backup 


And they break into the house but finds it empty 


they find the house with the same details that Kara said so they make sure that this is really his house 


Jim orders them to search the surrounding area 


and also interrogate Kara to try to find out more details from her while she and her mother are in the police station 


Bonnie goes to talk to Kara and shows her pictures of all the residents of this neighborhood 


Without any effort Kara recognizes the man who kidnapped her 


and makes sure that he is the owner of the house that they stormed a short while ago 


By the way his name is Richard 


and he has disappeared from the whole area 


Bonnie begins to interrogate Kara and is surprised when she finds out that Kara knows a lot of information about the man 


Kara gives so accurate details such as the addresses of his doctors and their phone numbers 


and says that she saw him opening a box next to the animal corner 


but he felt nervous when he found her looking at him and quickly hid this box 


Bonnie thanks her for all the information and tells her that two nurses will come to check on her 


During this time Debra hears them while she is collapsed 


especially since no one tells her exactly what this man did to her daughter 


She breaks down even more when she knows that he escaped 


and feels that her daughter is still in danger 


Meanwhile the police start searching for the box Kara told them about 


and when they find it they find it full of underwear belonging to girls other than Kara 


They also find the headlines of articles about the disappeared daughters 


and conclude that Richard is a serial killer and that he keeps any news of his victims 


But all of this is just suspicion and they are still not sure of it 


Jim orders to communicate with the police departments that were responsible for these girls’ cases to know everything about them 


then they post Richard’s photo everywhere 


and ask people to report him if they see him 


The next day Jim asks to meet Dale the chief of the police station who is informed of Kara’s disappearance 


so he can gather as much information as possible 


Jim tells him information about 3 girls who disappeared before and found their names at Richard’s house 


but they are still missing and their bodies haven’t been found 


he says that Richard was kidnapping his victims and raping them until he got bored of them 


then drowning them in the bathtub and throwing their corpses in any swamp 


and when the police found these bodies they couldn’t know who did this 


but they make sure that they are dealing with a serial killer  


While they are talking Bonnie enters and says that she investigated Richard 


and manages to reach his wife Ashley and his sister Stephanie 


but she will come to say her statements the next day 


Meanwhile Kara finishes her medical examination and prepares to go out 


and everyone waits to see her because they are very worried about her 


but they’re surprised that she is strong despite all that she had gone through 


On the way Debra tries to know from her daughter what happened 


but Kara refuses to tell her anything and begs her to stop asking her questions 


A few hours later Jess goes to sit with Kara in her room so she won’t leave her alone 


At this time she refuses to ask for any details 


and guesses that Kara doesn’t want to talk about it 


But Kara decides to tell her everything that happened because she is her best friend 


and they trust each other so much 


then Jess feels sorry for her when she hears this terrifying story 


The next day the police investigate Richard’s wife 


but she is shocked by what she hears and sees that Richard is a good person and can’t do that 


Then they investigate his sister Stephanie who appears to have been suspicious of his behavior 


but she doesn’t imagine that he’ll do that and become a serial killer 


She says that Richard spoke to her yesterday and that he is currently staying in a hotel near them 


So the forces go to arrest him but they find nothing there 


at the police station they know that Richard used his phone 


and through it they can know his location 


they find that he is close to his second sister’s house then call her 


she says that he actually spoke to her and asked to meet her after two hours in a faraway place 


They know his place and go quickly to arrest him 


At the same time Kara decides to leave the house for the first time after what happened 


she knows that Ryan has a match so she decides to take Jess and go there 


and It appears that the police have appointed people to stay by her side wherever she goes 


This is because as long as Richard is free she will remain in danger 


although her mother tries to prevent her from leaving Kara refuses and goes out 


there Kara tries to ignore people’s looks at her and enjoys the match 


Meanwhile the police find Richard and start chasing him until he finds that they have surrounded him 


so Richard grabs the gun and commits suicide 


The next day Debra feels happy because she knows that the person who harmed her daughter died 


and will not pose a threat to them 


But as soon as Kara knows she collapses 


then she finds that they knew from yesterday 


and no one tried to tell her because they are treating her like a child 


Kara gets upset and then leaves her mother 


and goes out to sit alone in front of the house 


Then she is surprised that Jim comes for her 


Kara says that she wants to stand before Richard in court and sees him punished for his actions 


but Jim sympathizes with her and is very proud of her 


He says sorry that they didn’t inform her of his death earlier and tells her that she is the bravest girl he has ever met in his life 


And because of her the world ended from Richard’s evil 


and she saved many other girls who might be his victims one day 


After that Kara asks Jim not to tell her family about what Richard did to her 


and that she is worried about them from the shock 


Jim respects her decision and promises not to tell them anything 


Then Kara goes to say sorry to her mother for shouting at her 


and asks her to get over it because they really can’t change what happened in the past 


Debra says sorry that she is pressuring her and promises her that she’ll let her do whatever she wants 


She decides to see the positive side which is that her daughter is still alive  


and she managed to survive from everything that happened 


By the way It’s a true story 


and a few years later Kara decides to work as an investigator specializing in these assault cases.


The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story.

The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story | February 11, 2023 (Canada) Summary: It follows Kara Robinson as she survives an abduction and ultimately brings down a serial killer.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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