His Mysterious Wound Turns Into A Power Source and Everyone Stops Bullying Him.


Since 1922, two young are running in the woods who are terrified because a strange beast chases them away. they say that they don’t know how to use the box, and they can’t protect the tree after killing their three friends. It seems that this beast is chasing them to take the wooden stick they had. It’s a valuable and is not just any wooden stick. Also, it has five strange symbols engraved on it. And after the two of them are hidden, they thought they were safe, the beast comes close to them, so they run away again quickly. But one of them falls while his friend helps him and runs away quickly with the stick until the beast attacks him too, and we see the hand of the beast taking the stick and it looked very scary.

Currently, Zoe, a teenage girl who lives with her father in Australia after her mother passed away recently, and neither she nor her father still know how to accept her loss or that they will live without her. Zoe’s relationship with her father was a bit tough. She moved to the city here recently, and she still has no friends other than her old friend, whom she used to talk to on the phone most of the time. When Zoe goes to school on the second day, there is a field trip to the Museum of Natural History on the bus, we get to know the rest of our heroes, including Javier, the most famous young man in the school. Also, his classmate Caitlin the one who used to bully Zoe all the time, and Owen is the smartest person in school, and everyone bullies him and has no friends. Also, Kaylee comes lately because she doesn’t like to listen to the teachers and is a bit rebellious. After a while, they arrive at the museum and meet Dr. Rawson, who is guiding the group in the museum and telling them about the history of the tree of life, which was famous for hundreds of years, and has magical powers that are interconnected with the five natural forces. At the time when the school group is walking in the museum and watching, Zoe enters a forbidden area, she notices a wooden stick stuck in a guzzle box, and its shape is very special.

When Owen notices that she walks in a way by herself, he goes after her and tells her that this stick has the symbols of the five powers on it and has supernatural powers. But she doesn’t understand anything and they are surprised by Kaylee, Javier and Caitlin are with them. At that time, Caitlin and Kaylee are going to fight, Zoe is surprised when the magic stick falls out of the box and no one knows how. Because it is supposed to be locked and sealed, and no one knows how to open it. When Zoe holds the stick, it lights up once, its light reflects on all five of them, and each one of them has a different sign from the five signs on the sticks.

By the way, this is the same stick that the Beast had taken in the first scene. At that time, Dr. Rawson notices the stick with them. She takes them quickly to her office after she notices the light of the stick, and tells them at that time that this stick is magical, and no one can light it up. and Javier tells her about the symbols that appeared to them, and she brings a magical cube. When the four touch the cube, it is bright and Zoe feels by something strange especially when her friends touch it, they become absent minded and don’t respond to her. Until Suddenly, she hears her mother’s voice from the cube, so she touches it quickly.

Suddenly they all move to another place in another time with Dr. Rawsan, they don’t know how she moved with them because she isn’t even touching the cube. When they surpassed, they find themselves in the desert, and Dr. Rawsan has stick with her, and they don’t know where they are or how they get here. But suddenly, they hear a strange sound coming from the forest. After a while, they enter the forest and meet a man who is sitting in a tree and covers with plants and looks strange. Once they talk to him to know where they are, he asks them the time is coming, the witch has arrived? Of course, no one understands what he is talking about, but the strange thing is that he called Zoe as the daughter of the earth.

And he warns them of the beast that they definitely feel him because the beast isn’t from this world. The five run in one way, and Rawson runs in another way at all with the stick until the beast attacks her. By the way, he is huge and very scary. Once, he gets close to her, he hits her and she becomes unconscious. When he hears the voice of the rest, he chases them into the forest, and he is going to kill Caitlin after he locks her at a big tree, so Zoe defends her and pushes Caitlin away from his way. And she is the one who is trapped between him and the tree, and when he comes close to her, Zoe is disappeared inside the tree itself. The big surprise is when Rawson wakes up and the stick next to her.

A little while, a group of dwarves appears around her, and it turns out that they are her followers, and she asks them to go and look for the five. She is very annoyed with the forest guard and the beast who attacked her, and she wants the five to focus on to return to her the broken part of the stick. Here, we know that Rawson is the witch that the man was covered with plants telling them about her. And surely she isn’t a good woman at all after we know her truth. At this time, Zoe wakes up and finds herself in another very beautiful place. She asks the wise man is sitting by a tree how she becomes inside the tree. He says that one tree is the same as the whole tree, there is no difference between them, which means that all the forests are interconnected.

Zoe has the power of nature, she can move to the place she wants in this forest. When she and her friends are walking in the forest looking for a place to rest, they arrive at a large rock, on which is engraved the same magic symbols that appeared on them before. When Kaylee touches the rock, her hands becomes green, and she also discovers that she has the power of the wind. Zoe is talking to the wise man of the forest, and she knows from him that she has the power to move anywhere, she also treats any object or plant. Also, he tells her about the witch, and from a long time ago, he used to travel to all places to learn all the sciences of knowledge.

At that time, he met four others, he learned to use the power of nature, and they derived it from the tree of knowledge or life. When he returned to his village, there was an epidemic that killed people, so he used the power of nature to help people, but when the witch saw their power, she wanted to take over all the power of the tree of life and take it for herself to destroy everyone. So, he and his four friends banished her from their world and make a shield around the tree prevent it from gaining its strength. Then, Zoe covers herself with mud so that the forest guard doesn’t notice that she goes to look for her friends. And suddenly, she meets Rawson and tells her about the man who told her

At that time, Rawson tells her that she is the witch he is talking about, but Rawson tells her that he deceives her, she tells her the witch is good, wants the magic of the tree of life to help people and her family and make them live in peace but Zoe doesn’t know who will she believe. After a while, she reaches her friends at the rock because the forest guard is chasing her, and he comes close them, all of them is pointing their hands at the rock on which the symbols of the fifth elements are depicted. And they moved to another place in the forest, Zoe tells them that in order to escape from the beast, they have to cover themselves with mud so that the beast won’t smell their scent and follow them.

At that time, Zoe notices a little fairy, sad sitting on the ground, because her wing was broken, so she uses her superpowers and treats her. Everyone is surprised that she has superpowers and can treat anyone, they are all happy that they have superpowers. She tells them that they should find the sticks and reach the tree of life. Indeed, the five walk a long in the forest until they reach another place, and they are surprised by a sign in the middle of the forest with different ways, exactly like street signs. And they are all surprised by this, but suddenly the guard appears at this crossroads and scares them, telling them that they aren’t supposed to be here. They start talking to him and he moves Owen and Javier to another place.

At that time, Zoe, Kaylee and Caitlin are trying to convince him to return their friends to them and pay him all the money they have, but he isn’t interested in the money at all. So, they move them to a different place, but Zoe tells him that she needs her friends to find the Tree of Life, and gives him the bracelet that was a gift from her mother, and begins tells him about her, the guard returns the bracelet to her, and he opens another gate for her through it, saying that her good intention which opens the gate. After that, Zoe finds herself in a frozen forest alone, so she cries while she is afraid. Kaylee and Caitlin is in another place in the forest, they meet one of their different features looking like a mouse, so they take him to help them.

Zoe is surprised that the witch appears to her and tells her that she must find the rest of the stick. Suddenly, Javier appears and goes with her to the forest. And there is one who looks like the man who appeared to Kaylee and Caitlin a while ago, asking her for help. The strange thing is that this woman is real and has magical powers that made her turning the snow to plants, trees, and a beautiful green forest, and she agrees to help them. As for Owen, he is alone in the forest, looking for the rest and reaching a cave with all the symbols of nature. And many other symbols, and he begins to think and know what they mean. On the other hand, Kaylee and Caitlin gather with Zoe and Javier, she moves them to another place, and they gather around a dining table in the middle of the valley to eat all delicious and good food. Then, they ask her for Owen, she opens a gate and lets them check on him, and he is in another place in the forest, but suddenly the Beast appears behind him and he is going to kill him. Zoe wants to save her friend and asks this man to help them and get them to the magic box to get out to their natural world away from all these dangers, but he refuses. When she takes his food from him to force him to help them, he runs after her and breaks part of the gate, and at the moment Kaylee pulls Owen quickly before the beast of the forest attacks him.

In fact, she closes the gate before the guard crosses it, and it will be dangerous for them. at the time, we see a dome of energy protects the tree of Life, the witch tries to open it while she is so nervous. A black magic comes out of the witch to destroy the shield, but she can’t talk after that with Zoe to make her find the remaining part of the shield quickly because she needs it, and no one sees or hears her except Zoe. When Catelyn finds Zoe talking herself, she wakes her up and they feel that someone is close to them, they try to hide, and then they see the dwarfs that the witch sends after them to watch over them. They decide to go to another place to be safe.

After they feel that the whole forest is full of magical beings, when they reach the place, it pulls them underground like quicksand, so they begin to feel that they give up to their fear. Then, they move to a completely dark way. Each one of them appears to him a copy of himself in a mirror of energy or magic. Also, the version of each one is his negative feelings, fear and his selfish desires trying to make them accept it and absorb their powers. Zoe is the first one who accepts herself and enters her magic mirror, while Catelyn who understands that this place is dangerous to remain imprisoned in it because of their greed and their harmful feelings.

Then, she destroys her mirror and her evil soul, begins to free her friends and helps them get rid of these thoughts, and the power of fire of Catelyn is the one that overpowers them. And then she enters Zoe’s mirror and moves to the place she is in, which is her old room on the day her mother died, and that she was sad and lonely. Zoe is in a very bad state, feeling guilty and helpless, until Catelyn is beside her and gets her out of her bad feelings, and then they move after dark to the beach. After they don’t know each other, they become the best friends and they live in the same problems.

On the beach they reach the box that contains the remaining part of the sticks, but they don’t know how to open it except when the five of them unite to touch the box together, but they are surprised that the box is empty. Here, Rawson appears, shocked, and fights with them because they don’t know how to reach the rest of the stick, so she attacks them, saying that she is the reason they are here. And she had spent years and centuries searching for the five who could lead her back to the tree of life, as she followed them from their childhood and caused problems in their lives that made them move to Australia so that the five would gather here. Zoe is shocked when she knows that Rawson is the reason for her mother’s death to reach what she wants.

They want to get rid of Rawson, she shows the part that was with her from the broken gate, when Owen was running away from the beast, at that time, the monster was on the other side, as soon as he saw the witch coming out of the gate, he is attacking her. And she used her magic against him, and this was their chance to escape and move from the gate to the forest again. Meanwhile, the fairy that Zoe helped her before appears, and helps them. Zoe understands her strength, and then she remembers that she has the force of nature, when the forest attacks them, Zoe calms him with his magical power until he stops attacking them and remains obedient.

At that time, she notices that the head of the magic stick is embedded in his stomach, causing him severe pain, so she tries with all her might to pull the remaining part of the stick until it finally comes out of the body of the forest guard. So suddenly, she and the guard faint and fall to the ground. Rawson appears and she asks them to give her the rest of the stick but they refuse. And she starts torturing them, the first of them is Owen, she falls him by her magic, she loses his consciousness and electrocutes him. When Caitlin tries to defend him, she electrocutes her.

When Zoe finds her friends in danger, she gives the head of stick to the witch. And Zoe asks her to leave her friends without harming them, but Rawson kidnaps her after she takes the power of the magic stick and go to the tree of life or knowledge. There is wise man of the forest who met them in the first time. By the way, he is actually Rawson’s brother, and he is at the tree to protect it from his sister’s evil, and when he refuses to hand her the tree’s magic and power, Rawson kills him, and Zoe runs to help by treating the wound quickly, but it is too late. In his last breath he tells her that one tree is all trees and he dies.

And Zoe controls of the tree’s magic and opens a gate in it so that Rawson can possess its magic as she wants so that she doesn’t harm any of her friends as she killed her brother by herself. When Rawson moves inside the tree that is glowing, a great power of magic and energy appear around Rawson. At the moment, the tree explodes and Rawson dies. By the way, Zoe made this trap for her to get rid of her, and she used her greed and evil to be the one who get rid of her.

And quickly, they unite together, they put their hands in the place of the tree of life that is destroyed, and they use their magic stemming from the tree in the first place to make it grow again. Zoe passes out and is going to die, but quickly they use the magic cube that transports them to their natural world. After a while, the five in the school live a normal life, and they gather with each other, we discover that they still have their supernatural powers, but they control in their supernatural powers. So, they understand them more and they know how to use them. Each one of them accept his problems more than the first. Finally, we see Owen going with the magic box. Then, they study to know how the beginning of all this was.

Legend of the Naga Pearls.

Legend of the Naga Pearls | August 25, 2017 (United States) Summary: A royal descendant of an ancient winged tribe embarks on a quest to find magical pearls. When they fall into the hands of a human, he joins a team of unlikely heroes in a race against time t... Read all
Countries: ChinaLanguages: Mandarin
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