A Special Boy Discovers His Hidden Superpowers but Struggles to Know His Reality.


In the US state of Texas, Roy and Lucas are in a hotel room, and they have a child named Alton with them. By the time, Roy kidnapped Alton with his friend Lucas because Lucas is a police officer. Anyway, He helps Roy in kidnapping Alton, and the two of them prepare to leave the hotel. Because the news tells that Roy’s kidnapping of Alton. On top of all, they describes Alton and Roy in the news. And tells if someone sees them, they should report them to the police. The three of them left the hotel, got into Lucas’s car and leave the whole place because they can’t stay in the hotel anymore.

While they are out riding the car, the receptionist sees them. She is also watching the news. Here, she knows about the news of Alton’s kidnapping, and the receptionist gets know Roy because she sees his picture in the news. After that, she calls the police to inform Roy and Lucas that they kidnapped Alton, and gives the police the details and number of the car they have. On the way, Roy and Lucas hears on the radio that there is a report about their car. So, he gets worried and afraid and changes the road not to be arrested.

At the same time, a man named Calvin, he has a charitable organization and has a religious activity called Ranch. By the way, Calvin is Alton’s adoptive father. Certainly, he and his wife call the police about kidnapping Alton. When Calvin watches the news, he also worries about Alton very much. Also, Calvin wants to get to Alton before the police get to him. So, Calvin gives orders to one of his employees, Doak, and asks Doak to find Alton before the police do.

At this time, Calvin tells him to find Alton within 4 days only. Then, Calvin enters the meeting room of Ranch. Ranch are full of many members in the hall. By the way, they present to hear Calvin’s religious sermon, as usual. But suddenly, federal agents arrive with police forces breaking into Ranch. They enter the hall and arrests Calvin and his staff, as well as all the members of the Ranch. Then, they take them by buses. They take them to a school yard because they’re much people.

Meantime, Roy and Lucas change their way not to be arrested by the police. But he is surprised while he is driving by a car in the middle of the road at night, so Lucas avoids it and enters in the desert on the side of the road. Then, another car comes from the opposite direction and hits the car in the middle of the road. So, Lucas gets out of the car quickly to check on the car, and he finds a woman who is injured and unconscious. At this time, the police car arrives by chance and stops next to them, and the policeman gets out of it. Meanwhile, Lucas tells the policeman to call the ambulance, and before the policeman calls the ambulance, he realizes that it’s Lucas’s car.

After that, Lucas sets a fire before the policeman takes out his gun. And Lucas hits him in the chest because he knows that he is wearing a protective shield and the policeman is injured, but he doesn’t die and falls on the ground. Then, Lucas tells the police station that there is a policeman and one of six injured people on the road. Also, he tells them about the place in the accident. Then, he returns to his car and continues on their way. Meantime, federal agents give forms to the members of the Ranch that they arrested to answer the questions. Most of the questions are about Alton.

In a room at the school, Agent Miller investigates Calvin, asking him about the organization’s activities. So, Calvin tells him that their activity is raising livestock and dairy farms, and that all these activities are for their own consumption, not for selling. An agent from the National Security Agency named Paul enters the investigation. By the way, Paul asks Calvin about certain numbers or strange symbols he used to say in his sermons. So, Calvin tells him that these are really parts of his sermons, and that they are religious symbols from the Bible. Certainly, Paul confronts him and tells him that these numbers and symbols are codes for dangerous US military secrets, and the US government considers them an accusation of treason.


Then, he accuses Calvin that he sends codes containing military secrets to other countries. When Calvin feels that the matter is danger, he confesses to him that Alton is used to say these codes when he has panic attacks. Also, he tells him that Alton has supernatural abilities, he also speaks many languages, and he also speaks unknown languages. By the way, all of them in the institution are following symbols of Alton because they consider him the religious savior. In that time, Paul feels that isn’t logical at all.


By the way, he is still doubt of Calvin that he sends military secrets through the codes that he used to say during his religious sermons. Also, Calvin tells them that Alton is his adopted son. And he confesses to them that the real father of Alton is Roy and he is currently kidnapping Alton. At this time, Paul thinks that they will easily arrest Roy and take Alton. But Calvin mocks him, telling him that he doesn’t know Alton good. Also, he tells him that Alton is really an unusual child and they can’t arrest him by force.

Meanwhile, Roy, Lucas, and Alton arrive at the house of a man named Elden. By the way, Elden was an employee at Ranch, so he knows Alton and his superpower and wants to help them. So, he welcomes them in his house and he closes the windows of the house all with paper because the sunlight effects on Alton and it makes him so tired. Then, Alton goes to sleep, then Elden sits with Roy to review a map with him of a certain area. Alton wants to go this area because a very big event will happen in it. By the way, Roy, Lucas and Elden believe Alton and trust him as Calvin and the members of the Ranch.


On second day, they watch the news, and they know that the news of Roy’s kidnapping of Alton is at the level of all states, not just Texas. After that, Roy and Lucas feel an earthquake in the house, and the electricity too. They are surprised that Elden is sitting before Alton with his eyes in his eyes to take from him the rays that it gets out from his eyes. All along, Roy hits Elden, so he faints. Then, he hugs Alton because he is very tired because of the rays that comes out of his eyes and his energy is out.

Also, the earthquake made the papers on the windows fell, and the sun’s rays entered and tired him. Meantime, Paul starts investigating the employees of the Ranch Corporation and asks them about Alton. One of them tells him that Alton has superpower abilities and can break windows and doors. Also, he can disable any cars, and as he gets older, his superpower increase. Plus, Alton is a child among the many children they care for in the Ranch Corporation, and they let him sleep all day and wake up all night because he is tired from the sun. Another employee tells Paul that Alton is getting rays from his eyes. And that he makes him see a lot of strange things.

After federal agents and Paul know all details about Alton, they return to Ranch by buses to go home. Meanwhile, Roy takes Elden’s car after he wakes up to continue their way. And they hide a Lucas’s car at Elden’s house so the police can’t find it.


On the way, Lucas is surprised when he sees that Alton knows what is being broadcast on radio stations in all languages, and he knows what the news before he even hears it. Then, they enter a gas station to fill up, so Lucas comes down and enters the supermarket to buy food and drink for the road. At this time, Roy asks Alton not to leaving the car and waiting there. Then, he goes to call his wife Sarah to tell her that they are on their way. At this time, Roy sees Alton comes out of the car. Alton puts on dark sunglasses to protect its eyes from any light and rays. By the way, a woman sees him and thinks that he is lost. Then, Roy tells her that he is his father, so the woman walks away.

At this moment, Roy fights with Alton because he didn’t do what he said. So, Alton says sorry to him. Suddenly, it rained down on them, large pieces of a satellite exploded in space. Meanwhile, Lucas, Ray and Alton drive the car and quickly run away from the gas station. Satellite pieces fall on the gas station, like destructive meteors, so the gas station and the cars in it explode. Then, they go to Sarah, and she becomes so happy with her son, Alton, because she has not seen him for a long time. Because Alton was a member at the Ranch.

Then, Sarah notices that Alton is bleeding from his nose. Meanwhile, Lucas suggests to Roy that they take Alton to the hospital. But Roy tells him that they must take him to the exact place that Alton told them about. Also, Roy fears that if he takes Alton to the hospital, the police know where they are. At the same time, Doak and Levi, Calvin’s assistants, prepare themselves with guns to go to the house of Sarah’s mother. To know from her the address of Sarah’s house where she is staying, because they expect that Roy was going to her with Alton.

Meanwhile, Miller and Paul are at the gas station to the satellite to see the accident site. At this time, they know that Alton who falls the satellite. They think that the satellite is for preventing nuclear activities. They explain this by saying that Alton is helping another country to occupy America, and that he deactivates nuclear attacks by detonating this satellite. And he also knows that the satellite fell when Alton turned off, so the satellite stopped and exploded. And they decide to follow the Alton’s rays from his eyes through a drone that follows rays to arrest on Alton.

Because now, for them, Alton is a great threat to national security. After that, Roy and Sarah are very worried because they see on the news of the satellite that fell on the gas station. So they decide to leave a car in front of Sarah’s house and take Sarah’s car and walk at night. because the police will surely know their place, they must move quickly. On the way, they know that Alton who falls the satellite, because the police are watching him through it.

But Alton tells them that the police won’t stop chasing him. They must catch up and reach the place that Alton want to go to at the specified time. Meanwhile, Doak and Levi go to Sarah’s house, but they don’t find her there. At this time, they know that Sarah walked with Roy and Alton before they arrive. At this time, Alton have a respiratory crisis, so Lucas wants them to take him to the hospital, but Roy refuses and they fight each other. When Alton is over from his breathing crisis, he tells them that they must disperse now. Because Alton knows when he looks into the sky that the Feds and the police will reach them at this time.

Alton asks Lucas to take Sarah by the car and go to the hotel and stay there. He and Roy complete the path walking and shorten it from the middle of the forest. Actually, they do what Alton said. At that moment, Roy and Alton keep walking in the woods until they find a hiding place, so they stay in this hiding place until the second day. Anyway, Alton asks Roy that he wants when the sun comes out to stand in the midst of its rays. But Roy warns him that this is dangerous for him. But Alton tells him that he wants to do that. Then, Roy agrees with him because Alton who makes the decision and they trust him so much.

Meantime, Paul makes sure that the numbers doesn’t show codes for military secrets at all. but later, the numbers mean the places that Alton walks from. Then, Paul knows the place where Alton is now through the analysis. Meanwhile, Alton and Roy stay inside the cave until sunrise, so Alton watch the sunrise. Indeed, Alton sees the sunrise without sunglasses. At this time, Alton is bit tired of this, and the whole earth is shaking, but he can open his eyes in the midst of the sun’s rays.

In the daytime, Roy and Alton returns to Sarah and Lucas at the hotel where they are staying. Then, Lucas is surprised when he sees Alton walks during the day in the sun without sunglasses. So, Alton talks to understand them and explains to them that he belongs to another world. Also, this world is under their world, and he must be returned to the people in the other world because they are similar and their abilities are exactly like him. But suddenly, when Roy and Lucas are outside to go by car continuing their way.

They are surprised by Doak and Levi at the door of the room and they set fire on them. They hit Roy and Lucas, and then they tie them to the wall and go in to take Alton and go by car. After that, Sarah takes Lucas and Roy out and unties them, then they ride the car and walk behind Doak and Levi. But they find the road very crowded, and they also find soldiers from the army and the police in an Army ambush in the middle of the road. Roy tries to take a short road catch up with Doak and Levi’s car, but the army forces force him to go back to the road again.

And they notice when they were walking that Doak and Levi’s car was standing in the middle of the cars and empty, so they knew that the army takes Alton from them. At this time, Roy feels that they would never see Alton again. At this time, Alton is inside a large investigation room. And Alton is with Paul, Miller, and also officers from the army and federal agents, and they’re all want to investigate him. because Alton is a dangerous weapon for them. But Alton asks them all to go away and leave Paul to talk to him only.

Meanwhile, Paul is surprised, and they all go Except for Paul. So, Paul sits with Alton and sees his eyes enlightened, so Alton explains to him that he belongs to another world. And he must get out of here on March 6th to go to the other world, and they’ll take him at the time. So, Paul agrees with Alton and decides to help him. Meanwhile, Alton knows that Roy, Lucas, and Sarah are on the street and they have a public phone, because Alton has abilities that let him know everything, while he is in his place. After a little, Paul calls Roy on this public phone, and he tells Roy to meet them in a far place to take Alton again.

Certainly, Roy, Lucas, and Sarah are very happy and leave at the exact time and place. Actually, they find Paul and Alton with him. and Paul take from Lucas handcuffs to hold his hand. Also, he wants to hit himself in the face to show that Roy hits and snatches Alton from him. And then, Roy, Lucas, Sarah and Alton complete the road, and they meet an Army ambush, but they run by car quickly and reach the place that Alton tell about it. It’s the day of March 6th. Alton and Sarah get out of the car and go to the exact place.

Suddenly, the ground starts to shake under them. And buildings appear under the ground, and all people see them and are surprised. Transparent people come down from these buildings and take Alton with them. Thus, Alton returns to his real world. The army arrests but Roy inside is happy that he makes his son going to the real place where he belongs.

Midnight Special.

Midnight Special | April 21, 2016 (Greece) Summary: A father and son go on the run, pursued by the government and a cult drawn to the child's special powers.
Countries: United States, GreeceLanguages: English
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