A Girl Doing a Livestream To Show Her Whole Life For Everyone.

The Circle.

The Circle | April 28, 2017 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United Arab Emirates, United States, FranceLanguages: English


Our movie begins with Mae, After a day of kayaking, while she returns to her way home, her car breaks down, and she is forced to stop her car on the street

then she calls Mercer who arrives to fix the car


it seems he a crush on Mae and every time he wants to ask her for a date


she refuses and apologizes to him after he fixed the car, Mae tells him that she’ll text or email him later

but he says they can talk now

since they are both present, she smiles at this suggestion and heads home


when the family is eating dinner, the mother talks about Mercer, trying to convince her to go with him on a date, but she refuses to talk about this again


it seems that her father suffers from multiple sclerosis for this reason, she works in a job to support her parents


the next day, she went to her job as a customer service agent

but seems that she doesn’t like her job, and hope to find a new one


meanwhile, Her friend Annie who works in The circle company, tells her that there is an opportunity to work in her company

which is one of the biggest tech and social media company


she is very happy about the new job, and she tells Mae the interview will be tomorrow


The Circle owns a very large campus, and it becomes apparent, that the company encourages them to spend a lot of time there

she begins the interview, and although the questions were very difficult


she passed the interview at The Circle


she gets a job in Customer Experience, which is an entry level position, that requires her to assist users of The company’s products


although she wants to get above 90% in her first week in the job score

She feels frustrated to get 84%

but Annie tells her it is a high score, considering it is her first week


At a company-wide meeting, Eamon Bailey who is the manager of the circle, introduces a new initiative called See Change

The initiative involves small cameras, that can be placed anywhere

See Change will make the world, more transparent


Eamon gives a big speech, about the human rights implications of these cameras

The cameras come in different colors, so camouflaging is a cinch and they provide real-time video feeds


after the meeting the company made a wide party for them

and During the party, Annie takes Mae away to an office where Eamon makes the big decisions for the company, And Annie explains that Mae actually shouldn’t be in the office


After leaving, she sees an employee away from all of the events, glued to his phone


Mae approaches and begins a conversation with him, and he asks her if she is a guppy


Guppy, is a term they use at The Circle for new employees, and she says that she is, They carry on a little conversation, before he gets a message from his phone

and tells Mae that he has to go, his name is Ty, but he doesn’t tell her his name


While the family is at home for the weekend, they are at a BBQ with her family, and several other people


The parent are very proud of her, because she works in the largest tech and social media company, the mother repeats talking about Mercer, to give him a chance and going a date with him


But she refuses, and doesn’t give Mercer any importance, they talk about his business


which is making deer antlers into chandeliers

but the conversation doesn’t last long, and she returns to her parents


Back at The Circle, there are two supervisors come to Mae, and ask her about her profile on The Circle, and why it isn’t updated


They noticed that she didn’t attend the seminar last weekend and they asked for the reason

but they are careful not to make anything seem required


trying to get Mae to open up more on her Circle profile, and to become more engaged in the company


They find out her dad’s health condition, and that she enjoys kayaking


After they leave, Mae seems more determined to rise up in The Circle, by fully embracing all of its social networking tools


Although what happened made her depressed

she is working hard and tries to do her best


At a presentation at The Circle, Tom introduces a political candidate, who is making all of her communications transparent, and he applauds this, speaking about how transparency brings accountability


she is in the crowd with Annie, but Ty was in the back of the crowd, and Once the candidate is done talking, Ty leaves


During another party

Mae sees him glued to his phone again, and she approaches him to begin another conversation

he takes Mae to a restricted area, where she shouldn’t be in, telling her that she can’t tell anyone, that he brought her to this area and he tells her that it’s the future of The Circle


He says that the plan, is keeping all information on everyone in this area, not just the political candidate, that said she would be fully transparent

From his countenance, it is clear that he doesn’t like the direction of The Circle


And Mae discovers that, she’s been talking to him the whole time

but she is incredibly embarrassed, when she discovered that he is the creator of the True You, a very popular Circle product


He tells her that his invention, has been morphed into something that he didn’t want

And He has a lot of influence over the company, like Eamon and Tom, but he has chosen to remain in the shadows


later, while speaking to her Mother


she shows Mae a chandelier that Mercer made but Mae takes a picture of it, sharing it on her Circle profile


in the next day, Mercer gets a lot of hate mails, from people accusing him of murdering animals


Mercer who lives off the technological grid, comes to The Circle to confront her about what she did


although she tried to tell him, that she never imagine that can happen


Mercer storms off


After this traumatic experience, Mae goes to the kayak shop at night


and she sneaks onto the premises, through a locked fence

She takes a kayak and heads out into the bay, but The waters start to get rough and she hears a foghorn of an approaching ship


but she can’t see where it is, because of the fog and lack of light


The waves eventually flip her kayak over, and struggling to keep above the water, until the coast guard comes to her rescue


The next day, she is in Eamon and Tom’s office, explaining what happened


Eamon explains that See Change cameras caught her breaking into the kayak premises, and also caught her in the water and Because of the cameras


Mae was able to be saved, in her moment of desperation


He asks her if there is anything she wants to confess, and she tells them that it’s not the first time she’s been in their office


Eamon asks her how it feels after telling the truth, and she says it’s liberating, but they allude to a plan that they have for her


At the next company-wide meeting, Eamon introduces Mae on stage, and talking about her experience of being rescued


she explains how transparency is good, and states that she will be the first Circler, who goes completely transparent


This involves wearing a small camera on her shirt we see Annie in the audience, but she clearly worn out and not looking good


while she is awake and exposing her whole life, to everyone in the world


and Being fully transparent, she becomes a celebrity at The Circle, but it starts to hurt some of her close relationships


Mae is invited to a high level meeting, but Annie seems to resent it, because someone of her level at the company isn’t usually invited


Eamon talks about support from all 50 states to allow individuals to vote through Circle accounts


Mae takes one step further and brings up the idea of requiring every individual to have a Circle account


Eamon and Tom clearly like the suggestion


but it upsets Annie And she gets vocal about her disagreement, ends up storming out of the board meeting


At the next company meeting Mae is leading the meeting


and talks about the beauty of transparency, stating that The Circle can find anyone on the planet, in under 20 minutes


She has the computer randomly select a criminal at large for Circlers to find, The computer selects a woman who is guilty of killing her three children


but after she was imprisoned, she managed to escape and before 10 minutes


Circlers around the world have used the See Change cameras and facial recognition software to find the woman

and have her arrested


Mae talks about how wonderful transparency is, and how it can be a tool for good


she states that this program can be used to find anyone, not just criminals


and she asks the audience who they should search for next, but someone shouts Mercer’s name


She says that she wants to leave him alone, but the crowd gets restless


Mae is trying to dissuade the audience, but Tom tells her that they need to find Mercer

she eventually gives in, and asks if they can break their record of 10 minutes


some people find Mercer in a cabin


they begin harassing him, and asking him why he kills animals

he races to his truck, trying to get away from the people who tracking him


Mae and the rest of the Circlers, are watching Mercer being chased through real time cameras the drone terrified him


and while he is being chased, he wants to avoid the drone, but he drives his truck off a bridge, and dies immediately


Mae is horrified, and takes a leave from The Circle


She moves back in with her parents, trying to cope, eventually She calls Annie, who has left The Circle, and is out of the country, Annie seems to be doing a lot better


and During the call, Annie advises her to quit the circle especially, after Mercer’s death


but she says that they will work on updates, to not make this fault again


Despite pleas from her parents for leaving the company, she decides to return to The Circle, As she is driving to work, she calls Ty, asking him for help


she meets him in the restricted area, he tells her that he found information more dangerous than he expected, and that she won’t believe what he has found


At the next company-wide meeting, Mae expresses how connection has helped her recover

As she is speaking with Eamon on stage, she invites Tom onto the stage


she talks about transparency and invites both Eamon and Tom to go fully transparent


As she is talking, she tells them how Ty has found all their accounts, even the accounts that their wives were unaware of, and exposes them in an attempt to become fully transparent, because no one should be exempt, and she sends their accounts to the public, Eamon and Tom are clearly upset, but are trying to keep smiling


she states that transparency is good and she leaves the meeting


It is clear that she believes in transparency, and that no one should be exempt from hiding their secrets


she returns to her hobby again with the drones around her, She smiles at the camera, and it shows many other people in different countries


Is it possible for social media


to destroy social relations between people one day?

The Circle.

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