Everyone in This School Has a Superpower Even the Teachers.


A girl named Sam, a princess in a country called Illyria. Illyria is the smallest country in Europe. The legal system is a monarchy. On top of all, Sam is a very simple girl, and she hates the life of princesses. And her dream is to live her life like any girl. Unlike her older sister, Eleanor, who loves the life of princesses. And she is preparing to govern because she is the legitimate heir to the throne, because she is the eldest daughter. Because her father, the king, died when she was young in a plane accident. And then, the throne transfers to her mother temporarily. Until Eleanor grows up to be 18 years old, and there will be a few weeks left for Eleanor to be crowned queen of the state of Illyria. Even though, Sam doesn’t completely care of her family. And she spends all her time with her friend Mike, whose father works in the gardens in their palace. The two of them go and play in the street, and Sam sings a song against the monarchy and against the queen, who is her mother. And she tries to run riots in the street and make people revolt against her mother. Suddenly, the police come to arrest them. So, she tells Mike that she will distract them until he takes their musical instruments. On the other hand, she takes her skateboard and runs. When she sees her sister’s photo on the displays., she falls to the ground and arrests her.

On that moment, the police go with her to the royal palace. There, her mother rebukes her for her childish behavior. Then, Sam tells her that the people aren’t happy with the monarchy. They want to have a say in any decision the Queen makes. So, her mother exposes her to this and tells her not to riot, because this will affect her sister, Eleanor, when she becomes a queen. The next day, she goes to school and meets a girl who is obsessed with social media. Meantime, she talks to her fans and knows that her name is Roxana and that she is a princess of another country. She tells Sam to stop hating the monarchy because she is a princess and his childish behavior embarrasses her family before the people. At this time, the secret prison, there’s too many guards. Briefly, the secret prison is for the people that have superpowers. And those who want to control the world with their power. So, the guards entered a prisoner’s cell, No. 34, and they give him food and walk. When the prisoner eats, he notices that there is a small electrical transformer inside the apple. He installed it on a device that is hidden in the cell. And he can undo the collar from his neck. And this collar is what prevents him from using his superpowers. Thus, after he untied the collar, he could use his superpower and break the cell door, and escape easily.

On the other hand, Sam is with her boyfriend Mike in the royal palace. And they’re playing their new song, that they will sing it in a concert in a month. On that time, Mike tells her that he brought two tickets to a rock concert and tells her to go with him. Certainly, she agrees because she loves music very much. Also, she tells him that he smells a garlic in him. Meantime, Mike is surprised that what she said is true, because he ate a garlic from two days ago. Then, Sam goes to his bed and takes out the box containing her photos with her father before he died. Meanwhile, she recalls her memories with her father, because he was the only one who cared for her and loved her. And she thinks that he used to call her snowflake all the time. At night, she goes with her mother to a party in the palace due to the upcoming coronation of her sister, Eleanor, and her accession to the throne. Mike’s friend sends Sam a message and he reminds her of a rock concert that they’ll go together. But her mother tells her that she has to study because she has an exam. Then, she goes to the bathroom, dresses clothe suitable for rock concert, and goes to meet Mike. When they show the tickets to the guard to enter the party, he asks them for ID because it’s for adults only. And of course, because they are under the age of 18, they can’t enter the party and walk away. Suddenly, Sam notices one of the workers, writing down the password for the back door of the party. Surprisingly, she can see the secret number from a very far distance. And when the guard walks, she writes the password and enter the party.

At that moment, Mike is impressed and asks how she can see the password from a distance? But she doesn’t even know why. Meantime, Sam has a superpower and can see things from a distance. Also, she can control the senses in her body. At a party, Sam is so happy and dancing. Suddenly, she hears all the sounds in the place, and the sounds are all overlapping and clear at the same time. She feels disturbed and uncomfortable by all of the sounds. Because she can hear the smallest sound. And she hears all the sound at once. As she goes to set off the fire alarm and ruins the party. After all, she and her boyfriend, Mike, are arrested. Then, she tells the police that she hears a lot of voices at the party in a suspicious way.

Meantime, Mike knows that she has a superpower. Especially when she smelled the food he ate two days ago. After a while, Mike’s father comes and takes them out. On the other hand, Sam is surprised that her mother is waiting for her and is rebuking her for what she did. And she says that because of her childish actions, she missed her exam today. Accordingly, she decides to send her to a summer school to make up for her missed exams. Unfortunately, she will be in this school for a while to be polite. At this time, a prisoner number 34 escapes from prison. Of course, because of his superpower, which is moving things remotely. After that, he talks to his partner and thanks him for putting the electric transformer in the apple. And she tells him to prepare himself to start their plan. On the second day, Sam goes to summer school. And she meets a girl named Jane and knows that she is a princess of another city.

A boy named Matteo, his personality is anti-social and he doesn’t mix with people. Also, there is another boy named Tuma, and Princess Roxana, the princess who was with Sam at school and who is obsessed with social media. On top of all, all the students are princes of different countries. And then the teacher, James, enters them, and he will be responsible for them in the school. Also, he tells them that each one of them is a prince from a royal family. And that he is the youngest of his brothers. Also, he tells them that there is a secret that no one knows except their royal family. Briefly, the second son of the royal family has superpower abilities.

Actually, the main goal of the summer school is for them to train and develop these skills. They’ll join a secret organization whose goal is to defend the world from evil. Plus, he asks them not to tell anyone about their superpowers. Then, he takes their phones from them. Unexpectedly, Sam is surprised that her mother is the head of this organization. And her mother doesn’t tell her this anymore.

Above all else, Sam’s mother tells them that her organization has many agents, all of whom are emirs of different countries. And all of emirs can control their superpowers. On top of all, the real goal of this organization is to fight the bad guys and protect the whole world from any threat. Then, she tells them that their training will start a little bit too. Whoever fails this training won’t be accepted into the organization and he’ll forget that he has superpowers. At this time, prisoner 34 is talking to his partner and saying that he wants revenge on the queen because she imprisoned him for ten whole years. Unexpectedly, he puts a photo of Sam on the wall. It is clear that, he’ll do something bad for her.

Meantime, the students start their first training. Firstly, James tells them that their mission is to use their superpowers and find the electronic hierarchy in the training hall. So, Tuma is having fun with this and thinks that the task is easy. When he goes to get the hierarchy, laser beam hurts him, and he falls on the ground. After that, the rest of the team is running away from these laser beams. In that moment, they start trying to know their superpowers. Firstly, Roxana knows that she can disappear. Secondly, Tuma is surprised that his superpower is that he forces the people to do his orders. Thirdly, Sam can control his senses, and his superpower is that he hears and sees things from a distance.

Fourthly, Matteo discovers that the suit with a device that reflects the laser, but unfortunately, this device is only on the wrist. So, the laser hits him and he falls to the ground. Recklessly, Jane goes to get the hierarchy, and she fails too. But unlike the rest, Sam can use her powers amazingly, acting faster than them, and getting close to the hierarchy. Unfortunately, the laser hits her and the whole team fails. When they finish training, they talk to each other about their superpowers. Meanwhile, Jane discovers that she can steal the power of any of them and use it temporarily. Also, Matteo finally knows that his power is to control insects.

After a while, the girls go to the room to sleep, and they are surprised that Sam has another mobile phone. Then, Sam sends a message to Mike’s friend telling him that she is very happy at this school. The next day, the second training begins, and James explains to them how they can control their strength. And he decides to give each one of them a different training than the other to develop their skills quickly. So, he goes with Sam to a room with many screens, and each screen has a different sound, and he asks her to focus on the sounds to know what is being said. As far as Tuma, he gives him a dog, and asks him to make him do all his orders.


And he makes Roxana focus on her invisibility power in difficult weather conditions. As for Matteo, he is trained to control insects. And let them holds heavy objects. Also, he takes Jane to the pool, and makes her train with another girl who has superpowers to breathe under the water to take her strength. So, he puts her in the water. And he asks her to steal this girl’s power to sit under the water for as long as possible. After that, it’s the time of break time, and he gives them the food. But Sam discovers that her food is poisoned. James tells her he makes a test for her to control her sense of smell.

At night, Mike calls Sam, telling her that he prepares a propaganda for their rock party. And they send her these photos to see them. So, Sam gets confused because she won’t be able to go out from this school. But she tells them that she’ll attend the party. After that, she goes to meet her mother in the secret headquarters of the Superpowers organization. Then, she shows her advanced technological weapons, including a weapon that depends on DNA and can imprison the superpower people inside it. Her mother tells her that if she wants to control her power, she must forget everything she thinks about and enjoys with everything she does.


When Sam returns to training, she does what her mother says and succeeds in her training. And she can know all the sounds on the screens. Meantime, all of them succeed in their exams, except for Roxana. But James decides that he is pressuring her to pass the test, and he takes advantage of her love for social media. Then, he threatens her that he’ll go live and show her fans her appearance when she is messy. At this moment, Roxana gets angry, passes the test, and is able to disappear. Overtime, all of their skills are clearly developing.  At night, Sam decides to go out of school to go to Mike’s friend and have their own party.

Then, she sends him a message to tell him that she is coming. Unfortunately, James wakes up all the team because they have a mission. Also, he tells them that there is a thief in the museum who wants to steal the royal crown, and their mission is to guard the crown in any way. When they reach the museum, Sam uses her powers and knows the thief’s location through remote vision. Unfortunately, the rest of the team goes with Sam instead of guarding the crown. Meantime, Roxana beats the thief and make him unconscious, and she is surprised that this thief is the girl who helps Jane with her training. After all, they return to the crown again and find it stolen. So, James tells them that this was a test for them and they failed in it because of because they didn’t do his orders.

On top of all, their mission is to protect the crown, not to arrest the thief. After all, he tells them that he cancels their training tomorrow to let them think about what they have done. So, Sam talks to her friend, Mike, and says sorry to him for not going to their party. And she feels that Mike is annoyed by her behavior, especially since she doesn’t tell him anything about her. But she is forced because James asked her not to tell anyone about his superpowers. The next day, all the team members gather and decide to go out together. In this time, they go to the sea and enjoy their time, and they become close friends.


After that, Jane tells Sam that she is very happy to know her. As if she wanted to be friends for a long time and see her palace. Then, Sam takes her palace and they enter through the back door and show her the room where she plays. After that, Mike comes and gets annoyed because he thinks Sam is ignoring him because she makes new friends. Meantime, she tries to tell him what happened, but he refuses to listen to her and breaks off his relationship with her. Then, Sam returns to school. On the other hand, Prisoner 34 appears and uses his power on jane and wants to kidnap Sam. The team comes to help them, but he can defeat them all. The prisoner hears the voice of James, their trainer, and decides to escape before being arrested.

Before he walks in, he calls out to Sam of Snowflake. In this time, she is shocked because this her father only called her that. So, James asks them to go back to their place. But Sam refuses and enters the woods behind the prisoner. So, he uses his strength and falls trees on her. And before he hurts her, James comes to save her. It’s amazing that, he has superpower and can make many copies of himself. But Prisoner 34 defeats him and then goes to Sam and tells her that he is her uncle called Edmund. She is surprised by this, because Edmund has died in a plane crash with her father. Suddenly, Jane appears, steals his power, and pushes him far away? Then, James goes to the hospital. He is about to die. After that, Edmund “Prisoner 34” is arrested. On top of all, Sam goes to her mother and tells her that her uncle Edmund is still alive.

So, her mother is forced to tell her the truth. Also, she tells her uncle Edmund killed her father to take the throne. After that, Sam asks her to meet Edmund again. So, her mother agrees and goes to prison and asks him why he killed her husband. So, he tells her that he should have killed him to get rid of the monarchy because all people would be equal. At this time, Sam returns to the palace to prepare for her sister’s Eleanor coronation ceremony. Then, Eleanor asks her not to act childishly. Also, most of the kings of the world will attend the party. At the same time, a team of superheroes gathers and they agree to go to the coronation party to support their friend Sam.


Indeed, they go to the coronation party and are impressed because the party includes all the royal families in the world. At that moment, Tuma admires a girl at the party and tries to use his power to get to know her, who is controlling people and doing all his orders. But he is surprised that his strength has disappeared. This because that Jane stole his power. And she controlled the guards to enter the secret prison and make Edmund got out of the prison. Accordingly, his partner from the beginning is Jane, and she helped him from the beginning and freed him from prison. Then, jane goes to the team and controls them, and Matteo, who controls the insects, becomes suspicious of her. Then, she sends a bee to Sam to warn her about it.

Then, Jane takes them to the prison of Edmund and locks them up. At this time, a bee goes to Sam and feels that there is danger. So, she uses her strength and sees Edmund from afar. After a little, she runs quickly to catch him. When he starts a coronation party, Edmund uses an advanced bomb and does it to die all the kings and princes in the party. While Sam is on her way to Edmund, she notices that Jane is following her. So, she goes to her friend Mike and asks him to help her. Certainly, she tells him everything that happened and tells him that she has superpowers and her uncle wants to kill her family. Then, Mike agrees and they both cooperate with each other.

And they make Jane enter the store. With confidence, Jane says that she helped Edmund from a long time to help her and kill his older brother to take over the throne in his place. After that, Mike throws a basket on her and makes her unconscious. Then, Sam goes to the prison where her team is and frees them and asks them to cooperate with her to defeat Edmund. So, she tells them about a good plan that to bring the device that disables the power and make a trap for Edmund. Meantime, Sam does her plan and goes to Edmund to confront him, and finds him putting the bomb in the DNA device that is in her mother’s laboratory.

And he changes the genes in the device to imprison all the kings and princes in the party. After this, he tells her that he must get rid of the monarchy to make the people live freely without any restrictions. Suddenly, Tuma and Roxana take the device from him and throw it at Sam. Secondly, Sam takes the device and jumps off the roof. After all of this, Matteo uses his power and controls butterflies to help Sam. Then, she runs away from the palace to make Edmund run after her. So, he enters her room and finds her making a trap for him and putting a device on him so that he can’t use his power. Certainly, Mike has the device with him and reprograms it to target Edmund only and pulls him inside the device. After all, the party ends and Eleanor is crowned princess of Illyria.

After a while, Sam’s team accepted into the superhero organization. Then, James is their leader. When Sam returns to the palace, her sister Eleanor tells her that she knows what she did for her and that she saved her from Edmund. So, she decides to make a parliament for the people so that they have a say. Meantime, Sam is surprised that Jane escaped from prison and left her fingerprint on their devices to challenge them to catch her. In the end, they decide to accept the challenge and arrest her.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals | September 25, 2020 (United States) Summary: Follows Sam's adventures at a top-secret training program for a new class of second-born royals tasked with saving the world.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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