A Social Media Star Tries to Kill Her Sister on Live to Gain More Followers.


The movie starts with a lady called Genelle promoting her beauty channel by telling her audience to subscribe, like and follow her on instagram for more beauty and outfit related things. The lady is a makeup influencer and she attends the red carpet for Sekani cosmetics where she is being questioned and she appreciates her fans. She enters the locker after her pet dog urinates on her nice cloth. She cleans it up but strange things start to happen in the locker. As these strange things happen, another makeup influencer on the red carpet seems to have a connection with what’s going on in the locker. As she stares from the red carpet, strange things keep happening in the locker until a hand picks up Geneller’s high heel and kills her with it. The makeup influencer that seems to have a connection with Genelle is called Mia. Mia gets home in the night and speaks to Diana, an artificial intelligent robot that does whatever you tell it to do, just like the iPhone’s siri. She lies in bed as she stares at pictures of loved ones pasted on the ceiling and she brings out her phone when a new message pops in. A lady sends her a video of herself thanking her and also telling her things. She stands up from bed and she tells Diana to turn on the light in her moms room. As the video she gets on her phone plays, she stares around her moms room and she moves her hand on her bed as the lady in the video says she love her. Still in her moms room, Nicole messages Mia and she asks why shes in thier moms room.Mia checks around and she sees a camera and she extends her middle finger to Nicole because she knows that Nicole is watching her though the camera. Nicole sends her more messages saying that what she just did isnt cool and she asks for Chico, their dog. Mia goes to her room and she tells Diana to play her songs and to also turn on the AC. She keeps checking stuffs on her PC until she gets a frind request from Kellan Parker, a guy who lives across the street. Mia chats Nicole and she tells her about the friend request. Nicole says that the guys parents went to prison for some kiddie porn reasons. Mia then plays a live video on her Jade’s channel which contains two ladies and a guy play games and happy together and in that live video, they asks for Mia to come join them. She begins to feel somehow and she tells Diana to lock the house. Mia chats with Jade and Jade asks about Nicole. It happens that Nicole and their mother have livingston’s disease. Mia tells Jade and Jade says atleast Mia doesnt have the disease that she should come over. Mia messages jade while the live video is still streaming. Mia then calls Chico to come but she doesnt get any response from the dog and she goes to find Chico in the house. Chico is no where to found and thats when kellan call comes through and Mia picks it. She is surprised to get a call from him and Kellan asks her if shes seen his dog as well. Dogs are going missing. Mia tells him that she didnt see any dog and Kellan uses the opportunity to ask further more about Mia. She continues to find Chico until she gets outside and someone mysteriously sneaks in, like a ghost. She gets scared and she goes back inside, she tried to lock the door but the lock suddenly becomes ineffective.As she slowly walks around in the house checking out for whatever it is that is happening, Kellan calls through again. He tips her that Chico might be under Nicoles bed and Mia asks him how he knows that and Kellan tells her he knows Nicole too. Mia gets to Nicoles room and she discovers its locked. Jade messages Mia again and she tells her that if she doesnt come to them, Lani is going to steal her man. She ignores the message and she tells Diana to turn on the light in Nicoles room but the light goes off. She tells Diana to turn on the light again, but she doesn’t answer her. Suddenly the light comes back on and she sees blood on the wall. She gets really scared and she asks Kellan on phone about what is happening and Kellan says he has her dog and calls her bitch. Mia quicly calls 911 but the call is being delayed. She gets to her PC and gets message from an unknown chat who says her friends will die if she tells the police anything and the unknown chat starts to send her pictures of her friends in distress. The unknown chat then tells her to tell the police after they pick the emergency cal that she made a mistake. After she tells the police that she made a mistake because she doesnt want her friends to be killed, she runs out of the house. She calls Jade to ask how shes doing but shes in distress and she tells mia that he wants Mia to choose between Lani and Chico, who she cares about most. Mia eventually chooses Lani before he kills her. He tells Mia to go back inside after which Mia refuses and he threatens to kill someone else so she agrees and heads back inside the house.When she gets inside, she sees blood on the floor. Kellan calls her and he tells her that he will ask her questions that if she gets the questions, he would let her friends go but if she doesnt, he would have her choose between Nicole and Santi. She answers the questions two correctly out of three and she eventually chooses lani over Santi.


Everything pauses for a moment and Lani calls through, Mia picks the calls and she tells her everything that has been happening is a prank they pulled up on her. Lani explains how they fake everything include the voice of kellan and everything. Lani says the prank is just because she has a lot of followers abd the whole scene with Mia is being live streamed and people are going crazy about it as the best prank ever. Mia gets really angry and frustated at what they dd to her and she calls them assholes. Mia checks through the videos and she cries. She then calls Nicole and she aks if she make it to San Fran safely and Nicole says yes. She tries to apologies to Nicole for not being there. She knows that the prank only tells her more about who she is. Nicole then asks about Chico and she lies to her that Chico is on the bed with and that she would send her the picture of Chico immediately they hang up the call. When they drop the call, Mia yells in the room asking Lani where Chico is, Lani already tells her as she gets prank, she is even in her house. When Mia yells and didnt get any response, she chats her up asking the whereabouts of Chico but Lani gives her a video call and she tells Mia to get out of the house. Mia thinks its another prank on her and she tells her to cut the crap.She tells Mia to get out of the house and she gets slaughtered. Mia calls Santi and she asks him about the dog as well and she blames him bitterly but Santi tells her that Lani is the one behind the whole idea of pranking her. As she thinks about the next thing to do, she hears a drop in the pool and she goes there. She approaches the pool saying nothing is funny they should just cut the crap. When she gets to the pool, she meets Lani slaugjtered and she runs back in to the house. The kights get turned off and everything starts again. Maybe its prank, maybe not, Mia is still cinfused and going crazy. Again, starts to control and tells her what to do and not to do. Kellan tells her to inject herself with many njections and the timer ticks. She then calls Jade and Jade begins to tell her that it was because of money. The money was alot so she and santi decide to split in with her, that is why everything is happening. Mia chats Kellan and she asks him if he paid Lani to set everythng up, She didnt get any response from kellan and she finds her mothers corpse wraped in the room and she also see a laptop there. She then video calls Nicole and she asks her what she did kwowig that their mother has been buried. Nicoles tells her that people would do anything for money. Nicole continues to blame Mia for not being there for their family. Nicole tells Mia how can she pick her friend over her family so Mia says that picked her friend because Nicole is dying. Nicole also blames her for lying to her about the whereabouts of Chico just to cover for her friends. Then Nicole tells Mia to break her within 5 minutes max or else she would kill Jade. She is with Jade tied down and she stabs Jades thigh just to get Mia started with breaking her leg. Mia runs around the house finding what to use to break her leg. As she is about to break her leg with a bat, Mia driver Mike messages her that he is around and Nicole asks her who is messaging her. She says its nobody and she tels driver mike to leave she breaks her own leg. She evenrually breaks her legs and Nicole walks right in. Mia lies on the floor and she aks nicole if Jade is okay, Nicole applauds her effort in breaking her own legs an she tells her that she really breaks her leg for a friend. Mia insists on Jades situation and Nicoles tells that Jade is not okay. She cries and Nicole tells that she surprises her. Nicoles tells her she did not think Mia could be this selfless to the point of breaking her leg just to save her friend. Nicole then says only if Mia could have done it for her. Nicole then lies beside her and Mia asks her if she actually paid them and she says that she puts their mothers pension to good use. Then right there, someoen knocks on their door and Nicole stands up and she tells Mia not to do nything ir ekse she will kill her friends. When she opens the door, the kellan with Chico and she thanks him for bringing Chico back. The Kallen that has been chating Mia along is not the real kallen but just his voice mimick. After Kallen hands over Chico to Nicole on the doorsep, he sees blood on the floor and he asks Nicole about it. Nicole lies to him and she tells him that its just her painitng stain. Kallen then asks her about Mia and she still lies that Mia has keft the house but Kallen says her car is still outside so Nicole fabricaes anothe rlie and she tells him that Mia left with anither car and that in fact, she isnt feeling good thats why. Kellan still feels disturbed and curios and he wants ask another question and thats when Nicole kills him with a gun. Nicole gets back inside and she discovers that Mia is no longer where she left her. So gets a message on her phone and when she views, Mia has already started a live vidoe telling her fans and viewers that Nicole wants to kill but she will kill her Chico first. Nicole gets to Mia and tries to kill her but in th end, Mia wins the battle. Mia uses walking stick to get herself outside but she collapse on her way to find help, Back in the house as the internet is going crazy after watching such a horrible live video, Nicole wakes up and stops the live video and the movie ends.


Shook | February 18, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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