A Group of Teenagers Play a Strange Game, Whoever Loses Will Die.


In a shop for selling old things. A girl named Cotton as she walks around the place and looks at the products. She sees a strange object and she is curious to know what this is. Then, the woman tells her that this is a game of friendship. And if someone tries to play it with his close friends, the game will tell him if they are really good friends or not. And if the game tests them and they fail, not only will their friendship end, but their lives will end as well. Provided that each one must tell the game the most important wish for him and the game does it, and then tests him. At this time, Zooza, Cotton’s friend arrives and asks her what she is doing?

Meantime, Cotton explains to her the idea of the game and they decide to buy it. Then, the two of them go to meet their friend Rob and Courtney, and the four of them play together and they love each other very much. After that, they go to Cotton’s house, and there they gather around the game and Cotton explains to them the idea. At first, they refuse to play, but Cotton says that it will be for a few months, and each of them will go to a different place to start their college life, except for Zooza who will continue her studies in the same city. On top of all, Cotton wants to know that the university will separate them, as it does with most people, or they will remain friends forever. And she forces them to play this game with her. Also, she says that the idea of the game each person says the most important wish he has, provided that it is a real wish. And then the game tests them and sees whether they are really real friends or not?

And if they fail, their friendship will end, and their lives too. So, each one of them and starts their turn in the game. At this time, there is a camera in the room where they are, and it appears that there is a child sees this camera, and now he is sitting in his room and watching them. Later, Cotton says that her wish to be friends forever. And she is afraid that the life will keep them apart and they will never meet again. Then, it’s turn of Zooza, she sadly says when each one of them travels, she doesn’t want to think of them. And she hopes that she can quickly forget them and live her life. Also, she says that they’re happy without her but she can’t live her life without them.

Then it’s Bob’s turn, he is shy of his wish but he tells them that he is sad because no girls like him like the rest of his friends. And he hopes that he can catch the eyes of girls and make them fall in love with him easily. Then, it’s Courtney’s turn, she is upset that she graduated from high school with a low score and she hopes that the university she applied to accept her but it’s a weak possibility. Because it is a well-known university, and it only accepts students whose score is high. After many days, the four decide to attend a party that hold at the house of one of their colleagues, and they all arrive before Cotton.

And they start dancing and enjoying at the party. After a while, Zooza feels that she is hot, so she goes with Bob outside, and each one of them starts talking about his fears regarding the college. By the way, Zooza’s father and her mother leave her alone, and that is why she is afraid that anyone around leave her alone too. And she feels that she is alone. Meanwhile, Bob comforts her, and he sees that they should take a chance of every moment and try to enjoy this vacation as much as they can. Then, she gets close to him and she has an affair with him. Meanwhile, Cotton arrives at the party and breaks down when she sees them together, but doesn’t say anything and just walks away without anyone knows. After a while, Zooza feels like she makes a mistake, so she goes to the bathroom and keeps crying.

At this time, Courtney drinks drugs at the party, and she sees Cotton, but she doesn’t care to know why Cotton is upset, and she only drinks the drugs she has. The next day, the announcement is made that Cotton is missing, and the same child who is watching them, standing and watching the announcement. But he doesn’t care, then he goes home, and his mother tells him that she knows that he doesn’t go to school for a week and begs him not to get her into problems as usual. At the same time, an investigator goes to talk with Zooza at her house and says that she questioned all those who were at the party yesterday. And she knows that Cotton went to the party, but after a short time, they saw her outside sadly.

And she asks Zooza about the last time she saw Cotton, and Zooza says that she didn’t see her at a party yesterday and she doesn’t even know if she came or not. And she says that she drank a lot and wasn’t conscious. At this time, Zooza doesn’t care by this and she leaves. Meanwhile, Courtney is in her home and is shocked when she knows that Cotton has disappeared. Suddenly, she receives a mail and knows that she is accepted in the university she wants. So, she prepares quickly and goes to meet Zooza and Zooza doesn’t care of Cotton because she suspects that Cotton hasn’t disappeared. And that she traveled to start her life in a new place as she wished.

But Courtney is unconvinced, because even if she decided to do, she’ll tell them. And then, Courtney is surprised how the university accept her? Although her score is low. And Courtney knows from all this that the game has done everyone’s order. Because she is accepted at the university, and Zooza also overcame the disappearance of her friend as she wished, but Zooza isn’t believe her and walks away. At this point, Courtney feels there is someone around her and guesses that he wants to hurt her. That’s why she takes out her phone to take a photo and threats him. But she is shocked when she sees Cotton before her. Cotton says that their friendship has been ruined, then Cotton stabs Courtney with the knife. And suddenly everything disappears, even the traces of the wound, and Courtney guesses that these are hallucination, nothing more.

At the same time, Bob becomes sad after he knows about Cotton’s disappearance, and suddenly he sees Cotton standing before him, telling him that they failed in the friendship test, and there is a blood comes out of her body, as if someone kills her. At the same time, Bob’s hand is full of the blood without knowing how it comes. So, Bob knows that these are all hallucination, and then he decides to go to Cotton’s house and steals the game from there. At this time, Kyle is watching Cotton’s room, and he sees Bob in her room. By the way, Kyle is keeping all these videos on his device. Suddenly, Cotton appears in the video, looking at the camera as if she is seeing Kyle and focusing on him. At night, Donna, Zooza’s neighbor, sends a message to Zooza asking her to come and sit with her son Kyle until she goes out and comes.

At first, she refuses because Kyle has problems and she doesn’t like him, but Donna reassures her that he becomes a good boy and lately he’s been spending all his time on his computer, to the point where he doesn’t even get out of the room. Then, Zooza agrees, goes to their house, and sits down to watch TV. At the time, Kyle is sitting in his room, locking himself up. She is surprised that Bob and Courtney are coming to sit with her, and that Bob brings the game with him asking them to know what happened to Cotton by the game. After that, three of them gather around a game and ask it about Cotton. Suddenly, Zooza feels as if something bites her, and there is a drop of blood falls from her hands on the mattress. Meantime, they are terrified, and they leave her, and she goes to wash the mattress. As for Courtney, she is afraid and wants to walk, but Bob stops her and reminds her of the rules of the game.

And he tells her if their friendship is not completed, this means that they will also die. So, Courtney goes back to sit with them. At this time, Kyle sends each of them his video while they are playing the game for the first time, and each one of them sees the video and notices that all their wishes come true, but they lost Cotton. While they are thinking about who sent the video, Courtney guesses that Kyle is doing this. And this is because he is the only hacker who knows them, and he is also a mysterious person. And Zooza decides to go out to his room to convince him to sit with her for a while. At this time, Bob gets into the room and tries to know if he really is the one who sent the video or not.

In fact, Zooza asks Kyle to come down and watch a movie with her. As soon as Courtney realizes that it is a horror movie, she gets scared and goes far from them. At this time, Bob sits at Kyle’s computer, and he is shocked when he finds him observing Cotton in her room all the time, to the point that he keeps hundreds of videos of her on his device. So, Bob opens one of the videos and discovers that it is a video of him while he is with Cotton in her room.

At this time, Kyle goes the room. So, Bob gets mad at him, saying that these videos set him in prison, and Bob keeps watching the video and gets surprised when he sees Cotton holding the game because he didn’t go her house, since the day she bought this game. As soon as he turns Bob to talk to Kyle, he finds him gone, and the strange thing is that Kyle at this time is in his place sitting with Zooza watching TV. At this moment, Zooza hear a strange sound like out of the game as soon as she gets close to it. Bob comes down from the room, talks to Zooza in a low voice. And he reminds her when they were together on the day of the party, and says that someone entered the room. And when he looked behind him, he met Cotton. Then, he knows that this is the reason that made Cotton upset and decided to leave them. So, Zooza are surprised and asks him if he was in relationship with Cotton and she knows that they were in relationship already but they didn’t tell that to anyone. Zooza is shocked and upset that Rob did this3

Suddenly, they hear Courtney crying in the bathroom, so they go to check on her, and Zooza locks the door on them, refusing to let Bob in. At this time, Courtney says that Bob was also in a relationship with her, but she doesn’t know that he is with them. They feel that Bob was using them to do his wish, and they get annoyed even more. At this time, Bob sees Kyle standing in the garden of the house, so he goes out to check on him. But Kyle is shocked. Bob tries to find out what he is looking for, until he sees Cotton’s dead body thrown in the garden. Suddenly, Kyle disappears from his place, so Bob gets scared and runs to the house, but he finds that the door is locked, and he keeps trying until he enters the house through the window and goes to Kyle’s room. At this point, the three of them are in a different room. And every one of them receive a different video. And Zooza sees a video of herself on the day of the party and knows that she left the party and talks to Cotton, and that day Cotton told her that she had decided to leave the country and walk.

And Zooza tries to stop her from what she wants to do, but Cotton is adamant and telling her that she saw her while she was with Bob, and she also says that she is the reason, that everyone around her leaves her and walks away, so Zooza gets annoyed and they keep fighting, until she hits Cotton’s head in the car and kills her.

As for Bob, he sees a video of himself standing in the garden, and Cotton may still be alive, but he grabs the knife and kills her. The strange thing is that this is the opposite of what happened because Bob arrived and found her already dead. At the same time, Courtney sees a video of Cotton telling her that she stole her drug pills and decided to commit suicide with it. And the three of them keep watching the video while they are devastated and don’t understand anything. At the same time, the game is still turning on its own, as if someone is controlling it. And Zooza tries to understand from the game what is happening, so the game replies to her, saying that they failed the test, and the result is that they will die. At this time, Courtney hears the sound of Bob knocking on the window and he wants to enter the house, so she goes to open it for him. Suddenly, Bob comes out with a knife and kills Courtney as if someone is controlling him. At this time, Zooza hears their voice, and she comes quickly and sees Bob holding the knife, so she gets scared and runs from him. Then, Bob keeps chasing her until he catches her in the bathroom. And before he kills her, she imagines that Cotton is standing in front of her and blames her. After that, it’s surprise that Zooza lied to them and she has a completely different wish inside her. And this wish is that she wants to get rid them, this is because she is upset that they’ll travel and leave her, and she thinks that they don’t love her as her father. And because the game’s mission is to do each one of them’s true wish.

And all their wishes were done, in the end, Zooza’s wish was fulfilled, and all of them died. Zooza imagines that she is standing before Cotton and says sorry to her for everything that happened. Since the day they saw the game, everything that happened was just an imagination. because Zooza knows that her true desire is to get rid of them, she convinces Cotton not buying the game without giving any reasons. Then, they walk from the place and go to Bob and Courtney, who are waiting for them, and the four decide to enjoy the vacation before each one of them travels to a different country.

The Friendship Game.

The Friendship Game | November 11, 2022 (United States) Summary: A group of teenagers in a small town discover a strange object that tests the strength of their friendship.
Countries: CanadaLanguages: English
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