Girl Survives Drowning and Waves Bring Her Into a Deserted Island but Finds Out She Is Not Alone.


A girl named Jenn wakes up on a deserted island. She meets her friend Brad on the beach. He also passed out when there was a coral reef hits his belly. It makes him a huge wound. So, Jenn pulls him to the beach to save him. Jenn wakes him up and takes a coral reef from Brad’s belly. And he feels pain and thirsty, so Jenn breaks a coconut to drink Brad its water.  

Unfortunately, when she comes back to Brad, she finds that he has died. She becomes very sad. By the way, Jenn was on a cruise with her boyfriend Lucas, their friends Brad, his girlfriend Mia and the last one is Zack. But Unfortunately, the launch drowned them all. Jenn found herself on this island after the waves moved her towards the island. Currently, Jenn is on the island and she is walking on the island to discover it. She is surprised that there is a bag on a tree. And when she opens it, she finds personal belongings inside it. 

Also, she finds ice tank to keep the cold, so she opens it and finds soft drinks inside. She finds a matchbox, but there are few matches in it. Then, she finds other bags of children’s toys and books. Jenn knows that there was a family on the island a while ago and they already died. After that, Jenn covers up Brad’s body on the beach. Meantime, the sky is raining heavily at the night, so Jenn hides from the rain inside a tree, until the rain calms down. And on the second day, Jenn is hungry, she finds dead fish on the beach, so she takes a fresh fish of it.   

At that moment, she is surprised when she notices that there is a half of a dead shark on the beach, and the other half of the shark is eaten of it. Jenn guesses that there is a ferocious fish than this shark ate this. But Jenn doesn’t care. After that, Jenn eats, so she cuts a raw fish with a flint stone. She finds a place on the island that is a cemetery for the people who were on the island before. So, she gets worried and thinks of Brad. She goes and pulls his body to bury him in this cemetery.  

At night, it’s very cold. So, Jenn lights the matches to keep warm. On the second day, Jenn surprises that Brad’s grave is open and Brad’s body isn’t there. This refers to that is an animal, kidnapped the body at night and eats it. And at the night again, Jenn stays awake by the wood fire until the next day in the morning because she is afraid to sleep. So that it doesn’t happen to her like what happened to Brad’s body and gets kidnapped while she is sleeping. 

And On the second day, Jenn swims on the ocean and dives to the bottom. She finds a deep and wide hole at the bottom of the ocean. Jenn is very surprised and doesn’t know what is hidden inside this. So, she gets out of the ocean along and goes back to the island. And at night, Jenn hears a flying plane. Then, she brings a gun and shoots a shot at the sky to see and save her. The shot makes a strong light but unfortunately the plane has already gone. And they don’t care about Jenn. Suddenly, Jenn finds a huge and terrifying creature coming out of the water.     

As he gets close to her, Jenn runs and hides inside the tree, so that this creature does not see her. After that, this creature starts looking for anything to eat on the island. This explains to Jenn that he was the one who killed half of the shark and was kidnapped Brad’s body and ate it as well. And surely this creature who lives inside the deep hole. But fortunately for Jenn, the terrifying creature can’t find her. Meantime, the creature returns to the ocean again. And at the next day, Jenn brings a bag of her and her friends that the waves had moved it to the shore.      

But it isn’t a leather bag, and it can float on the surface of the water. So, Jenn can use it as a boat to cross the ocean. Jenn takes the bag to swim by it on the ocean. But unfortunately, when she swims by the bag, she can’t and falls into the ocean. She gets annoyed, gets out of the water and comes back to the island again. And at night, this terrifying creature comes out again from the ocean, he goes to the island to look for food. But Jenn hides in the tree, so this terrifying creature begins to break the tree. 

Because he feels that there is someone hiding in the tree. So, Jenn is very afraid of him. But the creature walks and leaves her before breaking the rest of the tree. and returns again to the ocean. In the morning, Jenn comes out from the tree after most of it is broken. And Jenn swims at the water to hunt small fish, then she mashes this fish. After that, she throws it in the water to feed the fish to hunt them. After all of this, she finds a large fish coming to eat the small fish. Jenn hunts them with a spearhead carved of the tree.  

And on the second day, Jenn is sitting on the beach, she notices a half dead body eaten, and the ocean water moved it to the beach. So, Jenn goes to see who is this body? she finds the dead body of Zack who was with them on the cruise but his lower body is eaten. Of course, Jenn knows that this terrifying creature ate it. Jenn takes the chance of this body and pulls this to the beach. She hangs it with a rope on the tree to make a meal for the terrifying creature to eat it and doesn’t care by Jenn. Then at the night, the terrifying creature actually comes out of the ocean.   

But unfortunately at this time Jenn hears an another plane. She becomes angry because she can’t shoot a fire to see and save her. because this terrifying creature is looking for her. If Jenn shoots a fire, he will see and eat her. So, Jenn doesn’t take a risk and do this. After the plane leaves and the terrifying creature returns to the ocean. Jenn makes a high bed to be between the trees so that she can sleep. And the terrifying creature can’t kill her when he returns to the island at night.  

Because Jenn will sleep higher than him. and he can’t reach her. and at night Jenn sleeps on the hanging bed that she made. So, the terrifying creature comes out of the water to look for her and find her on this bed. The terrifying creature starts shaking the trees in which the ropes of the bed are fixed. Jenn starts screaming and comes down of the bed. she falls on the ground, and runs before he catches her. but the terrifying creature chases her and unfortunately catches her. He makes injuries to her body and pushing her to the ground. so Jenn gets hurt and faints. 

But the strange thing is that the terrifying creature leaves her and returns to the ocean again. The second day, Jenn swims on the ocean to treat her body wounds by the sea water. while she is on the beach, Jenn finds a small rubber boat in front of her. so she swims on the ocean to the boat. and she meets her lover Lucas. She meets her friend Mia with him. Jenn pulls the rubber boat to the beach. and gives them food and drinks, because they didn’t eat or drink from a long time. and then Jenn asks them to take the rubber boat. and sail by it to leave the island at all, because there is danger, if they all sit on the island. 

Jenn tells them about the terrifying creature that appears to her every night from the water. and also shows them pictures that she found on the bags on the island. the people who were on the island took a photo to this terrifying creature before they were eaten one after the other. and the last one was on the island buried the remains of their bodies. but Lucas and Mia don’t believe her. they want to stay on the island to eat and drink. Because they are safe on the island rather than the ocean. and they tell Jenn that they are lost in the ocean inside a rubber boat. 

they don’t have food or drink anymore. And tell her that the danger on the ocean more than on the island. So, Jenn is so nervous of them. One day, Jenn sees them sitting on the beach. So, she prepares her food and drink. She runs carefully to take the rubber boat and sail to leave the island at all. but unfortunately, Mia and Lucas see her. so they go, pull her again and bring her back to the beach. And at night, Lucas blames Jenn while Mia is with them. and tells her that she is selfish because she wants to leave them and run away. 

but Jenn tells him that if he sees the terrifying creature that appeared to her, he knows why she did this. When Mia sees that they fight each other, she goes to the beach. And suddenly, a terrifying creature comes out of the ocean. he attacks her and she screams. so Lucas takes a fired branch of tree and beats the terrifying creature to save Mia. but the terrifying creature hits him aggressively. so Lucas can’t do anything because he is a monster. Then the terrifying creature pulls Mia to eat her. 

And after all that happened, Lucas believes what Jenn said. they decide to leave the island as soon as possible. they start preparing food and drink for themselves to take with them on the boat. and sail to the west, because they might find a dry land in the west. this is the direction of two planes take when Jenn saw as well. Then they take the rubber boat to sail by it. Shortly after, the claws of the terrifying creature attack the boat. 

The creature tries to drown them and enters with his head from the floor of the boat. Lucas hits a bullet to his mouth. So, this bullet makes burns and pain to the creature. And this terrifying creature swims again into the ocean. Then, the terrifying creature appears from the other side. and cuts the boat from under. he kidnaps Jenn and takes her to the depths of the ocean to enter his hole. but Jenn has a small knife with her by chance. So, she stabs his body. And she escapes from him. Suddenly, this terrifying creature sees Lucas while he is under the water to kill him with a tree branch. 

After that, the creature attacks him along. He kidnaps him to his hole. But Jenn can save and return to the beach again. Jenn is so sad about the death of Lucas and all her friends. But Jenn decides to kill this creature. so she prepares wood from many trees and makes a trap for him. and at night the creature comes out of the ocean and goes towards the trap that Jenn made. He enters it to catch Jenn. Then, Jenn sets a fire to kill him and hides.  

Then Jenn appears and hits him with a tree trunk. But he hits her hard and falls her to the ground. so Jenn tries to run away from him. But the terrifying creature tries to catch her until he catches her and lifts her up. At that time Jenn has a sharpened branch of tree. she stabs it in his heart. So, he is forced to let her go because he gets hurt. then Jenn runs from him. so the creature also runs after her until they meet face to face at the beach. But as soon as the creature starts attacking her, he falls to the ground and is dying. because the injuries he has on his body caused him to die. Jenn doesn’t give him the chance to die slowly. and she stabs the branch of the tree in his body until he completely dies.  


Sweetheart | March 30, 2020 (Brazil) Summary: A woman washes ashore a small uninhabited island after an accident. The situation turns from bad to worse when she realizes there is a mysterious creature hunting at night.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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