This Magical Mask Changes His Life and Becomes a WWE Superstar.


The story begins with a young boy called Leo day dreaming about being a very popular WWE wrestler. We see him in the ring defeating a famous fighter. He then wakes up from his dream as his grandma Denise is calling him for school. The two play around and it’s revealed that she also has a passion for wrestling and supports Leo in his dream. He is only 11 so before his wrestling career he first needs to finish school. Leo gets ready for school and we are introduced to his father Steve. Steve is really tired as he just got from a job and now has to go to work once more. Denise and Leo have some fun banter and then he goes to school. Denise is worried about Steve as it seems that he is working all day long. He explains that it’s necessary.

Then we see Leo meeting up with his friends and going to school. His friends are also obsessed with wrestling and they talk about it all the way to school. When they enter school they see that there is a wrestling sign up. Leo wants to sign up and attend but he feels that he is just too small and he would be beat up. Soon after that we are introduced to his bully. This is a very mean kid who makes fun of Leo and his friends for being small. The bully also calls Leo a coward as he is too afraid to actually wrestle with anyone. This gets interrupted by Miss Cartwright who is one of the teachers. She protects Leo and his friends and tells the bullies to report to the principal. Leo is then joined by his friends in the cafeteria and they have a lot of fun talking about WWE during lunch. All of them have their favourite wrestlers and their ultimate moves. Leo stops participating in the discussion when he notices the girl he has a crush on sit nearby. He is a bit nervous so he spills his lunch. After school the bullies once again start harragin Leo and miss Cartwright has to intervene once more. After that Leo is chased by the bullies all over the neighbourhood.

Leo drives away as fast as he can but the bullies are persistent. After a while Leo finds a safe place in an old estate sale. He goes into the giant house and tries to hide in one of the rooms. The bullies run after him but the man in charge of the real estate sale sends him away. In the meantime Leo starts to explore the room he has entered. There is a lot of wrestler gear and soon he finds a very old blue wrestler mask. He takes it out and suddenly the man comes into the room. The man realises that Leo was being bullied by the kids so he allows him to take the mask with him.

Leo then goes back home and his grandma notices that something smells horrible. Leo knows that the wrestler mask stinks but does not want to reveal it to his grandma. He goes back to his room and prepares for their weekly wrestling marathon on tv. Leo loves watching wrestling with his grandma but he is missing his mom. She has left the family for some reason but Leo does not know the whole story. When his father arrives  from work he is really tired so he does not have time to watch wrestling with his son. It’s obvious that grandma Dennise and Steve have gotten into an argument. Steve goes to have some dinner and Leo notices that wrestling superstar Miz is on tv. It’s announced that there is going to be a special WWE tournament where the winner will win a lot of money. Leo gets really interested in this. Later in the night Leo overhears his father and his grandma arguing. It’s revealed that Leo’s mother has left the family for another man and Steve has not been handling it very well. He is working multiple jobs because he wants to pay off his debt of 20 000 dollars or they may lose the house in the future. Leo is really worried about his family and sad that his mother left them.

He once more picks up the smelly wrestler mask and finally decides to try it out. Leo puts on the mask and his voice suddenly changes. He is a lot more confident and he can really be intense. Leo realizes that after he takes off the mask, that voice and personality is totally gone. He tires out the mask and its powers in front of the mirror. Soon after that he catches his entire closet with one finger. Leo realizes that while wearing the mask he has literal superpowers. He goes into the garage and bends steel and lifts up a car. Outside he kicks a tree and totally breaks it. Leo goes back to his room and does some online research about the mask. Soon he finds out that the mask has been a legend that has existed for many years. It is said that the mask chooses its owner if they are worthy and then gives them powers. The last time a wrestler wore the mask was almost 50 years ago. Leo decides that he must use this mask for his own benefit.

The following day at school the bullies attack his friends as punishment. Leo then arrives and begs the bullies to stop. When they do not listen to him Leo puts on the mask and beats them up. The girl that Leo likes is called Erika and she is very impressed by his strength.  The teacher then sends Leo to the principal’s office while the entire school claps for him. Later in the car his father Steve scolds him about getting into fights. Steve things that his son is too good of a person to be getting into silly fights. Leo apologised for his behaviour.

After meeting with his friends Leo decides that he will enter the WWE tournament to earn the money needed to pay off his fathers loans. He goes back home to test out various outfits and finally finds the perfect one that suits him. Leo then goes to try out at the tournament. When he arrives everyone is pretty mean to him as he is pretty small. The woman at the reception demands that he comes up with a wrestler name for himself. Leo finally arrives at the nickname Kid Chaos. He meets some wrestlers, the only one who is nice to him is called Smooth Operator. He is a pretty strong man but he also has a very soothing singing voice. Suddenly the Miz arrives at the stage and prepares the crowd for a giant event. Another wrestler shows up with his manager. This is a giant and really dangerous wrestler called Samson. His manager is very rude to everyone and he is sure that Samson is going to beat all of them.

The competition starts and everyone is surprised at how strong Kid Chaos really is. Leo’s friends watch the event on tv and have no idea that their friend is the one in the mask. Kid CHaos is able to throw objects farther than any wrestler. At the end of the event he gets invited to be part of the tournament and win a big prize.

Leo now returns hom and his grandma finds out about the magic mask. Leo tells his grandma that he heard the conversation she had with his dad and he wants to help. Leo thinks that with the mask he can win 50 000 dollars and pay all the family debts. Also he hopes that maybe then his mother will return and live with the family once more.

Leo decides to use his magical mask to talk with Erica. The mask gives Leo confidence so he puts it on to talk with her in the library. He manages to get Erica interested in him so she tells him that they will talk on the phone later in the day.

That same day Leo returns home and he is very nervous as Erica is supposed to call him. suddenly Erika actually shows up at his house since she had dance lessons nearby. Leo tries to use his mask but after all he is just himself and the two of them have fun. In the following days Steve tries to connect with his son Leo but it does not work as Leo has other interests now. Steve still does not want to give Leo all the information about his mother and why she left.

Leo finally starts the tournament. He puts on his mask and now as Kid Chaos he has his first fight. It’s a bit difficult at first but with the powers of the mask he manages to defeat his first opponent. Leo starts to spend more time with Erica as she joins his friend group. Leo motivates her to join a talent competition as she is a great dancer. Leo also promises to perform with her and they start to practice daily. Leo as Kid Chaos has more fights and he wins every one of them. After the fights he talks with Smooth Operator and they bond.

Steve and Denise once again have an argument about his relationship with Leo. Steve does not want to break his son’s heart and tell him the truth. The fact is that Leo’s mother met a new man in New York and does not have time to call Leo. She does not want to try at all. Denise and Steve agree that they need to help Leo move on. Leo spends time with Erica and his friends. When a criminal enters the store, Leo dons his mask and defeats the criminal with zero issues.

The day of the talent show arrives and Leo also has a fight at that moment. Erica visits him and he promises to make the event. The manager who is in charge of Samson realizes that Kid Chaos is just a kid using a magic mask.

Leo has a final fight and his opponent is Smooth Operator. The fight is brutal but at the end Kid Chaos wins. Because of the fight Leo misses the dance performance he was supposed to do with Erica. One of his friends helps Erica perform. Later Leo arrives but he is not that sorry that he missed the event. He thinks that his wrestling is much more important. This makes his friends even more angry at him.

When Leo returns home he realizes that things are not going well. He talks with his grandma Denise and she offers him some great advice. Leo now realizes that while he thought the magic mask would solve all his issues, it has only made things worse.

Leo goes to talk with his friends and apologizes for the way he has been acting lately. Erica and his other two friends forgive him and he finally redeems him.

Samson and his manager decide to set up Leo so that he loses in the final match of the tournament. They sneak in and switch Leo’s mask with a fake. The final battle begins and this time Kid Chaos is not doing so good. Steve is watching the fight on TV. Samson is really brutal and Leo does not stand a chance since he is only a child. The evil wrestler starts to brutally beat Leo. Leo soon figures out that the mask he is currently wearing is not his magic mask. Steve then rushes to see his son and to save him. The fight is happening in a giant cage so Leo climbs on top of it so that Samson does not reach him. Leo figures out that Samson is really afraid of heights. Leo then baits Samson to climb up. Samson passes out from the fear. Leo then jumps on him and wins the match.

Leo is the winner and he gets the massive 50 000 dollar check. Leo demands that the NXT organization gives Smooth Operator a contract since he is only a small kid. The WWE tells Leo that he will have a place at their organization when he grows up. Some time passes and Leo joins the wrestling team as he feels more confident in his skill. He does not need the magic mask anymore. He finally gets a change to beat up his bully in a wrestling match while his father Steve watches proudly from the stands.

The Main Event.

The Main Event | April 10, 2020 (United States) Summary:
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