A Loser Who Changes His Identity With the World’s Deadliest Assassin by Chance.



The film starts with Teddy trying to make a video promoting his fitness ventures


He has elastic bands a sweatsuit


and his attempt at non-contact boxing but all of them are failures


Somewhere in the desert


an assassin known only as The Man From Toronto arrives at a cabin to interrogate a suspect


Toronto gets ready to carve into the suspect with a hot knife


but the man becomes terrified and promptly gives up the information he wants


After he leaves the suspect is shot and killed by the man who called Toronto


Teddy is getting ready to celebrate his anniversary with his wife Lori


Although Lori loves Teddy


she is aware of his reputation as a screw-up to the point that her coworkers refer to an error as Teddying things up


He sets up a romantic getaway at an Airbnb


but because of a low-toner situation Teddy cannot quite make out the given address


Teddy goes to work where he meets with his boss Marty


who is annoyed with Teddy because he printed out flyers for their gym without an address or a phone number


While Marty likes Teddy he has no choice but to fire him


Toronto returns home and begins preparing his breakfast when he is contacted by his Handler


Although Toronto just wants to take it easy The Handler tells him that the next contract he has lined up is worth $2 million


Teddy and Lori arrive at the spa where he is treating her for their anniversary


After dropping her off


he heads to what he believes is Airbnb based on the reservation he printed out


Due to misreading it Teddy ends up at a cabin where Toronto is supposed to meet his target


The thugs in the house bring Teddy to the basement under the impression that he is the Man From Toronto


As Teddy realizes he has gotten himself into trouble he attempts to calm their hostage


but the man is terrified and ends up giving the thugs the information they want


Moments later a flash grenaid is dropped into the basement


and FBI agents storm the house apprehending all the men including Teddy


Teddy is interrogated by two agents who acknowledge that he is most definitely not The Man From Toronto


but the agents need him to help them apprehend former Venezuelan Colonel Sebastian Marin


He attempted to stage a coup the previous year to overthrow the government but was stopped by the US


Marin and his wife Daniela managed to escape before they could be arrested


They want Teddy to continue to pretend to be the Man From Toronto in order to get close to Marin and bring him down


They assign Agent Santoro to look after Lori while Teddy is on the job


but he feels threatened because Santoro is suave and handsome


Teddy has to tell Lori that his absence is because he was called to a work conference since he didn’t tell her he got fired


Santoro escorts her while she spends time with her friend Annie


Toronto finds out about the mix-up and is given Teddy’s information by The Handler


He finds Teddy’s videos and cannot believe that this is the man mistaken to be him


He tracks Teddy down as the agents bring him to meet with Daniela


Instead of meeting Marin Daniela has her men take Teddy with them to a hangar


Toronto forces one of the agents at gunpoint to follow them


Teddy ends up on a plane heading to Puerto Rico


Toronto infiltrates the plane mid-air and reveals himself as the man they were looking for


though they still believe Teddy is the real assassin Toronto then proves himself by killing Marin’s men


and having to save Teddy after they both nearly fall out of the plane


They land in a field and start making their way out on foot after the plane explodes


The Handler contacts Toronto and chastises him for not killing Teddy since they do not leave witnesses alive


Toronto tells Teddy they need to find someone named Mr. Green


and bring him to Marin


since Marin has already seen Teddy’s photo believing he is Toronto


On a golf course another assassin known as The Man From Miami


shows up to beat his client with a golf club


He gets a call from The Handler and offers him a contract to take care of the mess with Toronto


Miami agrees and then uses his golf club as a rifle to kill the other golfer who witnessed the scene


Toronto brings Teddy to a tech convention where they will find Mr. Green


He coaches Teddy on how to convincingly pretend to be him so they can find Green


Teddy is brought into a room with one of Marin’s men while Toronto talks to him via earpiece


Four captive men are presented and Teddy has to interrogate them all to figure out which one is Mr. Green


He is given knives as a torture method to get them to talk


but he accidentally slashes one of the men’s under his eye causing it to bleed


Despite Teddy trying to hold back he pukes on two of the men


and one of them ends up saying that he is Green


However the main thug notices Teddy’s earpiece and prepares to kill him forcing Toronto to step in and kill the goons


He then cuts the thumb off Mr. Green and puts it in a bag


As the two try to make their way out of the building Miami finds them and starts to go after them


He throws Teddy off the ledge but he catches onto a decoration


Toronto and Miami fight as Teddy attempts to get himself down


Miami almost gets the thumb but Teddy falls on top of him and Toronto knocks him out


Toronto then contacts The Handler for an update on the situation


After hearing the conversation Teddy believes that The Handler is lying to Toronto


Teddy and Toronto head on a flight to Washington DC


Toronto tells Teddy he knows that he is a screw-up just based on what he learned from him in person


and by going through his video history of making his failed gym ads


When they arrive Teddy contacts Lori


and they make plans to meet at a fancy restaurant which the FBI is alerted to


Teddy brings Toronto along and starts to coach him on social skills


The two meet Lori who also invited Annie


Toronto hits it off with Annie but they have to cut it short when Teddy spots Miami arriving at the restaurant


Miami catches up to them in a closet where Toronto fights him again and gets shot in the leg


and Miami takes the thumb


Teddy and Toronto keep moving and steal a cop car to catch up to Miami


since he and The Handler are going to meet with Marin


On the way to Marin’s hotel room Teddy asks Toronto about a job in Minnesota


that keeps being brought up


Toronto explains that he was supposed to kill a man who owed gambling debts to the wrong people


but he stopped himself when he saw the man’s kid


Toronto later regretted it because the man went on to commit a rampage


He says that when he finishes this job he wants to open up his own restaurant and not kill anymore


At the hotel Marin and Daniela meet with The Handler and Miami


They find that the thumb that Miami stole


to set off a bomb that will kill the Venezuelan president doesn’t work


as Mr. Green was actually the main thug that did the interrogation


Teddy shows up and poses as Toronto


even though The Handler tries to convince Marin that it’s not him


The FBI shows up and arrests Marin and Daniela but The Handler and Miami escape


Toronto ends up taking the payment that The Handler would have collected


Teddy rushes back home to try and find Lori but he only finds the house empty


She left him a message saying that she is going to her mother’s house


because she doesn’t know what is going on with Teddy


Meanwhile The Handler begins to contact other assassins to go after Teddy and Toronto


The next day Teddy learns Lori will be at the train station so he runs there to try and catch her before she leaves


Miami finds Teddy and tries to kill him


but Toronto catches up and saves Teddy saying that he didn’t like the idea of Teddy dying


They are then confronted by The Man From Moscow The Man From Tokyo and The Men From Tacoma


The guys run into Teddy’s old gym and Toronto kills all the assassins


They are cornered by Miami outside


but Teddy finds the courage within him to knock Miami out even though he breaks his hand


The Handler shows up and demands the money which is in the trunk of Toronto’s beloved car


After a chase where The Handler fires grenaids at them they end up at a factory


The Handler corners the two at gunpoint but Teddy pulls a lever


and drops The Hander into a boiling hot vat where she burns to death


and Toronto allows Teddy to take his car to catch up to Lori


Teddy makes it and apologizes to Lori for keeping things from her and they reconcile


And then Toronto’s car gets plowed by a train because Teddy left it on the tracks causing all the money to fly away


And THEN Teddy gets tackled by the police


One year later Teddy and Lori are expecting a baby


Toronto has opened his restaurant and is dating Annie


Teddy’s gym business has taken off


but Toronto still wants to kill Teddy for destroying his car

The Man from Toronto.

The Man from Toronto | June 24, 2022 (United States) Summary:
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