A Man who Weighs 400 lbs Is Bullied by All People Even His Daughter.


Charlie gives online lessons on how to write articles. All of the students open their cameras except for him. After the lesson is over, Charlie appears. He is very fat, and everything around him in a certain way to take them easily. Moreover, he has catchers in the ceiling to hold it when he sleeps or when he goes to the bathroom. After the lesson is over, Charlie sits alone, suddenly he has a heart attack and he cannot breathe and feels incredible pain in his chest. At this time, someone knocks on him saying he wants to talk to him, but Charlie doesn’t know what he wants but tells him to open the door then Thomas appears. Thomas gets so excited, when he sees Charlie in this situation and he doesn’t know what to do? Then, Charlie asks him to read this article. Once Thomas reads it, Charlie feels that he calms down, as if he has forgotten all the pain he feels. After this, Thomas ask him about what he was reading to him, Charlie tells him it is just an article. Short time later, Thomas sits with Charlie and tells him that he is one of the missionaries of Christianity and calls people for belief in the New World faith. Definitely, the new world faith believes that Christ will appear again and liberate them from the world in which they live and begin with Christ a new life free from pollution, killing and all the sins that humans committed after their exit from Paradise. In general, the theorists believe that they are at the end of the world, and that is why they help people to enter their religion again, so that they can be with those who will go to the new world with Christ. Then, Charlie interrupts him and tells him that he does not care what he said. After that, Charlie asks him to bring him his mobile phone, which is in before him, but he cannot get it. From there, Thomas gives him the mobile phone. Before Thomas walks, Liz arrives. Liz is Charlie’s nurse and also his best friend. Meanwhile, Liz measures his pressure and finds it is more than 200, so she is shocked and asks him about the symptoms he felt. Then, Charlie tells her that he cannot breathe and was suffering from chest pain. According to the above, Liz examines him and hears his breath, which is a wheezing sound. After the examination, Liz says to Charlie that he suffers from severe heart failure and he must be taken to the hospital immediately, but Charlie refuses. Additionally, he tells her that he is not willing to pay the $10,000 to the hospital because he has no insurance. So, Liz tells him that it is better to have debts than die, But Charlie is determined and refuses to go to the hospital, so Liz ignores him. During that time, Liz asks Thomas about what he is doing here, and he tells her that he is a missionary from the church. Also, she asks him if he knows someone named Aiden, Then, Thomas tells her that he almost knows him. So, Liz tells him that he is her father and he is Christian pastor.


Furthermore, Liz lives all her life with a person who believes in the same beliefs as Thomas. Now that, Liz advises Thomas to stop talking to Charlie about this because the church was the cause of the death of the closest person to him and the church destroys his life. Besides, the church makes Charlie into the person he sees now.  Also, the church was the cause of terrible pain in Liz’s life. Due to this, Liz and Charlie do not need to be with Thomas. Then, Thomas objects and tells her that he feels that he comes here to help Charlie. Accordingly, Liz tells him that Charlie won’t even live until next week. Meanwhile, Charlie interrupted them when he comes back from the bathroom and sits on the sofa, so Thomas decides to leave. But Thomas asks Charlie again about what he reads and makes him better. Hence, Charlie says it’s a well-written article, nothing more. At this time, Thomas goes and it is clear that he will come back again. After that, Liz sits with Charlie and begs him to go to the hospital, but Charlie changes the subject and makes her laugh.


At this moment, they sit together watching a movie, then Charlie asks Liz to bring him food, it is clear that she is upset because she will give him the poison (food) that will be the cause of his death. Obviously, Charlie eats too much, as if he’s punishing himself. After a while, Liz goes. Charlie prepares himself to go to sleep and reads another part of the article, then he leaves the paper while he goes. Although, he completes this article from his mind and it appears that he has memorized it well. In general, the topic of the article is about a pirate who lived his whole life trying to kill a whale. Although the whale has no emotions, the pirate thinks that his life will be better when he kills the whale. Though, the whale is just a poor big animal does not know what he is waiting for. During that time, Charlie continues reading until he falls asleep. In the next day, he decides that he is searching more about the disease that Liz told him about. Definitely, he knows that it is a serious disease and he must go to the hospital. When he sees the emergency number, he locks his laptop, being nervous, and continues his normal daily routine, takes a shower, then shaves his beard and sits to eat. After he finishes, he puts food in the Pigeon dish on his window. Undoubtedly, he is clearly a very kind person. Suddenly, the door is knocked, so he tells the one who is knocking, to open the door and finds his daughter Ellie before him. For a very long time, He hasn’t seen her. Meanwhile, Charlie is surprised that Ellie is there.


Definitely, he asks about her school, so she tells him that she will be expelled from the school because she refused to write a specific article about something topic. In her opinion, it is unnecessary subject. The topic is not worth the effort she will make, so Charlie tries to ask her more about her and her life, but Ellie gets mad at him and asks him if he is taking care of her now. Undoubtedly, Charlie tells her that he always asks her mother about her, but she refuses to tell him. So Ellie tells him nervously that she is his daughter. In addition, Charlie left her when she was eight years old, because of his love, and he abandoned Ellie and her mother from a long time ago. From there, he asks her to spend time together to get to know each other more, But Ellie tells him that she’s not coming to spend time with him, and she doesn’t even know Why does she come? And he is a bad person to her. Then, Charlie tells her that he knows he’s getting over weight since the last time she saw him. At that time, she tells him that he’s not a bad person because he gets over weight, but he’ll still be a bad person even if he’s thin. All of this, because everything he did with them was bad. Before she walks away, Charlie stops her and asks her to spend time with him in exchange for giving her money. At these moment, Ellie stands in her place and asks him about the money he has, and he tells her that he has about 120,000 dollars and he will give this money to her, so Ellie asks him if he wants her to spend time with him in exchange for the money. Then, he tells her that he will help her to graduate from school through writing articles, shows her the online lessons that he gives to the students. Also, he tells her that he is a writer, he will be able to help her, and she can also help him in writing because he feels that she is smart and one day, she will be a great writer. However, she does not answer him and opens the door to walk. Suddenly, she looks at him and asks him to come to the place where she is standing. Then, Charlie holds his stick, but Ellie refuses. Then, Ellie asks him to come without the stick. Undoubtedly, Charlie tries to stand without the stick, but he keeps falling until he presses on himself, but the table breaks and Charlie falls again on the sofa.


After this, Ellie looks at him in an ugly way and walks away. After a while, Liz comes and finds out that Ellie was here so she asks him not to allow Ellie to come again because he is already sick and dying and he cannot stand her. After that, Charlie tells her that he needs to spend time with Ellie and help her with her homework, but Liz gets mad at him and begs him not to do that to himself. Furthermore, she refuses to give him food unless he assures her that he will not let his daughter come again. So, Charlie tells her that he will not do that again then he eats. Apart from this, Liz gets up to wash the dishes. Suddenly, Charles coughs hard and it is clearly that he could not eat the food any more. So, Liz goes to him quickly then she saves him. After that, she breaks down as she tells him to chew the food well because she is not ready to see him die before her. But Charlie tells her that he is fine. After all of this, he opens his laptop and shows Ellie’s profile, which makes him feel that she is a lonely and sad person, and the only unknown girl who wrote to Ellie a comment insulting her. Without a doubt, Liz gets very upset and then apparently that she loves Ellie. On the second day, Charlie teaches the lessons to his students while he closes the camera as usual. Also, he asks them to express themselves in the article without fearing that people will judge them or even not understand their writings. In addition to this, the most important thing that they understand and accept themselves by expressing their personal and true opinions. After the lesson, Charlie is going to get a book, but he sees a picture of him with his friend who died. Liz was talking about this friend, so Charlie gets very sad and says that he wants to enter his friend’s room again. He tries to get the key, but the key falls on the floor.


Later, he tries to catch it with the holder he uses to catch the things that fall from him, but he fails. Then, he puts the key in his place and goes back to the sofa. After a while, his daughter Ellie comes to sit with him. All the time, she holds her mobile. So that, Charlie tries let her express her ideas in the article that they are going to write. However, Ellie refuses and wants him to write the article to graduate. Suddenly, Ellie asks him about the cause of his friend’s death. In this case, Charlie refuses to answer her and insists on letting her write what she feels, as the way he deals with his students. Later, he enters the bathroom, and there he breaks down crying because of his friend who died. Meanwhile, Ellie hears him and asks him if he is okay. At that moment, Ellie tells him the only condition that will allow her entering the bathroom for him, if he is dying. In order that, Charlie tells her that he is fine and continues to cry. Suddenly she notices the plate of Pigeon food. In a few moments, the door knocked, she finds Thomas before her. As a result, she deals with him rudely and makes fun of his religious beliefs. After that, Ellie tells Thomas that these beliefs are not important, so Thomas cannot answer her, gets embarrassed, and wants to walk, but Ellie introduces herself to him and tells him her name as if she tries to handle the situation with him. And eventually, she leaves. Short time later, Thomas stays with Charlie to convince him of the theory of the new world. However, Thomas is surprised that Charlie knows all the information about them. In addition to this, Charlie reads the Bible more than once. So that, Thomas tells Charlie that he felt that God sends him to Charlie because the first time he would have died without his help. Suddenly, Liz entered and interrupted them. Liz bought a wheelchair for Charlie to move easily. Then Liz asks Thomas to talk privately, telling him what the church had done to her and her older brother, who was carrying out church education and preaching Christianity in South America until his father was forced her brother to get married. From this moment, her brother’s life was destroyed and he became addicted person. Besides that, he couldn’t eat so much so that he becomes very thin. Until one day, the police found the body of a young man, her brother, thrown in the river. Her brother committed suicide because of his father. But as far as her, his father killed his son, and Charlie, who was his best friend, was killed with him. Suddenly, Charlie interrupts them, who knows they are talking about him, so he goes in. All day, Charlie sits alone and stays silent until Liz walks. After that, he goes into his friend Allen’s room and looks at the room from afar. Then, he goes back to sit alone and reads the Christian learning books that Thomas gave him. After a while the pizza man arrives, Charlie puts the money in the box next to the door because he is too shy for anyone to see him and feel disgusted because of his appearance. Unfortunately, the pizza man decides to introduce himself to Charlie. After that, the pizza man say that his name is Dan. Then, Dan asks Charlie behind the door if he needs anything else. So that, Charlie thanks him. After minutes, Charlie makes sure that the delivery man walked and goes out to get pizza as usual. After some time, he looks at the note that he asked his daughter to write what he feels. Then, he reads her writing that she hates him and the whole world. Undoubtedly, Charlie breaks down crying, but he memorizes the two sentences and reads the article he was reading again. After that, Charlie wrote the two sentences that his daughter Ellie wrote in his article. On the second day, his daughter Ellie comes to him then he gives her the note. Moreover, Charlie asks her to complete writing. So, Ellie tells him directly that she hates him. After this, Charlie tells Ellie that it’s okay to hate him and gets angry with him, but it is not right that Ellie hates and gets angry with the whole world because of him.


As a result, she becomes very intolerant of him and tells him that he left her when she was eight years old. If Charlie proves to himself that he is right, this means that he is a liar person. Since her childhood, Charlie taught her a lesson, which is that all people are cruel, and she can’t trust anyone else. And then, she sits with back, and continues talking saying that she just needed him to be a part of her life. Therefore, Charlie tells her that he tried and asked her mother to get close to Ellie and let Ellie to see him, but she refused. Meanwhile, Charlie begs Ellie to forgive him because he does not try more than that. Then, Charlie asked her to look at him. After a few times, he asks her that there is no one in the world who would like to be a part of his life while he is in such an ugly appearance. And after all, Ellie gets very upset and can’t answer him, so she changes the subject. Then, Ellie says she’s hungry so Charlie says her the place to eat. During that time, Ellie tells him that she’s making him a small sandwich, and she won’t put mayonnaise on it so that he doesn’t get tired. After that, Charlie looks at her with love and tells her that she’s a beautiful girl and she is kind hearted. Then, she thinks a lot while holding a knife and cuts into the wood of the kitchen unconsciously, and it appears that she has great anger towards her father. After a while, Charlie is asleep while he is eating, so Ellie takes out the plate, and then she walks through the apartment until she shows her father’s room, it becomes very messy. Then, she opens the room next to it, which is Allen’s room, and she finds it very clean and tidy, so she is very surprised. Before, she enters the room, Thomas knocks on the door, so she makes him enter, sits with him, and confesses to him that she put sleeping pills for her father. Meanwhile, Ellie asks Thomas to smoke weed with her, but Thomas refuses and tells her that he was an addict and stopped. But Ellie forces him to drink and tells him that if he doesn’t, she will give her father more sleeping pills. Besides that, she tells him that she has twenty pills with her, so Thomas is very afraid and asks her about the reason for what she is doing. Due to this, she gets mad at him then She tells him to drink or she will call the police and tell them that he tried to rape her. Afterward, Thomas drinks quickly and she takes more than one picture of him while he is drinking.


Suddenly, she says that she knows that he is lying to them because she asked one of her colleagues in the same church, and she knew that the activity he was doing in his village stopped years ago. As a result of the foregoing, Thomas gets nervous so he tries to escape from her, but she prevents him, so he quickly hides in Allen’s room and locks himself in the door. so she asks him to tell her the truth. After a while, he tells her that he was on a mission relating to the church, and that his father had sent him this mission because he was shy of him because he used to drink weed. While he is talking, Ellie open the voice recorder and Thomas completes and says that every time he goes out on the mission to call for people, he does not feel that he is really helping them. That is why, he tried to suggest to the priest to change their way. but none of his ideas were implemented. Accordingly, he decided to run away and then he waited while everyone fell asleep. After this, he stole all the money of the mission and escaped completely from the city.


Later, he lost his phone and decided to live alone. Suddenly, Thomas notices the book of the Bible in Allen’s room, and when he opens it, he finds a mark on verses in it. Then, he takes the book, opens the door, and apologizes to Ellie that he lied to them and walks away. Suddenly, Liz comes with Mary. Mary is Ellie’s mother and Charlie’s ex-wife. When they see Charlie sleeping strangely deeply, Liz knows that he has taken a hypnotic. In this case, she gets mad at Ellie, and she is able to wake up Charlie and gives him an oxygen tube. So that he can breathe. After Charlie wakes up, Liz asks him about his health. Furthermore, Liz knows that he feels pain, so Liz measures his heartbeat and suddenly she is shocked.


Out of nowhere, Mary interrupts them and asks Ellie about the amount that Charlie offered her and she can’t answer. Then Liz replies and tells them that Charlie doesn’t even have money. Then Liz notices his expression and realizes that he has money and he lied to her. all the time before, he had a lot of money in Ellie’s banking account. Even though, it was possible to buy health insurance and modern medical equipment or even go to the hospital for treatment. Then Liz tells him about every time he could have died because of the lack of money, so Charlie apologizes to her and tells her that this is Ellie’s money so that he can’t take it. Meanwhile, Liz gets mad at him and doesn’t believe what she hears and goes out of the door of the house. based on that, Charlie breaks down and begs her to be with him. Then Mary asks her daughter Ellie to go to speak with Charlie privately. After a few minutes, Mary asks Charlie about what happened to him. Definitely, she becomes so sad. After this, she sits close to him, hugs him and they think together about their memories from the past. Then she confesses to him that she refused to let him know anything about their daughter, and this is because she was afraid that he would see her as a bad mother, and this is because their daughter becomes an evil person who hates all people and hurts them. But Charlie refuses to believe her and asks her not to tell about their daughter like that, because he sees her as a perfect and beautiful girl. Additionally, Mary opens his laptop and shows the picture she took of him, and she was made fun of his picture. So, Charlie tells her that this does not mean that she is the evil person, but rather she is honest and tells the truth. So, Mary gets mad at him and asks him to respond to her by logic. As well as, she tells him that she used to enjoy making her classmates cry, she used to cut the tires of the teachers’ cars, and she continues, and tells him that Ellie hates him so much and Mary was afraid that Ellie would kill him.


But Charlie tells her that he is sure that Ellie is a good person and kind hearted. So Mary asks Charlie how bad he is, so Charlie tells her that he will die, so Mary gets very angry and gets up from her place. At the same time, Charlie tries to calm down Mary and tells her that he does not need anything other than that he knows they’ll be fine. At this particular time, Mary tells him that they would be fine if he went to the hospital for treatment. Without a doubt, Charlie tells her that he will not go to the hospital, and that this is his choice. Thus, Mary gets angry and takes everything she owns to walk. Before Mary goes out the door, Charlie cries and tells her that he wants to make sure that he did only one right thing in his life. so Mary still standing and tells him that he gave them the money and spends on them and she cares of and raises Ellie. Also, she said that he did his duty. After all, Charlie stays alone and sad, and then he orders a pizza and sits at the window and finds that the pigeon dish is broken. Suddenly, the delivery boy knocks, so Charlie asks him to take the money from the box as usual, and Charlie makes sure that he walked and then he goes out, but suddenly he meets the delivery boy standing on the stairs.


When he meets Charlie, He surprises and walks. Definitely, Charlie gets very upset and makes sure that he is a hated and ugly person. Later, he eats a lot for a long time until he vomits most of the food he ate. After that, he breaks down in tears. Suddenly, the door knocked, and Thomas appears, and he confesses to Charlie that he escaped because he committed a crime of theft. Then, Ellie sent an audio recording and a picture to his family. Due to this, they spoke him and begged him to come back and told him that they forgive him. After doing that, Thomas becomes very happy with what Ellie did, and tells Charlie that he does not know if she wanted to hurt him or help him, but now he is happy and will return home. Obviously, Charlie is surprised that his daughter was able to reach his village and also to his family and send them a picture. Charlie looks at the situation in a positive way. As a result, He thinks that his daughter is very smart, and he is sure that she is trying to help people around her, but in a different way. Then Thomas sits down and opens the Bible book to Charlie that he found in Allen’s room. Then Thomas says that when he surrenders his soul to the Lord, all the sins that he committed through his body will be removed. At that time, he will be able to live freely. Although, Charlie asks him if he thinks that Charlie is bad, and he keeps pressuring him until Thomas tells him that he is really bad. So Charlie apologizes to him for his way and he gives the book, and asks him to go home. After All of these, he continues to eat like crazy, as if eating is the only way to escape from his pain and sadness. After all this happened, He opens his laptop and writes a letter insulting all the students, because they are not honest. On the second day, the last lecture comes, Charlie reads to each student something honest that they said to him. Eventually, he thanks them because they were honest with him, and for that he must also be honest with them. Finally, he opens the camera for them and shows them his body. And he tells them that the homework he gives them is not important, and even the university is not important, but the honest articles that they wrote from their thought are the most important. Ultimately, he throws his laptop on the ground and remains sitting alone. After a while, Liz arrives and she measures his heartbeat. When she hears it, she breaks down. In addition to this, Charlie apologizes to her for all the pain he caused her.


Then, he admits that he tried to save Ellen, but he couldn’t. After hearing that, Liz tries to calm down Charlie and she tells him, without his support to Ellen, Ellen would have committed suicide years ago. And tells that no one in the world would have been able to help him. Short time later, both of them cry together. Suddenly, Ellie arrives and asks Liz to leave because she wants to talk with her father privately. Finally, Charlie’s face becomes pale. At this moment, Liz knows that he is dying, so she bids him her last farewell. Liz tells him that she will wait for him below. After Ellie gets mad at him and tells him that her article was rejected. At the same time, Charlie asks her to open it and read it. Then Ellie gets shocked when she reads the article and she finds that it is The Whale Article, it is the same article that she wrote years ago. By that time, Ellie knows that her father kept this article all the time then Charlie repeats her every word in the Article without a mistake. Clearly, Ellie tears and asks him why he did this to her. Then, Charlie apologizes to her, he cannot take his breath, and begs her to forgive him because he was not in her life all the time passed. He definitely tells her that she did not deserve to abandon her. In addition to this, she is the best thing that happened to him in his entire life. Suddenly, Charlie coughs and about to die, so Ellie quickly goes to call Liz to call an ambulance. But Charlie begs her to read her article for the last time. Accordingly, Ellie reads it, and while reading it, Charlie struggles to get up. Undoubtedly, Charlie keeps trying until he finally stands on his leg and moves step by step towards her. In every step, Charlie feels that he is freed from all the pain and worries that he had felt in all his life. Then, he gets close to Ellie. When Ellie says her last sentence, Charlie dies as if his soul left his body and he becomes lighter than a feather. Finally, Charlie feels true freedom.

The Whale.

The Whale | December 21, 2022 (United States) Summary: A reclusive, morbidly obese English teacher attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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