A Fat Boy Is Forced to Lose Weight by His Aunt to Live a Healthy Life but Hates How She Treats Him.


A little boy named Waldi is an e-Sports athlete and today his team Three Kings has a tournament with the opponent team VIPs which he loses in the second round. His mother is aware of this but she waits for him outside the Robot Masters studio. Waldi comes out with his best friend and co-player Staszek. His mother (Tereska) is here to take them both in her car she meets them both and encourages them and says that this was a silly tournament and soon they will become successful too. After sitting in the car she gives them three sports shirts on which their team name three kings is written. They both become so excited to see this. When they are on the way they see their third partner Rudy on the way who was absent from today’s match. They both shout and show him his shirt but he doesn’t looks excited about this. At home, Waldi is studying while her mother is busy cleaning the home, and waldo is irritated with the Vaccum cleaner noice but his mom says that her aunt is coming here that’s why she is cleaning well. The next day Waldi is doing practice of physical sports but he is not performing well. On the way back he tells his friend Staszek that he can’t come to play because her mom’s aunt Mariolka is coming today. After this mom helps them in crossing the road carefully. He and His mom are waiting for aunt, the doorbell rings, and aunt Mariolka comes she says that she had a very bad experience driving in this city she says that there is construction in all over the city people or driving carelessly and all of them don’t do anything by decency then she comes in and is still talking. Waldi is irritated by this topless talking and yes thinking that he can’t bear this physically or mentally and he might have a nervous breakdown. The aunt opens the fridge. When she opens the fridge she says that they have filled their fridge with unhealthy things which she doesn’t like to eat this kind of food. While eating in the kitchen she is continuously talking about her pet who died and its teeth fall and she then tells about her trips to different countries. Waldi is so irritated by all this. Then aunty says why they do unhealthy things and eat unhealthy food, she further says that she will no longer stay here and will be back soon and then she starts singing the song pump boy.

At night when Waldi goes to bed sleep his mother comes and says that he doesn’t need to worry he can practice on his computer and can play video games, and his aunt will never stop him. When his mom goes out he opens his computer and plays a game during playing he is continuously thinking that one day he will win the tournament and will win the trophy and at that time everyone will be cheering for him. He wins the game and shouts with happiness while Aunt from outside orders him to sleep. In the morning his mom is going somewhere for clinical testing and Waldi is not happy as he has to stay with Aunt. He and his aunt are baking pan cake and Waldi is not happy to eat this but aunty says the important thing is not the taste of the cake but is, that he made a cake for himself. Then he puts folk in his aunt’s mattress. Aunt confesses to him to wash dishes after which she orders him to get his cycle out and start cycling. He becomes so tired but his aunt still insists to do this more.

Tereska calls her aunt and says that she is missing her son and she wants to come back but her aunt says that you have to take your medical treatment for him. Later on aunt orders some plants for the home and ask Waldi to take them upstairs. The next morning when he is back from school she again asks him to get his cycle out but he runs from there and goes to his friends for taking rest after some time and comes there and takes him with her. In the evening he calls his mother and says that you must come back home because he doesn’t want to live more with aunty. On the next day, he again makes a phone call to his mom and says that he can’t afford this more. He says that his aunt orders him to do bicycle shopping and to clean the toilet and these him how to cook. At night his friend Staszek calls him and they see that their third team member leaves the team and he has joined another team for the next tournament. Staszek says that it is all Waldi’s fault. Waldi wakes in the night and he steals the address of the hospital in which his mom is. He sits on the bus and goes to that hospital. He goes inside the hospital secretly and when the guard asks him why he is there and with whom he came here he distracts him and runs towards the room number in which her mother is kept. But when he goes near the room in which his mom is admitted he sees that his mother is bald because of disease and she wears a wig all time. He starts crying and goes back to the bus. He comes back home and his aunt says that she was worried about him. In the morning his mother calls the aunt and tells her that he was in the hospital last night but the aunt makes a Lame excuse that he just wants to visit the hospital that’s why he was there. Then he comes into an objection with his friend Staszek and goes into the room. After this, his aunt says that they must find another member for their team and says that he should go out on his cycle for this. But waldi leaves his cycle on the way and aunty was watching this but when he comes back he can’t find his cycle there and he starts telling a fake story of three men who stole his cycle. Aunt becomes agree with his story but actually, she knows the reality and she has taken her bicycle to Waldi.

He stops attending to his mom’s calls. At night aunt see him crying in his room she in the morning asks him to talk to his mom while cleaning the bathroom but he says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone but just wants to know when his mom will come back.

Waldi and his friend are trying to get a new member they found a man in an unusual dress up he asks them for a meetup at 5 pm. In the morning they go swimming with the aunt. Where he mistakenly bumped into a beautiful girl ( Delfina) .she talks so nicely to him and he starts liking her at the first sight. When they are back home he tells his friend Staszek that he wants Delfina to be his girlfriend. When he is telling this to his friends suddenly his phone rings and this is a text from her she says that she wants to meet him at surely 5.00 p.m. in front of their building. At 5 pm he gets ready to meet her in front of their building, she comes and says that she is Ant who is their new team member now. But Staszek says that they don’t want to play with a girl on their team and also call her a chick. She becomes angry and goes to which Waldi becomes upset and goes into his room. Aunt was watching this whole meeting from the window and when he comes in arms says whether it was a date of his with that girl to which he doesn’t reply and goes into his room and locks the door. At night when he is sleeping in his room his mom comes in and calls him but he is angry with his mom because she did not tell him about her disease. So he goes into the kitchen, and makes a cup of tea for her mother but doesn’t talk to her and goes into his room. At night he is thinking that why aunty is so interactive in everything and every aspect of his life. The next morning, his mom goes back to the hospital. And when he is spending time with his friend Delfina comes there and he becomes so happy. Staszek apologizes to her and she says that she is ready to be a part of their team. Three Kings and they named her queen Delfina. After this, all three girls go the home where they are making a paper for the next tournament and she says that they have the signatures of their parents then she goes to Waldi’s aunt and takes her signature. The next morning aunty takes them all out for a trip. They go to a riverside place for enjoyment then aunt goes in the water for a game and sends them all one by one but Waldi can’t do it. Then waldi goes for having a drink and Delfina sitting with Staszek. They both are talking. Waldi thinks that now is the time and he must go to her and tell her that he wants her to be his girlfriend so he takes a drink for her and goes to her and sits near her. He asks her if she will be his girlfriend but she becomes angry about this and says that he too wants her to be his girlfriend and says that he doesn’t want any boyfriend. On which he comes to know that his friend has already done it so he becomes angry with his friend. And he doesn’t talk to Staszek well.

The next morning the aunt asks him to do cycling again and she also orders him to clean the home then they both run together and also watering to plants mean while his mother comes back to the home hidden towards her and hugs her. she tells him that they are going for we can towards his grandpa and ask him to pack his clothes in his back then aunt comes and says that she is going back because no one needs her but Waldi says that he needs her. When he is going with the aunt to get into the car he meets Delfina who gives him something from his friend Staszek. Then they all go towards the grandpa’s house he becomes so happy on meeting his grandpa. The next day Grandpa takes him to the pond for fishing. On the pond wildland, his grandpa is having a conversation with each other and he tells him about Delfina and says that he is perfect and he can’t find the other girl like her but during the conversation, he becomes angry also on an objection. Then his grandfather gives him some advice and he says that he must follow his heart only and he should do the things that he wants then they see that aunt Meriolka is hanging by a tree doing her exercise. They start laughing at it .when they reach home his mother comes out and says that he has to take a shower because he is allergic to grass.

Aunt is sitting at the dining table and she is eating while Tereska gives an antiallergic to Waldi. Then they both go up the stairs but Tereska is not feeling well and grandpa becomes upset to see her in this condition. Tereska shows him the photos of her grandmother (Helenka) and the photos of grandpa when he was young and was of Waldi to age. Then she gives him the cap of his grandpa and tells him that aunt was a paratrooper but aunt and her sister (Helenka ) love each other so much. And his grandmother didn’t allow her of doing this and died because of a heart attack. That one is still thinking that she is the cause of her sister’s death and she is still blaming the world that aunty is not responsible for all this and she is a nice lady. She further tells him about her summer camp when she was eight years old but Waldi becomes upset about this. Because his mother is so possessive in his case and she did not him go anywhere alone and did not allow him to do anything without her so he thinks that if his mother can go to the summer camp even when she was only 8 years old then why he can’t go so he becomes angry on this and goes down the stair. His mom becomes upset.

After this they are on the lawn and Grandpa is doing bar B Q but waldi is not feeling well, he says that he wants to sleep and says good night to them, and goes into his room. At night when Tereska is getting an appointment with her doctor grandpa is hearing this secretly from the door but she did not notice it. Waldi is angry about it and he says to Aunt that his mother should not lie to grandfather and she should tell him that whole truth but aunt says that when she will feel that now she has to tell it then she will make grandpa understood. Then Aunt asks him to go to a house which is near the church and bring some eggs from there. he says that he will go and then he goes out towards that house to bring his way he meets a dog and he becomes very happy to see the becomes angry about this because he didn’t let him go anywhere Tereska and aunt goes into an argument but meanwhile Waldi comes back home and says that he is a smart and intelligent boy then aunt and Tereska talk to each other and hug each other.

Now they are going back to their home and Tereska is keeping their luggage in the car grandpa is standing at the side and he looks sad but Tereska comes and says that we will be back in a couple of weeks and he doesn’t need to worry. Then grandpa puts something in waldi’s pocket and also gives him a letter which is for the aunt. After this because back toward the home. When they reach home Staszek is playing there and when he saw them he comes near them and meet them all and try to talk with Waldi but he ignores him. Staszek says sorry to him and asks him to play but he becomes angry and goes up the stair in his room. At night he still shirt and can’t sleep peacefully. The next morning he and his aunt are taking care of the plants and they are playing with mud in the plants mean while his mother comes out of her room and she starts coughing. she is not feeling well she starts coming near her and says what happened to her she replied that he is afraid of medical treatments and she is afraid of how her body will react In response to that treatments but he consoles her saying that she does not need to worry and everything will be okay. She starts smiling at this and gets ready for the hospital and then she goes out with her aunt leaving waldi behind.

Now Waldi is alone at home and he thinks of doing something to stop useless thinking so he starts work and starts cleaning his home. After some time heard a knock at the door and when he opens the door Staszek is there. He says that he is here to play a video game with him but Waldi says that he doesn’t want to play the video game they both start baking the pancake that they taught him after this in the evening they both go to the bad and fall asleep. In the evening the aunt and his mother comes back to home when her his mother comes to his room Staszek gets up. She says that he is a good friend and then Staszek goes from there saying good night to her. Meanwhile, Waldi gets up and she told him that the doctor told her that she will be okay incoming time and she will get well soon then they both hug each other and go to the dining table for eating a pancake. Here Staszek gives the letter to his aunt and she also gives him a letter. When he opens the letters he gets surprised to see that this was an invitation to the next tournament. He becomes so happy and hugs his aunt happily. Now he is no more angry and irritated with the one because she takes care of him a lot and the issue also taught him a lot of things that he can do now.  But Waldi says that he won’t want to go to the tournament and doesn’t want to play that tournament but his aunt and his mother say that now this is the only target of him and he has to do it and he should start his preparation for the tournament. She opens the envelope she becomes happy that it was a parachute jump invitation.

Now it is the final of the extreme report champions and his team is present there. here the announcer says that there are three teams selected that are going to Germany to play in international games then he announces the three teams and which they are also included and when the announcer announces queen and Kings, Waldi and his fellow start shouting with the happiness and they go on the stage to receive their trophy. When Waldi holds the trophy the crowd cheers up. His mom along with his aunt and grandpa is also here and they all or clapping for him and his team. Waldi is smiling holding the trophy because he did it.

Now Waldi is again practicing physically on the ground and everyone is encouraging him. On the other side and is participating in the parachute jump game. She jumps from the plane and Dives in the air. She is so happy with it. Waldi and his team members are going to Germany to participate in international games. He is looking at his Aunt and his mother happy and moves on.

Too Old for Fairy Tales.

Za duzy na bajki | July 18, 2022 (United States) Summary: The life of Waldek is filled mainly with computer games. When his mother needs to go away for a while, he stays under the care of a crazy and unpredictable aunt, who introduces him to discip... Read all
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