A Woman Is Bullied by Everyone, Until Decides to Have Plastic Surgery to Regain Her Beauty.


A widow named Virginia. She is 60 years old. On top of all, she is depressed and dissatisfied with her face all the time. When she wakes up, she cleans her face with lemon juice to hide the wrinkles that appeared on her face because she gets too old. When she comes out of the room, she talks to her adopted daughter and tells her that she is very upset with her face. And she wants to do plastic surgery. So, her adopted daughter says that all people grow old. And the plastic surgery isn’t enough because it temporarily hides the wrinkles in her face. Then, these wrinkles will appear again.

Also, she tells her to be confident. And tries to waste her free time on something useful to stop thinking. After that, Virginia ignores her and goes back to her room to put a mask on her face. When she passes by the window, she sees her neighbor Bernie mowing the plants in his garden. By the way, she really likes him. Then, Fay talks to her and tells her that Bernie has divorced his wife and he is so sad about this. Then, she sees him every day while he buys alcohol. Certainly, Virginia takes the chance and goes to the liquor store that he buys from. And he tries to get close to him to be in a relationship. Actually, she meets him in the store, talks to him and she asks him how he’s doing? Then, Bernie tells her that he was depressed about divorcing his wife. But after a while, he moved on. And he gets in a relationship with his beloved Cassie. After he finishes talking, he calls Cassie to get to know her. By the way, he is surprised that they know each other, and they were friends at the university. He leaves them and goes to buy a bottle of alcohol. In that time, Virginia is surprised that Cassie is sweeter than her.



Then, she asks her how she is beautiful after she gets 60 years old? So, Cassie tells her that she had plastic surgery with a doctor named Pearl and gives her clinic card to book an appointment with her. On the next day, Virginia actually goes to the clinic and tells Dr. Pearl that she really hates her face and doesn’t know how to accept that she’s getting old and now she’s 60 years old. But Pearl interrupts her, telling her that she can’t help her because anyone who will do plastic surgery must be confident in herself. Plus, she tells her that the plastic surgery is only for showing her beauty, nothing more.


After this, Virginia breaks down and begs her to help her and get her plastic surgery. Also, she tells her that she can’t live her life normally. And she doesn’t know how to talk to people because she can’t accept her face and feels that she is always lonely. After a little, Pearl is affected by her words and promises that she’ll operate a surgery. Anyway, she takes her to her laboratory. Then, she shows her all the people that they did plastic surgery and became beautiful than before. So, Pearl gives her an invoice for the costs of the operation and Virginia is surprised that this operation costs $250,000.


She doesn’t have this money because her husband died and he owed debts. So, she goes home and calls her business manager and asks him to sell her car because she needs $250,000 Asap. After that, he tells her that her car costs $150,000 only. But he tells her that her husband has too many debts. And if she sells the car, she can’t pay part of this debt. Also, she will have to sell the house she lives. Aside from all, Virginia decides to sell the car to do plastic surgery. At night, she thinks of a way to collect the costs of the operation.

Until she decides to tell Dr. Pearl to do the operation for $150,000 only. Suddenly, she hears a sound in her neighbor Bernie’s house. When she looks out the window, she sees him having an affair with his girlfriend, Cassie. After that, she gets upset about this because she likes him. On the second day, she goes to the clinic and accepts on the papers for the operation. Otherwise, Dr. Pearl tells her that she will also have plastic surgery on her hands to fit her hands with her face. Unexpectedly, Virginia is surprised by this and tells her that she’s never heard about plastic surgery on the hands before but she’ll do it.


Also, she tells her that she is sure that she recovers her beauty. After some debate about the operation, Virginia talks to her about the money. And she tells her that unfortunately she can’t pay her more than $150,000 because she is in debt and has a lot of money. Out of nowhere, she is surprised by Pearl and tells her that she does the operation for her for free. Because she wants to help her and makes her satisfied with her face. On surgery day, Virginia takes an anesthetic. And Before she falls asleep, she notices that Pearl and her nursing staff have butterfly tattoos on their hands.


She can’t feel anything. Suddenly, they all gather around her, and they make sure that she lost consciousness. At Night, Fay returns home and scared when she meets Virginia with bandages on her face. At this moment, Fay feels that she is so tired and can’t do anything. So, she takes her to her bed and gives her a pill to be good. And she is surprised that she is wearing bandages on her hands as well. Then, Virginia tells her that she had plastic surgery and Dr. Pearl told her that she’ll take these bandages after a week. So, Fay blames her for what she did.


Also, Fay tells her that her business manager called her and told her that she owed 3,000,000 dollars. Within three months or less, the bank will keep their house for debts to be paid off. After that, Virginia gets angry at her, and tells her it isn’t your business Because she isn’t her real daughter, and that she is just her adopted daughter when she is 15 years old. So, Fay gets annoyed and leaves her. Suddenly, Virginia hears terrifying sounds, becomes so terrified and she falls to the ground. She is surprised that a strange object is close to her.


Then, she screams out loud, and her daughter hears it, so she comes back to check on her. After Virginia becomes good, she says sorry to Fay for what she said. And she asks her why she come back to help her, even though she hurt her feelings and annoyed her. So, Fay tells her that one day she had a fight with her father and was very nervous and was breaking everything in her room in a hysterical way. Also, Fay would cut the chain that his real mother gave her, this chain is an important memory for her. After she remembered this, she understands that sometimes a person does things beyond his control because of excessive nervousness or thinking.

So, she forgives her for what she said and knows that she didn’t mean it. But fay is surprised by the operation that she did, because plastic surgery doesn’t need all these bandages. Also, she tells her the plastic surgery isn’t painful to this degree. After all, Virginia feels anxious and goes to Dr. Pearl’s clinic to check on herself. There, Pearl tells her that she is good, and she understands that she put these bandages on her face because the facelift operation affected her tissues.

And she is old, she can’t recover from the facelift operation easily. Then, she tells her to go and sit with her in her clinic in the other city, because there are nurses who will take care of her. Plus, she tells her that there are also cases of plastic surgery like her, and they’ll help each other and give her positive energy. Also, she tells her that she must be good quickly. So, Virginia agrees with her and returns home to collect her clothes and go to the clinic. But her daughter, Fay, tries to stop her. And she tells her that she does a research on Dr. Pearl and knows that she isn’t a plastic doctor.


Also, she had lawsuits in New York State because of her practice of medicine, and she isn’t even a doctor. At that moment, Virginia interrupts her, telling her that Pearl is a famous doctor who has performed plastic surgeries on many famous people. And she doesn’t want to hear anything negative about her to be better and she need to be without these bandages from her face. Despite all that, Virginia goes to Dr. Pearl’s second clinic. As soon as she goes, she notices that the clinic is in isolated woods.

Plus, she notices that there are a lot of people being treated there. she is surprised that she is the only one who puts bandages on her face. When Pearl sees her, she welcomes her and tells her that all the people here supports her until she takes the bandages off. Also, she’ll happy with her face after the operation. And then, Pearl takes her to her office, and tells her that she’ll take her bandages off today. She’ll do that before all patients to give them positive energy and make them never feel something bad. Meantime, Virginia hesitates at first because she is embarrassed, but is forced to agree because she had the operation for free.

Meanwhile, her daughter Fay arrives at the clinic and sees her standing alone outside the office. She goes to talk to her, but suddenly one of the guards gives her sleeping pills. Tonight, Pearl gathers everyone in the clinic, introduces them to Virginia, and asks them to give Virginia positive energy. So, Virginia begins to tell them her story, telling them that she is a 60-year-old widow and tells them that she isn’t satisfied with her face, and she is lonely all the time because she has grown old.


On top of all, she feels so bad and depressed, and she didn’t talk to anyone at all. But after knowing Dr. Pearl, she becomes so hopeful, and she feels that she becomes so young again. lately, she tells them that she is happy to be with them and that she welcomes them. And then, two guards come with Fay and tell Pearl that she broke into the place and was spying on them. In that time, Fay gets upset and tells her mother that something isn’t good happening in this place and tells her to run away immediately. After all, Virginia says sorry to Pearl and knows that Fay isn’t her real daughter and that she is just an adopted daughter.


After that, Pearl tells the guards to stay Fay away from the place. At this moment, she starts to cut off the bandages from Virginia. Surprisingly, Virginia sees herself in the mirror. And Virginia is surprised that she looks like a pig, and she is shocked and can’t understand what happened. Actually, Dr. Pearl tells her that she is the leader of a secret group that worships the Devil and that she did an operation to make her look like a pig and offers her as an offering to the Devil. Also, she tells her that she has one chance to live, which is to reach the ocean before they catch her, and if they catch her before she reaches, they’ll kill her.


As soon as Virginia hears this, she quickly runs into the woods to reach the ocean quickly. But a group of devil are behind her. Unfortunately, one of them hits her with a spear in her legs and makes her fall to the ground. Certainly, she tries to control herself and continue the road until she finds a cabin and enters it so that no one can see her. The first time she goes out, she finds her neighbor, Bernie, standing waiting for her and she is surprised that he or his girlfriend, Cassie, are from devils’ group. After this, she knows at this time that Cassie introduced her to Pearl to make her looks like a pig and offer her as an offering. Suddenly, Pearl and the rest of the group come here and beat her. They all hit her until they kill her.


Moments later, Fay comes and sees her dead, and can’t believe what is happening. So, Pearl tries to explain the matter to her and tells her that they killed Virginia because she was selfish and didn’t accept her appearance. And the goal of their group is to kill all the selfish people and those who don’t accept themselves, and to present them as an offering to the devil to give them a beauty and money. After that, Pearl tells her that her real mother is one of their group, and before she died, she asked them to guard her and make her one of them.

And she remembers the chain that his mother gave her before she died, and the chain looks like a butterfly, and it’s the same tattoo that Pearl drew on her arm. While she is at the university, she meets one of their friends and is surprised that he has the same tattoo on his arm and that he joined their group.

“American Horror Stories” Facelift.

Facelift | August 25, 2022 (United States) Summary: A woman desperate to look her best does the unthinkable.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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