She Takes Revenge on Those Who Killed Her Parents in Front of Her Eyes When She Was Young.


The movie begins in Columbia, Bogota. Fabio is speaking with Don Luis, a drug lord and his boss. Fabio informs him that he is leaving the cartel and will delegate all bookkeeping to another associate. Don Luis smiles and says he will miss him as they raise a glass to Fabio’s memory. Don Luis motions to Marco, his right-hand man, as Fabio walks away. “Kill him!” exclaims Don Luis. “No one leaves Don Luis’ cartel.”


But Fabio is clever and aware that Don Luis will retaliate against anyone who wishes to leave the life of drug smuggling… including himself. Fabio gathers three loyal guards and rushes home, knowing they only have an hour to leave the country. When Fabio returns home, he tells his wife, Alicia, that “it’s time.” He instructs his young daughter, Cataleya, to pack, but she declares that she is already prepared. If something goes wrong, Fabio advises her to go to the American embassy and give them a microchip. It contains all of the details about Don Luis’s illegal activities. “This is your passport.” He also gives her his brother’s address. Fabio then presents his daughter with his Cataleya flower necklace. He was named after it because his mother grew them all the time. “Never lose sight of who you are,” Fabio advises.


Marco and other cartel members arrive minutes later and slaughter Fabio’s men. Fabio and Alicia grab guns and attempt to repel the men, but they are killed off-screen. Cataleya sits at the table, stunned, listening to the gunfire. She swallows the microchip quickly. Marco and the men approach Cataleya. Marco acts friendly, claiming to be a friend of her father, but Fabio stole something from Don Luis: the microchip. Marco inquires as to her knowledge of the location, and she nods. Marco inquires as to what she desires. Cataleya leans in, grabs a knife from beneath the table, and stabs him in the hand. “To assassinate Don Luis!” screams Cataleya.


Cataleya squeaks her way through a window and onto a ledge. Her parents apparently taught her survival skills in case something like this happened. While Marco’s cartel goons pursue her, she flees. Despite the presence of parkour runners, men on motorcycles, and men in cars, Cataleya escapes into the sewers. She climbs out of a manhole and heads to the US Embassy, where she is greeted by an agent who inquires about her father. Cataleya claims he is no longer alive. When the man asks if her father has anything, Cataleya quickly forces herself to vomit and hands him the microchip. It contains all of Don Luis’s activities. The agent looks at her in disbelief and asks if she understands what she has.


They get her out of the country and give her papers in exchange for the chip. She is being escorted to Miami by an American CIA agent. Cataleya requests to use the restroom and flees through the window. She buys a bus ticket to Chicago, as instructed by her father. She walks into a seedy neighborhood and requests Emilio. Fabio’s brother and her uncle is Emilio (Cliff Curtis). Emilio is overcome with emotion when he sees her and hugs her. Cataleya finally lets go and sobs in her uncle’s arms.


Cataleya wakes up in her uncle’s apartment the next morning and goes downstairs for breakfast. Her grandmother is present and prepares her breakfast. Cataleya inquires as to which room she slept in. Emilio appears depressed and states that it was his son’s room and that he is no longer alive. Emilio inquires about a drawing she completed, and she states She says that she used to aspire to be like Xena, but no longer does. Emilio inquires as to what she desires right now. “To be a murderer Will you assist me? Cataleya says Emilio responds, “sure.”


Emilio takes her to a private prep school the next day and bribes the principal to accept her in the middle of the school year. Cataleya is furious as they leave because she believes she will learn nothing at school. She must learn to be an assassin. Emilio pulls out a revolver and shoots at a driver, causing the car to crash. He tells her that hired killers are plentiful, and that if he taught her, she’d be dead in five years. She needs to go to school if she wants to do this and be smart. She needs to understand how people think. Cataleya pays attention to him.


Two cops are sitting in their car, talking about their wives, fifteen years later, when they are smashed into by a drunk driver. A woman emerges, babbling incoherently. They quickly apprehend her. She is wearing a flower necklace. Cataleya, all grown up. She was taken to the police station. She is arrested for DUI and placed in a cell for the night. She falls asleep.


That night, US Marshals arrive with a prisoner. They transport him to his cell. Cataleya awakens. Her entire DUI was a ruse to gain entry to the police station. The prisoner is the intended victim. She changes into a skin-tight black suit before picking the lock. She takes a spoon from a cup of coffee in her cell. She swivels the cameras away from her, grabs some water from the cooler, and walks to the electrical room. She rigs the cup and spoon to create a spark and enters the air ducts. After a few seconds, enough water leaks from the cup to short out the power. Cataleya passes through a now-dead fan just before the power is turned back on and walks into the men’s restroom.


When the cop guarding the prisoner notices that he doesn’t have any coffee, he leaves the room. He enters the restroom and is knocked out by Cataleya. She drags his body in front of the camera, causing the door to reopen. She unlocks the cell door and strikes the prisoner awake. She tells him to take his shirt off. When he asks why, she shoots him several times.


When the marshals hear the gunshots, they rush to the cell to find the guard waking up with the gun in his hand. Cataleya staged the murder to buy herself time to flee. The Marshals continue to search the entire building, and Cataleya escapes to the roof. She returns through the air ducts, finds her cell, locks the door, and changes back into her clothes when the coast is clear. By the time the marshals arrive, she is lying down again, pretending to sleep. The marshals have no idea what occurred.


After being fingerprinted, Cataleya was released the next day. She walks out of the jail and grabs her hand. She was dressed in latex skin that imitated the prints of another person.


Cataleya returns home and dances to music. She takes a long shower and thoroughly washes herself.


Cataleya goes to Danny’s apartment, a painter and her quasi-boyfriend. Danny knows nothing about her and only refers to her as “Jennifer.” Danny and Cataleya

They have sex, and she leaves without saying goodbye the next morning. She clearly is afraid to reveal her true self to him.


When FBI Special Agent Ross (Lennie James) arrives at the jail, he realizes the victim is the latest in a string of 22 murders they have been investigating for the past four years. The killer is known as “The Tag Killer” because of the markings he leaves on the victim’s chest. It appears to be a Cataleya flower.


Richard, a CIA agent, travels to New Orleans to a heavily guarded villa. It is the residence of Don Luis, who was not punished for his crimes. Richard shows him the hit from the jail cells, but Luis denies any involvement. Richard tells him that the CIA was very nice to him; in exchange for information, he was given witness protection and allowed to continue running his cocaine smuggling business. But Richard informs him that something is wrong, and Luis knows what it is. Luis instructs Marco to handle the situation after Richard has left. Luis believes Cataleya is responsible for the murders. Because he failed to kill Cataleya the first time, he must now complete the task.


Ross convenes a meeting to talk about the Tag Killer and his numerous victims. He comes to the conclusion that one of the inmates murdered the target, and they need to find out who. Ross also believes that the case’s details should be made public.


Meanwhile, Cataleya visits Emilio. He shows her the paper with her business card on it. He is furious and calls the action stupid. Emilio claims he promised his brother that he would protect her. He never intended for her to go down this path. He is constantly diverting jobs away from her in order to protect her. Cataleya is defiant, claiming that she chose this path for herself and that she will not stop until Luis is dead. Emilio sighs and hands her the next assignment. A hedge fund manager set up a ponzi scheme, stole billions of dollars, and fled the country. People want him dead.


In Mexico, at the opulent mansion of the hedge fund manager, surrounded by stunning women he wouldn’t have a chance with if he didn’t have billions. One woman remarks that the sharks in the aquarium pool are ignoring her, but the man tells her that if she gives them one drop of blood, they will become her best friends as they eat her. The hedge fund manager informs his security that he needs more men tonight.


Cataleya swims through the aquarium, ignoring the sharks, and pushes open a glass door to enter the mansion. She draws a pistol and a silencer.


The hedge fund manager stands up and notices Cataleya has written “Thief” and a flower design on him. As he walks around his mansion, he notices that all of his guards have died. He grabs two guns and walks into the pool area after noticing a flower. Cataleya sits in a chair and announces her presence. He attempts to shoot her, but both of his guns are empty. He is shot in the legs by Cataleya. The man begs her not to kill him, promising to pay double what she was paid. “I am not going to murder you.” Cataleya explains. The man He realizes he knows what she meant. He begs Cataleya not to let him die, but she shoots him in the chest, and he falls into the open pool. The blood flows, and his sharks devour him in seconds.


Cataleya returns to the United States and goes to Danny’s apartment, but he has left to look into some galleries. She sleeps on his bed, clutching his shirt. She clearly cares for him, but she is afraid to show it.


Meanwhile, Ross is studying the Tag Killer calling card when the mailman provides a crucial clue: it is the Cataleya flower, which grows only in Colombia. Ross attempts to connect it to open cases in Colombia but is denied access due to CIA jurisdiction.


Ross calls Richard and requests clearance, but Richard avoids the subject. He calls Luis and instructs him to handle the situation before Agent Ross begins to connect the dots. Luis assigns Marco to find Cataleya and questions every Colombian until he finds her family.


Danny returns home, and Cataleya has purchased dinner. He is overjoyed, and Cataleya kisses him. Danny stops her and invites her to sit, eat dinner, and talk for a while. She inquires about his trip, and he informs her that they intend to create a gallery of his work. Danny inquires about her trip, and she replies that it was hot and that she swam some. Danny presses for more, but she refuses. Danny tells her that all he wants to know is who she is. Danny inquires about her breakfast preferences. “I never eat breakfast.” Cataleya explains. Danny and Cataleya are sleeping together once more. Midday has arrived. Danny quickly snaps a photo of Cataleya sleeping. Cataleya panics and declares that she has done too much and must leave. Danny is perplexed, wondering what he did wrong.


Cataleya has a meeting with Emilio. He was furious after reading the newspaper. Cataleya hasn’t stopped there with her business card. People are looking for them after eight people were gunned down in a bar, one of whom was Emilio’s friend. “You’ve given up.” Emilio informs her. Cataleya refuses to leave, but Emilio says it’s not just about her; she’s endangering the family she’s left behind. When his son died, he killed many people, but nothing changed, and he put his family in danger. Emilio gives her a photograph of her parents as a reminder of what can be lost. Cataleya sits, sobbing.


Cataleya joins Emilio and her grandmother at church. She appears to be ready to abandon her quest for vengeance.


Danny is in a coffee shop talking to a friend about his girlfriend, “Jennifer,” saying he is falling for her but knows nothing about her. When her friend sees the photo, he is taken aback by how attractive she is. Danny is distracted by the fact that his car has been ticketed, so his friend takes the phone and calls his sister-in-law, who works at a police station. He requests that she check on “Jennifer” to ensure her legitimacy so Danny is not harmed. He has no idea what he has done.


Cataleya returns home and calls Danny, attempting to express her feelings for him. When Danny mentions the photo, she freaks out and asks who else saw it. As Cataleya inspects On the perimeter of her apartment, he mentions his friend. SWAT has arrived to arrest her. She activates the shower and climbs into a duct to escape her apartment.


She dashes through several apartments before entering one. When the tenant makes a scene, she knocks him out. She finds a harness and a sniper rifle in the man’s bathroom, which she had previously planted. As Ross and his agents blow the door to her apartment, she plants explosives on the wall. She slides down the pipes to the garage using the harness. She shoots out the cameras and slips into another air duct before SWAT catches up with her. She gets into the subway and sneaks away.


Cataleya goes to Emilio’s but finds it ransacked. Pepe is dead on the floor. Her grandmother was found dead in the kitchen, causing her to cry. She searches for Emilio and discovers him dead, tied to a chair. He had clearly been tortured. Cataleya apologizes and screams in a mixture of sadness and rage.


When Ross returns home, Cataleya is waiting for him with a gun. She motions for him to take a seat. She reveals that she has rigged his chair with a pressure-sensitive explosive to prevent him from doing anything stupid. Cataleya informs him that she is the person he has been looking for. The Cataleya flower tag was a signal to Don Luis, but it took until now to attract his attention. He had now taken the last of her. Cataleya warns Ross that unless he obtains information about Don Luis from the CIA, she will murder a family member once a week until he is as hollow as she felt all those years ago. She promises to deactivate his bomb as soon as she is gone, which she is. Ross approaches Richard and informs him of the situation. Richard will not reveal the information. Ross receives a phone call. Richard’s mother, Cataleya, is the one who tells him that unless he gives her the address, he will die. Richard scoffs because his windows are made of reinforced glass. Cataleya fires a round through the glass with her sniper rifle. Richard provides him with the address. Cataleya hangs up when Ross inquires about his family (but she had no intention of harming them anyway).


Cataleya enters Pepe’s garage. She grabs some firearms. She notices the two dogs and examines them. She grabs the armored vehicle and drives to Don Luis’ location.


At Don Luis’ mansion, Marco is instructing the men on how to deal with Cataleya. She is not to be underestimated. Luis notices something. They are about to be hit by a rocket. Luis barely gets out of the way as the bomb explodes in the room. Marco pulls him up and they try to get him out.


Four of the men get into a car to begin a convoy. Cataleya rams her truck through the gate, crushing the car. She gets out of the car and shoots the men to death.


Luis leaves the panic room and takes one of his vans, realizing that all of his men are dead, but Cataleya has no idea where he is. He comes to a halt due to a garbage truck. He receives a phone call from Marco’s cell phone. Cataleya is the name. Luis assures her that she will never kill him because she has never had him. “In fact, I’ve got you EXACTLY where I want you. ” Cataleya explains. Luis returns his gaze and notices Cataleya and her two dogs. “Eat!” Cataleya informs the dogs. They rip Don Luis apart, completing her vengeance.

Danny was apprehended by Ross and the FBI. Danny is clueless and tells them so. Ross claims that even though he is not under arrest, he still has questions to answer. When Danny requests coffee, Ross goes to get it. Danny receives a phone call from Cataleya. She tells him she’s fine and that they have 40 seconds before the call is traced, which is enough time to ask three questions. He inquires about her real name, which she replies is Cataleya. Danny wonders if his “little bird” will ever return (meaning her). Cataleya tells him that maybe one day she will be able to.


When an agent informs Ross that Danny has received a call from Cataleya, they rush back in.


Danny is running out of time. “I love you,” “Danny says,” causing Cataleya to cry. Ross commands him to hand over the phone, but Cataleya hangs up before he can get any information from her. Ross looks at the phone and tells Danny he’s ready to leave.


Cataleya puts on her sunglasses and boards a bus bound for an unknown destination.


Colombiana | August 26, 2011 (United States) Summary:
Countries: France, United States, United KingdomLanguages: English, Spanish
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