He Returns From the Army to Save His Ex-lover From Drug Lords After Breaking up With Her for 4 Years.


The movie opens with a girl named, Neha being assailed by two kidnappers while she is outside a school. The kidnappers leave after knocking her out and Neha is seen in a hospital after that. The movie switches two months later to the incident when Neha is seen in a Gurudwara, and a Sardar Ji meets her. He talks to her disclosing that he has been observing her and that she is very disappointed and encourages her to believe in god. He suggests her not to worry as god will have selected to help her. The scene shifts to Captain Ranveer who is seen fighting the terrorists in Kashmir and is facing an inquiry for killing the three terrorists.

On being asked the reason for killing the terrorists, Ranveer answers that the terrorists have tried to burn their country’s flag, which is why he has killed him. He is punished by Colonel Ranjeet to complete a 25Km long march. After completing his march, he is seen in his barrack with his friend, who informs him that his phone has been ringing for a long time. He picks up his phone and listens to the voicemail of his ex-girlfriend, Neha, who apologizes for contacting him after 4 years and disconnects the call after requesting him to help her.

Ranveer succeeds in getting leave for one week and starts his journey toward Goa. On his way, he starts recalling his past events, and we see Ranveer in his college days when he meets Neha for the first time and falls in love with her. The next day, Neha is talking to her father when Ranveer comes there and appreciates the things, he likes about her while Neha’s father is listening to him. Neha’s father then interferes and informs Ranveer that he did not like him and leaves, warning Neha to avoid such types of boys.

Ranveer is busy playing basketball with his friends when Neha arrives and gives her number to him, stating that she liked his attitude and the way he talked to her in front of her father. Ranveer and Neha start getting closer to each other, and finally, Ranveer purposes to her. Neha denies replying to him talking about her late mother and boyfriend who cheated on her. She divulges that she is afraid to lose him too. Ranveer ensures her of his love, saying that he wants her to feel his love like the way she feels the presence of her mother and guarantees her of standing beside her in every situation.

The movie switches to the present when Ranveer meets Neha in a restaurant. Ranveer notices Neha’s strange behavior toward certain things and finds her afraid. On being questioned by Neha, he informs her that he is unmarried and is in the army now. Neha then reveals that she has a daughter who has gone missing for two months. She begs him to help her find her daughter informing him that no one has helped her.

Ranveer gets confused but decides to help her. Ranveer then meets a man named, Usman, to rent a car. After checking his card and finding out that he is a soldier Usman pays respect to Ranveer and tries to get friendly with him. Ranveer leaves when Uman tries to introduce his wife to him. Ranveer meets Neha again, who informs him that she has asked everyone to help her find her daughter but no one is willing to do so. She mentions Ranveer’s promise of standing by her side and Ranveer questions her about the police. She tells him that even the police have denied helping her and are trying to close her case.

Neha leads him to the police station and introduces him as a family friend to Inspector, Kootay, who requests Neha to close her case by handing over her case file. Ranveer tries reading the case file, but Kootay snatches it from him and misbehaves with Neha. Ranveer gets furious and beats Kootay and his men inside the police station. Neha stops Ranveer, and he ends up being arrested. At night, Neha is asked to go back home while the police are tormenting Ranveer.

After finding bullets scars and checking his documents, Kootay discovers that Ranveer is a soldier and is warning him when DG Police, Shergill, arrives at the police station and orders him to set Ranveer free and to bring him to his office. Ranveer states a constitutional article stating that a soldier cannot be arrested by the police. After listening to this, Shergill divulges that he is a civilian as he is off duty now and receives a call from Colonel Ranjeet.

Shergill gives the phone to Ranveer to talk to Colonel, who asks him to report back to the base in the morning and informs him he was going to rot in jail, but fortunately, Shergill appeared to be his friend. Ranveer accepts the order and is seen going back to his base with Usman in the morning. But Usman realizes that Ranveer is confused and suggests him to follow his heart whenever he gets into a fight between heart and brain. Ranveer asks Usman to turn the car, recalling the promise that he made to Neha.

He reaches the school where Riya was admitted and meets the Principal to investigate Riya’s abduction. But the principal does not provide him with any information and he notices a CCTV camera in a house in front of the school and tries to question the owner and the watchman about the kidnapping but they do not listen to him.

Ranveer is seen at Neha’s house and she apologizes to him saying that this all is happening because of her. Ranveer asks her not to worry about this and asks for Neha’s picture but Neha informs him that she does not have her pictures and Ranveer is shocked at this. Neha notices her brother-in-law, Sunny, coming to her apartment and requests Ranveer to leave. Ranveer looks at Sunny, and instead of leaving, he listens to Neha and Sunny’s conversation and finds out that Sunny is a drug addict. After Sunny leaves, Ranveer comes back and asks Neha for Sunny’s address and phone number.

Ranveer calls Sunny as an anchor but he disconnects his call after listening that he wants to meet him regarding Riya. Ranveer then meets his old friend Sukhi who takes him to his marriage and makes him memorize the time when Neha’s father insulted him at a marriage ceremony, and Neha kept watching instead of being on his side. The next day, Neha arrives at his door and proclaims that she wants to marry him. Ranveer gets very excited, and they are about to get married, but Neha receives a call and reaches the hospital to meet her father, who informs her that he has been diagnosed with stage 4th cancer. Neha takes back her decision of marrying Ranveer and disconnects his call.

The scene shifts to the present, when a drunken police officer, Tyagi collides with Ranveer and drops his service card. Ranveer hides his card and reaches the house in front of the school, from where Riya is kidnapped. He shows his service card and after checking the video footage of the day when Riya was kidnapped, he discovers that a part of the video, when Riya was kidnapped, is missing. He looks at the footage a day before the abduction and notices Sunny there. Ranveer leaves proposing money to the watchman for finding the missing footage.

A new ACP named, LSD is appointed at the Goa police station and meets Shergill, who talks to him about cleaning the city from criminals. LSD is a very smart man, and he mentions SHERGILL’s little secret of 10 illegal encounters, and SHERGILL suggests staying with him to be famous and respected even after such illegal acts. On the other hand, Ranveer finds Usman’s involvement with the Russian drug dealers. The Russians surround Ranveer for chasing them, but he overpowers them and reaches Usman’s place to ask him about Riya.

Usman does not give him any information and saves him from the Russians, who were there to take their revenge. Ranveer publishes a missing ad about Riya in the newspaper and receives a call from a man who claims to be his father. Ranveer meets the man in the restaurant, and he tells him that Riya is his daughter who has gone missing from Mumbai. Ranveer gets furious at him, and the man shows him Riya’s birth certificates and other evidence.

Ranveer receives a call from Neha’s husband, Shekhar, who calls him for a meeting. Sunny’s henchmen are waiting for Ranveer outside and accidentally ignore him as he goes away while they spot real Tyagi there and start following him. Ranveer meets Shekhar as Inspector Tyagi, and Shekhar reveals to him that Neha is not mentally well after getting hit on the head during her car robbery, and since then she has been talking about Riya while in fact, they have no daughter. He relates the effect of miscarriage and her mother’s death with Neha’s present mental condition and makes Ranveer believe his story. Ranveer recalls Neha’s behavior and thinks, Shekhar is right.

Ranveer leaves Shekhar’s office and the watchman informs him that he has found the missing video clip. Ranveer reaches the house and does not find Riya in the video. He rushes to Neha and tries to convince her, stating that she has no daughter and mentions everything that Shekhar has told him. Neha gets irritated while trying to convince him that she has a daughter and requests Ranveer to leave her alone when he does not believe her like others. On his way to leave, Ranveer notices a scale that was used to measure Riya’s height, and before he could have seen talked to Neha about being true, she commits suicide. Ranveer looks at her dead body and leaves.

After a while, LSD comes to Neha’s apartment and investigates Shekhar. Shekhar suggests him not to waste their time on him and do his job. LSD leaves, warning him to be careful, and notices a camera. He orders his men to provide him with the video footage of the time when Neha died. LSD is provided with Neha’s phone call record and finds Ranveer’s number in the list. Kootay also confirms Ranveer’s involvement with her. LSD decides to meet Ranveer and leaves the police station.

On the other hand, Usman comes to see Ranveer and apologizes to him for not giving him the right information and considers himself responsible for Neha’s death. Usman divulges that he has watched Riya at Sunny’s place when he went for his next deal with him, but Sunny paid for keeping his secret, otherwise, he would have killed him.

Ranveer decides to capture Sunny, but then Sunny’s henchmen kill the real Tyagi, thinking he is the one who is behind Riya. Usman takes Ranveer away from there. Inside the lift, Ranveer receives a call from LSD, who asks him to stay inside his hotel, but Ranveer leaves the hotel as LSD enters.

Usman leads him to Sunny, who is partying in a bar, but Sunny catches him and asks about Riya. Sunny escapes and Ranveer beats all his men and starts following him. As Ranveer catches Sunny after a long run, the police arrive there and arrest them both. In the following scene, Ranveer is seen behind bars and challenges LSD to fight with him. LSD accepts the challenge, and Ranveer overpowers him, but then Shergill arrives and stops them. Ranveer requests him to investigate Sunny instead of him, and on being asked about the proofs against Sunny, Ranveer mentions Usman as his witness.

Shergill investigates Usman and takes his words for giving his statement in court. Shergill then decides to investigate Sunny when things get out of his hands, and he has to shoot Sunny. Ranveer gets closer to Sunny’s dead body and yells at him for dying without giving any information about Riya. In the next scene, Ranveer is at Shergill’s house and states that he cannot understand his pain. Shergill discloses the sad story about the death of his whole family, including his pregnant wife on the day of the second anniversary and asks Ranveer about his relationship with Neha.

Ranveer then mentions his story of how Neha left him for his father and came to meet him for the last, stating that he is going to marry Shekhar within a few days. Shergill receives a call from someone and asks them to check what he is sending. Ranveer then begs him to arrest Shekhar, stating that he is aware of what happened to Riya, but Shergill replies to him that they cannot arrest him without any evidence. When Ranveer is leaving, Shergill requests him not to make the case complicated for them. On the other hand, the henchmen reach Usman’s car showroom and beat him badly, but then Ranveer arrives there and fights the henchmen.

Ranveer overpowers them and goes to Usman, who dies in his arms, and then he notices Shergill’s messages on the henchmen’s number and acknowledges that he has been cheating them all the time. Ranveer investigates one of the henchmen, who provides him with the location of Shergill’s farmhouse in the jungle.

On his way to the farmhouse, Kootay attempts to stop him but he manages to kill him and draws the attention of other Shergill’s men to him. Ranveer fights and kills all of the Shergill’s men and reaches inside the farmhouse. At the same time, Colonel Ranjeet arrives in the jungle and warns LSD not to mess with Ranveer because he has spent most of his time in the jungle, and the war with him inside the jungle is going to end in his favor. Inside the farmhouse, Ranveer finds the man who pretended to be Riya’s father and kills him.

Shergill appears from behind and shoots Ranveer from behind. He injures him badly and explains to him how he managed o get rid of the police job when he got a chance after finding Riya under Sunny’s custody. He discloses that he has saved Riya from death while her father and uncle wanted to kill her. He mentions the business deal that he made with Shekhar and Sunny and reveals that Shekhar used to hate his wife and wanted to prove her mentally ill. He informs him how he requested all of the people to hide the reality of Riya from her after her injury and succeeded in his plan of making her a mental patient.

Ranveer listens to him and assails him stating, that he has selected the wrong girl for this. Shergill manages to pick up his gun, but LSD appears there and shoots Shergill, stating that he has cleaned the city now. Ranveer gets very sad after not finding Riya, but after a while, she emerges in front of him, and Ranveer starts sobbing with happiness. LSD investigates Shekhar and discovers that Riya is Ranveer’s daughter because Shekhar is sterile. He informs Ranveer that Riya is his daughter, and this is the reason why Neha wanted him to find Riya.

Ranveer gets up from his bed after listening to this and goes to meet Riya. In the next scene, Ranveer is seen combing Riya’s hair while imagining Neha with them, and the movie ends here.

Baaghi 2.

Baaghi 2 | March 30, 2018 (United States) Summary:
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi
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