He Is Infected by a Curse That Makes Him a Freak.


We see a very scary masked figure walking around a school and using chalk. The Narrator introduces this masked figure as The Curious. It is not certain if this being is a boy or a girl, nobody knows if it’s even human. The Narrator is curious what this being will do next. The Curious draws something on a paper by the school. Then the Narrator asks what we would do if we were totally anonymous.

The story officially begins and we are introduced to Sam and a couple of his friends. His friends are called Fitzy and Naini and they are all students at St-Augustine Choir School. They are all singing in a church choir and their parents are in the audience.

This school is very expensive so only rich families can afford to send their children there. Since students come from very influential backgrounds many of them have quite a large ego. Sam is one of those students but recently his family has gotten into trouble and they are not financially sound as before. With each passing day Sam is more jealous of Fitzy and Naini for being so comfortable and rich. He watches them have fun during an important performance and he is very envious. After the performance Sam goes to talk with his mom and he asks her for money but she has nothing to give him.  He is angry at her because he now feels like an outcast in this school. In the past Sam and his mother were very rich people who often locked down on everybody else but now they are almost poor. Sam’s father has lost a lot of his money and they cannot afford their lavish lifestyle from the past.

Sam’s mom and him start to argue about money but soon they are interrupted when a student runs out of the headmasters office, the student is in tears. The headmaster arrives, his name is Mr. Herabius. He explains that this is another case of the notorious NoFace trolling and harassing the students. This NoFace is someone who has been attacking students for a while. Fitzy and Naini join the conversation. Fitzy comments that this NoFace is not even that funny. There are theories that this mysterious attacker goes to their school but nobody knows for sure. Sams mother is worried if he has been the target of the attacks from this NoFace but Sam denies it. He tries to sound brave so he tells his mother and his friends that if this NoFace comes after him, he will expose him.

The parents from the school leave and Fitzy, Naini and Sam are left alone. Both Fitzy and Naini have presents from their parents but Sam has nothing. He tries to pretend like it does not bother him but it does. Naini tries to be nice and offers him some of her candy but Sam rejects the offer. Naini and Fitzy decide to go eat some pizza at a restaurant called Zucco’s Pizza Hut. The two friends want Sam to join them and they offer to pay for his food. Sam refuses their offer as he does not want to seem like someone who has to borrow money.There seems to be a romantic moment between Naini and Sam. Sam tells her that she has pretty hair today and that makes her blush.  She is very flattered that someone noticed, Fitzy gets very uncomfortable as she is his girlfriend. The two of them leave to have fun and leave Sam standing there alone.

Sam goes back to his room and blasts loud rock music. He is totally alone in the dark and he is ready for his night routine. He decides to log on the computer and he joins the school online forum. He starts to comment on various people using an anonymous profile. It is revealed that Sam is actually NoFace and the one who has been harassing and insulting students for a while. He uses his online profile to insult Nainis hari and calls it ugly. He creates a horrible photo comparing Naini and her hair to a wild animal. He then decides to start a thread where he talks about Fitzy and speculates that he is only dating Naini because he lost a bet. Sam is very happy with himself and what he is doing to others. This is his way of being happy even for a while. Sam starts to badmouth Fitzy on the online forums and people start to notice. They are all very interested. Sam using his NOFace profile comments how Fitzy is a fake friend and nobody should trust him.

Suddenly Sam receives a private message from a user named BillyGoat356. This message is very scary and it basically tells Sam that he is being very mean and if he continues he will be punished. Sam thinks that its just a dumb troll and ignores the message.

The following day at school Sam meets up with Naini who is very upset. She shows Sam the post that NoFace made about her. Sam pretends to be her friend and tries to comfort her. Sam actually thinks that it’s funny that she is so upset. Naini reveals that she is not that upset about the comments of her appearance but mostly she thinks that Fitzy doesn’t even like her now. Sam once again lies and tells her that Fitzy is a great guy and she should trust him. She is still pretty upset and confused.

Sam then asks Naini if she wants to have lunch with him and just after she accepts his offer, Fitzy arrives. Fitzy is confused why Naini is so cold towards him and she leaves. Sam is very pleased with himself and hopes to get with Naini. Sam is then invited to the headmasters office. Before he goes Fitzy laughs at him for getting into trouble once again. When Sam arrives at the office he sees that headmaster Herabius is talking with his mother. Sam’s mother has run out of money and cannot afford him going to this school anymore. Herabius is angry at Sam’s mother as she has promised to not be late with the payments anymore. He forces her to admit that she has no money left. She cannot pay for the tuition and for Sam’s cricket uniform as he is on the school team. It’s very obvious that Sam will soon get kicked out of the school.

He is very upset and soon he finds a poster that is showing a Riseborough scholarship which is given to the student with the best musical solo. Sam is a baritone but he is determined to sing in the recital in two days and win this scholarship. He goes into the headmasters office and proposes this as an idea for his payments. The Headmaster at first disagrees but finally accepts Sam’s idea. After the meeting Sam is furious at his mother and tells her that he will not be kicked out. Fitzy and Sam are actually roommates and Sam must be careful when he logs on. When Fitzy goes to sleep Sam can finally relax.

Sam once again logs on as NoFace and starts to insult Mr Herabius on the forums. Sam is furious at the headmaster. He then once more gets a message from user BillyGoat356 who sends him a photo of a troll. The text in the message is in another language.  Sam thinks this is another dumb message and ignores it. When he wakes up in the morning Sam realizes in the mirror that he now has a monobrow for some reason. He goes to music practice and there he performs his solo. He is very pleased with himself but soon realizes that his feet are now really big and he has black toenails. He is also covered in strange hairs. With each moment he looks less like his old self so he rushes to his dorm room.

After school Sam once again goes on the online forums to spread rumors about Naini and Fitzy. Soon after that his stomach grows and makes strange noises. Sam and Naini meet up and talk and she admits that she and Fitzy are having relationship problems because of NoFace. Naini admits that she maybe has feelings for Sam but then his stomach starts to make a strange sound and he has to leave. When he arrives in his room his entire body has transformed. He has a ugly nose, out of control hair, and very big hands and feet. Also his posture has totally changed. He looks like a very scary troll.

Sam is now panicking so he decides to translate the message and finds out that its a very old curse. The message was originally in Norwegian. He then sends BillyGoat356 a message and asks him to break the curse. The user then gives Sam two options; he can hide until the sun comes up and the curse will pass or he can tell the whole school that he was NoFace the entire time. If he does that BillyGoat356 will break his curse and he will be free. If he does not do both of these options he will become a troll for his entire life. Sam cannot hide until the sun comes up. He has to perform that musical solo tonight and if he reveals himself as NoFace everybody will hate him. Sam then decides to still play that solo but hides himself under a robe.

Sam goes to the musical event and there he begins his solo performance. He tells everyone that he has to keep on the hood because he is just anxious. He sings pretty good at the start but soon his voice starts to sound like a monster. Mr Herabius tells Sam to lower his hood and when he does everyone sees his troll form. BillyGoat356 tells Sam that he must admit what he did but Sam refuses and runs away. Sam runs into the sun and he then gets turned into stone. The stone then gets lifted up to the roof of the school where many other stone trolls also are placed.

Some time passes and everything goes back to normal. Fitzy and Naini are back together and they talk about their theories about what happened to Sam. Basically since that night nobody has seen him. Also in the days after his disappearance one of the students found his laptop and he was revealed to be NoFace. Naini and Fitzy talk about it and they pass a caretaker in the school. This caretaker has an ID that says his first and last name, it’s Bill Goat, and he is employee 356.

We then once more see the being called The Curios and it slowly walks away from the school. The narrator warns that you never know who will be your BillyGoat.

Creeped Out “Trolled”.

Trolled | November 14, 2017 (United Kingdom) Summary: An internet troller named no face is messaged by an internet user named billy goat who inflicts a curse on him. A curse which can reveal the inflicted's true inner self.
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