A Girl Discovers That Her Mother Has Superpowers and She Inherited All Her Powers.


The story begins on a wedding day in a small town called Augustine. The woman who is getting ready to be married is called Josie. She is very happy and is excited about walking down the altar. After a while she realizes that her fiancee is not showing up. Josie is actually left in front of the altar by her fiance who is called Liam.
Liam leaves his hometown of Saint Augustine and focuses on his music career. The story then jumps eight years into the future and we see that Liam is now a giant star. He is a very famous country singer and he has a tour across the entire USA.
Liam soon arrives in New Orleans and there he does a giant concert. After the concert he meets up with a hot girl and they sleep together. Liam drinks a lot and it seems that he does not want a serious relationship with anybody. The following morning Liam notices that the girl is using his old phone to call her friend. Liam goes into a panic and rushes over to take the phone from her. This is a very important cell phone to Liam and he does not want anyone to use it. Liam then takes the beat up old cell phone to a store where the manager fixes it. Liam is very grateful and it’s obvious that the phone means a lot to him. Liams manager is called Sam and while they are really great friends Sam has a hard time keeping Liam under control. Sam is worried that Liam is not focused on his music tour enough. Sam spots Liam as he is using his old phone and questions his actions. Liam explains that there is a very important message on the phone and he does not want to lose it.
Liam goes to watch some TV and soon he learns that a very close friend from Augustine has died. This friend is called Mason and before Liam left, they were best friends. Mason ahs died in a car crash and has left his wife and child behind. Liam then rushes back to St. Augustine as he wants to attend Mason’s funeral. Liam really tries to hide his identity as he does not want Josie to recognize him. He remains on the steps of the church during the funeral proceedings. Liam’s father is called Brian and he is leading the funeral proceedings. After the funeral Brian and Liam have a short communication, it’s obvious that they have a very strained relationship.
While Liam tries to remain anonymous during the whole funeral, Josie recognizes him. When the funeral is finally over and Mason is buried, Josie goes over to Liam and punches him in the stomach.
Liam has also noticed that Josie has a small daughter with her. Josie then angrily leaves. Liam decides to stay in town and wants to spend some time with his father. The following morning Liam has trouble getting used to small town living. He cannot believe how his dad lives, even though the coffee machine is really old. Brian the goes to the church as he has to work. Liam is left alone and decides to explore the town as he has not been here for 8 years.
Liam then calls his menager Sam and they get into an argument. Sam is furious that Liam just left his tour and concerts. Sam informs Liam that this will cost a lot of money and it will ruin his reputation. Liam tells Sam that he plans to pay whatever is necessary but his childhood friend Mason died so he had to go back home. Sam is a bit ashamed of himself and explains to Liam that its totally okay and he should take all the time he wants. Sam also tells Liam that he can help with whatever he needs and that he will take care of the tour arrangements. Liam then asks Sam to send him credit cards so that he can have some money and also to send him a car. Sam is a bit surprised as Liam has never used a credit card but he agrees to send everything to Liam.
Liams takes his old bike and drives it in town. He decides to explore and the first thing he does is go to the store. When he arrives in the store Liam buys some alkohol. While he is at the checkout he notices that the lady working in the shop is a person who he knew in high school. Liam is very interested in Josie so he asks this woman if she can reveal some information about Josie. The woman refuses and she actually makes fun of Liam for being such a celebrity. Liam notices that in the papers the paparazzi have photos of him rushing to fix his phone and that he is being ridiculed. After that Liam goes to the park and sits down to drink. He just sits for a while but soon he notices Josie. She is going to a flower shop and Liam decides to follow her.
Liam enters the flowers shop that Josie owns. She is very angry at him and is very cold. Liam tries to pretend like everything is okay so he asks to buy some flowers. He is actually buying flowers for the wife of his late friend Mason. Mason and his family were also Josie’s friends. Liam uses his credit card to pay for the flowers and the tension between him and Josie is obvious. All of a sudden one of Josie’s friends enters the shop with Josie’s daughter. Liam gets to know Josie’s daughter and she is called Billy. Liam is a bit surprised as that is the name of his late mother. Josie really did not want Billy and Liam to meet.
Billy is very funny and cute, Liam wants to get to know her a bit more. He asks Billy how old she is and Billy confirms that she is seven years old. Liam freezes as he realizes that she might be his daughter.
After Billy leaves, Josie and Liam talk. Josie admits that Billy is in fact Liam’s daughter. Liam is totally shocked and cannot believe it. Josie then reveals that two weeks after their ruined wedding she learned that she was pregnant. Josie even tried to contact Liam but he would not pick up the phone or call her back. Josie then decided to keep the child and raise it on her own. Josie realizes that she and Billy deserved better than what Liam could offer. Josie also decided that she will not contact Liam anymore as she figured he did not care about her and the town.
Liam is now furious by this news and he goes back home to confront his father. Liam starts to argue with his father and demands to know why nobody told him about his daughter, especially not his dad. Brian then reveals that many years ago he actually tried to tell Liam about his daughter. Brian went to one of Liam’s concerts as they have not spoken in a long time. After the concert Brian tried to talk with Liam but he was so drunk that he could not speak. Liam was furious and demanded that Brian leaves. He also told his father that he never wants to see him. At that moment Brian decided not to tell Liam about Billy being his daughter. Liam does not remember this at all. He is very sorry and apologizes to his father for his behavior.
Liam spends more time with Josie and Billy. At some point he wants to spend more time with Billy and Josie accepts but it has to be on her own terms. Later in the day Josie goes to talk with Billy and they discuss her father. Josie has not spoken about Billy’s father but she now thinks that they might start to talk about it. Billy is a very smart kid and she reveals that she has already figured out that Liam is her father. Josie is totally surprised by this reveal but she wants to know if Billy is comfortable with getting to know him. Billy accepts to spend more time with her father Liam.
Liam is invited to dinner with Billy and Josie and he is very nervous. Liam calls his manager Sam and wants his help. Sam has three kids at home and it’s very difficult to balance his homelife with his work. Sam gives Liam advice on how to shop online. Liam shows up to the dinner with a giant teddy bear for Billy and a brand new necklace for Josie. Josie is very embarrassed and she tells Liam that she cannot accept this gift. Billy also makes fun of Liam as the teddy bear he bought is too big for her. Josie’s brother also joins them at dinner and he loves that Billy is a bit mean to Liam. Josie tries to get Billy under control and the dinner is a success. After dinner Billy wants Liam to go into her room. When they arrive there Billy introduces Liam to her pet rabbit. They both play with the rabbit and they actually bond a bit.
Billy then tells Liam that she would like it if he could pick her up from school tomorrow and Liam accepts.
The following day both Liam and Josie go to pick up Billy to school. Soon Josie gets a call from Masons wife and has to run off to help. Liam is left alone to wait for Billy. Soon Billy finishes school and Liam shows off his expensive and fast car. Billy does not want to drive in that type of car as she deems it too dangerous. Liam then goes back home and takes his dad’s car to drive Billy after school. Liam brings Billy to his house and there they spend time with Brian who is cooking them food. Liam tries to play the guitar a bit and then leaves to help his dad in the kitchen. While they are both in the kitchen, Billy starts to play with the guitar and its obvious that she has her fathers talent in music.
Liam and Billy spend an entire day together and its very fun. At the end of the day Josie allows Billy to stay over at Liam and Brian’s house. Liam puts Billy to sleep and she asks him about why he left Josie on their wedding day. Liam then tells Billy that he was too young and confused. He also admits that he very much regrets that decision. Brian and Josie hear this conversation and Josie is very touched. Billy soon falls asleep and Josie talks with Liam. Liam is very interested in Josie and he wants to spend more time with her. Josie is still very guarded but she wants to spend a day with the famous singer Liam and have a special date with him.
Josie and Liam fly to New Orleans and there they have a fancy dinner. Many journalists arrive and they want to know who Josie is. Liam admits that Josie is his true love to everybody. When they return back to St. Augustine Liam spends more time with Billy. One day they all have a giant lunch together. At one point Billy starts to choke on her food and Liam totally freezes. Josie and her brother have to save Billy from choking. After that Liam has flashbacks to the day his mother died. This is something that has traumatized him a lot and he fears that he is not good enough for Josie or Billy.
Josie’s brother Jake tells Liam that he does not deserve them and that he should return to his life in music. Liam gets really drunk and breaks his hand. He then goes to talk with his father and they finally mend their relationship. Liam is sorry that he never returned to visit his father and he also realizes that he cannot be a husband and father.
The following morning Liam leaves once more and he goes back to his music career. Liam travels to London and performs there. His manager Sam notices that Liam is not happy so he inspires him to return back home. Liam listens to the voicemail that Josie left on his old phone. He goes back to St. Augustine and begs for her forgiveness. Josie and Liam finally get married and he truly focuses on his family. We see that after a while Billy started to perform with Liam at his concerts and they are now a happy family.

Forever My Girl.

Forever My Girl | January 19, 2018 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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