A Girl Discovers a Mysterious Egg in Her Toy and Tries to Know What Is Inside It.


A beautiful girl named Tinja, she is 12 years old and she is a gymnast. And her mother Helen jokes with her. Then, her father and her brother Matias take a photo with her to post their photos on social media. Suddenly, they hear a sound at the window and Tinja go to see what it is. By the way, Tinja finds a break in the window. When Tinja opens it, a crow enters the house and makes a very big mess. The whole family wants to catch the crow. But they can’t. Then, he stands on the lamp and looks at them. Suddenly, the lamp falls, and at that time Tinja throws a towel at the crow. Meantime, Tinja wants to fly him out of the window. But her mother tells her to come and she breaks his neck. Tinja is shocked with this. So, her mother asks her to throw it in the trash. By then, Tinja holds it and she is afraid. Anyway, she gets rid of him while she is sad. She locks him up, but doesn’t notice that he is still alive.


Meanwhile, Tinja gets know her new neighbor, Reetta, she is the same age as her. In this time, Reetta plays with her dog, so Tinja goes to welcome her. When she gets close to her dog, the dog bites her. All right, Reetta is surprised and says sorry to her. It’s the first time for her dog to do this. At night, mom sings to Matias to sleep. And Tinja enters and sings with her. After this, their mom makes a montage of the videos they are filming. Shortly after, Tinja tells her about their new neighbour. Also, she tells her that she is a friend to their daughter, Reetta. On the contrary, Helen tells her that she has no time for friendships. She must focus on gymnastics training because she has a championship. Obviously, her mother is a controlling person. At night, Tinja can’t sleep because she’s upset about her mother’s words. Suddenly, she hears a sound of a crow outside. So, she goes out of the house and looks at the crow in the trash, but she doesn’t find it. At this moment, she hears a sound from a far place, so she walks to it. she finds a crow lying on the ground and is injured. Meantime, she becomes sad when she sees it. Then, she finds crow’s nest and an egg.


In this time, she feels guilty so she decides to take the egg with her and warm it in her bed. The next day, she goes to her training and she is no longer doing well. By the way, the trainer advises her to train more to win in the competition. After training, Tinja’s friends go to her to go out with them. But she tells them that she has a running training. So, they walk and she feels sad when she looks at them. But of course, she can’t do that because of her mother. When she goes home, she checks on the egg and notices that it grows a little. After that, her mother tells her that she breaks up with and her father. And their relationship will be good because of Tinja and her brother. Indeed, Tinga notices that her mother treats her father normally. And after a few days, she notices the egg has grown very large. Then, she opens her bear’s belly and puts her egg inside it. Anyway, she goes to her training and her mother is there and encourages her. But Tinja can’t do the training exactly. And the trainer doesn’t like her performance anymore.


In this time, Reetta starts training, and the trainer is amazed at her performance and her fitness. But Helen laughs and it’s appear that she is upset. When the training ends, Tinja makes her train so much until her hands gets hurt. So, the trainer tells them that they should close the hall. Then, the mother asks her to leave them for a while. And she is still train Tinja until she makes the training well. At night, Tinja sees the egg and is surprised that it grows so much. So, she puts her hands on it and feels that something moves inside it. In this time, she imagines what will come out of the egg. Then, she goes to sit with her mother. After a few seconds, her mother tells her that from next week she lives with her fiancé, Tero. Meanwhile, Tinja is upset even though she knows that her father and mother are break up. Then, she goes back to her room and sits next to the egg, crying and tears falling on the egg. Suddenly, the egg breaks and a hand comes out of it. Meantime, Tinja is so afraid and runs to hide in the cupboard to watch the egg. After this, she sees a strange bird coming out of it and gets terrified when she looks at it while she is inside the cupboard.



Suddenly, a strange bird breaks the window and runs away.  This time, her father hears the sound and goes to her. Then. she says that there was a bird breaks the window. At night, she hears the sound of a strange bird at the window and wants to enter her room. She is afraid of him, but she feels that he wants to tell her something. So, a strange bird gives his hand to let Tinja gets rid of the glass inside his hand. After that, she pulls it while he screams. Then, she closes her eyes and gets scared and puts her hands on her face. When she opens it, she finds him does like her, so she feels that he is kind. When she finds his hand smelling bad, she takes him to wash. At first, he is afraid, but after that he loves water and becomes happy. After this, she takes him with her and sings to him to sleep. Meanwhile, Reetta’s dog is barking. When a strange bird feels that Tinja is upset and can’t sleep, he goes out to get rid of the dog. Once, Tanja wakes up, she finds him before her on the bed, with the dead dog besides her.


In this time, she is shocked and takes the dog and buries it in the Garden. By now, her brother Matias sees her from the window. Then, she goes out to a store and buy bird food. There, she meets her classmates with Reetta. So, they walk together and they are happy. Later, Reetta asks her to post an advertisement for her lost dog. Meantime, Tinja is sad but she can’t tell her what happened. When she enters the house, her mother shows the hairbrush that she buys for her. And her brother knows that his mother doesn’t give him anything and he gets upset. Meanwhile, he sees the dog’s advertisement, so he runs outside and comes back carrying the dead dog. At this moment, he tells them that he saw Tinja while she was burying him. But they don’t believe him. So, he gets angry and falls Tinja on the ground and goes. Meanwhile, he sees a shadow in Tinja’s room, so he puts on his mask and looks for under the bed. Then, there is a hand cutting off his mask, so he gets scared.


At the same moment, Tinja does some actions isn’t normal. And when she returns to her normal again, she runs to her room and shouts at the bird. Then, her mother enters to her and asks her who is she talking to? And she looks under the bed and can’t find anything. Meantime, she looks for her wardrobe and is shocked when she finds the championship’s clothes cutting. Then, her mother shouts at her. When Tinja sees the bird hiding in the cupboard. So, she quickly closes it so that her mother doesn’t see it. Later, she punishes the bird and keeps him inside the cupboard all day. Meanwhile, He begs her to get him out. At the end of the day, she feels guilty for him, and she opens up to him. And eats him with the bird food that she bought for him. At the same time, she notices that its feathers fall off and there is a yellow hair appears on him. So, Tinja tells him that he may be a girl and calls him Alli. Over time, Alli grows older and has a hair. By the time, Tinja cares about her, she dresses Alli with her clothes. And she puts a rose in her hair.


It’s time for the final trainings before the competition. In the trainings, Reetta is doing well better than Tinja. So, Helen is annoyed and jealous of her. And when she sees them sitting together, she makes them hate each other. At the same time, Tinja is annoyed, and Alli feels her. Then, Alli opens the cupboard and goes to Reetta while she is back on the road and attacks her. Meanwhile, Helen sees Tinja making the same strange moves and tries to calm her down. When they come home, Tinja can’t find Alli. But she finds its beak falling on the ground and becomes surprised. In the morning, her mother tells her to prepare herself to live with her love Tero. When they arrive home, he welcomes them.


Then, her mother views the home to her and sees little son of Tero to her.  Mom of Tero’s son is died when she born her. At night, she can’t sleep because of the little girl’s voice. Meantime, she finds Allee standing for her at the window, so she opens it. At this time, she was surprised that her face is changed, and she sleeps beside her. In the morning, while they are having breakfast, Helen gets a phone call, and she knows what happened to Reetta. So, Tinja goes to visit her in the hospital and check on her. And she is surprised by the injuries and wounds in her face. When Reetta sees her, she screams. Later, Tinja escapes and runs outside. And she goes home and is sure that Alli who did this and keeps bothering her. Then, she raises her hand to beat her, but she hits herself more than once. Meanwhile, Alli hugs her and calms her down until she fell asleep. After a few hours, she wakes up and notices that Alli looks like her. At the same time, Tinja talks with Tero. And he asks her if she likes gymnastics. After that, he understands from her that she does it only because this is her mother.

When he enters the house, he hears Tinja’s voice talking to someone. So, he tries to open the door to check on her. After that, he gets shocked when he sees Alli eating strangely. He thinks that she is Tinja and tells her that he’ll call her mother. Literally, Alli attacks him, but Tinja quickly lock the door. Due to this, Tero’s hands gets hurt. Then, she says sorry and begs him not to say anything to her mother. Meantime, her mother arrives and starts training to Tinja and upsets her when she makes a mistake. In this time, the little girl is afraid of the sound and crying so Helen leaves Tinja and goes to calm down her. So, Tinja is annoyed and jealous. Of course, Alli feels her. On top of all, Helen tells Tero that they are going to the competition. Tinga is afraid for the little girl. When they go the competition, Tinja feels that something is going to happen and she can’t do well.


Meanwhile, she feels that Alli gets close to the girl, so she falls herself on her hands. She wants to stop what Alli will do and she loses in the competition. Fortunately, Tero enters, saves his daughter, and sees Alli running away. He thinks Alli is Tinja. When Helen returns, he fights with her. Then, he tells her to go away with her daughter and that they are a crazy family and he doesn’t want to know her again. In this time, Helen becomes so nervous and tells Tanja that she makes her life so bad and they return home. When Tinja enters her room, she sees Alli wants to enter through the window. After this, Tinja doesn’t agree to enter and bothers her. Then, she goes to her mother and says sorry to her. At the same time, her father sees Alli in the garden and thinks that she is his daughter. Meantime, he sees her going to her room and sitting in her closet. So, he thinks that she is upset because she lost in the competition. Then, he goes out. But After that, Helen leaves her and is still annoyed with her and keeps bothering her.


Anyway, she combs her hair to get ready for taking a photo and videos again. But her hair is cut off, and Helen is shocked when Alli looks at her. Suddenly, Alli attacks her. When Tinja arrives, she tries to save her mother. In this time, Helen looks at them in amazement. Then, Tinja tells her the story of Alli, and she asks her to stay away from her and walk. So, Helen hugs her and tells her that everything will be fine. Meantime, they both hold knives to make Alli die. But when Helen enters the room, Alli attacks her. And Helen tries to try again. So, she hits her in her leg. Of course, Tinja feels the same. When Helen is about to get rid of Alli, Tinja stands before her, and she gets hurted. And her blood falls on Alli. At that moment, Helen breaks down and her husband and son enter them and see what is happening. After all of this, Alli becomes a second one of Tinja and challenges them.


Hatching | March 4, 2022 (Finland) Summary: A young gymnast, who tries desperately to please her demanding mother, discovers a strange egg. She hides it and keeps it warm, but when it hatches, what emerges shocks them all.
Countries: Finland, SwedenLanguages: Finnish
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