A Weak Girl Sends Her Twin Sister to School to Take Revenge on Those Who Bully Her.


The story begins with a sonogram of two twin babies. At first it seems totally normal but suddenly one of the babies gets more aggressive and its turns into a nightmare. We now go into the present and are introduced to Maria Brennan. We see her getting ready for high school in front of a mirror. Maria is 17 years old and has a pretty normal life. While she goes to school and has parents, it’s far from perfect. Her life is very cold and isolating. Maria comes down for breakfast and her family eats in silence. Nobody is talking and it’s very tense. Maria then leaves her house to go to school.

As soon as she leaves her home Maria lights up a cigarette and is met by one other female student. This student is very rude to Maria but she has already gotten used to it. In school she is basically an outcast and nobody cares for her. When Maria gets on the bus to school almost immediately she starts to get bullied by the students. They do not want to spend any time with her and are cruel for seemingly no reason.

Maria actually has one friend, well they are barely friends. She often spends time with a girl called Lily. Lily is very cold towards Maria and she mostly just uses her. Maria often spends time alone in school, she just puts on her headphones and listens to music. She is also very jealous of Lily. Lily is pretty popular in school and also she has a boyfriend. This guy is called Sean and Maria secretly has a crush on him. Maria has a hard time seeing Lilly jump all over Sean and she is very jealous.

When Maria goes back home she has to endure another dinner with her parents. She is often very quiet and reserved at home as she does not feel comfortable with them. Her father Dan is rather distant and spends a lot of time doing his own work. He is a plastic surgeon and is very particular about everything. He expects everything to be perfect which puts a lot of pressure on Maria. On the other hand her mother Amy is very mentally unstable. She has nightmares all the time and has depression as well. Another important detail is that Dan is constantly cheating on his wife and while everybody knows it, Amy likes to pretend it’s not happening. All in all a very unstable household.

Now at dinner Maria has to listen to her mother talk about her friends and plans. Amy is trying to help her daughter and wants to set her up with a boy. She thinks that Maria could use some friends, also prom is coming up so she needs a date. Maria is really against this idea and she tells her mother to stop. Her father Dan starts to get involved as well and Maria just feels cornered and isolated. Eventually Maria cannot hold her anger in anymore and she snaps at her mother and leaves the dinner table. Dan is also very worried about his daughter but not because he cares, because she is an embarrassment. He talks about her having no friends, no social life and how she is going nowhere in life. Maria hears all of this and is now even more upset.

She goes up to her room and just looks at herself in the mirror. Soon enough she notices something in the frame. What she finds is quite surprising to her, she finds an old sonogram. This sonogram shows a pair of twins. Maria does not know what to make of this so she ignores it.

She then goes to the bathroom and she spends some time alone after the shower. Maria gets an unpleasant surprise when her own reflection moves on its own. She is totally scared and falls on the ground. Maria hides behind the toilet before again going to inspect the mirror. Her reflection really is moving on its own. Maria is frightened and tries to see if its just in her head. She wipes away the mirror and sees her own reflection smiling at her. Maria, totally scared, leaves the bathroom.

The following morning Maria is still upset and wants to get some help and advice from her parents. She goes downstairs and tries to talk with her dad while her mom prepares breakfast. Maria does not get a word in before her father Dan interupts her. He doesn’t even listen to her, he only focuses on her appearance. Dan thinks she looks horrible and cannot go to school that way. He thinks that she did not get any sleep so it would be best if she went upstairs and put on some make up. Maria is saddened that her father isn’t even interested in her problems. She goes upstairs to the bathroom to brush her hair and put on some makeup. We see that her reflection is slightly out of sync, it truly is moving on its own. Maria does not notice anything wrong and just goes to school like always.

Mark, the main boy who loves to bully Maria, is waiting for her near the school bus. He has a very creepy smile on his face and Maria is scared of him. Suddenly Lily arrives in a brand new car and gives Maria a ride. Lily likes to brag about her things to Maria. They go pick up her boyfriend Sean. Maria has to sit in the back seat and watch Lily and Seans relationship unfold. When they get to school, Maria is still hanging out with Sean and Lily but soon they run into Mark the bully. He makes Maria fall down on the ground and starts to laugh at her in front of everyone. Sean steps in to help and gets into a heated argument with Mark. Maria notices how Sean protected her and likes it.

After school Maria returns home and she is very sad again. During the night she starts to hear a voice. She gets scared but goes to inspect it. Soon she arrives in the bathroom and in front of the mirror is her reflection. This time her reflection is talking to her and Maria is terrified.

This reflection calls itself Airam and she is of course identical to Maria in appearance but has a totally different personality. Maria talks to Airam and the reflection explains that she is always here with Maria, she is in every reflection, wherever she goes. Maria has so many questions about the origin of Airam but she does not get her answers. Airam just asks Maria what she wants. Airam is certain that she can help make Maria happy. Airam is confident in herself, she is sultry and sadistic. All the things that Maria is not. Airam promises that she will help Maria and get revenge if something bad happens. Maria tells Airam that she is beautiful, showing signs that she likes talking to her. Airam tells her that „no we are beautiful“.

The following day Maria is much different. At breakfast her parents notice immediately that she is much more positive and put together. Her father notices that she looks good and he tells her that he is proud of her. Maria then announces to her parents that she is in fact going to the winter prom dance. Both of her parents are really happy with this news. Maria has decided to put in the effort and socialize. In school she goes to talk with Lily and Sean. Maria wants Lily to teach her how to ice skate. Both of her friends are amazed at how much she has changed. Maria is still very jealous of their relationship and Airam notices this.

That same day Maria spends a day with her father. She first arrives at his clinic and sees him do his work. Maria also notices that one of his lovers is in the office. After that is over Maria and her father Dan go to see a movie. Their relationship is very strained but Maria wants to try. After the movie they run into Mark and his friends. Mark tries to pretend like he and Maria are friends. Her father is embarrassed of Maria and it’s an awkward situation. While driving home Dan tells Maria that he wants to give her a birthday present very soon. That same night Maria once again goes to talk with Airam.

Tomorrow Maria gets even more horrible news. Her fathers idea of a birthday present was giving Maria a plastic surgery so that she looks good now. Maria is absolutely heartbroken and runs out. After that she speaks to Airam even more. Airam is very angry at everyone and wants to protect Maria at all costs. Talking with Airam makes Maria feel much better and secure but she also becomes more unstable. Soon after that her mother Amy notices that something is wrong with her daughter. She has been acting even more strangely than usual. Dan does not want to deal with Maria anymore and just tells Amy to let ito go.

At school, Lily and Maria take skating lessons together. Maria is not very good and soon she falls and cannot get up. Lily is a really bad person so she makes fun of Maria and just leaves. Maria is then left totally alone on the ice. Airam is now even more angry at everyone around Maria, she tells Maria that she is special and deserving of love.

The worst thing happens when the prom dance arrives. Maria gets attacked and assaulted by her bully Mark. Now Maria is totally broken and afraid, she feels totally alone. Maria once again goes to the bathroom to talk with Airam. This time she touches the mirror and switches places with Airam

Maria is now the one in the mirror while Airam has control of her body. Amy in the meantime has a horrible nightmare about giving birth. Since Airam is now in control, things get really strange at school. Ariam is confident and seductive. When Mark tries to bully her Airam fights back and scares him. Airam then tries to help her mother so she makes her meet up with one of Dan’s lovers. This is all Airams plan to make her mother angry at her father Dan. Maria does not like what Airam has done to her parents and wants her to stop. Airam demands that they all be punished for what they did to Maria.

Airam decides to get revenge on Mark so she breaks his leg after setting a trap for him. Soon after that Airam teaches herself ice skating and then goes to practise with Lilly. This time Airam embarrases Lily and makes her fall. In the fall Lily hits her head so hard she dies. That same night, Maria is totally angry and in a panic. She wants to switch back with Airam because what she is doing is beyond horrible.  Airam refuses and continues with her plan. After a few days Airam manages to get into a relationship with Sean. She seduces him and they start to party together. She is now a totally different person, she drinks and smokes.



Airam and Sean spend time together at a motel and soon Sean gets a call. The police are calling him and they want both him and Maria to come in to the station. Airam refuses to go and Sean tries to force her. Airam in the heat of the moment smacks him over the head with a bottle. By accident Sean gets killed as well.

Airam did not mean for that to happen and now both she and Maria are devastated. Amy has more dreams about giving birth. Then it gets  revealed that Maria actually had a twin. When this twin was born, Dan killed it because it was deformed. Amy was heartbroken and never forgot that.

Airam goes to talk with Dan. He is still at his office and she demands answers. Airam takes off her clothes and asks Dan if he would care for her if she looked deformed or ugly. Dan cannot answer that question but after a while says that he could not have a deformed child. Airam then kills Dan as well. She is furious at him and now she has finally gotten her revenge. After the murder, Airam cannot see Maria anymore and she goes back home to her mother in bed.  It seems that now Maria and Airam share the same body and their future is unknown.

Look Away.

Look Away | November 2, 2018 (Poland) Summary:
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