A Girl Discovers That She Has Superpowers and Can Teleport Objects From a Distance.


A young girl named Ida, who is riding the car with her family. And they move to a new house in a new area because her father got a good job in this area. Ida looks at her sister and is very sad for her. Because her sister suffers from a neurological disease that makes her unable to speak. And she does involuntary movements. she doesn’t feel any pain in her body, no matter how difficult it is. Anna became ill when she was only five months old. Since then, her father and mother take special care of her. On top of all, Ida is upset at her sister. But at the same time, she is jealous of her because her father and mother care about her more than her. Then, they all arrive at the new house where they live. They are putting their needs in it. When they finish arranging the house, At night, Ida is talking to her mother and telling her that she wanted to enjoy this vacation and spend a nice time instead of spending her vacation moving to a new house. Her mother tells her that she is going to join a new school and that she’ll meet new friends. And she’ll enjoy her time very much. Then, she leaves her and walks.

But before she goes, Ida asks her for sitting with her for a while. But her mother tells her that she should sleep, she refuses to sit with her and she leaves her. On the second day, Ida goes out to play and takes a walk in the area. But she feels bored. After that, she meets a young boy of her age. And he lives close to their house, and his name is Ben. Then, he goes to get to know her. He offers her to come with him to the woods to play with each other, and she agrees. When they arrive there, Ben tells her that he can move objects remotely using his mind. Of course, Ida can’t believe him and makes fun of him. So, he decides to prove to her and tells her to bring a stone and throw it before him. And he’ll make this stone moves by looking at it, but nothing more. Then, she throws the stone before him, but the he can’t do that and he can’t move it. So, he asks her to give him another chance, and she throws the stone before him again. Surprisingly, he can actually move the stone and throw it far using only his mind. Of course, Ida is shocked and very impressed by this. And she asks him to do it again, and he actually does it again. Also, he moves it again. So, she asks him how does he do that? He tells her that he trains a lot of to that.

So, she asks him to throw the stone before her. And she’ll try to move it with her mind, as he does. By then, he agrees and throws the stone at her. And she tries to move it with her mind, but she can’t. But she tells him that she is doing a strange movement than that. After a little, she twists her hands in a strange way, which is difficult for any person to do. But Ben can’t make this movement. After that, they are still playing and joking together all day. Then, she returns home, and tells her mother and father about Ben, their neighbor. Unfortunately, as usual, they aren’t interested in what she says. And they care of her sister, Anna, to dress her and take her to the doctor. So, Ida annoys and leaves him, and she walks and goes down to sit alone while she is upset. By chance, she sees some broken glass falling on the ground. Meantime, she takes this broken glass and puts it in her sister’s boot to make her hurting. So, her mother wears boot for her sister, and she doesn’t notice. And her sister doesn’t talk because she doesn’t feel any pain. By the way, they all go to the doctor and the doctor notices that Anna can’t walk. When she takes off her boots, she notices that her leg is bleeding because of the glass that are in her boots.

Certainly, they treat her legs quickly. But they can’t know how did she get hurt? Then, they go home. The next day, Ida’s mother is forcing Ida to take her sister while she goes outside to play. Unfortunately, Ida is forced to take her sister and go away. Although she doesn’t want anyone to see her with her sister. While she is staying with her sister, Ben comes and sits with her. Anyway, Ida tells him about her sister’s condition and tells him that she almost doesn’t see or feel any pain. So, they try to pinch Anna and spit on her. When they get bored, they leave her alone and go play together but they close to her. While they were playing, a young man is annoyed them. Meanwhile, they go to play in another place far from Anna. When they are walking, a girl who lives in the area, her name is Aisha, comes and sits with Anna. She is still talking to her as if she knows her for a long time. At the same time, Ida and Ben are playing in the woods? While they are playing, they see a cat walking before them.

So, they tell each other a crazy idea, that they take the cat and go up to the building and throw it from the top. And they’ll see the cat dying or will she is still alive? they actually do that and they throw the cat from the top. When they go out to see it, they find it dying. Meantime, the cat is so ugly, so Ben decides to kill her and save her from her torment. When Ida knows that he’ll do this, she becomes upset and affected. Then, Ida goes to her sister. But she is surprised that her sister isn’t there. So, she asks where she goes, until she finds Anna playing with Aisha. And she sees that they love each other. By then, Ida feels worried about what is happening. And she tells her sister to get up to go home. But the strange thing is that Anna doesn’t want to go back with her and want to stay with Aisha. But when Ida decides to go home, Aisha goes home with Anna. Before they go out to the house, Aisha asks Ida if she can go out with her tomorrow. Meanwhile, Ida tells her that she’ll try. On the second day, Ida asks her father and mother to take her sister and go out. They both agree and are surprised because she hates going out with her sister very much. So, Ida goes out with her sister and takes her to Aisha’s house to play together.

At the same time, Ida goes looking for the cat they threw yesterday. And when she sees the cat, she is surprised that the cat is tied up and killed in an ugly way. Actually, she is afraid and decides to go and sit with Aisha and Anna. When she goes to them, she finds Ben sitting with them. And she finds them sitting and playing, watching a small dish move by itself from a distance. So, she knows that Ben is who moves this dish. But he tells her that Anna is doing this. After that, she is impressed by her sister’s ability. And she sits and plays with them, and Ben moves the stone from a distance, as he does. So, they are all happy. At that moment, Ben asks Anna if she can move the stone like him? But Aisha tells him that she can’t do that. Ida is surprised and asks Aisha how does she know? She explains to her that she also has superpowers. Also, she can read thoughts and communicate with people telepathically.

But she can’t do that with all people. Plus, she can’t communicate or read the thoughts of everyone she meets. But the strange thing is that she is able to communicate with Anna easily. Actually, they understand each other. Ida feels happy by this. And they keep playing with each other and showing their superpowers. Ida’s mother calls her to make her and her daughter come home quickly. So, Ida says goodbye to her friends and takes her sister and goes to home. The next day, they all gather again and keep playing with each other. While they’re playing, they make fun of ben and he feels annoyed. Also, he fights with all of them, leaves them and walks away. Then, Ida notices that Anna’s legs is wounded. Ida thinks that Anna isn’t in pain. But Aisha tells her that she feels the same pain as them. However, she can’t express it in any way. By the way, Ida suggests to Aisha to try to get Anna talking. So, Aisha is surprised by this idea. Then, Aisha communicates with Anna mentally. And she tells her how to speak, and indeed, Anna can pronounce a few words. All of them feel happy by this. Then, Ida takes her sister and they return home. As soon as their mother sees the wound of Anna, she fights with Ida. Because she doesn’t take good care of her sister. At the same time, Ida tries to let Anna tell her mother that she is good.

But this time, Anna can’t speak. Here, their mother feels that Ida is making fun of her sister or shouting at her again. Then, Ida enters her bed and closes herself. At the same time, Ben sits with his mother in the kitchen and fights with her. After that, he uses his strength and moves a bowl from the kitchen. And a bowl hits her in her head, and his mother loses consciousness. While she is unconscious, he moves a pan falls on his mother’s leg and burns her. And when she wakes up, she begs him to call an ambulance. But he doesn’t care and keeps watching her. On the next day, he goes out for a walk in the street, and accidentally sees the boy who annoyed him before. So, he gets scared and goes home and wants to take revenge on him. And he makes some strange movements until he controls the man who lives in the apartment below him. Meantime, he makes this man attack this boy by a stone to get rid of him. On the next day, Ida hears about the accident or goes to the place of the accident and is shocked. And she sees Ben standing at the place of the accident, and he looks strange. Then, she goes to talk to him and knows what his problem is.

When she asks him, he tells her that he discovers that he has the ability to control humans. He can control anyone and make him do whatever he wants. But she doesn’t believe him and tells him to prove this. He begins to do strange movements, and he controls her and makes her walks against her will. Then, she believes him. So, they both go to watch a group of boys playing soccer. While they are watching, Ben controls one of the boys and breaks his leg. Ida doesn’t that he does that. But Aisha knows that he does that because of the power of her telepathy. Meantime, Aisha comes to stop Ben from this. But when he sees her, he uses his power and tries to kill her from a distance. At the same time, Ida enters and falls him on the ground. So, he becomes so nervous, and attacks them both.

Suddenly, Anna enters, and the first time he sees her, he runs away. Because he knows that she has the same strength as him, and maybe even stronger than him. When he returns home, he is very angry about what happened. By the way, she thinks of a way to take revenge on them all. Firstly, he thinks to kill Aisha because she knows him well. Well, Ben takes control of Aisha’s mother, and makes her mother attack Aisha and stab her. When her mother loses control over her, and she sees what she does to her daughter, she collapses. She tries to ask for help, but unfortunately it’s too late. When Anna knows what happened to her close friend, she collapses and she feels lost. Also, Ida feels lost too, and they all visits her in her grave. After they finishes, they return home, and Ida tries to make her sister good.

By the way, Ida knows well that Ben who did this. Next, Ida decides to get rid of him before he gets rid of her and her sister. She thinks to tell what Ben does to their family, but she knows that no one believes her. Then, she decides to take revenge on herself. On the second day, she also goes out alone and goes to Ben and she gives him a new toy. She buys a toy to him to make peace with him. Then, he becomes happy with this, and they keep playing with each other. So, Ida takes him to a high bridge and she pretends that they play on the bridge. Then, Ida makes him falls from the bridge. And before she does that, a woman shouts at them and tells them to stay away from the bridge. but Ida does what is in her mind. And she falls him from the bridge, runs and goes to hide in the woods.

Unfortunately, he is alive. Then, Ben makes her go on the road, but she can be out of his control. And when she wakes up, she finds herself on the road. And the car is about to hit her. Then, she can save herself from the car and only her legs get hurt. After that, Ida finds herself in the hospital, with her mother beside her. When Ida becomes okay, she returns to her home, but she is terrified and very afraid. Because she knows that Ben will kill her. Over days, when Anna is playing at the lake before their house, she sees Ben on the other side. By the way, she wants to take revenge on him for what he did to her best friend. And they talk from a distance using their superpowers.   Firstly, Ben can win in this battle but Ida supports her sister and helps her against Ben. The two of them are able to defeat Ben and get rid of him. And then he and the two of them come back home and they are happy.   Although she doesn’t be close to her sister firstly, but she loves her now.

The Innocents.

The Innocents | September 3, 2021 (Norway) Summary: During the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal their dark and mysterious powers when the adults aren't looking. In this original and gripping supernatural thriller, playtime tak... Read all
Countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, United KingdomLanguages: Norwegian
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