Students Bully Their Teacher Because of Her Disability, but She Will Change Their Life 180°.


A woman named Naina, who suffers from Tourette syndrome, which causes her to make uncontrollable and strange movements and involuntary sounds. One day, Naina goes to apply for a job in a school, as her life’s dream is to work in a school and help children. When the manager reads her resume, he is impressed by her very high level of education, and intends to hire her immediately. But Naina starts doing strange movements because of the syndrome. The manager asks her about that and knows that she is suffering from a nervous condition. The director here reverses his decision and hands her the file again. And he tells her that they will call her, and when Naina gets up to leave, a teacher speaks to her and tells her that it is difficult to find a job in the teaching profession because of her condition, and advises her to look for another field to work in so that she does not waste her time, so Naina thanks him for his advice and tells him that she has a goal and that will not give it up. Then she returns home and still very determined to learn a lot of things and develop herself and always stay focused on her goal, which is to become a teacher and she went every day to job interviews and hoping she will be accepted once, although she gets rejected a lot. Now, we see Naina when she was a child in school, suffering from a lot of bullying by her classmates.

Until one day, the principal asked to meet her mother, handed over the file of her daughter, and says that she was supposed to go to a school for people with special needs. When her mother came home and told her husband, he told her that the manager is right. As he was so cruel to his daughter, that Naina in order to avoid the sound she was making against her will, she used to put a lot of handkerchiefs in her mouth. When we go back to the present time, we see Naina and her family having lunch, and her father speaks to her and tells her that he found a job in a bank for her, it would be better for her to accept it. But Naina refuses and tells him that she wants to work in a school, not an employee. Her father makes fun of her and tells her that there is no school that would accept to hire her with her condition. So Naina gets annoyed by his words and not finishing her food.

Shortly, her brother tells her that the principal of her old school is calling her, so Naina runs quickly to respond to him. And she is surprised when he tells her that she has been appointed with them at the school because there is a teacher who left the school and they must appoint someone in his place. Naina was so happy that she has the opportunity to achieve her dream and tells the manager that she will come for the interview tomorrow. The next day, Naina goes to the principal’s office and talks to about the syndrome and the teachers around them were not happy with her, especially the teacher called Wadia. But the principal agrees to appoint her and sees her as an ambitious person, and he knows that she will make a difference at school. After that, the principal asks her why she wants to work as a teacher despite her condition, so Naina tells him a long time ago, when she was a child in school, all the students used to make fun of her, even the teachers. And once she was attending a theater in her school, she kept making strange sounds, and all the people were looking at her. After the theater ended, the school principal came and asked her to go on stage because he wanted to talk to her, he kept asking her about her condition in order for all the students and teachers to know that she can’t control it, and he promised her that from today the whole school would treat her as if she was an ordinary child like the rest of the children.


Then, Naina tells him that she wants to be teacher in order to teach the students to be good people like him, and here the principal impress her so much, and after that he takes her on a tour of the school’s classrooms, she sees that the school is very classy and all the students are rich people’s children except for one class, its name is 9F. This is because the students there are from poor families and they came to this school because their school was closed, and the government issued a decision to admit them to this school. And the principle tells her she will be responsible for this class and that the students are lazy and their morals are bad. But Naina becomes excited about the work and tells him that she is able to deal with them well and at the end they are only children.

Then she leaves him and goes to the theater that she was talking about a while ago, and suddenly a group of very careless students enters the place and they drink cigarettes and play cards, so Naina realizes here that these are students of class 9F, and although their way and how they look is not promising, she smiles and gets excited to start working. And when the time came for her first class in school, she entered the classroom, and the students came after her and did not pay her any attention. So she begins to introduce herself to them, and the students start laugh at her because of the sounds she makes, so Naina tells them about Tourette syndrome and informs them that it is something that she cannot control. The students fell empathy and stop teasing her, until she sits on the chair, and falls and they start laughing at her again, so Naina tries to take advantage of the situation and she laughs too.

Later on, a very cleaver student called Akshay appears fighting with Aatish who is from Class 9F, because Aatish and his companions cut his ball off. The teacher, whose name is Wadia, comes and takes Aatish to the principal’s office to be punished.  After that, we see that Naina trying to get them to pay attention to her, but they did not care at all about her words. They kept playing and joking and making pranks as well, to the extent that they hung pictures of her in the street and wrote her number under it so that people annoy her, until one time they brought a box and put a small ball and an explosive in it. When Naina entered the classroom, this box exploded, making a very loud sound, and breaking the glass as well. So when the principal knew what had happened he brought the students of 9F, all of them, into his office to punish them. But here, Naina goes to the principal to defend them and says that this explosion was done by her as she was conducting a scientific experiment for them.

But the principal knew that she was lying, but forgave them because she defended them and made them return to their class. Then the principal talked to her and the teacher Wadia, told her that these students had no hope and it isn’t right to keep defending them. But Naina tells them to give her one last chance and that she can prove their efficiency and change them, so the principal tells her that she has a chance for four months until the end of the current semester, so Naina agrees and stays and takes it as a challenge. When she returns to the classroom, the students sit very respectfully, and they appreciate what she did for them. Then Naina talks to them and tells them that she wants to see them in a better place than they are now, then she collects her things and tells them that they will meet again tomorrow, and if she came to the class and did not find them, she would submit her resignation to the principle and leave them alone. When the next day came, Naina arrives at the classroom and finds it empty, so she loses hope and feels that she was wasting her time. At the same time, Mr. Wadia’s class is a very effective and all the students are present and focused. But suddenly, Naina finds that all the students came together, and she feels happy because she will start the road with them.

From that day on, Naina decides to try different methods with them in order to make them focus on the lessons. And she took the students to the school yard to explain the physics lesson to them in a fun way. Then the day of the meeting of the parents of the students comes, and Naina is sitting and waiting to talk to the families of her students, but she is surprised that time has passed and no one came to class, so Naina leaves and meets Mr. Wadia on her way, he makes fun of her because she explained the lessons in the school yard, and tells it will be better if she goes and explains the lessons to them in their homes later. But Naina didn’t get upset at all. On the contrary, she takes his words as advice, and she had a genius idea to go to her students’ homes to talk to their parents. When you get there, she gets shocked by the areas in which they live, and shocked that some students do not have water even in their homes to drink, and they have to stand in the street in order to bring water. Indeed, Naina visits the home of each student and sees the situation in which they all live and feels sorry for them.


The next day, Naina goes to school and gathering the students and talks to them about their future, but they tell her that they do not see that the school will help them in anything, and this is because they are not cleaver at any of the subjects. But Naina was able to prove to them that they are wrong and tell them that each one of them is talented in a certain field, and tells them that it’s all that matters is to care only. So all the students were convinced of her words, and after that, she asked each of them to bring a paper and write down his fears and the things he hated about himself, and in order to encourage them, she also started writing a paper with them with her fears. Then they folded the paper in the shape of a rocket and she told them to do the same, then the go to the roof of the school to fly these rockets. So Naina told them that they should not be afraid and not let anything stop them from now on, and Naina hugs them and they get very excited, and their interest in studying begins to increase, and of course Naina encourages them and helps them more in that, and she kept creating a different way every day to explain the lessons and make them love to learn more. When Mr. Wadia sees that the students were really starting to change, he gets annoyed and felt jealous.

One day, Aatish is walking with his friends at school, he meets a girl from Mr. Wadia’s class, he seems he likes her, and she also wants to get to know him, even though he is a simple persons and she is from a rich family. She offers him and his friends to go with her to their laboratory to see the new project that she is working on with her colleagues. And when they went with them, she keeps explaining to them about their project, telling them that they are making it for a very big competition at the level of the whole country, but her colleague Akshay keeps bullying them and says that they will not understand the words she says, until one of the 9F students replied and tells them that they had done something wrong in the project, and also explained to them how to solve this problem. Then Akshay was surprised that what she said are true, and the 9F students kept helping them with their project and dealing with them in a very good way. Suddenly, Mr. Wadia comes and he is surprised that the 9F students are standing with his students, he speaks to them in a very bad way, directing his words to Aatish, and kept teasing him because as he is working as a car mechanic. So the 9F students leave and were very upset and feel that they are less than the rest of the students.


The next day, Aatish was in the library with his friends, and they see Akshay there, so he kept teasing him until Akshay got angry and they started fighting for the second time. Naina came to stop them from fighting and demanded Aatish to leave and return to his class, but he gets angry and told her that she is like the rest of the teachers and only cared about the rich students. Here, Naina gets annoyed by his words, which made her gets nervous, and she kept making these strange sounds against her will. So he makes fun of her, and his way was very bad and embarrasses her, to the point that she was going to slap him, but she stopped herself at the last moment and left, very sad. Meanwhile, Mr. Wadia goes to speak to her and remind her of his words and tells her that the students have no hope, but she does not care about his words and told him that these are her students, and no one has the right to interfere with them. The next day, Wadia gathers the teachers and the principal to show them the project they are going to present to the competition. As Akshay is responsible for presenting the project to them, and they were very impressed with it and saw that it was a successful project.

But suddenly a breakdown occurs in it and it explodes and emits a loud sound, and they did not know the reason for this until the Mr. wadia found something in the project that caused all this, and he realized that Aatish was the one who did all this in order to take revenge on him. He went to class 9F and told Naina that one of her students was the one who caused the breakdown of their project. He spoke to Aatish mockingly and told him that he deserved it because he was bullying him, so Mr. wadia tells him that he will be punished and will make the principal expel him from the school. Then he asked the rest of the students if anyone is involved in what happened, so all the students stood with their friend and said that they involved with him and refuse to leave him alone in this matter, so the principal gathers them all outside his office and talks to Naina and says that there is no other option except expel them from school and tells her that they had been working on the project that they ruin for six months.


Naina apologizes to him and tries to convince him not to expel them, because that would break them and has a big effect on their future.  She asks him to let them take exams only. Then they will graduate and he will never see them again. The principal is convinced of her words and tells her that he agrees, but on the condition that they study at home and never come to school anymore because of the problems they have caused, so Naina is forced to agree and thank the principal for giving them another chance. then she goes out to the students, she informs them that the principal will not expel them, and that they will be able to take exams, and that they have to study at home because they are not allowed to go to school again, and that she did her best. The students blamed Atish because he was the reason for everything that happened.


And Naina went to sit by her own and cry and feel very sad.  Meanwhile, we see the students sitting together and Aatish came to apologize to them. They forgive him, hug each other, and decide that they will fix what they did. The next day, they went to Naina while she was sitting in the restaurant and apologized to her and asked her to come back to teach them again. Aatish talked to her about his fears, which he wrote down in the paper, and he tells her that she was the only person who can help him, so Naina was affected by his words and she hugged them and told them that she will help them to pass the exams. Since that day, she has been meeting them in places outside the school and start teaching and encouraging them to do their best in order to succeed in the exams.


One day before the exam, Aatish is sitting with his friend in the workshop where he works, and they are studying together. Suddenly, the gatekeeper of their school comes and asks him to fix his wheel. Aatish is surprised when the gatekeeper gives him the exam paper and tells him that he can bring the exam to him without telling anyone. Atish agrees and goes to his friends while they are all sitting and studying, so he gives them the exam paper and tells them that they do not need to study anymore, but they get angry at him and told him that it’s not right to waste their efforts and Naina’s efforts and to take the test while cheating. They even refuse to see the exam paper and they all left him.


The next day, the students go to school to attend the exam. Atrich is surprised that the exam is not like the paper he took from the gatekeeper. And all the students kept solving the exam with all they can until the time ended and the teacher takes the paper from them. After the exam, they went to meet Naina to reassure her that they did well in the exam. After a while, the result of the exam appears, and Atrich and his friends go to see their results, and they find out that they all passed the exams, and one of them also became one of the honor top students, so they kept celebrating while they were happy that they did not disappoint Naina. After some days, Naina goes to the principal’s office along with Mr. Wadia to inform her that her students cheated in the exam and that the gatekeeper leaked the questions to them and that is why they succeeded not else.


But Naina is trusting her students so much and knows that they have succeeded with their efforts. And when she went out to tells them about that, they admit to her that they had actually taken the question paper. But they didn’t even look at it. So Naina believes them and tells them that she trusts them and knows that they did not cheat in the exam.  The next day, Wadia goes to class 9F and finds it empty. After that, Akshay comes to talk to him and he is very happy. When Mr. Wadia asks him about the reason for his happiness, he tells him that he is the one who sent the gatekeeper with the fake questions to the students in order to make them fail. Mr. Wadia remains silent without knowing what to answer until he walks away.

Meanwhile, the principal held a meeting to let the school know that 9F students passed because of cheating. But Mr. Wadia speaks in front of all the students and tells them that the truth was otherwise and decided that he will take all responsibility instead of Akshay and said that he was the one who sent the fake questions to the students and that he felt guilty. Then he asked Naina and her students to come and honor them with the Medal of Excellence, and he apologized to them for everything that happened. And tells Naina that she is a distinguished teacher and she was right in everything she said.

Then he goes to collect his things and resigns, Naina goes to talk to him and says that she knows that he is not behind what happened and asks him to not leave school. She also tells him that her students were working on a new project instead of the one they ruined and she would be very happy if he becomes their supervisor for this project, and Mr. Wadia agrees. When the day of the competition came, their school succeeded in the competition, and they also took the first place. Since that day, all the students start to love each other and also play together with their teachers. Twenty-five years later, we see that Naina has become the principal of this school. When the day of her retirement comes, and all the teachers and students say goodbye to her. So she was able to be a good teacher and also a beloved principal. And she sees her students, after all these years, when they have grown up and became very successful in their lives, then Naina is happy for them and goes to hug them and greet them, then the movie ends.


Hichki | March 23, 2018 (United States) Summary: Hichki presents a positive and inspiring story about a woman who turns her biggest weakness into her biggest strength.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi
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