A Dangerous Thief Steals $17,000,000 From the Bank and Becomes a Role Model for All Criminals.


This man is the most criminal and thief in America. There is no intelligent criminal as he. he steals $17,000,000 so easily. When he enters prison, all the criminals respect him and deal with him as a big brother. On top of it all, the criminal is David. He is shy when he was young. As soon as he works in the bank, he is focused on the safe of the bank. In due time, he steals the bank’s safe and unlocks it. Then, he takes all the money in it, which was $17,000,000. After that, he puts them on a moving cart to take them to the cart to run away. Anyways, he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder that makes him arranging anything. By the way, he arranges dollars inside the car. But his colleague who is outside tells him to come quickly. And she tells him that it’s not the time to do this at all, and we must to move quickly. So, he puts them in the car. Actually, he is so tired because there is a lot of dollars he moves it to the car. At the time, his co-worker suddenly comes back. When David sees him, he puts his hand on the gun and is about to kill him. But he tells him that he works overtime and go.

Then, the thief completes his theft. And he moves quickly all the money. for two hours, he moves them until he steals all the money. After that, he breaks all the cameras in the bank. After a while, he goes out celebrating his theft. But he doesn’t know that there is a camera is still there and records everything. When he locks the door, the door doesn’t open because of all the money in the car. he is still trying to open it but he can’t. Meantime, he enters to arrange some money, but the door is closed while he is inside. At that time, he tries to get out of the window to enter the driver’s cab but he can’t because he is overweighed. Quickly, he makes a column of dollars, and he presses it into the fuel and drives the cart. Then, he breaks the bank’s wall and escapes. Outside, four of his partners are waiting him, and they take the money and escape. After that, they prepare papers to him to escape to Mexico. Actually, he hides $20,000 in his pants, changes his shape, and says good bye to his girlfriend. And he tells her that he’ll never be shy again. When he goes to the airport, they doubt him because of his shape. But they think that he is just a deviant and leave them.

After that, he takes out 100 dollars from his pants and buys a large bag of dried meat. And he is still eating this until he arrives. Once, he gets off the plane, he stays in a five-star hotel and lives his life. Then, he buys a keg of beer and drinks it. After he finishes, he misses her girlfriend. So, He calls her to come to Mexico as she promised him. But she is lying to him. And she tells him to wait a few more days. Because she is busy now and that she loves him. Unfortunately, he believes her. Actually, all his colleagues are disloyal with him. And her girlfriend is the first one who cheats him. Also, they tell the police about his place now and the hotel where he is staying. While they are looking for him in the hotel, he is aimlessly walking. Suddenly, he sees a paper before him with his photo and they search on him. Quickly, he runs and jumps into the sea and he escapes from the police. And he calls his friend to get him money and come to him as she says. But she is still lying on and cheats him.

When he calls her more time, she and her partner decide to kill him. Actually, they hire a professional killer to kill him. He is so an evil man even when he is eating fried chicken, his eyes are evil. All of people fears of him. Indeed, this killer travels to Mexico. By the way, he keeps watching him and prepares his gun to kill him, but the gun explodes. Then, the killer falls on the old people under the building, and one of them has a heart attack and dies. Meanwhile, he walks towards David, but he doesn’t kill him. Because he wants to kill him while he is having fun. And he makes him run away to enjoy by killing him. When David escapes, the killer runs him and chases him. David holds a moving car to run away faster. But the car suddenly stops and the killer throws a spear at him. But the spear shoots into an iron pole that falls on people in the street. David tries to escape from him and he finally escapes. At that time, he calls his partner to tell her to save him from everything that happened to him. But she is forced to tell him the truth. Also, she tells them that they hire a killer to kill him and take all the money for them. And tells him that she loves him, but the partner is controlling her.

After he knows the truth, he is shocked. And he doesn’t know what to do, and sits sad on the road eating. Suddenly, the killer comes to him, hits him with a bigger pan, ties him up, and puts him in a bathtub. At this time, the killer is unscrewing the water pipe to drawn him in the bathtub. Meanwhile, David offers him that he’ll give him double the money to let him go. Then, the killer finds in his wallet only $30, and asks him how could he give him double the money? So, he holds his knife and is still threatening him and having fun. But David doesn’t know what to do, nor how to escape from him. But the killer has a strange habit, he used to check the Id of people who will kill him. But when he looks at the David’s Id, he is shocked because he finds that their names are the same. They have the same name, the same date of birth, and were born in the same hospital. At that time, the killer knows that this was a message from Allah. And he cries because he knows that he is his twin. But from a different father and mother. And they are brothers in life because they were born at the same time and the same place.

Then, they still talking on the beach, jogging together, playing in the sea, and swimming together. When the killer walks, he gives him 50,000 dollars, says goodbye to him, and walks away. When David wakes up, he decides to take revenge on his partners who cheat him. After a while, he threatens the partner, if he doesn’t come back 6,000,000, he’ll report the police. That’s why he agrees to give him money. On that day, David goes to the bank, and every time he asks if the money transfers in his account or not? He is still asking the bank for three days. On top of all, he becomes so sad and calls his partner and threatens him again. But his partner kidnaps his girlfriend. Also, he threatens him that he’ll kill her if he doesn’t go to an island in Africa and commits suicide there. Anyway, he buys a ticket to Africa to save his girlfriend. When he is at the airport, they know his real ID and is going to arrest him. At that time, he sees the killer who was going to kill him at the airport. By the way, the killer is going back to America to kill David’s girlfriend. But David tells him not to kill her love. When the killer knows that, he decides that he won’t kill her, and they exchange tickets.

By the way, the killer goes to Africa, and David goes to America to save his beloved. And when he is walking, the police arrest him, but the killer winks to him. Anyway, they beat the police together until they escape from them and boards their planes. On the plane, he thinks about everything he had done. And he becomes a stupid thief. Then, he stole 17,000,000 and only took 20,000 of them, and fled to Mexico. And his partner cheats him, and his beloved is kidnapped. So, he decides to take revenge on his partner. He goes home and finds that his partner buys a villa and very luxurious cars. All of this makes him nervous, and is standing from afar, watching him. By the way, he makes a party in his house, he invites very rich people. At that time, he wears a luxurious suit, combs his hair like the rich, and enters the party. He goes down to the basement of the villa and finds that the money was in barrels inside this basement. When he comes out, he finds a man holding a large box of gifts in his hand.


Then, he enters the party with a gun hidden in his trousers. And David walks slowly beside the little partner and ties his whole body. So, he enters the house, saves his girlfriend, takes her, and leaves the party. Honestly, he is about to shoot the gun at his partner. But the gun fires on a gas tube and explodes. By then, someone’s clothes in the party is cut off. They find that he is wearing a microphone and hides it, and that he is almost from the police. Then, David steals the luxurious car of his partner. He makes his girlfriend holding a Molotov and throws it on another car. All of this makes his partner so nervous. Then, David drives so quickly to break the iron door and flee. But the door isn’t broken, and the car is the one that is broken. At that time, his partner runs after them, throws David at the car. In this time, Police becomes in all the place. It’s clearly that, the police are coming because they doubt of the partner richness. Also, they are looking for evidence against him to show how he suddenly becomes so rich.

At that time, David holds partner’s neck, and David tells him that everything is planned by him. And David isn’t guilty, but his partner insults him and tells him that he is stupid. And his partner admits that he plans everything. Meantime, the police records everything he says. Then, the police attack and arrest all the people. This partner is judged by 250 years in prison. But David and his girlfriend are judged by seven years only. Meanwhile, they promise each other that they’ll marry when they get out of prison. When David enters the prison, he finds that the prison is full of criminals. David isn’t afraid of them and be with them. In this time, all the prisoners respect him because he steals this large amount of money. Thus, he is the strongest thief in America for them. They see him as a role model for them. After he gets out of prison, he finds the killer, who is receiving him at the prison door. The killer styles his hair as him and lets him drive the car. Together, they welcome his girlfriend when she leaves the prison. But during their imprisonment, the police is searching for $2,000,000 who still doesn’t know where they are.

In fact, when David gets into the basement of the party, he takes a barrel of money and throws it at the bottom of the sea to live from it when he gets out of prison with his girlfriend. Eventually, David takes $2,000,000 of the money and marries his girlfriend, and they live happily ever after. Thus, we know how simple the method of theft is, but it doesn’t fail. This movie is based on a true story, and its hero is one of the most powerful thieves in America. When David comes out of the prison, the police knows that he is the one who takes the $2,000,000, but there is no evidence against him. Then, this thief takes his money and invests it in the film industry. He lives a normal life and becomes very wealthy. Although he is a coward, he takes the chance of every opportunity before him.


Masterminds | September 30, 2016 (United States) Summary: A guard at an armored car company in the Southern U.S. organizes one of the biggest bank heists in American history. Based on the October 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English, Spanish
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