200+ IQ Soldier Destroys a Group of Enemy Tanks Alone.


The story begins in the summer of 1943. It is the height of World War 2 and there are many dead. There are many great battles all over the world but in Russia things are extremely brutal. We see soldiers walking on a battlefield after a giant battle. There are many dead all over. It is now the duty of the soldier still alive to take care of the wounded and the dead. Younger soldiers must pull out the injured from their tanks and take care of the dead. There is a lot of destruction and especially a lot of Russian tanks are totally destroyed.

Often the crew of the tank gets killed first in battle. Suddenly a young soldier tries to take out a dead body from a tank. He calls his commanding officers as the tank driver is still holding the wheel. The commanding officer sees the man, his skin is totally burned, only his eyes are safe.Somehow this man is still alive and breathing. They get him out of the tank and bring him back to the doctors. There are many injured here and many who die later. The man is totally burned, 90% of his body is covered in scars and is totally black. The doctors do not even want to help him as they think he is dead. A female doctor notices that he still has a strong pulse so they decide to help him. The female doctor thinks that the patient will die in a matter of hours. It’s impossible that someone can survive these types of injuries.

It’s a total miracle when the burned man survives. After three weeks he is still alive and in bandages recovering. The doctors are totally amazed and decide to change his bandages. When they change him they are shocked to find that almost all of his wounds have healed. His body is still a bit scared but nowhere near 90%. This man should be dead but for some reason he is alive and totally recovered. The doctors talk with him but he does not remember his name, last name, family or anything in his life before the war. The soldier still has all his skills in combat, he can write and read. They take him to the commanding officers to talk. He sits in front of them and they do not believe that he has been burned all over his body. Soon the doctor explains that the soldier is a miracle but he has retrograde amnesia.

The commanding officers are impressed but the doctor does not want the soldier to go to battle as he still needs to recover. The problem is that there’s very little tank officer so they need him. The orders are very clear, everyone must report to the battlefield if they are able to walk and function. Since the soldier has no memory of his life before they decide to give him a new name. They call him Ivan Naydenov. Naydenov means found in russian. This is because Ivan was also found.

We see Russian soldiers arriving via train to the battlefield. When they arrive they see many thanks totally destroyed. Naydenov is also there, he is touching a tank and standing there. Naydenov is very strange, he does not fit in well with other people. Also he is convinced that he can talk to tanks. He truly thinks that tanks are living. Naydenov talks with two commanders who want to know who he is. He introduces himself as tank mechanic and reveals to them that the tanks behind him were destroyed by the White Tiger tank. This is a very lethal tank and the same one that destroyed Naydenovs original tank and killed its crew. The commanding officers want to know how Naydenov knows this information and he reveals that the tanks told him. He tells the officers that he can talk to the tanks, but the officers do not believe him and send him away. One of the officers is a bit scared about what Naydenov said. There have been rumors that a totally white tank has been destroying Russian tanks. There are whispers that this White Tiger is in fact a ghost tank. This tank arrives out of nowhere, destroys everything and  then disappears like it was never there. The other commanding officers thinks that this cannot be true and its just dumb rumors.

After some time a German soldier is captured by the Russians. He was also part of a battle with many tanks. The Russians first beat the German soldier then ask him questions. They have a translator with them and the German soldier tells them everything he knows. He tells them that he was there when the White Tiger tank attacked. The battle was hard and many Russian tanks were destroying german tanks. Then all of a sudden a white tank apperard and destroyed all the Russian ones. Then it was gone in seconds, it was like it was never there. The Russians who are interrogating the soldier do not believe this story but they are worried. He tells them that the tank is the peak of German science and they cannot stop it no matter how hard they try. The German soldier then admits that he did not see the tank with his own eyes but many did. The Russians are skeptical of this story but they know that their tanks are being destroyed.

Russian commanders all gather to talk about the White Tiger. There have been reports that the tank has been seen in the forest. The Russians had many tanks and soldiers at that position and they were all destroyed by the White Tiger. After the battle the mysterious tank just went into the woods and it was gone.  The commanding officers decide that they have to create a powerful tank of their own. The problem is that there is not a lot of time. The lead engineer tells the commanders that it will take a month but they only give him 2 weeks. After a while we see Naydenov and how he is living on the battlefield. People still think that this is very strange but he finds his community among the soldiers. He get invited to talk with some commanders and other soldiers. They want to know more about him but he does not remember anything. He has no family and no other name but he does not care much. He only wants to catch the White Tiger. The soldiers ask him about his experience in his tank and that day on the battlefield. Naydenov remembers some parts of his past, but he mostly remembers that white tiger tank. He saw it with his own eyes but he then tells the soldiers that the tank was not much different than the Russian tanks. The only problem is, the tank is dead. After Naydenov says this the men are confused but he just keeps saying that the tank is dead.

The soldiers talking to Naydenov think that the tank probably got stuck in the swamp but Naydenov is sure that its still out there in the forest, it seems that he has some sort of connection to it. The soldiers think that Naydenov is very strange but they also realize that he is the best tank pilot they have. He must drive the new tank when it’s finished. His mission if he accepts it, will be to hunt and destroy the White Tiger tank. Naydenov accepts this as he also wants to face off against the tank that killed his unit.

After two weeks the Russians have created their own prototype tank. Its basically just an upgraded version of the usual tanks but it has stronger armor, a much better engine and also its more precise in combat. The trick with this new prototype tank is that it needs only three crew members to drive it. The chosen crew arrives on the day that the tank is getting inspected. The commanders have also arrived to meet the new crew. The chosen crew is made up of Naydenov; he is the leader and also the driver. The commanders think that he has the most experience as he faced and survived a battle with the White tiger. Also in the crew we have Kryuk who is the gunner and Berdyev, he is the one loading the ammunition. Their orders are very simple, they must use this new tank and track down and destroy the White tiger.

Before they can go on the mission the commanders want to see their skills in action. The crew loads into the tank and they have to destroy a target near the forest. Since all the guys in the crew are great at their job they impress the commanders by destroying the target rather quickly. After that Naydenov and one of the commanders talk about the last attack of the White tiger. It appeared from the swamp and destroyed five tanks and then it was gone. They go to the place of the attack and its pure carnage. Naydenov communicates with one of the destroyed tanks and tells the commander that the White Tiger came from the forest.

Soon the mission begins and the hunt for the White Tiger has started. The men go with their tank into the forest and create a camp to have some rest. They use tree branches and another tank as bait. Now they have to wait until the white tiger appears. Soon enough that happens and the ghost tank appears, it destroys the bait tank and even hits Naydenovs tank. Luckily the tank is not damaged but they are now afraid of the White Tiger and its attacks. Naydenov prepares his crew but the White Tiger for some reason just leaves into the deep forest.

After the battle Naydenov and his crew take a break. They are all very tired. While talking they start discussing the White Tiger. They are all confused why the WHIte Tiger did not kill them but left.

While talking Naydenov admits that he thinks there is a Tank God. This God wants him to hunt down and kill the White Tiger. Naydenov is now convinced that he is a chosen one, he is chosen by this Tank god and that is why he survived and can now hear tanks. During the battle also this god tells him where to move and how to avoid danger. After a few days Naydenov is more upset and obsessed with finding this phantom tank. While talking to his other soldiers he tells them that there is actually no crew in the tank, it’s just  a dead machine. Another soldier called Fedotov thinks that Naydenov is not crazy and he wants to help him hunt down White Tiger.

We see a Russian tank moving into the battlefield. Soon it gets destroyed by the White Tiger in a single blast. Nobody can believe the precision of the White Tiger tank. No human could possibly hit that good, it does not miss one shot. The White Tiger starts to once again retreat but Naydenov pilots his tank towards the phantom.

Naydenov follows the tank into a small village that is almost destroyed. In the battle Naydenov destroys another Panzer tank that was hiding in a barn nearby. Then finally he faces off against the White Tiger tank. Their battle is fierce, Kryuk manages to get a hit in. Kryuk prepares the final shot to destroy the White Tiger but the barrel gets jammed and explodes. The White Tiger uses its chance and disappears once more.

Fedotov meets with some of the other commanding officers. After what he has experienced in the last few days he does not know what to believe. He tells the other officers that he truly thinks that he White Tiger and Naydenov are not human, they are something much more dangerous. The other generals and officers think he has gone mad and send him on vacation.

Two years later, it is now the end of the war. It’s the year 1945 and the Germans have lost. Fedotov meets up with Naydenov one last time. Fedotov tells him that the battle is over and he can go home. Naydenov smokes a cigar and tells Fedotov that the war will not end until the White Tiger is destroyed. Naydenov believes that the Tiger will one day return. Fedotov leaves the soldier and his tank and goes back to the car. Suddenly Fedotov turns around once more and Naydenov and his tank are totally gone.

We see Adolf Hitler in his last moments, talking to an unknown figure. He talks about war and how it never ends or begins. War is always there.

White Tiger.

White Tiger | May 3, 2012 (Russia) Summary:
Countries: RussiaLanguages: Russian, German
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