Weak Girl Turns Into an Alien to Get Rid of Anyone Who Upsets Her Without Leaving Evidence Behind.


After a satellite is reported to have been damaged in space, a team of heroes sends out two of their best men to check it. Miracle Guy waits for Tech-No to give him updates on the damaged satellite. 


After Tech-No tells him what to do, Miracle Guy flies into space to fix it. He soon discovers that the satellites have been hit badly. He immediately communicates this to Tech-No, and tells him about an alien spaceship he sees.  


As the spaceship blasts some beaming lights at him, Miracle Guy boasts about how the aliens are not a match for him. Before even trying to attack the enemy, he takes a selfie for his socials. However, something speeds behind him, and he figures out that it’s not just one spaceship because there are several of them. 


Tech-No’s jetpack starts to beep a warning sign as he’s now low on fuel. He calls for Miracle Guy to come back quickly before he runs out of power. However, an explosion occurs, and he sees Miracle Guy falling from the sky. 


Tech-No immediately contacts their team of heroes called Heroics, to inform them that Miracle Guy has been hit. As the control team seems shocked about this, Tech-No powers up to save Miracle Guy, after which he runs out of power, and both men fall.  


Elsewhere, Missy wakes up and gets a message from her dad, Marcus, through her electronic bracelet. Marcus tells her to come down for breakfast, and after she’s through deciding what to wear to school, she joins him. 


As they have breakfast, they watch the news, and see Miracle Guy being transported in an ambulance. Missy is shocked to see this, but Marcus says it’s most likely a training drill to prepare for a what-if moment.  


Missy says she hopes the what-if moment doesn’t turn out to be real, as she wants to continue to spend time with her dad. 


Marcus says that even though he’s the leader of the Heroics, he now spends time behind his desk, because of his promise to Missy not to fight as a hero again since her mother died.  


Shortly after, Marcus drives Missy to school, and as he drops her off, he takes a look at a monitor in his car and sees the extent of the incoming alien invasion. 


He arrives at work, and while he’s at his desk in the operations room, his boss, Ms. Granada, decides to pick two heroes who will go and deal with the problem in space. Marcus tells Ms. Granada it’s not a job for two heroes, but she only offers to call one more person.  


However, Marcus shows Granada the extent of the incoming invasion, and she agrees that it’s a job for all the heroes. She asks one of the workers in the operations room to sound out an alarm for all the heroes. 


As she does this, she notices that Marcus doesn’t stand up. She tells him that since all the heroes need to fight together, he needs to join them.  


Marcus, however, says he already promised his daughter never to fight again. Granada tells him they need all the help they can get, and since he’s the leader, he must do it. Marcus agrees and uses his magnet hands to pull his swords from the wall, after which he leaves the room. 


At school, some of Missy’s friends ask her to help them bring down a ball that is stuck on a tree. Missy says she can’t do it because, unlike her dad, she doesn’t have magnet hands. 


The ball soon falls naturally, and all the kids leave her alone. Just then, two operatives from the Heroics come over to get her. Inside the car, Missy asks them questions about where they’re taking her, but they don’t give her any answer.  


Suddenly, she gets a call from her dad through her bracelet. Marcus asks if she’s being taken to headquarters, and when she says yes, he ends the call, telling her that’s good.  


Missy doesn’t understand what’s going on, and not long after, she arrives at the Heroics headquarters. Ms. Granada introduces herself to Missy, and tells her that she needs to be taken to an underground stronghold for the kids of the heroics. 


She tells Missy that they cannot afford to put the kids in danger, while their parents are out saving the world. Missy doesn’t look pleased with this, and says she doesn’t think she’ll blend in with the other kids because she’s different. 


She also tells Ms. Granada about her dad’s promise never to fight again. However, Ms. Granada is tired of Missy’s frequent complaints, and she tells her not to be a problem and to join the other kids. 


As she enters the classroom, Ms. Granada introduces Missy and tells the kids she’s happy with them for being well-behaved so far. Immediately Ms. Granada leaves, one of the kids named Noodles stretches his neck to the door to check if she’s truly gone. 


As he doesn’t hear anyone close to the door, Noodles tells the others, who then start making noise and playing around with their powers. Missy looks surprised by this, especially when a little girl named Guppy seems able to make several objects out of water. 


Not long after, a boy named Wheels comes to introduce himself to Missy. He tells her that even though he might be in a wheelchair, it’s not because his legs are weak, but because they’re stronger than his entire body.  


Wheels also introduces Missy to Noodles, and then to Ojo, who he says is a genius drawer. Missy takes a look at Ojo’s drawings and also seems impressed. 


However, one particular drawing of Missy standing in front of the class, makes her wonder why Ojo drew it. Ojo doesn’t say anything, and Noodles tells Missy that Ojo doesn’t talk, and she only speaks through her drawings. 


Just then, Missy also meets Capella, a girl who is able to sing at really high and low tones, that are strong enough to move objects.  


As Capella shows off her powers and lifts some chairs, with a boy named Facemaker standing on one of the chairs, Missy realizes that Ojo had drawn something similar. She looks suspicious at Ojo but doesn’t say anything.  


Wheels then introduces Missy to Slo-Mo, a boy who moves really slowly even though his father’s name is Blinding Fast. 


Missy also meets Facemaker, who is able to transform his face into anything or anyone. He wins a bet against Noodles, and out of anger, Noodles makes his hand bigger and breaks the table.  


Missy then meets Rewind and Fast Forward, a boy and a girl who are twins, and also able to rewind and fast-forward time. Even though they’re twins, neither of them seems to like each other. 


After Noodles breaks the table, Rewind is able to take them back to before Noodles broke it. Then, an exercise ball is placed in the position of the table, and Noodles pops it instead.  


Next, Missy gets introduced to the leader of the superhero kids named Wild Card. Wheels tells her that there’s no power Wild Card doesn’t have, though he doesn’t know how to control it. 


To prove he can control it, Wild Card tries to teleport the book in front of him, but he only happens to set it on fire. Finally, Wheels introduces Missy to Guppy, who explains that she needs water to use her powers, just as she puts out Wild Card’s fire. 


She also tells Missy that her dad is Shark Boy, and her mom is Lava Girl, and it’s also why she’s able to move water instead of Lava. Guppy is also one of the strongest, as she has shark strength.  


After the introductions, Wild Card sounds curious about Missy’s powers. When Missy doesn’t answer, Wild Card realizes that she has no powers, and that leaves Wheels and the others in shock. 


Missy, however, says she doesn’t want to talk about it, and prefers to watch the news to see if there’s any update on their parents. Wheels turns on the TV, and the kids are just in time to watch all the heroes take on the aliens, who have now entered Earth and are also preparing for a fight. 


As the kids seem excited to watch their parents in action, Missy is surprised to see Marcus, as she didn’t expect he’d come out to fight after his promise to her. 


The action soon starts, and all the heroes throw all they’ve got at the aliens. Unfortunately, this is not enough, and they all get taken one after the other until only Marcus is left.  


The aliens suddenly surround Marcus, but rather than give up, he first calls Missy through her bracelet and says sorry for breaking their promise. 


He says he has to fight because he’s the leader of the heroics, but just before Missy can convince him otherwise, he decides to charge towards the aliens. It doesn’t end well, though, as he gets taken as well.  


All the kids look sad about what happened, and shortly after, the President of the United States goes live on TV to address the situation. 


He announces that the Heroics have indeed been captured. As he continues his address, he gets an already decoded message from the supreme commander of the aliens. 


The President says that from the message, the aliens have warned that they’re preparing Earth for a takeover in a few hours, and everyone must accept it without a fight. He ends his message by saying only God can save them all.  


After the President’s address, Ms. Granada also sends a message to the children to remain in the room, as it’s the only place they’ll be safe. However, Missy tells the other kids that they’re not safe there. 


She tells them that the aliens know where they are, and after capturing their parents, they will now be next. The other kids are surprised by how she knows this, and Missy goes to pick up Ojo’s tablet.  


She tells them that Ojo actually draws things from the future. She shows them the drawings of Facemaker floating in air, and Noodles also punching the exercise ball. 


She then shows that the next drawing indicates that an alien will enter the room and take Wild Card.  


Wheels takes the tablet, and sees that Missy is saying the right thing, and that they might be in danger. However, Wild Card doesn’t like the idea of Missy trying to come up with a plan when he’s, their leader. 


Missy says she only wants to go out, and anyone who wants to leave with her can join. The others don’t think escaping will be easy, because the whole place would be on lockdown, but then Wild Card asks if Missy has a plan for that, and she says she has one.  


The plan starts by getting Facemaker to distract some guards, and get them to come into the class. After that, they tell the guards what they know about aliens coming to get them. 


However, the guards don’t believe them and also say that the classroom is a fortress, and nothing can get in. Missy tells the guards that to make things easy for them, they have to drop their access cards and let the kids leave peacefully.  


While the guards wonder what this means, Missy asks the boys to place some cushions in front of the guards. When the guards ask what it’s for, Guppy tells them it’s to prevent them from landing badly on the floor. 


The chief guard sees this as a joke, but just as he tells Guppy to move back, she takes his hand and slams him on one of the cushions. Another guard tries to attack her, but Guppy also beats him up, with the chief guard shouting that she has shark strength.  


Noodles handles the last guard, and takes off all three access cards from the men. However, just as Missy is telling the chief guard that aliens are really coming, another guard hits the emergency alarm button to place the class on lockdown. 


Immediately, Missy sees that this might ruin her plans, so she tells Rewind to take them back, so they can cuff the guard before he hits the alarm. Before they can do anything, an alien makes it into the room. While Wild Card talks about how he knew Missy’s plan wouldn’t work, the alien picks him up.  


Missy asks Rewind to take them back, and as soon as he does it, they’re able to stop the guard from hitting the alarm. They also cuff the guards as they’re about to leave. 


As they head out, the alien appears, and Wild Card realizes they got lucky this time. The kids start walking toward the exit, but as they hurry, Missy knocks down Ms. Granada, who becomes furious and asks the guards to seal the doors to stop the kids from leaving the building.  


Shortly after, the kids realize there’s no way out for them, but Missy comes up with another plan. She asks Capella to use her singing voice to float the guards, so they can climb and escape through a hatch at the top. 


Capella is able to do this, and the guards are improvised as steps to help them make it out through the hatch. After they get to the lobby, the kids use the access card to open up a trolley and use it to leave.  


As they get outside, though, more guards are ready to stop the trolley. Just then, Wild Card asks Capella to make them fly. She does this but is unable to steer it. 


As they’re about to crash into a building, Noodles is able to stretch himself outside the trolley and prevent them from crashing. They soon start moving in the sky, but not long after, Capella becomes tired and can’t control the trolley much longer. 


Wheels uses the map on his wheelchair monitor to find a safe place to land, but when there’s none, Missy sees that it’s close to her grandmother’s house. She asks Capella if she can still manage to reach there, and she says she’ll try.  


Luckily, Capella is able to get them to Grandma Moreno’s house, though they crash into her gazebo. Grandma is initially angry about it, but when she sees that it’s Missy, she’s suddenly happy to see her. 


The other kids are surprised to see that Missy’s grandmother is Grandma Moreno, who is the trainer of the heroics.  


Missy tells her Grandma that they need a place to hide, but she tells them they’ll be doing more than that, because the alien spaceship is closing in and taking position for the takeover, which is now less than two hours away.  


Elsewhere, Ms. Granada asks her team in the operations room to find the kids. Luckily, they’re able to do that by tracking Missy’s electronic bracelet.  


Meanwhile, the kids are now settled in Grandma Moreno’s house. She tells them that they need to be the next superheroes, who will take down the aliens. The kids are unsure of this, and as they argue about how lame their powers are, Grandma Moreno tells them they can’t be heroes if they continue fighting. 


Missy agrees with this, and tells the others that it’s possible for them to become heroes, and fight to save their parents as well as the planet.  


The Grandma also adds that they need to be strong together, to be able to defeat the aliens. She then talks about how they’ll need a leader. Wild Card says he’s the one, but Grandma Moreno says she was talking about Missy.  


Following that, they proceed to the training ground to start training. At first, the kids are not good enough, but they eventually get better. Grandma Moreno also has to offer some advice to Missy, who thinks she’s useless without powers.  



But Grandma Moreno tells her that she doesn’t need powers to be great. She mentions that Missy’s mother didn’t have any powers, but Marcus wouldn’t be as good as he is now without her. 


Just as Missy seems to get the point and also understands that she can be useful, they see that helicopters from the Heroics team have found them. 


Grandma Moreno immediately rounds up all the kids, and asks them to escape through a tunnel. Not long after the kids leave, Grandma Moreno is captured by an alien.  


Elsewhere, the captured members of the heroics get a message from the President, telling them that their kids have left the headquarters. This causes all of them to get worried.  


While in the tunnel, Missy asks for Ojo’s tablet, to see if there are any clues. After taking a look, she says she has a plan. 


As she secretly tells Wild Card, he sounds shocked at first, before agreeing to the fact that she came up with a smart plan. He takes the tablet and tells the others that from Ojo’s drawings, they have a clue. 


It appears that Ojo drew one of the alien supply ships on land, which means there might be one nearby. They soon spot one, and while the aliens are moving around in the bushes, they all run in. Before they can leave, though, they realize that Slo-Mo is still very slow and has yet to get in.  


The aliens are soon alerted to the kids, but before they can get them, the kids help Slo-Mo get in, before then heading towards the main alien spaceship. 


As they get to the main ship, Wheels figures out a way to track their parents using Missy’s bracelet. They start working towards it, but soon get attacked by an alien from under the ground they’re standing on.  


They run to hide, but end up in a room where they see a big pyramid-shaped object. While they wonder what it is, the kids suddenly see the President walk in, and go closer to the object. 


He also speaks to some guards, and asks if everything inside the object is intact. He is told everything is intact and that the supreme commander has ordered the takeover to start in less than an hour.  


Just as the President leaves, the kids believe the object is a rocket filled with aliens, that will be sent to Earth. The kids decide that they need to stop it, but before they can leave, Ms. Granada walks in. 


She tells them that she’s proud of them for leading her team to the alien spaceship. As she talks, though, Ojo shows Missy a drawing of Ms. Granada being an alien. 


The President then walks in and tells Ms. Granada to stop being nice, because the kids know she’s an alien. With that, she reveals herself, as well as the President, to be aliens.  


The kids are taken to a room, where Ms. Granada tells them they’re just like their parents, as they can’t stop fighting with each other. 


As Guppy is about to drink from her water bottle, Ms. Granada asks the guards to take it from her. She also asks Rewind and Fast forward to be separated, because they are too powerful when they are together. 


Before she leaves, Ms. Granada tells Ojo that she won’t take her tablet, because she already knows what their future is, and that it ends up in prison for life. She shows them the key to their cell and then walks out.  


Elsewhere, the heroics get a visitor who initially beats them up, before she reveals herself to be Grandma Moreno, who has also been captured and put in their cell.  


Grandma Moreno tells them that they’re no longer as good as they once were, because they stopped training. She also says she hopes their children make better use of the things she taught them.  


Meanwhile, the kids start to connect the dots between Ms. Granada, the President, and the aliens. They realize that Ms. Granada must’ve been undercover for all these years, and that the aliens hacked the elections to put one of their own as President. 


Just then, Guppy tries to open the door with her shark strength, but it doesn’t work, and she says she needs water to get stronger. 


Shortly after, Missy figures out a way to get them out. She starts telling the others about how they’re stuck and will never make it back home, forcing them to cry.  


Wild Card initially tries to stop her from being negative, but he soon realizes what she’s trying to do. As they all start crying, she gathers the water from their eyes and gives it to Guppy. With this, Guppy is able to make a replica of the key Ms. Granada was holding to get them out.  


Meanwhile, Grandma Moreno tells Marcus she’s surprised at how bad the heroics are. Marcus says it was just like that when Grandma Moreno was one of the heroics before he and the new guys took over. 


She then tells Marcus that it means it’s now up to the kids, because it seems the next generation is always better than the previous one. Just then, Tech-No figures out a way to turn on the security monitor in their cell. As it comes on, the heroics see their kids leaving their cells. 


With only eighteen minutes left, Missy tells Wheels that they all have to go to the rocket, to try to stop it before the takeover. However, Wild Card thinks it’s a bad plan, and they’re supposed to go and find their parents, who will then deal with the aliens. 


Despite time not being on their side, Wild Card insists that he’s going to release their parents. He takes Facemaker with him, while the other heads towards the rocket. 


However, Wild Card soon picks up a fight with Facemaker, over the direction to where their parents are. They then head in separate directions, and Ms. Granada seems to enjoy it as she watches it on the monitor. 


She, however, tells the guards that they have to get Wild Card, because he has no control over his powers, and could blow them up at any time.  


Missy and the other kids are soon attacked by a group of guards, who are also aliens. After initially looking scared, the kids are able to work together to defeat them, and then head over to the room with the rocket.  


As they watch, the heroics are also proud to see their children in action.  


Wild Card also gets picked up, and taken to the interrogation room by Ms. Granada and some guards. As they ask him questions about what the kids are planning, he only makes jokes that even get one of the guards laughing.  



Meanwhile, as the other kids approach the rocket to stop the takeover, a force field suddenly surrounds it. As they wonder who could’ve done it since they are all alone in the room, Ojo talks and says she’s the one.  


Noodles is shocked to hear her talk, and she says that even though she can talk, she just chooses to observe and say nothing. As she talks about how they can’t work together and how Wild Card is not with them, Missy says they were actually working together.  


Missy calls Wild Card in the ship’s control room, and he answers. It turns out that the person captured by Ms. Granada was actually Facemaker pretending to be Wild Card, and it was all part of a plan by Missy, who always knew Ojo was an alien. 


She explains that Ojo gave it away in one of the drawings she found on Ojo’s tablet, while they were in the tunnel at Grandma Moreno’s house.  


She also tells the others that she had already told Wild Card, which was why they could work on the plan together.  


As Ojo is also exposed to be the supreme commander, Wild Card is also able to take down the forcefield from the control room. Despite this, Ojo is not ready to give up. She draws some monsters and brings them out to fight the kids. The kids then have to work together to take down the monsters.  


Elsewhere, Wild Card is now able to control his powers, and he uses that to defeat Ms. Granada and her guards before freezing them after they find him.  


When Ojo sees that the kids are putting up a good fight, she sends out more monsters. Guppy runs out of water, and Wheels advises her to use the liquid metal on the rocket to make whatever she wants to make. 


She does as he says, and makes a big shark that she uses to take down some of the monsters. To deal with the last monsters, Missy acts as bait, and with the help of Noodles, they take down the monsters together.  


The Heroics team keeps watching as all these unfold, and they look very excited about their kids showing off what they can do.  


Wheels finally figures out a solution to prevent the takeover. He gives a reconfigured motherboard to Noodles to put on the ignition chamber at the top before the takeover is launched. 


Before he can do it, Ojo draws out another monster, and allows the motherboard to fall from Noodles’ hand into the hole under the place where the rocket is. Noodles tries to reach it, but he can’t.  


However, Slo-Mo decides to jump down as he’s the only one who wouldn’t get injured from such a jump. He does this and picks the motherboard. To come back up, Missy calls on Wild Card, and he’s able to teleport himself to meet them and also get Slo-Mo back up.  


With that, Noodles is finally able to insert the motherboard. As the rocket opens, it turns out to be the cell of the heroics. The kids are shocked to see this, as they don’t understand what the takeover means.  


Ms. Granada and the President show up, and they tell them that the whole operation was about the takeover of power from their parents.  


Ojo also mentions that things are not looking good for Earth, and the galaxy in general, so the aliens had to do their best to fast-track the training of the kids to be prepared. 


She also tells them that it’s not enough to be powerful individually, because true power lies when they use it together.  


Ojo commends Missy for being a good leader, and asks if she and the other kids will be available when their help is needed to save the galaxy. 


Missy says they’ll be ready for whenever the aliens need them. With that, the kids reunite with their parents, who are proud of them. 


Missy also meets Marcus, and she tells him that whenever he’s going on the next mission, he needs to take her along. He agrees, and they shake hands. The aliens also look happy with the reunion.  


Soon after, the kids get into their costumes while standing on a cliff, and looking prepared for the future. 

We Can Be Heroes.

We Can Be Heroes | December 25, 2020 (United States) Summary: When alien invaders capture the Earth's superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents and the planet.
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