Girl Finds a Magical Potion That Gives Her a Superpower and Joins a School for Superheroes.


A special girl with supernatural powers doesn’t feel like she belongs in the society she lives in. She joins a school for superheroes to be herself and live her life. But then she discovers a conspiracy to destroy the school and realizes that she can save the school and also save her monster friends. This girl, called Clawdeen, in the skating rink, she performs skateboarding tricks and amazes everyone in the arena. No one ever expected a girl to do such dangerous moves. But suddenly, a boy from the audience bumps into her, making her fall to the ground and taking her skateboard. At that moment, everyone who sees her screams because she is not an ordinary girl, but a half-werewolf, and they all think she is a monster. They start chasing her in the forest. After they were all amazed by her and cheered her on, she heard them calling her an animal and a monster. But Clawdeen uses her supernatural power and climbs up a tree to hide before anyone sees her, Until everyone stops looking for her. 

After that, she runs back home and keeps looking around, afraid. She enters her room’s balcony and goes down to check on her father, who is actually a regular human. Clawdeen is surprised that her father has prepared a birthday party for her, bringing her a cake and a gift to make her feel happy and show her how much he loves her. That makes Clawdeen very happy, but then she surprises her father with the letter from the Monster High School saying that she has been accepted. 

At first, her father strongly refuses because he is afraid for her since she is not a full werewolf but half human and half werewolf. The school is very strict towards regular humans because they consider them a threat, not the other way around. However, Clawdeen convinces him and changes his mind when she tells him that she does not feel like she belongs in this human world. She can’t spend her whole life running away when someone finds out her truth and starts chasing and scaring her. She tells him that she is coming home late because they have been chasing her all day. 

Also, she says that she wants to live in a place where she feels normal and like other people, without feeling threatened or scared, and where she can live a normal life. After her father hears her words and is affected by them, he agrees. Next day. She is packing her bags, and her father takes her to the school address, which is in the forest. The road is abandoned, so Clawdeen thinks they are lost or that her father takes another road, although her father is sure that this was the right way. He tells her that when he came to the school with her mother, a bright light appeared at the entrance. When Clawdeen gets close to it at the end of the road, she is surprised by a glowing tunnel, exactly as her father described it. At that moment, she is very happy and takes her bags from her father and continues to the school alone. Her father warns her not to reveal that she is half human and half werewolf because they will expel her from the school. She walks through the glowing tunnel for a while until she reaches the school building and is amazed by its size; it looks like a palace or a castle from the Middle Ages. 

At the school, all the students and teachers are monsters from various myths and legends. Dracula also brings his daughter Draculaur and tells her to be clever in the school like him and his father, who are still alive and were students at the school hundreds of years ago, so that no one will make fun of him because his daughter is not as smart as them. The principal talks to Professor Codus about Deuce, a monster who is the grandson of Medusa and has snake hair that can turn anyone who looks directly into his eyes into a stone statue. The principal warns Deuce that she is watching him and tells him not to cause any trouble. 

Deuce wears an ice cap and special glasses on his eyes so not to harm anyone. When the principal sees Dracula, she welcomes him and talks to him. So, Dracula tells her that there are human magical practises being performed at the school, and they need to find out who is behind them and stop them to protect their children. Meanwhile, Clawdeen is walking in the school hallway, looking for her room, and asking Ghoulia for help in finding it. So, Ghoulia tells her to ask the teacher, and she will guide her because the school is magical. Indeed, Clawdeen asks the teacher, and suddenly a door appears on the wall in front of her, and she enters her room. 

She then meets Frankie, the daughter of Frankenstein, and knows that she, Clawdeen, and Draculaura are roommates. Draculaura warns them not to touch the coffin she sleeps in and not to bring anything that contains garlic into the room. They divide the room, and each one knows their boundaries, so Draculaura goes back into her coffin. When Clawdeen is organizing her clothes and sees a picture of her father, she remembers his words about keeping her secret. She puts the picture back in her bag so that no one finds out that she is half-human. The next day is the first day of school, and Clawdeen and Frankie become friends and go to look for their lockers. Cleo bullies Frankie and makes fun of her, but Clawdeen stops her. Deuce watches from afar, then goes to talk to Clawdeen, encouraging her to stand up to Cleo. They get to know each other, and Deuce warns them about Cleo, who is arrogant and thinks she is better than everyone, which is why she bullies them. Meanwhile, Clawdeen hears the principal calling her on the speaker and telling her to go to her office, so Clawdeen goes to find out what is happening. The principal tells her that she wants to welcome her personally and offers her the role of school ambassador at the upcoming annual party. 


Since her werewolf mother was friends with most of the other monster families, when the principal asks her about her father because she did not mention any details about him in her application, Clawdeen gets nervous and lies to the principal, telling her that he is French and a full werewolf. Meanwhile, Clawdeen notices that her claws have disappeared and her hands have become completely human-like. She fears that the principal will expose her and runs to the bathroom to see herself in the mirror and understand what caused this sudden change. However, she comes back to her normal self without understanding the reason for this sudden change. As she walks out of the bathroom, she sees the words “expel the outsider” written on the wall, as if the school is alive and watching everyone. Clawdeen then runs to find Frankie, who has information about everything. When she asks her about the sudden change that can turn monsters into humans, Frankie tells her that it is a temporary condition caused by fear. Later, in class, Mr. Codus tells them about the school’s history and how it is only for full monsters. also mentions that there was a half-werewolf student in the school who was expelled and killed by humans when they discovered his truth. After class, Clawdeen asks the professor for more details about this monster, and he tells her that he had created a magical potion that could turn him into a full monster. Unfortunately, before he could use it, he was expelled from the school, and the potion is still in a secret laboratory in the school that no one has been able to find. 

Then Clawdeen goes to the library to search for old books about this story. There, she finds old notes, and as soon as she opens them, she feels someone is watching her in the library, and the lights keep turning off and on again. Clawdeen is terrified and turns into a human; her werewolf ears disappear from her purple hair, as do her sharp claws and fangs. In that moment, she is surprised by Frankie in front of her, so Clawdeen tells her the truth. When Frankie sees the notes of Hyde, the half-werewolf that Clawdeen is researching, she discovers that they are written in code. Clawdeen is lucky, as Frankie manages to solve it and knows the location of the secret laboratory and marks it on the school map, which turns out to be in the school cemetery. Since this area is forbidden for them to enter, they agree to go there at night. Meanwhile, the principal, Professor Codus, and the worker Grigor are trying to erase the word written in blood on the school walls, and they don’t know who wrote it. They still don’t know that the school itself is cursed. Meanwhile, Clawdeen and Frankie were in their room waiting for everyone to go to sleep so they could go out and search for the secret laboratory. They discovered its location, but they need to find its key. Then they feel like someone is in the place, and it turns out to be Draculaura preparing magical potions. When she sees them, she asks them to keep the secret because it is forbidden for monsters and vampires to practice magic because it is a human practice. Frankie and Clawdeen promise her not to tell anyone and encourage her to do what she loves. At that moment, Clawdeen tells her about her secret and why she came to the cemetery. Draculaura is surprised because she thought her secret was big and dangerous, but when she learns about Clawdeen’s secret, she feels a little relieved. 

After that, the three girls try to open the lab door, but they can’t, so they ask Draculaura for a magical recipe to open it. However, they need specific ingredients for the recipe. When they return to the school to get these ingredients, they feel like a mysterious monster is watching them, as if it is waiting for them to open the lab in any way. The next day, the girls start collecting the recipe’s ingredients, including an ogre’s bone. Clawdeen remembers that the principal has a jar of ogre bones in her office, so they agree to take a small piece when she’s not there. While Clawdeen enters the office, Draculaura and Frankie distract the principal until Clawdeen gets out. 

Meanwhile, Cleo enters the office to leave a report for the principal, and Draculaura, to save Clawdeen as she is still inside, casts a spell on her to transform her to look like the principal. Clawdeen uses this and yells at Cleo, telling her that she has to treat her classmates better and stop bullying them. After Clawdeen and her friends return to their room, the principal calls Clawdeen and reminds her to prepare the speech she will give at the upcoming celebration. She tells her that she has a surprise for her. Later, Clawdeen returns to her room and finds Draculaura talking to her father through a large picture of him, not a phone like the others. They tell each other that they are happy to have finally found a place where they can behave naturally and not feel lonely or like they do not belong there. 

When they gather again to review the remaining ingredients for the magic recipe, they discover that they need snake venom, and Clawdeen knows where to get it. She goes to get close to Deuce and asks him for snake venom from his hair, and he agrees to help her without even knowing why she needs it. Clawdeen, Frankie, and Draculaura go to try the magic recipe and open the secret laboratory door, but the recipe does not work. They return to the school, and the principal and Professor Codus punish Draculaura for practicing magic after Cleo tells them about it. At that moment, the walls of the school scream, and a statue on the wall almost falls on Cleo, but Clawdeen saves her at the last moment. But due to the punishment that the principal gave Draculaura, Clawdeen feels guilty and decides to leave the school. However, the next morning, while sitting next to a playground in the city, she is surprised by Draculaura and Frankie, who come to bring her back to the school and encourage her not to give up. Clawdeen becomes angry and tense. She transforms back into a human again. When she left them and walked away, she fell to the ground, and they noticed that her handprint was the same as the one on the secret lab door. They convince her to come back with them and try to open the door again. When Clawdeen returns and tries to open the door with her human handprint, it opens, and they find that it is actually the tomb of one of the monsters. But there is a secret door that opens when they step on the eye of the statue on the tomb and enter the lab. 

Clawdeen finds Hyde recipe that will turn her into a full monster, but she hesitates before drinking it because she will erase all her human identity and memories with her father. At this moment, Professor Codus appears and, having been watching them from the beginning, prevents her from taking the potion, saying that she does not need it. He knows a better way for her not to feel lonely and to live her life naturally as she wants. But he is actually deceiving her because he wants to take the potion and drink it himself. He is half-human and wants to transform into a full monster to destroy the school because he is Hyde’s son. Wants to take revenge on the school that expelled his father. Then out to the human world to take revenge because they killed his father. At this moment, the potion takes effect, and he grows huge horns; his body transforms; he becomes very strong; and his eyes turn red. 

And the potion that gives him extraordinary power makes him absorb the power of other monsters, so he absorbs Draculaura’s power, causing her to fall to the ground because she became weak. The girls save their friend, and Frankie distracts Codus and throws magnesium nitrate on the substance in front of him on the table, causing it to explode and distracting him. They manage to trap him inside the tomb. When they leave the cemetery, they are surprised to find the gate locked, but Draculaura uses her magic to open it. They call Cleo and tell her what happened, asking for her help. Meanwhile, the founders of the school arrive at the celebration and sit with Dracula, the principal, and Deuce, who serves them dinner. Cleo calls and tells them to go to the cemetery quickly. A large group of students arrive at the cemetery to help Clawdeen and her friends. When Codus breaks the door and everyone comes out, they are surprised by his terrifying appearance, and he attacks Clawdeen. Deuce defends her by turning him into stone. However, Codus knows his power and closes his eyes, absorbing Codus’ power and attacking him, turning him into a stone statue. Clawdeen runs to check on Deuce to try to wake him up, but unfortunately, she cannot control her fear and turns back into a normal human. 

Cleo tells her that this is her only chance to beat Codus because she can get close to him as a human. Indeed, Clawdeen gets close to him and makes him look at his reflection in the phone, and he turns into a stone statue. The magical power that was taken from Dracula and Deuce returns to them again. 

At this moment, the principal and Dracula find out what happened, and Clawdeen tells them the truth. The next day, they call her father, and for the first time, a human enters the school. Meanwhile, Clawdeen thinks that she will be expelled and will have to leave the school, but she is surprised when the principal welcomes her as a student with them after learning that the problem was with Codus, who did not have the spirit and heart of a monster. The principal tells her that her mother is definitely proud of her and what she did. 

In the end, the lesson that the girl learned from our movie today is that we should not be afraid to show who we truly are, and we must learn to face it with courage and show that our nature makes us special from others because everyone has different features and abilities. 

Monster High: The Movie.

Monster High: The Movie | October 6, 2022 (United States) Summary: Follows a half human and half werewolf, as she finally finds a place where she fits, but, when a devious plan to destroy Monster High threatens to reveal her identity, she must learn to embr... Read all
Countries: United States, CanadaLanguages: Zulu, English
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