James Bond Leads Into The Trail Of A Mysterious Villain Armed With Dangerous New Technology.

No Time To Die.

No Time to Die | October 8, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United Kingdom, United StatesLanguages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German



The film opens with a flashback

A young girl named Madeleine tends to her ailing mother, while a man in a mask approaches their home

she runs to hide, but The man enters the house, he introduces himself to her mother, as Lyutsifer Safin


and says he is there for Mr. White, as he killed his family

her mother can’t give him an answer, so he shoots her to death


Madeleine goes to hide under her bed, where Safin goes to look for her

he finds her, but She quickly shoots him, she drags his body outside the home, but he turns out to be alive


Madeleine starts running across the icy lake, until she falls

she tries to break the ice, but she can’t


Safin approaches her, but can’t let the girl die, so he shoots the ice, and pulls her out

Jump to the present, where Madeleine is living with James Bond


Although they are both happy together, she knows that Bond still has lingering thoughts, about Vesper Lynd

whom she points out is buried close to them

She encourages to let her go, doing the same with her memory of Safin by writing masked man in French on a piece of paper, and burning it


The next morning, Bond goes to Vesper’s tomb to finally forgive her

He also has a piece of paper ready to burn, that says forgive me on it, Before leaving, Bond sees a SPECTRE calling card nearby


but seconds later, the tomb explodes, Bond recovers quickly, and start escaping but the assassins go after him, led by a man with a cybernetic eye called Primo, or Cyclops


Bond races back to his room on a motorcycle to get Madeleine he accuses her of betraying him, since the assassins can’t know his place


He gets Madeleine in his Aston Martin car, and ends up in a high-speed chase

The villains corner them in the middle of the plaza with her begging Bond to make a move, while he sits there, and letting the thugs shoot at the car


he sees that Madeleine is telling the truth, and activates the machine gun in the car killing nearly every assassin, except for Primo


Once they are in the clear, Bond takes Madeleine to a train station, where he puts her on a train and he parts ways with her, due to his trust in her being destroyed


She tearfully tries to catch him, but the train begins to depart, and he went


Five years later, another team of assassins break into an M 16 lab

They are working under Safin, he contacts Valdo, who is the head scientist in the lab and warns him about what is coming


The assassins take Valdo and another scientist, while killing the rest of the team

And They are there to acquire Heracles, a deadly bioweapon that can be used as a poison through skin-to-skin contact


After getting what they want, they take Valdo with them, and kill the other man

MI6 catches wind of this, with Moneypenny going to talk to M about it but he remains tight-lipped on what Heracles is, and demands to know where 7 is


Bond is now retired from MI6, and living in Jamaica

He runs into Felix, and his colleague Logan


They go to a nightclub, where Felix tells Bond about Valdo’s capture and the break-in to the lab


Bond has little interest, in getting involved in recovering Valdo and he also tells Felix, that he has a suspicious feeling about logan


As Bond tries to go home, he finds that his car isn’t working and He is approached by a woman called Nomi, who gives him a ride on her motorcycle


When they get back to his place she quickly drops her facade to reveal, that she isn’t only an agent with MI6, but also the new 7


and she tells him, that Valdo is her target and said to Bond to stay out of her way


M and Billm, talk to Q about retrieving files, which stolen from the lab


Bond contacts M to ask him, what he has done involving Valdo, and SPECTRE


M hangs up and tells Bill, that he wants to get in touch with Blofeld


Blofeld is locked up in Belmarsh, and seen talking to himself, Felix has Bond go to Cuba, to meet a CIA operative, named Paloma


They infiltrate a SPECTRE meeting, where Blofeld is using a robotic eye like the one that Primo uses, to observe the party


Meanwhile, Valdois being forced to set up Heracles in the facility, but seen switching a vial from the device

Once Bond and Paloma realize, that Blofeld is up to something

the entire party turns their focus on Bond


The Heracles poison is released into the room, with the intent to kill Bond

But many of the people in the party dropped dead, and what happens is the opposite


Bond and Paloma remain unaffected

The two face off against gunmen, including Primo


they try to escape, but Nomi shows up to apprehend Valdo

After killing off several henchmen, Paloma gets a car


and spots Valdo trying to make a run for it


She rams the car into the structure, that he is climbing down causing him, to collapse into the car


Bond takes Valdo and parts ways with Paloma, after she gives him a cigar for Felix and he takes him away on a rickety old plane


Bond brings Valdo to Felix’s boat, to meet with him and Logan


When they start to interrogate Valdo, over Heracles and why it specifically didn’t affect Bond Logan grows nervous, and tells Valdo to stop talking


but Valdo says that SPECTRE, was always the main targets so he changed the DNA sample during the poisoning, to kill them instead of Bond


and he also says that M helped him create Heracles When Bond asks how Blofeld knew he would be there


he quickly realizes that Logan is a double agent working with Valdo During a struggle, Logan shoots Felix and gets away with Valdo and they blow a hole into the ship, to cause it to sink


Although Bond tries to help Felix, they know his wound is too severe and Felix resigns himself to his fate


Bond regrettably leaves his friend behind, before managing to break free and escape

Bond returns to MI6, to confront M, he demands to be let into Belmarsh, to speak to Blofeld


but M, refuses, and ends up sending Bond out, because he pissed him off and he calls Nomi in, to tell her that he wants everything in Blofeld’s cell scanned, even the man himself


On his way out, Moneypenny offers to help Bond


That night, they go to the house of Q, as he is preparing to have dinner with his pet

They ask him to take a look at the files they recovered, and when he does they discover files on the SPECTRE targets, with only Blofeld remaining

There are also thousands of other files on others, regarding their DNA samples all over the world


Bond tells Q to get him into Belmarsh to meet with Blofeld, but he says only one person has access to him

Cut to Madeleine going to her job as a psychiatrist


She goes to her office to find Safin there, but she doesn’t immediately recognize him until he presents her with his broken mask


Once she becomes frightened, he tells her that he needs her for something

Bond later meets with the whole MI6 team, to be reinstated as an agent

They review files over a SPECTRE operative’s funeral where five family members, who came into contact with him, are now dead from contracting the Heracles poison


then, M explains that Heracles, wasn’t meant to be as harmful as it is now because it was only meant to be designed for specific targets, through contact over those it doesn’t affect


but now it has been weaponized using nanobots, to go after targets and anyone related to them


M finally approves for Bond to meet with Blofeld, and find out whatever he can

Bond goes to Belmarsh, and reunites with Madeleine


He tries to shake her hand, but she declines


Once Blofeld is brought out to them, Madeleine starts to grow nervous, and tries to leave

Bond grabs her wrist. but she pulls away and leaves


Bond is left talking to Blofeld


who taunts him, and says he set up the attack at Vesper’s tomb to deliberately make Bond believe, that Madeleine set him up


He taunts Bond again, to the point where he grabs Blofeld to physically attack him


As Bill enters to stop Bond, they see that Blofeld has been poisoned to death, by Bond’s touch

Bond learns that he was infected with Heracles after touching Madeleine, and he can’t get it out, she has fled her apartment, and nobody can find her


Bond goes after her, and finds her at her childhood home To his surprise, he finds that she has a daughter


her name is Mathilde, and Madeleine claims she isn’t Bond’s

After putting Mathilde to bed, Madeleine informs Bond on who Safin is


Blofeld instructed Madeleine’s father, to kill Safin’s whole family

which left him as the only survivor, with facial disfigurements

She also mentions an island, that Safin’s family had


where his base of operations currently is

Bond gives Q info on locating Safin, and Q informs MI6, that the island is located between Japan and Russia


Nomi is looking for Logan, but Bond learns that he and Safin’s other minions are close so he gets Madeleine and Mathilde out of the house for safety


On the road, Safin’s assassins chase after the three

Bond runs two off the road, but their van is also knocked off the road, Bond shoots at the assassins, and sets trap for a couple of others, until Logan comes out to try to kill Bond himself

Bond overturns his van, and causes him to crash


Logan crawls out, and asks for Bond’s help, In retribution for Felix’s death, Bond pushes Logan’s van down to crush him


He learns that Madeleine and Mathilde have been abducted, and taken to the island


Bond rejoins MI6, where Nomi relinquishes the 7 title to Bond and they head out to the island, to stop Safin and save Madeleine and Mathilde


Meanwhile, the villain brings the two to his garden, where other poisonous plants are developed including the nanobots, being harvested for the Heracles poison distribution


Bond and Nomi are brought to the island, where they break into the facility, and go after the gunmen

They capture Valdo, and plan to blow the place up, but they don’t have enough explosives to get the job done


After continued threats

Nomi pushes Valdo into a pool of nanobots, where he is gruesomely dissolved

The other workers flee, once they see the effects of the nanobots

Madeleine manages to escape from Primo’s captivity, by throwing hot tea in his face


Bond found Safin with Mathilde in his captivity When Safin threatens them, Bond gets on his knees and begs him, to not hurt them


but Bond then takes out a concealed pistol, and kills the guards but Safin escapes through a hatch with Mathilde


However, the little girl bites his hand, and he just lets her go and she hides until Madeleine finds her


Bond runs into them. and helps them getaway


Primo attacks Bond, but he uses gadget watch of Q to fry Primo’s cybernetic eye, and make it blow up in his head, killing him


Bond goes to open the hatch doors, to allow the Royal Navy to launch missiles to destroy the facility


He succeeds and starts to make his way out, until he finds that they are closing again because of Safin


Bond goes to open them again, but is attacked by Safin he shoots Bond, and infects him with nanobots specifically targeting Madeleine and Mathilde


Bond fights him, and breaks his arm before shooting him dead


He manages to open the doors again


but he realizes he can’t leave the island, without hurting Madeleine and Mathilde


He contacts Q, who has Nomi put Madeleine on the line for him They share a final moment together, reaffirming their love for one another


and Madeleine confirms that Mathilde, really is Bond’s daughter


He stands as the missiles arrive, obliterating the facility, and Bond himself and Everyone else realizes what has happened after


Back at MI6, M, Tanner, Q, Moneypenny, and Nomi all gather for a toast to Bond’s memory


Madeleine drives Mathilde to Matera, to continue their lives and she decides to tell Mathilde, the story about her father.

No Time To Die.

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