In the early years of the 20th century, the Kingsman agency is formed to stand against a cabal plotting a war to wipe out millions.

The King’s Man.

The King's Man | December 22, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United Kingdom, United StatesLanguages: English, Latin, German, French, Russian


Africa, 1902 Orlando is The Duke of Oxford, travels with his wife Emily, and son Conrad and their bodyguard Shola to a camp where he meets with General Kitchener and his assistant Morton

Just as he and Kitchener begin to discuss their business  a sniper begins firing at the soldiers at the camp


Emily runs to protect her son, but is shot in the abdomen before Shola finds the assassin and kills him


Orlando stays by Emily’s side as she dies


she tells him to protect Conrad and Orlando promised her


Conrad runs to his mother and Orlando hugs him

Twelve years later, Orlando and Conrad arrive back at their estate he speaks to the nanny, Polly Watkins, while Conrad trains in combat with Shola


Later, Orlando takes Conrad to the Kingsman tailor shop, where the former occasionally conducts business


Elsewhere, at a secret location the Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin arrives to join several other nefarious tyrants, including Gavrilo Princip Erik Jan Hanussen Mata Hari and Alfred DuPont


They are met by their leader a hidden Scottish villain called The Shepherd


He assigns the members of his group different rings with animal icons


When Rasputin complains about getting a tortoise and wanting to switch with Princip, The Shepherd demonstrates his cruelty by killing one of his beloved goats and He then sends Princip out for his first task


Conrad joins his father as they ride through a parade with Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife Sophie


Princip makes his assassination attempt, by hurling a bomb at the Archduke’s escort car, but Conrad deflects the bomb with an umbrella hitting the car behind them and They attempt to drive to safety


Princip is sitting near a café preparing to commit suicide with a cyanide pill hidden in the ring for his failure


but he sees the Archduke’s car driving toward a dead end


Princip seizes the opportunity, and shoots both Ferdinand and Sophie killing them before he is arrested


In the aftermath, Orlando worries as he knows European powers will come into conflict


He tells Conrad about three cousins King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II who are now the respective rulers of England  Germany and Russia


The three have always been in conflict, but Orlando’s allegiance lies with King George


Hanussen acts as an advisor to Wilhelm, while Rasputin is close to Nicholas and his family


World War I soon breaks out and devastates Europe  for over two years


The Shepherd celebrates his organization’s victory


but he plans to have Russia pull out of the war leaving Germany to direct its forces toward England


since The Shepherd holds a grudge against England for oppressing Scotland


Rasputin manipulates Nicholas and his wife by slipping their son Alexei a candy laced with poison


then using his so-called holy powers to heal the boy thereby convincing Nicholas to keep Russia out of the war


Orlando and Kitchener disagree on their stances regarding the war with Conrad wanting to join the fight but Orlando refusing to let him endanger himself


Later on his ship


Kitchener expresses sorrow for the countless lives lost, while a nearby submarine launches a missile that destroys Kitchener’s ship killing everyone on board


Orlando later receives a letter that Kitchener wrote before his death in which he expressed regret for their last encounter


he then brings Conrad to meet with Polly and Shola in their secret headquarters where they plan to take matters into their own hands


He tells them, that he visited Princip in his prison cell, and stopped two guards from hanging him, by fighting them off and then getting information out of him


He knows of the villains’ organization and they plan to target Rasputin and kill him, before his influence makes matters worse


Orlando also explains to Conrad that he is a pacifist because although he was a skilled killer


he felt that killing took away too much of his soul


The team travels to Russia with the plan being, that they get Conrad to play into Rasputin’s fondness for young men


before tricking him into eating a poisoned Bakewell Tart due to the Mad Monk’s love for sweet cakes


Orlando and Conrad infiltrate a dinner held by Rasputin, but he finds Conrad boring and directs his interest toward Orlando


He brings Orlando into his chambers and claims he can heal Orlando’s injured leg


Rasputin performs a bizarre ritual where he licks the wound on Orlando’s leg, before stuffing his face with half of the cake


However, Rasputin vomits the cake out


He guides Orlando outside to the frozen lake to dip his leg in


before revealing he knew that the cake was laced with cyanide


and because he takes poison every morning to develop an immunity to it


He attempts to drown Orlando before Conrad and Shola intervene


The two battle Rasputin, before Orlando comes to


Conrad fires a bullet that knocks Rasputin’s blade out of his hand, before he can kill Shola but Rasputin goes to kill Conrad


Orlando stabs Rasputin in the chest and drags him to the lake to drown him


Rasputin rises for one more kill attempt, but Polly shoots him in the head and kills him


The team returns home on the train and celebrates Conrad’s birthday


While he wants to continue the fight and head into battle, Orlando refuses to let his son get into it


later, Polly intercepts a message from Wilhelm’s secretary to Mexico as they are trying to get Germany to join forces with them to attack the United States


President Woodrow Wilson is contacted and informed of this


but he dismisses it until he has concrete evidence and he refuses to get involved with the war


Meanwhile, Conrad switches places with a soldier Archie Reid and takes his place on the frontlines


he joins other British and Scottish soldiers against the German army


An informant for the British army runs toward them, but is incapacitated by a bomb


The General informs the soldiers, that they must recover the informant’s body from the battlefield at night, and recover what he was carrying

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Later that night, Conrad joins five other men, as they make a quiet confrontation with the Germans


They stab each other nearly being killed by a large German with a hammer


but a British soldier shoots the large German leading to both sides opening fire on one another, and dropping explosives


Conrad runs to safety and encounters the informant, who just got his leg blown off


he breaks down in tears as he has now killed people and did not even get to say goodbye to his father and the informant comforts him


In the morning, Conrad carries the informant across the battlefield


The Germans spot them and begin to fire at them but the British army returns fire


Conrad and the informant are blown into the barracks by an explosive, with the informant being killed


he delivers the item that the informant was carrying, but when he tells the General that he is Archie


a soldier claiming to be friends with Archie


called Conrad out on being a liar and accuses him of being a German spy, so he shoots Conrad in the head and kills him


Orlando is informed of his son’s death


A funeral is held, with Shola and Polly attending, and mourning Conrad


Orlando falls into a deep depression and begins drinking avoiding help from Polly


However, after speaking to King George, Orlando decides to join Polly and Shola in completing the task to honor Conrad’s memory


It turns out the item Conrad recovered from the informant, was written proof of the telegram sent by Wilhelm’s secretary


Hanussen and Hari arrive to find, The Shepherd dueling with another member before learning that Wilson received the telegram


The Shepherd kills the other member, and sends Hari to the United States to get Wilson under their thumb


Meanwhile, Nicholas steps down from the throne


Orlando travels to the United States as well, where he finds that Hari already got to Wilson and has met with the Ambassador


he knows she is a villain and Hari attempts to attack him, but Orlando subdues her and strangles her with her scarf


He then meets with the Ambassador and learns that Hari seduced Wilson and had it recorded


with the video being used as blackmail to keep the U.S. out of the war


Orlando, Polly and Shola scope out the villains’ hideout before making their plans to attack


Polly keeps watching with her rifle, while Shola goes to his own post and Orlando plans to drop in on a plane with his parachute


The plane controls get stuck and the plane begins to hurdle toward the ground


Orlando manages to deploy his parachute, but he gets stuck midway at the bottom of a cliff


He manages to climb up using knives and almost gets knocked over by The Shepherd’s goat but Orlando grabs onto the goat’s horn and pulls himself up


then pets the goat to show, that he means no harm


The Shepherd sends DuPont to tr and blackmail Wilson in the hopes that he will step down


and the next president will be in their pocket


DuPont gets stuck on the elevator, going down when the British henchman stops the lift to fight Orlando, who has made his way into the barn


Orlando fights the brute, while Polly fires at the other henchmen


Shola kills some men and hops onto the counterweight


cutting the rope to pull himself up, and sending DuPont falling to his death


Shola rises and decapitates the brute before saving Orlando


They then make their way to confront The Shepherd


Orlando gets him to step out and it is revealed, that The Shepherd was Morton the whole time


He was working against Kitchener the whole time and had fired the missile that killed him


Orlando and Morton duel with Shola taking a non-fatally bullet for Orlando


The two then fight by the edge of the cliff with Morton nearly killing Orlando


until the goat, who had earlier got one of its horns cut off by Morton impales Morton’s leg with its horn


Orlando rises and holds Morton over the edge


with the villain believing, that Orlando doesn’t have the nerve to drop him


only to be proven wrong moments later, and Morton is sent plummeting onto a pile of rocks


Orlando has the video of Hari, seducing Wilson sent to the President so he can burn it and finally step into the war and WWI later ends


He speaks to King George, who informs him of the fates of his cousins


Wilhelm abdicates his position, but Nicholas and his whole family were murdered


Orlando then gathers with Shola, Polly, King George, Archie and the Ambassador at the tailor shop


which he just purchased to set up as an undercover organization


Continuing to honor Conrad’s memory


Orlando gives the team codenames based on the Knights of the Round Table


which is something Conrad thought of as a kid


Orlando will be Arthur, Polly will be Galahad


Archie is Lancelot the Ambassador is Bedevere George is Percival, and Shola is Merlin Thus the Kingsman agency is born

The King’s Man.

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