A Young Girl Discovers a Secret to See Her Late Father in Her Dreams.


A little girl named Nemo who in a lighthouse with her father (Peter) because Peter works at the lighthouse. Peter is a single parent. He takes care of Nemo, plays with her, cooks food for her, and teaches her how to play piano and they both also do boating in their free time. While studying math’s, she says to her father that she doesn’t want to study math’s, but her father says that the day she will give the right answer about why lighthouses are built. On that day, he will give the key to the lighthouse from there. Every night before going to bed she goes to sleep listening to a story from her father and asking him to tell her a story.  She has a piggy toy .she loves her toy too much and keeps it with her every time even at night when she goes to sleep. At night, when she goes to sleep, she asks her father to tell her a story, so Peter tells her the story of him and Flip and says that he and flip went to the world in which they go to dreamland and do whatever they want. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and once we went to find a pearl. There was a magic pearl that could fulfill all kinds of wishes. But suddenly their boat sinks and they fall into the deep sea. There is a dangerous monster that is very large and has a very dangerous sound. Meanwhile, Nemo tries to see this monster with her own eyes then her father tells her to sleep and says I have to go to save a boat that needs urgent help. Later he leaves and Nemo falls asleep. When she falls asleep, she goes into her dream world where she sees herself drowning in the sea and she also dreams that their lighthouse has sunk then she finds her father’s boat sinking, she starts shouting and her eyes open. Its morning when she goes out Carla comes there she asked for her father. They tell her that her father has died and drowned in the sea, which upsets her.


After her father’s funeral, she is sent to the city with her uncle whose name is Flip and she meets him for the first time. Phillip takes her home and tells her that he owns a company and he works from home, then he leaves Nemo in her Flip is a feeling less man who has no friends and he is a socially isolated person. Nemo goes into her room and tries to sleep when she falls asleep she goes into the world of dreams where her little piggy toy awakes her, she gets very scared, then the legs of her bed come out and he starts walking and takes her to the lighthouse where she becomes happier. Going there she meets a man. he is stealing things from the lighthouse and he tells that his name is flip and he is her father’s dream partner now he has come into Nemo’s dream then he says to Nemo that his father has a map having a lot of lines on it. If you find that map for me, they will find the magic pearl and then he will help her to meet her father. She says that she doesn’t know anything about this map. Flip throws her down from the window and she opens her eyes. After which her uncle comes and he takes her to school, she goes to school and meets the new teacher .Flip meets the teacher separately and says that this child has never gone to school before so she has to work hard and pay a lot of attention to her teacher says that she will try her best and will help Nemo. And the teacher takes Nemo inside her classroom when she reaches the classroom a boy comes from outside and starts talking with his classmates and the teacher then teacher introduces them to each other, his name is Jamal, then they both go towards the cafeteria together and start talking with each other. Jamal asks her if she has a mobile to which she tells him that she does not have a mobile and she has never been to school before. In the evening her uncle teaches her how to open the lock but she is not interested in it, after that she goes to her room and sleeps. After a while she wakes up and opens her box and out of it comes a painting which is a map, about which Flip was asking. The next morning when she is to go to school, she cancels her school attendance with her uncle’s phone and goes to the school where she hides in the School basement and tries to go to dreams world. She falls asleep there and when she enters the dream world she is back at the lighthouse where she calls Flip and then gives him a map Flip says I’m going to find the pearl. But she insists that she wants to see her father, and she says that she will go with him after that, Flip and she enters the dream world and Flip tells her that we will enter different dreams one by one through different dream doors. When they enter the first dream that is a beautiful place full of flowers and Birds chirping everywhere. Nemo becomes very excited to see that beautiful place when they move forward they meet a man who comes forward to ask them if are they invited to the party which is held their clips that he and this child want to attend the party with their Piggy toy later on he somehow steals the pen from his pocket. The Flip is a dream thief. He stoles things from others’ dreams. After that, they go forward and enter into another dream where some people are dancing and partying, someone is playing piano there and a lady is standing and singing a beautiful song flip also starts partying to which Nemo says flip come on we have to go to find Pearl and leave the party bird flip doesn’t hear her and he goes near a beautiful girl and start dancing with her and talks with a beautiful girl. But Agent Green arrives, she’s the police from the dream world and she’s looking for Flip because he’s committed too many robberies. Agent Green chases him in all dreams to catch him but he always becomes successful in escaping. Now again she is chasing him and arrives there holding a gun as she begins to capture Flip, suddenly the dangerous monster arrives there (the monster about which Peter told Nemo).The monster starts roaring and everything starts falling on the ground and that place starts to destroy, All the people of that place start running away from there. Nemo becomes scared and falls to the ground. Flip drags her and tries to save her from the monster. Flip escapes with difficulty, taking the Nemo with him and they enter another dream.


Flip says he doesn’t know about this monster and he has not seen him before. Nemo tells him that she has seen this monster once before and this was the monster of a bad dream. Flip says that its means Monster came here for her. After that, Nemo’s eyes open, she is sleeping in the basement of her school and Jamal comes there. Jamal is surprised to see her in the basement and he asks her what she is doing there. She tells me that school people think that I am at home and her uncle thinks that I am at school then she tells Jamal why you are here? He says that he came here to check his project .she requests him to Don’t tell anyone about it. Then she goes home. Her uncle gives her a surprise. From there he gives her a boat but she refuses to go boating and says that she doesn’t want to boat without her father. In the evening when she is having dinner with her uncle he tells her that she should not be separated from the world it is not good for her then when she goes to sleep she cannot sleep than her uncle After telling a story, she falls asleep and opens her eyes again in the world of dreams. In her dream, she meets Flip again and she asks Flip who is he in the real world, to which he replies that he is so far gone in the dream world that he doesn’t know what he is in the real world. And he doesn’t want to go back to the dream world because he is enjoying a lot in this world, drinking wine and flirting with beautiful girls. After that, they enter the next dream in which they are sitting in the back of a garbage truck. Suddenly, Agent Green goes there in her car and chases them again she is holding a gun in her hand and is trying to catch Flip. They struggle to get rid of her and go inside the truck where a small child is driving the truck. Flip says that now they entered the dream of this child. Agent Green is still chasing them then Flip asks the little boy to drive fast. The little kid starts driving very fast, and they all start shouting but agent green is also driving fast now she is about to catch them but suddenly the truck falls into the ocean and they all start swimming under the water. Then they enter into another dream in which they are in a building but agent Green comes there .when they try to escape the fires on them with her gun. This makes them immobilized and they can’t move. She comes forward and says that she will love to catch Flip and he can’t run from her and she will continue chasing him then she captures them both and then she locks them inside the jail and after a while, she comes back and takes Nemo from there to her office. and tells her that she should live in the world of reality, dreams are never true and there are no pearls in this world and what Nemo is talking about is just a myth. No magical pearls exist in reality .she warns her and orders her to leave the dream world. Nemo opens her eyes and comes out of the dream. After that, Nemo’s uncle comes there he turns on the TV and starts showing her a childhood video of his and Nemo’s father. He says that he and Nemo’s father were very good friends. And they both lived in the world of dreams and did what they wanted and were happy in that world. Nemo says to Flip that you are the same as Flip to which he replies that in the world of dreams I was flip and I wanted to go further in that world. He says that he wanted to go further in the dream world but his father left me to which she says my father used to tell me his stories and he never left him .Flip starts crying hearing this. The next morning when she goes to school she met Jamal in the gallery with his fellows when Jamal tries to talk to her she says that she has to go and then she goes down the stairs and goes to the basement of the school and she is now again ready to go in the dreams world. She falls asleep again in the basement and enters the world of dreams. She goes through all the doors of dreams one by one. she enters into her dreams first in that beautiful place where the people were dancing then she enters the elevator of the building where she meets a little boy who was standing in the elevator and then she moves forward towards the jail where the flip is kept he asked the guard to go and then open the lock to release. She breaks the lock and they both run away. After that, they enter their next dream where they reach a frozen land where there is snow everywhere and there are big birds (geese) that are flying there. But suddenly agent green comes there and tries to catch them again but they both run away riding on a big bird. After that, they walk further and find another door to dream. they both become excited to see this door flip says that this is the last door in they are going to enter now and after this, they will go to find the pearl but he further says that this door and the stream are too scary and too dark and cause it the ocean of nightmares. Nemo becomes a little bit scared of it when they enter, it is very dark, snow is falling and the sea is here. Nemo says that she knows who he is in the real world. Flip asks who he is to which she replies that he is the owner of a company and he is her uncle( her father’s brother ) and he and her brother used to come to the dreamland ( slumber land).But later on when her father married, Flip also stop to come there. Flip says that now he doesn’t want to search for the pearl because he doesn’t want to go back to the real world. Nemo says that she will go alone to search for the pearl because she wants to meet her father. Flip says get up and go into the real world. She opens her eyes in the school’s basement her teacher is standing in front of her. They called her uncle too. The teacher says that why she was hiding in the basement and it could be dangerous for her but Nemo says that nobody can understand her feelings teacher looks at them both and says that they both ( Nemo and Flip) are fighting with the same emotions and they should try to understand it. After this, they go home where her uncle says that he is giving her love, entertainment, food, and everything but she lies to him. After arguing she goes to her room at night she thinks of going back to the lighthouse. She packs her bag and takes the piggy toy with her and when she runs away from home she starts sailing towards the lighthouse through a boat while it is heavily raining due to a storm, she gets hit by a wood of boat and faints. She falls asleep and again goes into the dreams where she finds herself in the ocean. She sees a hole in which the magical pearls are placed. She sends her piggy toy to pick the pearl.

On the other hand, Flip is enjoying his Dreamland when he sees a poster on which he comes to know that he is again onto the first position of most wanted thieves. Because he has sent an innocent girl into the world of dreams. This while, a small plane comes here and a man comes out of it and told him that the little girl Nemo is in the ocean of nightmares now and she is alone there. When he comes to know that Nemo Is in the ocean he becomes surprised and goes to her. He thinks that she might be in difficulty so he goes to save her.

While Nemo is picking the pearl suddenly the monster of the bad dream comes there when the monster is about to get her suddenly Flip comes and saves her he holds her hand and they both start running away from the monster and enter into in their dreams and then they both goes through all doors of dreams one by one but the monster chases them and caught Flip and flip throws the Pearl towards Nemo. Nemo is holding the pearl in her hand and she is thinking to make a wish for Flip. She wants to save Flip from the monster. So she sacrifices her wish and makes a wish to wake Flip and Flip disappears from there and is saved from the monster now. Nemo goes from there.

In the real world now Philip’s uncle (dream Land’s Flip) is searching for Nemo. He finds her in the water and is trying to wake her. On the other side, Nemo in her dream goes to the lighthouse and is holding the finished Pearl in her hand because one pearl can fulfill only one wish. But suddenly piggy toy throws out another pearl from his mouth. Nemo holds the pearl and makes a wish to meet her dad. She meets her dad, and they both hug each other and spent time with each other, they both start playing piano and playing games. She told stories to her father. Her father (peter) says that she should stay happy in her life. She should go back to the real world and should not live in the Dreamland. Because she can’t survive here and she needs people in her life and he further says that Philip will take care of her and they both will have a happy life together and now she must go back to the real world. Nemo agrees with her father and says goodbye dad and she opens her eyes. She left the Dreamland and goes back into the real world for herself and her father.

As she opens her eyes she sees Philip there. He came here to save her he starts crying and hug her. She says is he Flip? To which he replies forehead yes he is Philip and Flip too. He remembers each and everything of slumber land and he was the Flip of dreamland. They both hug each other and become happy about this. In the next scene, we see Nemo in her school happy with her fellows. Now Philip is also changed a lot. He has feelings now and he acts like Flip and flirts with the teacher. After school, she goes home with Philip. They both enjoy boating. They are happy together. At night Philip comes to her room and kisses her and says good night, she falls asleep.

Slumber land.

Slumberland | November 18, 2022 (United States) Summary: A young girl discovers a secret map to the dreamworld of Slumberland, and with the help of an eccentric outlaw, she traverses dreams and flees nightmares, with the hope that she will be able... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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