A Beautiful Girl Gets Rid of Anyone Who Upsets Her Without Leaving Any Evidence Behind Her.


A girl named Emma, she is nine years old. She looks from the window of her room on a cat drowning in the fountain of their house. The strange thing is that she feels nothing and goes to dress her clothes to go to her school. It’s clearly that, Emma is a smart and talented girl, and she has many certificates of appreciation. she is an organized girl, and she loves everything puts in its place. After that, she goes out to have breakfast with her father, David, and they live alone after her mother died. Then, she tells him that their school will present a medal to the ideal student this month. Meantime, she tells him that she’ll win a medal. When her aunt, Angela, arrives, she interrupts their conversation and they welcome her. So, she tells David to find another nanny to take care of Emma instead of the nanny who died. But Emma tells her that she doesn’t want a nanny. Then, she looks at the fountain and tells them about the dead cat, and continues eating. Meanwhile, David takes out the dead cat and tells her not to be upset. But she looks at him surprised. When she goes to school, a wasp enters the classroom, and all the students get scared. But Emma goes away quietly, and puts it in a cup and make it fly out of the window. In that time, Mrs. Ellis thanks her.

Meanwhile, David is interviewing a new babysitter. And he reads her CV to know is she appropriate or not? At that moment, she agrees with her and tells her to start her work from next week. At school, Emma overhears her classmate Katie talking to a boy named Milo. And she takes his watch and wears it because she likes it. After that, Emma falls Katie while she is running, and then she says sorry to her and helps her get up. She does this so that Mrs. Ellis sees her and knows that she is a perfect girl and helps her friends. Actually, Emma steals Milo’s watch from Katie. At night, in her bed, she trains herself on how to laugh and speak innocently before people. Now, It’s the day that will be awarded the prize to the ideal student. At this time, her father brushes her hair and she is moving her leg nervously. On the way, she is absent minded and doesn’t speak. In the ceremony, she looks at the medal and she wants to take it. And Mrs. Ellis announces that Milo is the ideal student and gives him the prize.

Actually, Emma is so sad at the time. By the way, David asks Mrs. Ellis about Emma, and she says she’s superior. But she feels like she is living in her own world. However, Mrs. Ellis can’t expect her reaction in any situation. Then, she tells him to join her in social activities to have more friends. So, he goes to talk to Emma and tells her not to be upset. Also, he tells her that Milo is definitely special in something, so that he takes it. But, she tells him that Milo is a jellyfish and doesn’t deserve the prize. After a while, she takes Milo to the forest and tells him that she’ll see him something until they get the higher place. At this time, she looks at the medal for a long time. On top of this, Milo gets worried and tells her that they have to go back. So, she breaks him down and goes back to her father to go away. Milo’s mother asks her about him, and she tells her that she didn’t see him. Suddenly, two girls are screaming because they find Milo falling into the water between the rocks. At this time, everyone is running to save him. But unfortunately he died.

By the way, Emma sees his mother devastated, and she doesn’t feel anything. At home, David talks to Angela because he is afraid that what happened will affect Emma. Because she is in a shock from her colleague’s death and they don’t know that she hears them. The next day, he wakes up and finds her take her breakfast. So, he sits with her and tries to calm her down. But he is surprised that she talks with him very normally. And it appears that she doesn’t care by her colleague’s death. In this time, David is surprised. After that, Chloe, the new nanny, arrives. Then, he takes her to show her home and introduces her to Emma. At night, they go out and leave them alone. At that moment, Chloe shows David’s photos and it’s appear that she likes him. Honestly, Emma sees her and understands. And she watches her until she finds her stealing sedative medicine from his room. After a while, they both sit down and watch TV. And Chloe asks her, is she still sad about her colleague’s death? So, Emma tells her that there is no benefit from her grief, because he is dead.

After some seconds, Chloe tells her that she has no feelings. Anyway, Emma gets annoyed and tells her that she saw her stealing the medicine. Chloe is shocked, but Emma tells her that she won’t tell her father in exchange for not giving her orders. And she orders her to give her ice cream. By then, Chloe is angry of her, but she must do what she wants. The next day, she and her father attend Milo’s funeral. And all his colleagues cry, she acts that she is sad. In this moment, David knows from Milo’s family that they can’t find the medal’s son. After a little, Emma returns home with her father. And he notices that she isn’t sad. Also, he feels that she is acting, and then he goes to put her clothes in the closet. Meantime, her toy falls under the bed and he takes it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t notice her medal, which is hidden under the bed. At night, he looks at the photos of the party. he sees Emma looking at milo and focuses on the medal angrily. At this point, he doubts of her. The next day, Mrs. Ellis goes to school with her lawyer and she tells David that someone saw Emma and Milo as they entered the woods. In this time, Emma and Chloe hears them. After that, Emma breaks a jar. Then, she falls herself on the ground to cut off their words.

Certainly, Mrs. Ellis and the lawyer goes away. And David treats Emma’s wound. So, she tells him that Mrs. Ellis hates her and has never loved her. Then, he comes out of her room while he is confused about what is happening. The next day, Chloe goes to him while he is working in the workshop he had made in the garage of the house. Meantime, she asks him if she can go out with Emma? And she wants to smoke, so he tells her to go outside because the place contains flammable materials. By then, she leaves him and goes out with Emma. On their way, they see Mrs. Ellis entering Milo’s house. And Chloe is sure that Emma is the reason of his death. So, she tells her to prepare a story to tell them about what she does. At this moment, Emma deals as if she doesn’t do anything. When they return home, Chloe tells her about the punishment when the police know the truth. Emma gets so nervous of Chloe. After some time, Chloe searches for her at home and couldn’t find her. By chance, Chloe sees Milo’s medal. It’s appear that, the wasp’s nest next to the workshop is not there. At this time, Mrs. Ellis goes away from Milo’s house and gets into her car. She is surprised that a wasp is walking on her face and she gets nervous. And she will have an accident, but she can avoid the car before her and continue on her way.

Also, she can’t see the wasp’s nest on the sofa behind. After that, David comes home from work and checks on Emma and goes to his room. And he doesn’t see the medal in the lampshade. Then, Emma goes and talks with him. But she sees the medal and quickly go to take it so that he can’t see it. But he notices that she is hiding something in her hands. And he asks her to show him what she hides. Actually, he looks at her while he is shocked and sits with her to explain to him how did she took it? After that, Chloe enters them and tells David that she found the medal under the bed. Then, Emma looks at her angrily and tells her father that Emma and Milo were playing. And she agrees with Milo if she won, she’d take the medal. Certainly, she won and took it. So, David take the medal and goes out. After a little, he calls his sister to see a Therapist. On his way, he sees an accident, and the ambulance and police are there. At night, while he was sleeping, he dreams that Milo is looking at Emma. And She looks at his medal, and he gets up, terrified.

In the morning, Emma gets angry with Chloe because of what she did. And she tells her that she knows her well. And she knows that Chloe wants her father to be away from her to get closer to him. Meanwhile, David comes down and takes Emma and goes to Milo’s family. Then, she gives the medal to his mother. And his mother is surprised that the medal is with her. But Emma tells her that they were playing, and she wears it for a while. Also, she was afraid to turn it back after what happened. So, the mother thanks her and tells her that Mrs. Ellis died in an accident because of a Wasp’s nest that was in her car. Then, Emma cries and acts that she is sad saying that she is her favorite teacher. After a while, David and Emma walk and he notices that she is becomes good. And she runs and wants to play, so he gets very worried about her. When he returns to his work in the workshop, he notices that the Wasp’s nest that was in the ceiling is not there. At this time, he doubts of her that she does something to die Mrs. Ellis. The next day, he takes her to the therapist and enters to talk to her first. Then, he tells her that she is lying to him and that he no longer trusts her.

Also, he tells her that her behavior is strange, and he feels that she had no feelings. After that, the therapist sits with Emma and Emma lies throughout the session. The therapist knows that she is a normal girl. So, she tells David that Emma is like any girl of her age and tells him to get close to her and understand her. Then, they return home, and David finds Chloe sits in the sun. By then, he tells her to go to Emma in her room. Really, Chloe goes to her and makes her annoyed. Chloe tells her that David likes her, and soon she would be her father’s wife. So, Emma looks at her angrily, and it’s clearly that Emma thinks of something bad for her. At night, David is surprised by Emma in his room. Actually, she tells him what Chloe told her and tells him that she doesn’t want a wife. Definitely, he tells her not to worry, and walks quickly because he has an appointment. Then, Chloe sits down and watches TV and hears a loud voice. Then, Chloe goes to see what is happening and she can’t find Emma. Also, she imagines someone in David’s workshop and knows that Emma is there and is coming down to her. As soon as, she enters the workshop, the door locks on her from the outside.

So, she tries to open it, but she can’t. Suddenly, the fire full of the whole room, and Chloe is very afraid. Then, she sees Emma standing outside the window and looks at her. By the way, she breaks the window to get out, but the fire catches on her. So, Emma looks at her until she is sure that she is dead and walking. When David returns, he sees the police and firefighters at his house. Then, he goes quickly to check on his daughter and knows that Chloe died. And he feels that all these crimes definitely aren’t by chance. When the police are going, he sits with Emma and tells her that he loves her the most. Certainly, he wants to help her, but he wants her to tell him the truth. Firstly, he asks her about Milo, and she confesses to him that she took the medal from him. At that time, Milo threatened her that he would tell Mrs. Ellis that she had stolen it. So, she pushed him and he fell. Actually, David is shocked by what he heard. After a little, David asks her about the accident that happened to the nanny before Chloe. And Emma says that the nanny pulled her by the arm with force.

So, Emma hit her with her leg, and she fell from the stairs and died. And that Mrs. Ellis was going to let the police reach her because she didn’t want to close the Milo case. At this moment, Emma is so nervous and screaming and telling him that Chloe wanted to be her father’s wife. and she never agrees with that. After all of this, David is terrified of Emma and can’t believe his daughter did all this. In the morning, the investigator calls him to ask Emma some questions. But David lies to him and tells him that his daughter is very tired. He tells him when she becomes well they’ll go to him. And quickly, he wakes her up or and go to their house on the lake. He wants to think quietly of what he’ll do? By the way, the house keeper, Brian meets them there and welcomes them. Then, David talks to Angela and tells her what happens. And she doesn’t believe that Emma does all of this. In this time, he has a gun and it’s appear that he’ll do something. At night, the police call him and tell him that the workshop fire was happened by someone. And they will know who does this after the results of the forensic analysis appear. After that, David has a bad dream and he is so exhausted.

Then, he notices that Emma watching him. And he is disturbing her while she is upset with him. When he sleeps at night, she kisses him and opens the gas to get rid of him. Then, she takes a juice and goes for a walk by the lake. Fortunately, David wakes up at the last moment. And quickly, he turns off the gas. Meantime, he sees his daughter looking at him and he goes towards her and asks her, why she does this? So, she tells him that if something happens to him, her aunt Angela will take her. Because she loves her and wants to live with her. By then, they enter the house and he makes juice and puts a large amount of sedative pills in her cup. He is so sad when he does this but he can’t do anything else. Then, He gives the cup to her. So, she asks him to bring her water. Actually, He goes to give her water and sits beside her until she falls asleep. After that, he calls Angela and tells her that she tried to get rid of him. Also, he tells her that he must protect her from herself because of her behaviors she’ll go to the prison. But Angela also doesn’t believe him. Surprisingly, Emma wakes up and goes to him while he’s asleep. She has a gun with her and makes him catch and shoot himself.

Fortunately, the bullet doesn’t shoot him, comes behind him and he wakes up. But he becomes dizzy and she tells him that she knows what he is thinking about? And that’s why she changed the cups, and he drank her cup. Then, he tries to take the gun from her, so she quickly calls the police. Meanwhile, she tells them that her father is running after her with a gun. So, she runs and hides in the bathroom and screams. By the way, David breaks down the bathroom door. Before he shoots her with a gun, Brian appears with a gun. After hearing her voice, he says to David to leave his gun, but David refuses. And he wants to shoot her and himself as well. But quickly, Brian shoots him with fire and he dies. In the morning, the police arrive and take David’s body, and Angela checks on Emma. So, Angela tells her that David is a psycho. And she will compensate her for what she lived with him. After that, Emma hugs her, but she smiles after she did everything she wanted without leaving any evidence behind.

The Bad Seed .

The Bad Seed | September 9, 2018 (United States) Summary: A father is forced to question everything he thought he knew about his daughter when he believes she may have played a role in the tragic death of a classmate at her school.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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