The Task Force X Are Assigned To Save The World From A Giant Alien Starfish.

The Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad | August 5, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English


The film opens at Belle Reve Penitentiary

where Savant is in his break room throwing a ball around at targets that he has precisely set up

He even uses his skills to bounce the ball off the walls and kill a canary

He is then pulled away by Amanda as she assigns him to a task

Savant is thrown into The Suicide Squad alongside Blackguard

Captain Boomerang Weasel, Mongal, Javelin

The Detachable Kid and Harley Quinn

Led by Rick Flag then the team travels to the island of Corto Maltese for their mission

Upon arriving, Weasel falls into the water and apparently drowns since nobody knew he couldn’t swim

When the Squad makes it to land

Blackguard steps out and he said to the mercenaries that his team waiting for them on the beach

For his troubles, he gets his face blown off

Harley goes in blasting while Boomerang throws his signature weapon to slice some heads off

TDK’s arms pop off so he can use them as weapons

The mercenaries retaliate and shoot TDK and Javelin dead

Mongal attempts to bring a chopper down but it crashes and she burns to death

Boomerang is impaled with wood and then shredded by the chopper’s blades

Harley and Flag go missing while Savant attempts to flee the chaos

Although Amanda warns him, she detonates the explosive in the back of his head, causing it to blow up

Amanda then sends in her second team in the opposite direction to finish the job

Three days earlier

Amanda goes to recruit Bloodsport, a deadly mercenary who is there for shooting Superman with a kryptonite bullet

Her leverage against him is Bloodsport’s teenage daughter Tyla who is in danger of serving time for stealing

The two argue loudly, as Tyla makes it clear that Bloodsport was a bad father

He goes to threaten Amanda into releasing Tyla, but she knows he is going to comply regardless

After he relents, she introduces him to her other recruits

Peacemaker a patriotic mercenary

Cleo Cazo, who has the ability to control rats

King Shark, an underwater prince with a taste for human meat

and finally Polka Dot Man, a man with an unusual genetic disorder whose specialty is throwing weaponized polka dots

Amanda informs the team about the situation in Corto Maltese

the nation was overthrown by a dictator named Silvio Luna and his right-hand man General Mateo Suarez after they executed the presidential family

They are operating in a scientific research facility called Jotunheim

where they are conducting dangerous experiments, codenamed Project Starfish

The Squad is assigned to find Dr. Gaius Grieves since he can lead them to Jotunheim and they can destroy whatever is going on in there

Presently, while Team 2 is making their way through the jungle

they come across a group that they believe to be mercenaries in league with the military

so the Squad kills them before they make it to the camp where Flag is hanging out with his contact Sol Soria

the team found that they killed the Freedom Fighters who are trying to take Corto Maltese back from Luna and Suarez

The team walks out of the jungle when they notice Polka Dot Man glowing in different colors

He explains that his condition happened because his mother worked at STAR Labs and experimented on him and his siblings to give them a superpower

His condition forces him to drain the dots out of him or he will die and he views all of his enemies as his mother before killing them

Before heading to Jotunheim, Flag insists that they recover Harley

Harley has been taken captive by Luna’s men, but he brings her to his room to woo her since she is seen in the country as a symbol of anti-American anarchy


However, when he reveals his plan of using whatever is in Jotunheim to eliminate anyone who threatens his regime, even if it means killing children

after that Harley shoots Luna, leading his men to capture and imprison her

The Squad is being taken by Sol’s contact, Milton

to go to a bar called La Gatita Amable where they will find the Thinker

On the road there, Ratcatcher asks Bloodsport why he is afraid of rats, as he is always recoiling around Sebastian even though, according to Cleo, sees good in Bloodsport

Bloodsport states that his father once punished him with rats, and it leads to his phobia

When he asks her why she is so drawn to rats, she explains that her father, taught her how to control them but also treat them as family, but he was a drug addict and ultimately overdosed when she was a child

Bloodsport and Ratcatcher promise to one another that they will get each other out alive

The team makes it to the bar

The Squad drinks and dances before they spot Thinker

They apprehend him, but the military comes in to search everyone since they know that there are Americans in there

Bloodsport sends Ratcatcher and Polka Dot Man outside with Thinker

while he, Peacemaker, and Flag are all taken in

On the road, the three subdue the gunmen and kill the driver before their van is run off the road

Ratcatcher and King Shark arrive with Thinker in tow

Harley is being tortured by Suarez’s men for information, but she never budges

When she is left alone with his guard, she snaps his neck with her legs and sets herself free

Harley proceeds to shoot down Suarez’s guards

Outside, Flag tries to lead the Squad to rescue Harley until she shows up and joins them

They then get Thinker and order him to get them inside Jotunheim

Thinker leads the Squad to the creature that he calls Starro The Conqueror

Peacemaker and Nanaue set up bombs all over the place

Thinker reveals to the Squad that the American government was behind the experiments involving Starro since they have been secretly funding Corto Maltese for decades

Starro also emits smaller starfish that attach themselves to human faces and take over their bodies like zombies, and there are slews of corpses of Starro’s other victims all over the facility

Starro breaks free and grabs Thinker, tearing him in two and splattering him across the wall

Flag attempts to secure the hard drive with evidence against the American government to deliver to the press, but Peacemaker turns on him per Waller’s orders

The two fight each other, with Flag nearly choking Peacemaker to death, but he stabs Flag through the heart with a piece of a broken sink

Ratcatcher witnesses this and grabs the flash drive while Peacemaker attempts to kill her

Meanwhile, Nanaue comes across small fish that mimic him, until their aquarium is broken and they begin to leech onto him

all while Bloodsport, Harley, and Polka Dot Man try to survive the crumbling facility

Bloodsport manages to survive going through several floors before he lands and witnesses Peacemaker getting ready to execute Ratcatcher

The two mercs draw their guns and fire their bullets at each other, with Bloodsport’s bullet breaking through Peacemaker’s and striking him in the throat, bringing him down

King Shark falls outside and is shot by Suarez’s men, but he rises and bites the head of one gunman before the rest of the Squad runs out of the facility as Starro bursts out

It releases more starfish that kill Suarez and his men and then proceeds to make its way into the city

Amanda declares the mission over since the evidence is destroyed, but the squad want to save the city

and she threatens to detonate their devices and kill them on the spot until her subordinate, Flo Crawley brains her with a golf club and has the rest of the team guide the Squad to save the city

At the same time, Sol and her team execute the remaining members of the regime to stage their coup and take their country back

Bloodsport begins blasting away at Starro while King Shark starts to bite into it

Polka Dot Man envisions Starro as his mother and unleashes his polka dots to burn Starro’s leg, but the alien crushes him

Ratcatcher tries to use her beacon to summon the rats, but Bloodsport pushes her out of the way before she is killed

She then uses the beacon and gets practically every rat in the city to take down the infected citizens and start to take Starro down

Harley then charges into Starro’s eye with the javelin and breaks through before the rats make their way inside and take Starro down from the inside, finally killing it and saving the city

The Squad’s heroics are broadcast on the news, and Tyla acknowledges her father as a hero

Bloodsport contacts Amanda, ordering her to let the team and Tyla go free

or they will leak the evidence from the laboratory to the press

She reluctantly agrees and calls for the chopper to bring them home

As the team rests, Rat crawls onto Bloodsport’s leg, and he begins to pet it

after that Weasel is shown to still be alive and starts wandering into the jungle of Corto Maltese

John and Emilia are brought to a room where they find that Peacemaker is still alive.

The Suicide Squad.

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