Legendary rock band Foo Fighters move into an Encino mansion steeped in grisly rock and roll history to record their much anticipated 10th album.

Studio 666.

Studio 666 | February 25, 2022 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English


the film opens with a female member of a rock band crawls down a hallway in a palatial home


She begs for her life as a man pursues her


The rocker looks to her side to find another bandmate dead with his face split open


The pursuer catches up, and bashes the rocker’s head in with a hammer


Jumping ahead in time the Foo Fighters  a famous rock band


are meeting with their manager Shill to discuss their 10th album


Frontman Dave Grohl is suffering from a musical block unable to think of any new songs


Shill is not empathetic saying that he has debts to pay


and therefore, the Foo Fighters need to make a new record ASAP


Grohl says that he wants to try something different than recording in a studio in order to get him past his block


Shill contacts a property manager named Barb Weems to rent a house for them that will help the band find inspiration


The band including Dave Grohl, guitarists Shiff and Pat Smear, bassist Nate Mendel, keyboardist Rami Jaffee and drummer Taylor Hawkins


arrive at the mansion from the beginning of the film


Weems shows them around the property


and Grohl has psychic visions of the slaughter depicted at the beginning of the film


Liking the atmosphere and being influenced by the supernatural Grohl convinces the band to stay and record at the house


While setting up equipment


one of the crew members dies in an electrical accident caused by a spectral being


But Grohl convinces the band to continue recording at the house in his honor


However, Grohl remains uninspired


even trying to rip off a song made by another artist “cameo by Lionel Richie”


They also, meet next-door neighbor Samantha who tries to befriend the band


One night, after Grohl has demon-plagued nightmares


he awakens and follows a figure moving through the woods


He is led to a decrepit basement structure


Inside, Grohl finds a dead raccoon split open and nailed to the wall above a drain


He also finds an audio recording from a band, called Dream Widow shown being killed at the beginning


He plays the recording and rocks out


However, the recording suddenly plays backward on its own and Grohl is possessed by an unseen spirit


The next morning, Grohl summons the band and plays an amazing guitar solo


He claims to have invented a new musical key the key of L


and gets the band to have a productive rehearsal


Grohl dismisses the crew “cameo by John Carpenter” so that the band can continue recording on their own


That night, Grohl blows off a delivery guy


who has his own band and idolizes the Foo Fighters


The Foo Fighters continue to record and the band members try to cater to Grohl’s increasingly fickle demands


When Samantha drops off cocaine-infused lemon bars, she warns the band that murders occurred in the house


Grohl orders some groceries and the delivery guy is killed


when he follows demonic figures into the woods while making the delivery


That night


Grohl eats his steak raw much to the band’s disgust


As time passes, the song they are recording goes over 30 minutes


Weems visits and finds the house in a filthy condition and the band reaching their breaking point with Grohl


Eventually, Shiff angrily confronts Grohl before leaving rehearsal to grill some lunch


While grilling, Grohl sneaks up behind him and kills him by burning him to death on the grill


Meanwhile, Hawkins finds the delivery guy’s disemboweled and beheaded corpse


The band wants to call the police


but Grohl confiscates their phones and car keys


demands they finish the song now in honor of the delivery guy


The band decides to meet secretly


to discuss Shiff’s disappearance and what to do about Grohl and the song, which is now over 40 minutes


They ask Samantha about the house’s history


She reveals that she was a groupie for the Dream Widow band


She explains that the band and Samantha herself began dabbling in the dark arts in order to enhance their music


and that the mansion is located atop a portal between Earth and Hell


The Dream Widow front man found a cursed book that was activated by sacrificial blood


the front man used raccoon blood to commune with demons


The demons eventually possessed the front man in an effort to record a hellish rock song


The front man killed his band while possessed, but then killed himself  to prevent the song from being finished


She says that the same demon is now possessing Dave Grohl and the band agrees


Smear and Mendel go to find the book as it contains an exorcism spell


Hawkins is sent to distract the now demonic-looking Grohl


Grohl kills Rami and Samantha and then finishes recording the song with Hawkins, before killing him too


He also eats Shiff’s body as demons crave human flesh


Smear and Mendel find the cursed book hidden under the drain beneath the dead raccoon carcass


They are accosted by demons but manage to escape


Grohl pursues his remaining bandmates but they manage to complete the exorcism spell to break the possession


Grohl pukes out the spirit of the Dream Widow front man


he then beats up the demonic front man


before the spirits of the Dream Widow band drag their front man to Hell where he can be tortured


As Smear, Mendel and Grohl walk to their van to leave the house, they are confronted by Shill and Weems


It turns out that the pair are satan worshippers, that set everything up


Smear and Mendel try to hotwire the car so they can escape while Grohl fights Shill


Unfortunately, Weems confronts the bandmates and all three die


Grohl almost manages to kill Shill but stops when Shill begins laughing at the realization, that the band completed the song


Shill notes that this song will save Rock and Roll and that it’s time for Dave Grohl to be a solo act


The film jumps ahead one year to a Dave Grohl solo concert An excited crowd chants his name


As Grohl prepares to go on stage to perform the demonic song his eyes turn black showing


that he is now permanently possessed  by evil


Studio 666.

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