A Man Control Entire Army of Wonderful Girls to Take Over The World.

Black Widow.

Black Widow | July 9, 2021 (United States) Summary: Natasha Romanoff confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English, Russian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Finnish


In 1995

Young Natasha plays with her surrogate sister Yelena

until Yelena scrapes her knee

They go to their mother, Melina who tends to the wound

Later, the father Alexei comes home and tells Melina they have to leave

They take the girls to a hangar where they prepare to board a plane

before a team of SHIELD agents pursue them

Alexei shoots at them while Melina tries to get the plane moving

She is shot so Natasha must move up and take the controls while Alexei hangs on the wing

They manage to get the agents to crash all over the place

before flying out of there

The four arrive in Cuba where Melina is given medical attention

and the father meets with a man named Dreykov

When the nearby soldiers try to get the girls

Natasha swipes a gun off one soldier to defend Yelena

The men make sure that the girl has guts

and both girls are tranquilized and taken away in a truck

A montage follows showing Natasha and Yelena

plus dozens of other kidnapped girls

being taken to the Red Room where they are subjected to harsh procedures and training through their lives

which shaping them into powerful Black Widow agents

21 years later

Natasha is on the run after violating the Sokovia Accords

General Thaddeus and his men close in on the building where she is located

Ross attempts to talk to Natasha but she makes it clear she is not going quietly

She manages to escape before Ross can catch up to her

In Morocco, Yelena has her eyes on a target, called Oksana

Yelena is spotted and she pursues Oksana on foot

The two fight until Yelena fatally stabs Oksana in the gut

She then sprays Yelena in the face with a synthetic red gas called Red Dust which appears to break Yelena free from mind control

She realizes she just killed a close friend of hers

Yelena recovers the rest of the gas and removes a tracker from her body

Dreykov is informed of this when Yelena’s signal is lost

and he goes to dispatch his super-assassin, Taskmaster

Natasha moves to a safe house in Norway where she meets Rick Mason who supplies her with items like passports or whatever she needs

She is also sent a mysterious package

Later that night, Natasha runs out of fuel and goes to get more, only for Taskmaster to ambush her on the bridge

Natasha tries to fight the assassin but Taskmaster is capable of mimicking moves and is quick to defend themself

Taskmaster attempts to grab Natasha’s package but she already grabbed it before Taskmaster throws her off the bridge

Natasha finds that it is Red Dust along with pictures of her and Yelena as children

Natasha travels to Budapest to find Yelena in her own safe house

The two engage in a fight until they call a truce before they literally strangle each other

Yelena tells Natasha about the Red Dust and its effects, and she also lets her know that the Red Room is still active, despite Natasha having believed it to be destroyed when she supposedly killed Dreykov

Yelena mentions Dreykov’s daughter, just before several Black Widows come after them

The two run out of the building and topple a tower as Natasha has to shake one Widow off as she falls to the ground

When Natasha gets down to the Widow

she tells Natasha that Dreykov is forcing her to do this, just before Dreykov has the Widow kill herself

Just as Natasha and Yelena try to escape

Taskmaster appears and pursues them through the streets

They steal a car and drive as fast as they can

but Taskmaster fires an explosive arrow that sends the car rolling down into the subway

Natasha and Yelena run, with Taskmaster following a trail of blood from Yelena’s arm

but the two managed to divert Taskmaster’s path as they hide

As Yelena tends to her arm, she brings up how Natasha believed that she killed Dreykov at the cost of his daughter Antonia’s life when trying to work for SHIELD

She was keeping watch outside his office when Antonia entered the building

When asked by an agent if they were clear to execute Dreykov, Natasha said yes despite Antonia being there, and the building blew up, killing her

and This has haunted Natasha ever since

Natasha and Yelena grab some supplies and get drinks while reminiscing about the past, with Yelena talking about the fake family they had and the training they went through

They know that, in order to bring down Dreykov and the Red Room for good, they need help

Natasha contacts Rick again, and he procures a plane for her and Yelena

Alexei has been in prison, arm wrestling other inmates while regaling them with stories about how he was the Red Guardian, Russia’s first and only super-soldier

He tells the others that he battled Captain America, although another inmate believes it to be a lie, and Alexei breaks his hand for it

The alarms go off as Natasha and Yelena fly in over the facility

Alexei uses his super strength to break out of the building, but the guards go after him and try to attack the plane

But Natasha descends and engages in combat with the guards while Yelena fires a grenade at a tower

And This causes an avalanche that buries the facility, but Natasha is able to grab Alexei in time

However, both she and Yelena aren’t particularly happy to see them since he and Melina lied to them as kids

When they ask Alexei if he knows where to find Dreykov, he tells them that Melina might have an idea

The three make a rough landing near a farm where Melina is using mind control on pigs

She reunites with her former fake family, and Alexei openly flirts with her.

He even goes to try on his old Red Guardian outfit, but he struggles to get it on due to gaining weight

While sitting at the table, things get tense as Natasha says that nothing from their past was real

Yelena is brought to tears, as she believed their family to be real

Later, Melina tells Natasha that her birth mother was relentlessly searching for her until Dreykov had her killed

At the same time, Alexei tries to continue being a father figure to Yelena, although she is still too angry at him until he sings American Pie, which was her favorite song when they lived in Ohio.

Moments later, Dreykov’s agents arrive, having been contacted by Melina

They subdue Natasha, Yelena, and Alexei before being taken away

The group arrives at the Red Room, which is located in an aerial base for the utmost discretion

Melina is brought to Dreykov, although it turns out to be Natasha wearing a disguise

This was part of a plan she staged with Melina back at the house, with Melina taking Natasha’s place in the prison cell since she knows how to open the doors to free herself and Alexei

Yelena nearly has her head cut open until Melina talks to her via an earpiece to inform her of a blade she can use to free herself

Meanwhile, Dreykov reveals several things to Natasha

First, he has protected himself with a pheromone that prevents anyone from attacking him

Then he brings out Taskmaster, who is revealed to be Antonia, having survived the explosion with facial disfigurement, and her father has her mind-controlled into being the perfect super-soldier

He then shows Natasha the files of all the girls around the world that he has mind-controlled

When confronted by guards, Melina blows up one of the engines on the Red Room, sending several guards falling, but also causing the whole facility to begin tumbling toward the ground

Alexei fights Antonia while Yelena and Melina battle the guards until Melina helps Alexei trap Antonia in one of the cells

Natasha then smashes her face against Dreykov’s desk to break her nose to block out the pheromone per Melina’s advice, allowing her to attack Dreykov

He brings in other Widows to attack Natasha as he makes his getaway, but Yelena sends the Red Dust to the room, blowing it up and breaking the Widows from their mind control

Natasha tells them to go free, and she stops to release Antonia from her cell, despite acknowledging that she will go after her

The Red Room starts to come apart even more, prompting everyone to make it outside to escape

Alexei and Melina make their escape, unable to wait for Natasha and Yelena

Dreykov and his guards board their getaway craft, but Yelena takes electric batons and jams them into the turbine, causing the ship to explode and blow up Dreykov and the guards

Yelena is thrown from the impact, but Natasha jumps and reaches her in time to give her a parachute

Antonia catches up to Natasha and fights her when they land on the ground

Natasha opens her helmet and sprays her with the Red Dust, freeing her from her father’s control

Natasha is met by Yelena, Alexei, Melina, and the other Widows, who take Antonia in for recovery

Natasha bids farewell to her former family as Ross and his team start making their way toward the location

Two weeks later

Natasha now has blonde hair and meets up with Rick again as he has gotten her a jet

She is set to help break out the other Avengers from prison and reunite with her second family

It is now 2024

Yelena goes with her new dog to Natasha’s grave, following her sacrifice in “Endgame”

As she mourns her sister, she is met by Contessa Valentina, who now has Yelena under her employment.

She gives Yelena a file on her next target, the one apparently responsible for Natasha’s death.

Black Widow.

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