He Discovers His Ability to Control a Legendary Creature That Helps Him to Save the World.


The movie begins with an alien male sending a message to his son. In the message, he explains that a man called Belo battled with another alien called Cherno the Destroyer. Cherno forged some powerful weapons called wave-eater. He laid waste to a lot of planets. Belo gathered warriors with the ability to teleport and they attacked Cherno. This resulted in Cherno’s ship crashing into earth’s moon and destroying it in the process. Cherno was able to escape in a pod that pierced Earth’s core and he was trapped there. Earth suffered greatly and the Galactic council turned to the civilized universe to help the earth. Many years after the battle, 3 athletes with the ability to teleport were born on earth. The alien tells his son in the message that he guards the most dangerous prisoner in the universe.


On earth, people are seen queuing to fetch water. A boy, Anton is also in the queue. He looks at the art of one of the athletes on the wall and as he looks, a street lamp falls beside him. He runs into the bush as he tries to escape and sees a lizard. As he jumps off in fear, he hears people talking about him saying that bad things always happen to him. When he goes to get his water, he says that he is trying to get a job today. A female alien who is Cherno’s daughter contacts Cherno through a hologram. Cherno tells her that he only has 2 wave-eaters left as that is all he can create whilst he is trapped in the Earth’s core. His daughter tells him that the protogene, which happens to be Anton didn’t activate. She says that anytime he is nearly killed, his blood boils with adrenaline but it’s not enough to activate. Cherno says that he invented the protogene and in his hands, it will bring a new war to the entire universe. He tells his daughter to stop scaring him and kill him instead. He says that before he dies, the protogene will activate.

The next scene shows a group of athletes playing a game called cosmoball. The commentator explains that the game is between the Earthlings and the Sirusians. He says that earth is playing with one player missing because they don’t have someone who can teleport to play with them. He also explains the rule of the game that 1 team has to kick the ball 5 times before the goal of the opponents will be opened and when the ball is kicked into the goal, they win. The Earthlings were able to kick the ball 5 times in the game and the Sirusian’s goal opened. While the game is ongoing and people seemed to be engrossed in the game as they watch from the sky, Anton goes to meet a woman to ask her for a job. The woman tells him to go away and that she is watching the game. She adds that everybody is watching and he is distracting. Anton gets annoyed and closes all the windows and says that they should all be working instead of staring at the sky but he gets thrown out of the building. The Sirusians score a goal and they take the lead making the score 4 – 3. Now, the aliens try to pick up the ball which is revealed to be Cherno’s wave-eater. But Cherno gives them a fight and he gets control of the wave-eater, destroying the machines surrounding it. The aliens contact Belo and he goes to the field of play. He tells the athletes that he’s trying to buy time as they experience technical difficulty. Cherno kills two aliens and the third one manages to get the wave-eater into the tunnel. The athletes get back to position as Belo leaves and the game continues. The Earthlings win the game at the end of the day with Natasha scoring the winning goal.

Anton returns home and he meets his mother lying on the floor. He wakes her up and asks her where the medicine is. He finds out that the medicine has finished and he rushes to the medicine store. He tries to break in but gets assisted by a girl who happens to be breaking in too. As he takes the medicine he needs, he sees a candy beside him and takes one. The police arrive and the duo evades them swiftly, giving the police a hard time as the duo are too quick, along the way, Anton loses his grip and falls through a roof with the police almost catching him but the girl assists as they bounce off using a tree into a house. They both hide in a little closet but Anton is unable to keep calm as his voice draws the police towards them. Anton decides to surrender apparently but looks for an opening which he uses to escape but unfortunately, he gets jammed by a vehicle making the medicine pour out gradually on the floor. The driver of the car turns out to be Cherno’s daughter who can copy people’s appearance. Anton appears elsewhere and Belo gets a notification of unidentified teleportation. The girl approaches Anton and takes him to an underground crib. He finds out that her name is Anya and just like him, she doesn’t like Cosmoball. When he leaves to check on his mother, she is revealed to be Cherno’s daughter. She got his DNA by cutting part of his hair when she rubbed his hair earlier. She goes back to meet her father and gives him the DNA, stating that the protogene has activated since Anton already teleported. He uses the DNA to create a serum which he injects into an egg-like structure which glows at first but returns to its normal state. He tells his daughter that it isn’t enough and adds that she should kill him.

When Anton gets home, he meets Belo and the athletes and Belo tells him that he can now play cosmoball. He doesn’t feel interested in play and tells them to leave as he has to take care of his sick mother. Natasha promises that Anton will find a cure for his mother if he plays with them and he accepts. Anton follows them to the stadium and is mind blown by the structure. Belo then takes his DNA and uses it to create a droid called Sponix. They tell him that he has to feel a connection with the Sponix before it can say its name but he scares the Sponix off. They go to the training ground to teach Anton how to teleport. When he finally gets it, they tell him to kick the ball and when he does, the ball explodes in just one touch. They were surprised and they thought it to be a glitch. They also notice that he used his hands like a goalkeeper. Belo gets notified of the Galactic council meeting. On his way out, he tells Natasha that there is no way to save his mother and Anton hears it. In the Galactic council meeting, Belo tells the other leaders that he is going to save Anton’s mother no matter their decision. Natasha follows Anton home to run some diagnoses on his mother and Anton’s mother tells Natasha that she was pregnant with Anton when the moon was destroyed and she felt a needle pierce her belly. A boy comes through the window to tell Anton that Anya is looking for him. He goes to Anya’s place and she gives him a sap filled with poison that will poison any plant from the inside. As he hesitates to collect it, Anya turns away and Anton tries to take it from her. They end up falling on each other just when Anton’s sponix and Natasha get inside the crib. Anya secretly gives the poisonous sap back to Anton and he leaves with Natasha. When they get to the stadium, Anton asks Natasha what will happen if a sponix never says its name and she tells him it would die.

The next day, everyone starts to gather at the stadium and the athletes suit up as they get ready for the match. They leave Anton behind and Anton drops the poisonous sap in the stadium. Anton joins the others and they all head to the field of play. When the game starts, Anton doesn’t join the team to play and he just sits on the floor. The other athletes and Belo ask him what’s wrong and he doesn’t respond. The fans start to call him a quitter and Belo stops the gameplay. Belo goes to meet him on the field of play and Anton tells him that he lied about treating his mother. Natasha shows him a video telling him that his mother is already better. Anton then follows Belo and they both go to where the remnants of the ball are disposed of. Belo then explains to Anton that the balls they play are wave-eaters and that it is a weapon that is used by Cherno to kill millions. He tells him that these wave-eaters cannot be destroyed but can be discharged after 5 strikes by an athlete with the power of teleportation. He adds that the dandelion in the stadium keeps the fans safe from the wave-eater. Anton excuses himself and runs to where he dropped the sap. He sees that the stadium has already been infected and he tries to inform Belo. Belo tries to freeze the damage but it breaks through and spreads fast. The game starts already and the stadium announces an emergency evacuation. While the evacuation takes place, Anton gets hit by Cherno’s wave-eater while he kicks it. The wave-eater is then discharged and they all congratulate Anton. Anton keeps his sponix in the stadium and goes to meet Anya. She pours a powder on his face and he freezes as she turns into her real self. She says her name is Valaya and that she is responsible for all the bad things happening to him. Anton sponix breaks free and as it flies out of the stadium, Natasha and Belo follow it. She takes Anton’s blood, leaving him unconscious and gives it to her father. Cherno injects the blood into the egg-like structure and a monster comes out of it and he takes control of the monster. The sponix arrives at Anya’s place and cures Anton at the expense of its life. Natasha and Belo arrive and notice that the crib is part of Cherno’s lab Belo asks if Anton poisoned the stadium and he says yes. Cherno contacts Belo from the crib and tells him to join him or be destroyed. He also called Belo his creator which made Natasha ask what he means. Cherno teleports out of his prison to space with the monster and starts to create wave-eaters. Belo tells the athletes to spread themselves around the city in preparation and he tells the earthlings the truth about cosmoball. Anton goes home and feels sad but his mother motivates and cheers him up. Natasha secretly follows Belo to space in the stadium and asks why Cherno called him his creator. Belo says that he created him and gave him feelings but the research Cherno made where unsafe and he banished him. Cherno starts to attack Earth with the wave-eaters and the athletes start to attempt to discharge. The Galactic councils start to send spaceships to attack Cherno but he destroys all the ships in a jiffy. Anton’s sponix wakes up and tells Anton its name; Mowgli. The wave-eaters start to hit the earth, destroying a lot of things and it almost hit some people but Anton saves them. Fan gets hurt and Pele tells Anton to protect her so Anton hand Fan over to a policeman. Meanwhile, Anton’s mother and a policeman lead the earthlings to a bunker. Anton tries to kick a wave-eater but unknown to him, two wave-eaters approach him. He kicks the first one but gets hit by the second one and his sponix finds him and they merge. Belo tells Natasha to go back to save everyone on earth if he doesn’t make it back alive. Natasha ignores him and teleports both of them to take on Cherno. Anton goes to kick the wave-eaters again and he discharges them with just one hit. When Natasha and Belo appear on Cherno’s ship, Cherno tells Belo that he’d forgotten what he looked like and Belo transforms into an alien. Cherno attacks them and Natasha teleports to strike Cherno. She is interrupted by Valaya who throws powder at her and she freezes and then she captures Natasha. Anton teleports to space and heads to save them. Belo throws iceballs on Cherno and freezes him. He attempts to freeze the wave-eaters but Valaya disguises herself as Natasha and throws the powder on him, freezing him. Valaya releases Cherno and he attempts to kill Belo. Anton appears and holds Valaya at Gunpoint. Cherno comes and stabs Valaya in the guts, saying that she has always been a failure and pushes Anton to the wall, trapping him. He kills Belo and Valaya tells Anton that the ship is made of his cells. Anton then takes control of the ship and kills Cherno and destroys all his wave-eaters.

Natasha takes Belo’s place as she is seen talking to the people of earth. The moon is then recreated and life on earth becomes good once more. The policeman marries Anton’s mother and Anton introduces his friends to his parents. In the post-credit scene, Valaya is seen in a pod floating across space.


Cosmoball | August 27, 2020 (Russia) Summary:
Countries: RussiaLanguages: Russian
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