Imagine Finding Yourself In A Country And all People There Are Trying To KILL You.

No Escape.

No Escape | August 26, 2015 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English, Thai, French, Central Khmer, Mandarin, Vietnamese


Somewhere in Southeast Asia, the prime minister is in a meeting with a diplomat

Moments later, gunshots are heard

A security agent runs toward the sound and
sees both the prime minister and diplomat

dead, murdered by a group of rebels
The man encounters the rebels but he realizes

that he is outnumbered
then he grabs a dagger and slashes his own throat

17 hours earlier, Jack Dwyer is taking his

wife Annie and daughters Lucy and Beeze
on a trip to the same Southeast Asian location

where he will start working for a new company
called Cardiff

On the plane, the family meets a man called

Beeze asks him about the scars on his hand
and face

He claims they came from a tiger fight, in
which he pulled out the tiger’s tooth, and

from falling down the stairs respectively
Once everyone gets there

Hammond offers to share a ride with them
provided by his friend Kenny Roger

which he says is his nickname because he looks
like the singer

The family make it to their hotel
Jack finds Annie crying in her room, unhappy

about uprooting their lives here
He tries to turn on the TV but learns from

the clerk downstairs
that all the cable and internet across the

city is down
The next morning, Jack tries to get a newspaper

and The clerk tells him to go to a nearby
store to find a newspaper

Jack walks to the store and the clerk there
sells him an American paper from three days ago

When Jack walks outside, he sees a huge mob

of armed civilians walking toward an equally
large group of police in riot gear

One civilian throw a rock, and the cops start
shooting at them

Jack is caught in the middle of the chaos
and runs toward safety

Everywhere he runs, he finds rebels killing
innocent people

he runs back to the hotel and sees the rebels
taking a man that also works for Cardiff

and they execute him
Jack is spotted until he climbs up a fire

escape and evades the rebels
he runs back to the hotel and sees the rebels

have started breaking in
and are killing the staff and other guests

He runs back to his room to get Annie and
the girls

but Annie says that Lucy went to the pool
Jack runs to get her while Annie stays in

the room with Beeze
The rebels are knocking down doors and storming

into rooms to kill foreigners
Annie holds the door back while telling Beeze

to stay hidden
Meanwhile, Jack finds Lucy and grabs her just

as the rebels start running into the place
Jack runs back toward the room and is almost

attacked by a rebel until Hammond comes in
at the right moment to kill him

and He tells Jack to take his family to the

Jack gets Annie and the girls up to the roof
where other foreigners are gathered

Outside the hotel, the rebels are chanting
“Blood for water”

due to Cardiff taking over the water supply
leading to the military coup

A helicopter then flies up over the roof,
making everyone think that they’re being rescued

Unfortunately, the helicopter is carrying
more rebels

Jack and Annie grab their girls and run as
one rebel opens fire on the foreigners

As they run for cover, the helicopter gets
tangled in some wires and is pulled to the roof
causing it to explode

The other rebels start to make their way up
to the roof

and kill anyone in their path
Jack tells Annie they need to get to the roof

of the next building
which means making a huge leap

Annie hesitates but runs over and falls on
the roof, scraping her knees and elbows

Jack throws Beeze without warning, but Annie
catches her

He is about to throw Lucy next, but she stops
him mid-toss

and nearly causes both her and Jack to fall
over the building

until he pulls her up Lucy gets thrown and
Annie catches her

and then Jack makes his leap
They get inside the building, but the rebels

start attacking it with a tank
Jack gets his family hidden as the rebels

continue killing people
he assures the girls that he loves them

A rebel walks into the room as it’s become

He spots Jack and starts to call to his comrades
but Jack tackles him and tries to keep him

quiet, but the rebel continues to shout
leaving Jack with no choice but to bludgeon

the man to death
As nighttime comes

the family disguises themselves and makes
their way toward the American embassy while

trying to remain undetected
They ride past a mob of rebels and get knocked

down, but still manage to ride on safely
They reach the embassy, which has a blockade

on both sides
Jack climbs over and sees all the Americans

The rebels run out of the embassy as it explodes

and Jack runs back to his family
The family searches for shelter in a Buddhist

shrine after pleading with the caretaker to
let them stay

But predictably, the rebels show up
They kick the caretaker around and then try

to find the family
Jack sees one rebel left his gun unguarded,

so he tries to go for it
When it looks like he’s about to get caught,

Annie stands up and calls attention to herself
The rebel leader punches her until Hammond

shows up in the nick of time
He and Kenny kill the rebels except for the

leader who gets away
Hammond takes the family to a secret place

he explains to Jack that the people he works
for are responsible for bringing American

companies like Cardiff out there to control
the water supply

so Hammond feels he must redeem himself by
helping the family

He tells them that they need to take a boat
toward the Vietnamese border where the rebels

cannot touch them
As the group makes their way to their destination

MORE rebels attack from a gun tower nearby
The family gets away, but Kenny is killed

while Hammond shoots and kills most of the
rebels, he gets wounded

and he tells Jack to keep going, a rebel comes
riding in a truck

although Hammond is dying, he musters enough
strength to shoot the truck, but it plows

into him and crashes
The family makes it to the riverbank where

Jack trades his watch and shoes to a fisherman
for his boat

MORE REBELS SHOW UP and Annie and the girls

Jack fights back, but he gets overpowered
and is nearly executed but is just shot in the arm
Lucy runs toward him, and the rebel leader grabs her

He gives her a gun and forces her to shoot her dad

and he holds a gun to her head as an incentive

Annie runs in and whacks the leader over the
head and beats him to death

while Jack grabs the gun and kills the rest
of the rebels

The family gets on the boat
where Jack and Annie paddle toward the Vietnamese border

The troops spot them and order them to stop

but Jack says he will not and pleads them
to let him and his family in

another group of rebels show up in a truck
and drive near the family

Before they can do anything, the boat passes
through the border

officially entering Vietnamese territory and
The troops ordered the rebels to stand down

finally the family’s trouble ended
The family are recovering in a hospital bed together

Lucy asks her parents to tell the story of

how she was born
Jack says how he told Annie to push until Lucy came out

but she didn’t start breathing when the doctors spanked her

Annie had told Jack to speak to Lucy since

she would know his voice
Jack spoke to her until she started breathing

Jack then holds his family closely.

No Escape.

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