Two Plus-Size Women Are Bullied Because of Their Weights, but They Unite to Prove Their Beauty.


In India, a famous young man who is at a big party, and all the people are focused on him and taking photos of him, but he ignores them. And he chooses a certain girl named Rajshree to dance with, and Rajshree is so happy. At this time, she wakes up to her mother’s voice and she knows that she is dreaming. By the way, Rajshree is overweight. Although she loves herself. But her mother is afraid that it’s a reason for her not getting married. Then, her mother says that there is a groom coming too, and asks her to get ready quickly. And then, the mother fights with her husband, who gets annoyed by their loud voice, and also fights with his mother, who lives with them in the same house.

A little later, the groom “Tito” and his family reach. The parents get to know each other. On the other hand, Rajshree talks to Tito. She tries to get to know him better. So, she asks him about his dreams. Tito says that he has a CD store, and he wants to open more than one. Rajshree is surprised and feels that he isn’t ambitious. She starts talking about herself, and says that his life’s dream is to be a broadcaster, and she shows him videos that she filmed for herself. Then, Tito makes fun of her dream and says that a broadcaster should be slim. At this moment, Rajshree knows that he also doesn’t want to get married and his family forced him to come. So, the two think of a way to get rid of this. but eventually, Tito tells them that he doesn’t like Rajshree because she’s overweight.

After that, He tells her to lose weight if she wants to work or even to get married. Because of what happened, Rajshree’s mother gets annoyed and tells her husband that their daughter is 30 years old. And if she is still overweight, she won’t marry. At the same time, Rajshree hears this and gets annoyed with her mother. On the other hand, a girl named Saira, who is in the clothing store, buying herself new clothes for a party at night. But while she is trying on the dress, it gets cut off from her, so she goes out to fight with the shopkeeper. And she says that they fake sizes because they write double x on the dress, and it is a very small size. the shopkeeper tries to tell her that she is the problem, but fails. Lately, he says sorry to her to pay the dress she cut.

All this, Meera her best friend with her and she makes her down, then the two of them leave the store. At the same time, Saira buys all this clothes because her lover Viren invites her to a party at night to get to know his friends. By the way, Saira is a fashion designer and she wants a sponsor for her job. Also, Viren is a fashion designer and he intends to work with her. Meera knows that he is a liar and doesn’t love him. But Saira fights with her and asks her not to say this because she loves him and trusts him. At night, she goes to the party, and Viren welcomes her and introduces her to his friends. A little later, Saira gets a call from her brother, who tells her that he finds a producer to make a film for her about her fashion.

So, Saira gets very happy and goes to tell Viren. But she is shocked when she sees Viren’s friends is bullying her because of her weight. Also, they tell her that Viren doesn’t like her, and he’s only using her to get into the fashion world. So, she is annoyed and crying. Meanwhile, Rajshree tells her family that she wants to be a broadcaster and says that she has an interview on an important channel the next day and she is very excited. But her mother completely rejects the idea. After much discussion, they reach to if Rajshree passes in the interview, her mother will agree to travel and work as she wants. But if she fails, she’ll marry the first groom. And this interview is in Delhi, so Rajshree is forced to stay with her aunt because her mother refused to stay in a hotel.

While, Saira is her home, she is surprised that her brother visits her and keeps watching her designs. By the way, he loves her work very much. Then, he asks her about the director who will make the film, and she says that he is Viren’s friend. Then, she takes all the food that her brother brought and goes to Viren to have a dinner with him. But she is shocked when she finds that he is hiding a girl in the balcony, and she knows that he is cheating on her. So, she walks away, she is lost. And Saira regrets that she didn’t believe her friend Meera. On the next day, it’s the time of Rajshree’s interview, she is waiting with the rest of the girls who have an interview. It’s clearly that they are all thin. After that, Rajshree feels worried and feels that she will be rejected.

Actually, they make her last one. Then, the secretary refuses to let her in and says that they have already accepted one. At this moment, Rajshree gets mad and tries to convince her of herself, but fails. She knows that they choose the broadcaster on her shape and weight before anything else. Rajshree asks her to meet the head of the channel, but the secretary says sorry to her and says he is traveling to London. On the other hand, Saira is talking to her brother and friend Meera to think of a solution to the film. Because after the problem between Saira and Viren, they don’t have a producer or a photographer. Meantime, Saira is hopeless because the producer of the film is waiting for them in London within a few days, and they aren’t yet ready. Then, Saira goes to the bathroom, keeps crying, and is looking for tissues until she is surprised by a box of tissues that she throws at her. Meantime, Rajshree is sitting in the bathroom next to her crying. The two get to know each other and console each other. At this time, Rajshree is afraid to go back to her family because she doesn’t want to get married.

She shows her videos and shows Saira that she produced these videos and she filmed them. Saira decides to make her the director of the film that is being shot in London. Rajshree feels that this is a good chance to meet the head of the channel, who is now in London. Although she doesn’t have any experience in fashion photography, she agrees. At this time, Saira’s brother is interviewing the young Sherry. Sherry is responsible for shooting the film for his sister. On that moment, Saira arrives with Rajshree, and reassures them that she finds finally the director. Thus, they have a director and a photographer, so they’re ready to travel. And Rajshree calls her family and lies, telling them that she accepted on the job. Also, she’ll travel to London to shot the TV show. But she goes to stay with Saira in her apartment for a few days, until they’ll travel. At this time, the two girls get to know each other more and become friends. On the day of the travel, the three arrive in London, and Saira says that the producer will send them a driver. Actually, the driver “Zoravar” comes and rides them. So, the three arrive to the hotel, and the two stay in one room because they don’t have enough money.

Rajshree is afraid that she doesn’t do well the film. Especially because she has never directed anything of this kind. But Saira calms her down and says that she works with her because she is a passionate about for anything she does. The next day, he meets again with the producer, and they surprise that the producer is Zoravar. He takes them by himself because he doesn’t have a driver. By the way, Saira shoots this film to convince any sponsor to open a special place for her to sell her clothes. Then, Zoravar says that he doesn’t enough money to get them famous models but he reassures them. Then, the three decide to move into the city to get to know the city. At the same time, they choose shooting locations. On the way, he is looking for any girl who looks cute and convinces her to wear saira’s fashions to take good photos without spending much money and his idea succeeds. In a short time, they finish a large part of the film. Although most of them are still beginners and have no experience, they do a very good job. While they are watching what they had done, Zoravar enters with good news saying that the famous cricket player “Kapil “ in London. Then, he agrees with him a meeting to make Rajshree doing a press interview with him. He tells her that this is the chance of her life. Rajshree thanks him and gets very excited. On this day of the interview, Rajshree is so stressed, but Saira stays beside her and helps her with everything.

Suddenly, Kapil is impressed with her performance, and says that this is the best interview she has ever done in his life. At night, the four celebrate Rajshree’s success and be proud of themselves for what they do and keep drinking until they get drunk. After a few hours, they are on their way home, and they notice the owner of the channel who refused to work Rajshree. So, they decide to show her video with Kapil. So, Rajshree goes to disrupt him. At this time, her friends copy the video to a flash drive, and then quickly run to give it to him. The owner of the channel takes the flash drive and promises them to see it later because he is in a hurry. As soon as, he walks away, Sherry finds that he gave him the wrong video.

Then, Rajshree feels hopless and spends days alone while she is sad and Saira tries to console her. But Rajshree says that her mother calls her and talks to her about the marriage again. And Rajshree is afraid not to achieving her dreams because her mother forces her to marry. So, Saira decides to take her and they go out together to eat. The two of them make fun of people’s opinion of the overweighting girls, and they see that society oppresses girls when it sets them to certain standards. The society thinks that any girl doesn’t follow the standards, they doesn’t have the right to marry or work. While they are both frustrated, Saira has an idea and they quickly back to the hotel. After that, Saira gathers the three and tells them her idea that she wants her clothes not to be for a certain group of people.

Also, anyone can dress from her, regardless of his weight or social class. Indeed, they’re looking for models whose weight is large, to tell people that their clothes aren’t for a specific person. By the way, Saira is proud of herself that she’ll help the girls who is overweight to wear beautiful clothes. On that day, Saira falls on her leg and is injured, so she goes to the hospital quickly. But the doctor reassured them that Saira is fine and that she needs to rest for a few days. It’s clearly that Zoravar is very afraid of her and shows that he likes her. At this time, Viren calls her to come back to her, but she doesn’t answer him. So, Zoravar answers him and fights with Viren because he did this to her.


Saira gets happy and she likes him. One day, the four of them are gathered in the room, watching TV, and Rajshree gets a call from her mother. So, she goes into the bathroom to talk to her, and her mother is doubt of her because she hasn’t appeared on any show yet. Also, she forces her to go back to India to get married. Rajshree is depressed and Sherry tries to calm her down, but fails. It’s appear that he likes her and is ready to do anything for him. Also, Sherry tells her about himself and says that his life’s dream for a long time is to be a cinematographer, and that his father encouraged him, but he died a while ago. Sherry is so sad because even if he succeeded now, his father can’t see him.

Meantime, Rajshree consoles him and says she is sure he will be a famous photographer. In a short time, the four finish shooting the film. Although Saira is worried that the sponsors don’t like the idea, she is proud of herself that she does something that benefits all people. So, Zoravar takes invites them to dinner the next day at home. Zoravar’s mother welcomes the four and she knows about their project, and she is proud of them. In the middle of the day, Rajshree gets a call from the owner of the channel, and says that he sees her interview with Kapil and likes her performance. Also, he agrees to make her the presenter of the sports program that is shown on his channel. So, Rajshree feels overjoyed. And she knows that Sherry who posted a video of her on the internet when he sees her frustrated. By the way, she has a crush on him.

The next day, everyone returns to their country, and Rajshree tells her family that she had a good opportunity. Then, she asks her mother to stop being afraid of her and to stop seeing that her weight could be an obstacle in her life. A few days later, it’s Saira’s fashion show date, and surprisingly, she chooses Rajshree to be the model of her fashion show. At this time, Saira talks about the idea of her own fashion show that it’s for all groups. So, the sponsors like her idea and approve of it. Thus, the two girls achieve their dream without giving up on society’s opinion of them. Also, they can turn their weight problem into something they can be proud of after suffering from it.

Double XL.

Double XL | November 4, 2022 (India) Summary: The journey of two plus-size women Rajshree Trivedi from Meerut and Saira Khanna from New Delhi as they navigate society's beauty standards.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi
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