After She Fails to Reach Her Dream of Dancing, She Trains a Young Team in the Same Dance Competition


April wakes up and gets ready for her big day. Actually, she waits for this day from a long time ago. Namely, auditions for ballet dancers in the largest Broadway theaters. But when April goes out on the street, the weather is very bad in winter. Despite this, April are waiting for a taxi. In this time, she sees an old woman. Once, a taxi comes, April runs quickly to ride it. At this moment, the old woman becomes very nervous. And April arrives for the auditions on time. After, she dances gracefully and beautifully, she passes the audition. Unfortunately, the old woman is the director of the theater. But immediately, she kicks out April and tells her she won’t work anywhere else as long as she’s still alive. And when April apologizes to her. By mistake, the she falls the director on the ground. Then, the director falls and gets hurt. when April talks with his friend Deco. Meantime, she knows that one person who can give her a job, and that is Welly Wong. Then, April tries to attract him. After that, she decides to dance before him in the street and gets his attention in any way. But he doesn’t care about it.

In this time, she also makes accidents while dancing. So, April goes home broken and sad. In this time, she doesn’t own the room yet because she didn’t pay the rent. After all of this, April is completely over. At this difficult time, she talks to her father while she is sad and crying. Then, her father tells her to go home. In these troubled times, April returns to the small town she left to be a star. While shopping, she meets Barb, who is opening a ballet studio. Then, Barb tells her to come and meet the girls there. In the studio, Barb offers her to train the girls. Especially, there is a big competition they want to take part in. When, April meets the girls, she becomes very arrogant. Also, she tells them that they don’t know how to dance and are losers. Plus, she tells them to forget their dream and that they won’t even be big stars. Also, she tells them that they don’t have a chance to win. At that time, the girls become very annoyed, and they’re crying. When April leaves the studio, she meets her ex-boyfriend, Nick.

In this time, he is waiting for his sister Sarah, who is training inside. At that moment, they recover their memories and the details of their Break up. And they forgive each other and forget the past. And both of them goes home. While April is walking with her father by car. She notices that Welly Wong is referee of the final competition, she wants to work with him. At that time, she quickly returns to the studio. And she decides to train girls hardly. And they take part in the competition until they reach the finals as well. At this time, it’s the first day of the finals competition. In general, the first step is the province competition. By the way, the first three winning teams will qualify for the next competition. At that moment, each band shows its skills and everyone represents a great performance. By then, it’s time of April band to show their dance. Meantime, they make a bad performance of the dance. Also, they don’t dance together. And the people make fun of them. And even when April dances with them, she wants to be the star dancer. In fact, she is very arrogant and she doesn’t want anyone else dances. Finally, the results of the competition announce and they’re the fourth. This time, April is hopeless and loses her dream.

When April goes to the studio, she meets Barb. So, she tells her that they’re the third Because a group of them are cheaters. Suddenly, April is very happy. The whole team gathers the next day in the studio. At that time, they only have two weeks left until the next competition. Meanwhile, April trains the girls nervously. First, she gives them orders and shouting at them. Second, she tells them that what she says will be done to win. After the end of the day and the time was late.  None of them dances with the other. In this time, April talks with them badly and nervously. Until Sarah, the eldest of the girls, tells her that she is a bad teacher. Also, she says that she doesn’t know how to deal with us. After these words, April is so nervous that she leaves them and walks away. Before she walks away, she sees that Barb train them in a nice and different way. Also, Barb trains them very well. And then, she knows that she was really wrong. Plus, she knows that she should treat them like they were children. During April runs in the area. She takes care of Sarah while she is training. Also, she notices that Sarah does a good dance. But she needs some training. And then she goes to talk to her and apologizes to her for what happened.

On the same day, Nick meets April in the garden. And he tells her that Sarah is looks like her, but April forgets how she worked when she was a child. The next day, April returns to the studio, apologizing to the girls. But they are still very afraid of her and don’t want her to train them. But Sarah convinces them to agree. Because she is the only one who will reach them to the finals. The second day along, they start training in a different way. In that moment, she tries with them step by step until they be able to dance together. In general, there is a little boy watching the training and he is very happy. Meantime, the girls train in their homes and in every place to become better dancers. On day, it’s raining, but they complete training more difficult exercises than the first.  At the same time, their families watch them. Finally, the team succeeds for the first time, making a good show. In the same time, they are very happy with the result they reach. Unfortunately, part of the studio ceiling falls due to the rain, and the training stops. Meantime, they go outside and play in this raining weather. They are so happy.

In the rainy day, April tries to train on the farm with herself. So, Nick comes to her and sees her dancing gracefully. Then, they talk together. After all of this, she knows that after their break up, Nick is still in love with her. Second, he went to New York for her. And when he saw her, he decided that he would let her live her dream. While the team is training on the soccer stadium. So, the soccer team stay there and make fun of the girls. And the soccer team tell them they can’t do the exercises they do. After that, the girls challenge them, do their training, and outperform them as well. Anyway, the girls put them in a ridiculous situation. Then, the girls take the bus to go the second county finals competition. At the competition place, they wear their clothes, do their hair, and prepare for the dance. In the beginning of competition, two young girls are dancing. When they afraid of the public, the little boy who was watching them dances with them. And they do amazing dance. At this time, the public and referees are happy with their dance. Gradually, they take rewards for every step of their way. By that time, April is very happy with their success. Second, they win in the final training show in America.

Finally, they reach the finals competition. While they’re on stage. Girls from the competing teams know about the scandal that April made with the director. In this moment. They make fun of her. And when she is on the she is not focused and so sad of what happened. And when the dance begins, she makes a small dance and falls to the ground. But one of the girls dances with her as part of the dance. And they actively dance. During the dance, people support them until they finish. But they don’t expect success and pray that they become of the three that will win. Because they’re completely hopeless. Finally, they’re the second. But they don’t believe what they hear. they think that the broadcaster is wrong. But when he says once again, they become so happy Then, they hug each other. After that, they qualify for the competition of all America. And they will dance before Welly Wong. Meantime, Barb tells April a bad news. Also, she says that they need a lot of money to go to the competition. The second misfortune is that they want clothes for the competition. And then, April thinks and gets an idea.

By the way, she tells to his friend Deco to design clothes for the girls. Fortunately, Lots of people come from the city to donate money and clothes to the band. Literally, they support them and really succeed in collecting all the money they need. Meantime, April tries to train the little kids to do a really tricky dance. But the little boy can’t hold the girl and falls her on the ground. In general, this dance is so difficult. They’ll do it in the end of the dance. But the little boy keeps falling with the girl. At that time, April lets Sarah to do this dance to show them how it is done. And then, something happens to Sarah and she goes out crying. In the same time, April runs to her and hugs her. In the final competition, the referees will attend. In fact, the teams begin to dance and show off their skills. Meanwhile, the teams are doing very well. Because all of this, April team is afraid of this competition. Later, it’s time for April team, but the little boy’s hand is painful. And he can’t hold the girl and make the required dance. Despite this, he comes out and they dance well. At this moment, people are very happy with their dance. Until the time of this dance comes, the girl decides to hold the little boy. Finally, they do the dance very well.

After the dance, people are fascinated by them and they support them. When April’s turn comes, she becomes very nervous and afraid. And then, Nick encourages her. But she is afraid to lose her team. Then, April starts her dance in a different way of their team. She dances a beautiful romantic dance with the girls. And they make a dance in a perfect way with happiness. And the referees are so impressed and they support them. Also, the audience is very happy with the strong show. While they celebrate their success, Welly Wong comes and tells April to be a champion to his play. And then, she gets very happy and takes her bag and walks. Because her dream becomes true. Then, Sarah stops her, she can’t believe that she’ll leave them so easily. But she must go and leave Sarah while she is crying and hurt. Also, her brother Nick gets upset too. Meantime, April takes the champion of the play. Meanwhile, she keeps thinking all day about what she did and this is right or not? So, she speaks to her father while she is very sad. And then, her father tells her to choose what’ll be with her all of his life. Either she achieves her dream, which she dreamed of all her life. Or she goes back to the girls and wins the competition.

On the second day, she thinks of April until she decides to go back to the girls. So, she tells Welly Wong what she wants to do. And if he wants to kick her out, no problem. But girls are more important to her than herself and she loves them very much. Then, she rides with her friend and goes quickly to the competition. Finally, she meets the girls at the last moment before they go on stage. She keeps apologizing to them and telling them how much she loves them so much because they are her family. So that, she comes back and left her dream for them. At this time, they all go out to the stage and show their very impressive dance while they’re happy. At the end of the dance, Nick confesses to April that he loves her. At the first time, April show her dance in Broadway stage. And the audience is very happy with the play. After the show, when she comes back to the stage. She finds Barb, the girls and her entire city there to celebrate her. At the end, they’re happy together and dance in the streets after the success of the girls and April.

Feel the Beat.

Feel the Beat | June 19, 2020 (United States) Summary: After failing to find success on Broadway, April returns to her hometown and reluctantly is recruited to train a misfit group of young dancers for a big competition.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English, American Sign Language
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